British Parks Crown Green Bowling Association 2021

General Secretary
Chief Executive
Phil Scott
Creamery Cottage
Post Office Lane
SY14 8JQ
01948 820757
Ladies Secretary
Marie Matthews
Creamery Cottage
Post Office Lane
SY14 8JQ
             07966 378346         
  Craig McGuigan
    38 Homewood Rd
M22 4DW
0161 998 9394
07817 414078


Eric Taylor
5 Dunedin Grove
S20 4UD
0114 248 2991
07720 821371



Safeguarding Officer
Phil Ellett
07771 521324


(Founded 1911)


2021 Junior 5 A-Side Team Championship


Sunday 22nd August 2021

Hosted by East Midlands C.P.G.B.A


Group “A”


Group B












Group “C”


 Group D















SEMI-FINALS to be drawn after group stages

Group “A” Winner


Group “B” Winner

Group “C” Winner


 Group D Winner


The next best four sides go into the consolation cup semi finals drawn after the conclusion of the group stages

Group “A”, B , C and D  matches to start 9.30 am. 10.00 am scratch.


Five games shall be in progress at all times until all matches are complete and the order of play will be as per Rule 13 (b) in our yearbook.

Each team will consist of 5 players male or female and each team shall submit to the official in charge on the day of the event, a squad list, maximum of 7 players, from which all teams throughout the day will be selected.

All players must be bona fide members of a club which is affiliated to the respective affiliate that they are representing in the Championship.

No player shall be selected in a team to play on a green of a club of which they are a playing member. A player may not play or be selected for more than one team in the Championship.

All players shall not have reached the age of 18 years on 1st January 2019.

All games shall be 21 up starting off 5.   In the rounds prior to the semi-finals the completing teams will play on a round robin basis to determine a semi-finalist.

In each group all matches will be played on the same green.  The semi-finals and final will be played on greens where both teams have not played a match.

In each match the team with the higher aggregate will be awarded two points, in the case of a draw, one point  will be awarded to each team.  After the completion of the round robin matches, the team with the most points will be declared the group winner.

The Draw for the semi finals will be done after completion of the group stages

In the case of a tie Rule 13 (d) in our yearbook will apply.