Bradley Bowling League 2018/19

Chaiman Secretary Treasurer Co-Ordinator
Ray Barnes Louise Roberts Liz Barnes Terry Williams
01978 291045


01978 291045 07803607620

New Secretary is Joyce Harris Tel 01978758272 Email

  • Teams should turn up with 8 players. If a team is a player short this will be put down on the score sheet as a walkover to their opponents . Full green fee must be paid by the team that is short.  No playing twice. The 5 bonus points will be still awarded if they win their pairs games. 

  • Entrance fee for each game will now be £3 that includes tea or coffee , Juniors under 18 years will pay £2 50p including tea or coffee Pay out will stay the same at 60% as last year.

  • Start with 5 Jacks. The first team in the fixture list wil have 3 Jacks (1 pair and 2 singles) the othere team 2 Jacks (1 pair and 1 single).

  • Each team to retain their jack.  Replace completed games as required replacing a pairs with a pairs etc.