Barlows Bowling League 2021

June Davies
Fred Brazendale
Bryan Morgan
John Collier
Results Secretary
Mike Beckett



PRESENT.  B Morgan (President)F. Brazendale (Chairman Newport B) J Collier(Treasurer Newport C)J Davies (Secretary and Malpas) M Beckett (Results Secretary And District B)               A Huntbach(Adderley A)E Hollins(Adderley B)J Wallis(Audlem A)J Walley (Audlem B) I Jones (Bridgewater) A Mitchell(Chester RdA)           D Simcock(Chester RdB)D Vaughan (Chester Rd C) R Proctor(Cholmondeley A)  A Davidson(CholmondeleyB) L Moysey (Con Club)                           R Done(District A)R Chesters(Edgmond) A Johnson(Ellesmere A)M Whybrow (Ellemere C)           J Birkett(Ellesmere D)M Pemberton (Hadnall A) M Thomas (HadnallB)    P Edwards (Hanmer A) M Maddocks(Hanmer B) R Bowden(Malpas Farmers)B Pearson (Joules Mkt Dr.)                            A Dawson(Nantwich Barony A)M Cohen (Nantwich Barony B) J Astle(Nantwich PkRdA)                   G Stephens(Nantwich Pk RdB)D Doody (Newport A)F Brazendale(Newport B)D Price (Prees)       S Burton(P/Brockhurst A)K Clark (P/Brockhurst B) H Skitt (Tilstock A)R Haynes (Tilstock B)        K Johnson(Wem Albion)      B Thomas(WemUSC)R Rich (Whixall A) A Evanson (Whixall B)            B Hewitt(Wollerton)      


1.  Chairman thanked everyone for turning up and had a minutes silence for the loss of members


2.  APLOGIES  B Pearson (joules)Mike Beckett(District B)Ann Davidson (Chol.B) Jo Walley(AudlemB) M Maddocks (Hanmer B) Ann Mitchell (Chester Rd A) D Evanson (Whixall B)

H Skitt (Tilstock A)


3. Minutes were agreed and signed as a correct record.


4.  No matters arising


5.  PRESIDENTS REPORT.   We had a good season with good weather.  He thanked Mike

Beckett for running the mixed doubles which had been very successsful.


6.  CHAIRMAN  He agreed to be chairman to save the league from folding but reminded

everyone that without volunteers the league would fold.


7.  TREASURERS REPORT.  He reported there was a surplus of £540.25 due to the decision

not to have individual trophies and  2 years Barlows Sponsorship as no payment had been received

the previous year. The report was accepted.


8.  ELECTION OF OFFICERS  Officers were elected on block for another year.  Dave Price from Prees agreed to be a member of the management team.  No one came forward to be Vice Chairman


9. TEAMS ENTERING OR LEAVING LEAGUE.  Wem had withdrawn their team due to

shortage of players.  Wem Albion requested to join – this was agreed.  Edgmond had also requested to join but were more than 13 miles from Whitchurch.  A vote took place and they were accepted

with a majority vote.


10. COMPOSITIONS OF DIVISIONS.  The start date will be 2nd April and Mike Beckett who

was not as the meeting would be sorting out the divisions.


11.  HONORARIUMS.    It was agreed that the £50 Honorariums for Treasurer and Secretary

should stay the same.


12.  ANNUAL LUNCH.  A vote was held between Hill Valley and the Rugby Club.  It was agreed the Rugby Club but it was reported that the food had not been good.  We will investigate about

having Davenport caterers from Sandbach.


13  MIXED DOUBLES  A message was received from Mike Beckett suggesting that we hold the mixed doubles on Oct 1st and we could go to Bridgewater to share it out.  Isobel Jones would look into this. Also suggested meeting on 8th October to collect lunch numbers and money and then Lunch on the 15th October.  This was all agreed upon.


DRAW PRIZES.  It was agreed that we would continue with the decision to have NO draw prizes


Tilstock Bowling Club were thanked for the use of their premises.


The next meeting will be 19th March at 2pm when fixture books and score cards will be handed out.