Bradley Bowling League 2018/19

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Junior Projects

Junior Projects

In my opion this has been a successful project. The children turned up for 6 weeks the final was very close and competitive and everyone enjoyed it.

The children had a great day out in Deeside and they thoroughly enjoyed the trip in the limousine, thanks to local P,S,C,O's Youth Council Workers and Clarkes the club will benefit with some new young members as some of them are now calling in and asking to have a game and enquiring when we are going to start a team up.

This is very pleasing to to see as we have met a lot of children who were just passing and going to the Skate Park. It is nice that we know one another by names and we have built that bridge between the members of the club and the children in the Skate Par.

I really must thank Cat for all the hard work she has put into the project and for working on this project in her own time. Being a P,C,S,O isn't the easiest of jobs and for someone to care enough for children in the community is a wonderful thing by working out of hours and giving up her time and for every person who did the same, Bradley Park club members, Youth Workers, and yourselves. I know that Terry Williams has given us a mention at the Welsh Crown Green Bowling Association and a similar project could be taken up in other area's all thanks to the initiative shown by everyone who helped run this programme. Ray Barnes, Chairman Bradley B C.


Bradley Park Bowling Club Bowling Club are starting their Junior program and trying to get future members interested at an early age. The Play group will be visiting the club in the spring on a weekly basis. They really enjoyed using the bowls testing ramp, and when they got home they told their parents that they have been to the bowling green, and subsequently they dragged their parents back to the green to look at and try the ramp. All looking good for the future of Crown Green Bowling.