Baddesley Mine Midweek Bowling League 2019

Chairperson Secretary Treasurer
 Helen Pratt  Heather Thomas Keith Dennis     

PLEASE NOTE:  Matches in April start at 6pm - last 2 weeks in August and all of September start at 6pm



Prelim Charity Shield - Monday 13/5/19

1st Round Charity Shield  22/5/19

1st Round League Cups  05/6/2019

1st Round League Singles  19/6/2019

1st round R Evans Cup  24/4/2019

2nd Round R Evans Cup  22/5/2019

Final Charity Shield  21/6/2019

Final League Singles  28/6/2019

Final R Evans Cup  21/6/2019

League Cup Final Division 1  18/9/2019

League Cup Final Division 2  19/9/2019

League Doubles  17/7/2019

League Doubles Finals  01/9/2019

Pre Lims League Cups  20/5/2019

Semi Final Division 1 League Cup  12/7/2019

Semi Final Division 2 League Cup  12/7/2019

Semi Finals Charity Shield  06/6/2019

Semi Finals R Evans Cup  06/6/2019