Bebington & District Bowling League 2020


Secretary   Treasurer  Chairman President Committee Members
 Keith Bailey Robin May  Syd Taylor  Dave Hulmston                Alan  Popham           Peter Breen Gordon Ditchfield Steve Dutfield Bill Dow

Len Davies

Competition Committee comprises 

Officers of the League plus  Peter Breen  Len Davies   Gordon Ditchfield  Steve Dutfield  

Hon Life President

Ken Griffiths

Hon. Life Vice Presidents :

John Bennion  John Beswick  Roy Cooke John Crowther  Andy Dawson  Mo Evans  Robin May

Alan Popham & Syd Taylor 


HISTORY - Previous League Competition Winners


Year A Division B Division C Division D Division
2019        No Competition
2018  Tixall  Thingwall  Oxton Cons C  No Competition
2017  Gladstone  Port Sunlight Village & Works  Albany B  No Competition
2016  Tixall  Oxton Conservatives B  Hoylake Central  No Competition 
2015  Gladstone  Albany  Pensby B  No Competition 
2014  Gladstone  Heswall RBL B  Bromborough Pool B  No Competition 
2013  Gladstone  Port Sunlight Village & Works  Arno CL  No Competition 
2012  Gladstone  Pensby  ESWA  No Competition 
2011  Tixall  West Kirby Park  Pensby B  No Competition 
2010  Lever Club  Thingwall  Bebington Park  No Competition 
2009  Tixall  Cheshire Cheese  Pensby B  No Competition 
2008  Tixall  Kings 2000  Arno CL  No Competition 
2007  Gladstone  Oxton Conservatives B  Kings 2000  Pensby B
2006  Gladstone  Pensby  Bromborough Pool  Arno CL
2005  Tixall  Greasby  Kendal  Thingwall B
2004  Heswall RBL  Royden Hall  Bronze  Pensby & Hoylake Recs B
2003  Gladstone Liberals  Bromborough Pool  Tixall B  Greasby B
2002  Oxton Conservatives  Southend  Stanney Lane   Tixall B
2001  Gladstone Liberals  Ledsham Royal  Port Sunlight Works  Neston
2000  Lever Club  Royden Hall  Bebington Park  Port Sunlight Mens
1999  Gladstone Liberals  Pensby and Hoylake Recs  Port Sunlight RBL  Albany B
1998  Lever Club  Birkenhead ESWA  Arno  Port Sunlight Works
1997  Vauxhall  Gladstone Liberals  Bromborough RBL  Upton VH B
1996  Heswall RBL  Stork  Oxton Cons B  Arno
1995  Lever Club  Kings  Stork  Kings B
1994  Heswall RBL  Cammell Lairds  Lever Club B  Bromborough RBL
1993  Heswall RBL  Thingwall  Ellesmere Port Cons  Thingwall B
 1992  Heswall RBL  Birkenhead Queens  Gladstone Liberals   Kendal
 1991  Heswall RBL  Manor Road Conservatives  Bromborough Pool  Tixall B
1990   Kings  Higher Tranmere  Queens  Bromborough Recs B
1989  Kings  Birkenhead Coop  Neston  RNA
1988   Oxton Conservatives  Tixall  Port Sunlight Mens  Queens
1987   Oxton Conservatives  Bromborough Pool  Birkenhead Coop  Claughton Village
1986   Higher Tranmere  Tixall  Heswall RBL B  Arno
1985   Heswall RBL  Stork  Tixall No Competition
1984   Upton Victory Hall  Shell  Ranks  No Competition 
1983   Higher Tranmere  Port Sunlight Works  Bromborough Pool B  No Competition 
1982   Birkenhead Coop  Albany  Port Sunlight RBL  No Competition 
1981   Claughton Village  Neston  Gladstone Liberals  No Competition 
1980   Claughton Village  Kings  Bromborough Recs  No Competition 
1979   Claughton Village  Bowaters  Bromborough RBL  No Competition 
1978   Gladstone Liberals  Bebington Park  Queens  No Competition 
1977   Gladstone Liberals  Shell  Octel  No Competition 
1976   Gladstone Liberals  Albany  Southend  No Competition 
1975   Ellesmere Port  Cammell Lairds  Albany  No Competition
1974   Higher Tranmere  Great Sutton Recs  Gladstone Liberals  No Competition
1973   Ellesmere Port  Neston  Shell  No Competition 
1972   Ellesmere Port  Stork  New Pier  No Competition 
1971   Ellesmere Port  Higher Bebington Park  N.F.B.A  No Competition 
1970   Higher Tranmere  Cammell lairds  Oxton Conservatives  No Competition 
1969   Gladstone Liberals  British Rail  Stork  No Competition 
1968   Neston  Great Eastern   No Competition  No Competition 
1967   Neston  Gladstone Liberals   No Competition  No Competition 
1966   Neston  Victoria Lodge   No Competition  No Competition 
1965   Neston   Tranmere Conservatives   No Competition  No Competition 
1964   Neston   Birkenhead Park   No Competition  No Competition 
1963   Neston   Higher Bebington Park   No Competition  No Competition 
1962   Neston   Port Sunlight Mens   No Competition  No Competition 
1961   Neston   Stork  Cammell Lairds  No Competition 
1960   Neston  Bromborough Recs  U.C.F.A  B  No Competition 
1959   Higher Tranmere  Prices  Birkenhead Park  No Competition 
1958   Higher Bebington Park  Great Eastern  Cammell Lairds  No Competition 
1957   Higher Bebington Park  Kings  Prices  No Competition 
1956   Higher Bebington Park  Port Sunlight Works  U.C.F  C  No Competition 
1955   Higher Bebington Park  Albany  No Competition   No Competition 
1954   Higher Bebington Park  Higher Tranmere  No Competition   No Competition 
1953   Port Sunlight Mens  Nags Head  No Competition   No Competition 
1952   Port Sunlight Mens  Prices  No Competition   No Competition 
1951   Port Sunlight Mens  U.C.F.A   B  No Competition   No Competition 
1950   Port Sunlight Works  Great Eastern  No Competition   No Competition 
1949   Port Sunlight Mens  Port Sunlight Mens  No Competition   No Competition 
1948   Port Sunlight Mens  Port Sunlight Mens  No Competition   No Competition 
1947  U.C.F.A   A  U.C.F.A   B  No Competition   No Competition