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Barlows Bowling League 2019

June Davies
Fred Brazendale
Bryan Morgan
John Collier
Results Secretary
Mike Beckett





 1)        The  league shall be known as the Whitchurch and District Over Sixties Bowling League.

 2)        The League shall have the following Office Holders who will be elected annually

            at the Annual General Meeting.

             President ( Eligible to serve a maximum of Three consecutive years ),

             Chairman,  Vice Chairman,  Treasurer,  Secretary,  Fixture/Results Secretary and One

            S.C.G.B.A. Delegates.  All who can be available for re-election.      

2a)       The league shall be managed by a Management Committee comprising of the

            league Officials plus Four representatives of member clubs elected at the A.G.M.

            The Four elected representatives shall be appointed to serve for Three years,

            appointments will be reviewed in rotation at the A.G.M., representatives will be

            eligible for re-election.

            The committee shall have the power to act upon any matter including complaints,

            disputes, fines, etc..

2b)       There shall be an Executive Committee comprising of the Management Committee

            Members plus One representative from each team in the league. Each team shall

            be allowed One vote, with a maximum of Two votes per Club. More non-voting

            representatives may attend. The Chairman of the meeting to have a casting vote

            if necessary. Decisions made by the Executive Committee shall be final and


2c)       No rule of the League shall be altered, rescinded or added to unless it is passed

            by the majority at the A.G.M. of the League.

 3)        Clubs to pay £5.00 per team annually at the first meeting after the A.G.M.

            and match fees of £2.00 per team each League match. All monies due to the

League  must be paid at or before the End of Season Meeting.

All payments must be paid by Cheque, including all match fees,subscription fees, &

 monies for luncheon tickets.

The accounts of the League shall be made up and audited by 31st. December

each year and shall be presented for approval at the A.G.M.

            The A.G.M. will be held in January / February to receive the Annual accounts for the previous

            year and to elect officials of the League and a Management Committee.


 4)        All players, both male and female must be at least 60 years of age.

 5)        Matches to be played on a Tuesday afternoon commencing at 2pm.

 6)        Each team will comprise of 8 players.

 7)        Only Two teams allowed per club green.

 8)        Clubs to be within a radius of approximately 13 miles of the centre of Whitchurch

            ( excluding present league members ). Any Club wishing to become a member of the

            League must apply before 30th. January, all applications will be considered on there


 9)        Clubs competing in the League must be affiliated to the S.C.G.B.A. and all games

            to be governed by the B.C.G.B.A. rules. Each club must have a copy of these rules

            displayed in their clubhouse.

 10)      The number of teams in each division of the League shall be decided by the Management

            Committee, who shall also have the power to deal with any unforeseen


11)       The players with the highest average in each division of the League ( both male

            and female ) will receive the Best Individual Performance prize. ( Number of points

            scored divided by the Number of games played, walk overs will not count,

            75% of games or more must be played to qualify ).

12)       The Winners and Runners-up and Third place in each division shall receive a prize.

13)       No person other than the players and the referees together with the measurers

            are allowed on the green.

14)       Unless both captains agree otherwise, the home team captain to name and number

            first four (4) cards and place them face down, the visiting captain will then place their

            own four (4) cards on top, this will be the order of play. The same procedure to be

            carried out with the remaining four (4) cards.

14a)     Scoring System:- Games are to be 21 up, the team having the highest score shall be the

            winners of the match.

15)       Each game shall be marked by one representative of each team. Result cards

            shall  be checked every three ends and if they fail to agree, the scores shall revert

            to where they last agreed. ( Captains to Arbitrate )

            The Home Team Captains to make sure  that the results are entered onto the Barlows

            Web site. If the away team have a new player they need to enter ‘unlisted player’

            and then the away team to enter name on the registration page. Official Website is

            www.bowlingresults/barlows. Captains to supply own score cards.

16)       No League match can be played other than on the date fixed and stated in the

            Fixture Book, except for cancellations due to inclement weather.

16a)     Cancellation:-  The home team Captain can cancel if, in his/her or the green man’s

            opinion, the condition of the green due to inclement weather, does not permit the match

            to be played. The opposing team captain must be given at least 2 hours notice of cancellation.

            The Results Secretary must be informed within 24 hours, and the game must be played within

            14 days of the original date.The clubs concerned shall mutually agree a date in consultation

            with the Results Secretary, should teams fail to make such arrangement, they must submit

            to the League Management Committee’s ruling.

16b)     Abandonment:-  Each captain can abandon a match which is due to start or has started, if the

            weather conditions justify such action.

            The result of completed games will stand, and the points scored in uncompleted games shall

            stand, the position of the jack shall be marked. The Result Secretary must be informed within

24 hours, and the uncompleted games must be played within 14 days of the original date,

Players who did not play or start to play on the original date may be changed. The clubs involved

shall mutually agree a date in consultation with the Results Secretary, otherwise they must

submit to the League Management Committee’s ruling.

16c)     Postponed:-  A fixture can be postponed for a funeral ( of a past or present club member )

            on the date of the fixture. The captain postponing the match must give the opposing captain and

            the Results Secretary 72 hours notice of the postponement. 

             As an alternative, the two captains can agree to play the match on a prior day

            or at an alternative time on the fixture day, having previously informed the Results Secretary of

            the arrangement. The games must be played within 14 days of the original date, if the clubs

            cannot agree a mutual date, they must submit to the League Management Committee’s


16d)     Match Attendance:-  Any club failing to turn up for a match will have the match awarded

168 – 0 to the opposition .  Clubs must travel to away  matches with however many players they

have ( ie. Even if they have only one player )

17)       A player can only play for one CLUB in the WHITCHURCH and DISTRICT OVER SIXTIES

            BOWLING LEAGUE ( Barlows League ) per season. A player can only play for one team in

            One week,  if one match is  a re-arranged match the player can play twice in a week.

17a)     Any team playing an ineligible player shall lose 40 chalks from the league table.

17b)     All protests must be in the hands of the League Results Secretary ( in writing )

            within 3 clear days ( Sunday excluded ).  Representatives of the club who

            have lodged a complaint or dispute shall not be allowed to sit on any Committee whilst

            the matter is decided.

18)       Notice of New rules must be sent in writing to reach the League Secretary, no later

            than the 30th. November.

19)       Each team must take a minimum of 6 handbooks, no returns allowed. If more book are required

            please inform the Chairman at the AGM.

20)            Shropshire Vets:    ‘’ WREKIN  CUP ‘’

              Clubs / Teams that enter the above competition ( ie. This competition is usually played

            on a Tuesday ).

            Clubs / Teams from this League may play on the date allocated, providing that the Barlows

            match is played after the previous Tuesday and before the next Tuesday match.

21)       Mixed  Doubles Competition.

            All players playing in this competition, must be a registered player for a club in this league and

            to have played Two games in the current season, before the competition date.