Burton and District Bowling League 2019

President Chairman Association Secretary Association Treasurer
 Alan Eccleshall Martin Drury Ian Wallis  Malcolm Cheese
1 Bridgeside, Stretton 28 Beech Lane, Stretton Flat 20, Elizabeth Court, Brough Road, 80 Nelson Street, Winshill
Burton-on-Trent DE13 0EH Burton-on-Trent DE13 0DX Winshill, Burton-on-Trent DE15 0EG Burton-on-Trent DE15 0DE
Tel 01283 563752 - Mob 07949 868255 Tel 01283 544072 - Mob 07831 169754 Tel 01283 515855 - Mob 07934 896742 Tel 01283 536588 - Mob 07963 829735
  Email martin.drury@bes-online.com Email burtonbowls@btconnect.com Email malcolm.cheese@sky.com  
  1 The Competition shall be styled the Association Doubles Merit Competition.  
  2 The Competition is open to all players who are members of the clubs affiliated to the Burton Association.  
    Players may only enter this competition from the club to which they are registered through the Burton & District Association.  
    The stated closing date shall be adhered to, no exceptions will be made.  
  3 It shall be controlled by the Association Executive Committee and run on dates selected by them.  
  4 A number of players will report to each selected green at the appointed time, which will be strictly adhered to,  
    the referees will then make the draw based upon the number of pairs present.  
  5 The entrance fee shall be as determined from year to year at the Annual General Meeting.  
  6 As far as possible the games shall be played on neutral greens.  
  7 The games shall be 21 up and no practice whatsoever shall be allowed before the games start.  
  8 The Executive Committee shall appoint referees, measurers and any other officials they may consider necessary for each green.  
  9 The winners of the Competition shall hold the cups for twelve months.  
  10 Any matter arising that is not covered by these rules shall be covered by the rules of the Association and the BCGBA.