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Wed May 5th 2021

With the Coronavirus situation continuing to improve daily, thoughts inevitably turn to the
prospects of a return to competititive bowling. I have to inform you that I have had a number
discussions with a few other committee members about this and can say that a tentative
consensus has been reached that holds that it is more probable than not that our competitions
can go ahead in some form in the future. With regard to regular League bowling and its
associated cups, the situation is more complicated and even more dependant on the easing of
certain rules and regulations. I can assure you that we will be monitoring the situation and hope
that circumstances will allow us to play as much as possible.

That aside however, we as a committee would like to canvass the opinions of our member
clubs in a bid to tailor any package of play in the future to the needs and playing resources of
the clubs themselves. To that end, I would be much obliged if you could consult your members
and relay your thoughts to myself, via e-mail or telephone or failing that our Fixture Secretary Mr
Tim Williams. Please let us know what you want, and we will do our best to make it happen.
Please keep safe
Gareth Buckland
( Honorary Secretary )

Sat May 16th


We have been advised by Bowls Wales that it has been made clear by Welsh Government representatives
that Covid - 19 (Coronavirus) guidelines and regulations currently state that, unlike England, it is not
permitted to play Bowls.
In addition, Bowls Clubs are not permitted to open under the current regulations and Welsh Government
The Welsh Government is on a 21 day cycle of reviewing their regulations and guidelines. The next review
is scheduled for the end of this month and Bowls Wales will have input into that review after consulting
with the WCGBA.

It was agreed at the EGB (virtual) meeting yesterday that :-
 Public Liability Insurance must be kept up-to-date.
 Green Maintenance should be done, strictly observing social distancing and hygiene regulations.
 All WCGBA fees already paid – Affiliation, Players Registrations & Open Competition, will be ‘rolled
over’ to 2021.
 WCGBA President Simon Walker, & Deputy President, Jack Hunt, will remain for 2021.
 All WCGBA Competitions will be ‘rolled over’ to 2021
o BCGBA Affiliation fees should be paid
o All BCGBA Competitions will be ‘rolled over’ to 2021
o BCGBA President and Deputy President will remain for 2021
If you have any queries regarding anything in this message please contact the CEO Trevor Clarke – or the secretary Pauline Lindley

Fri Mar 27th
Sat Mar 21st
Mon Mar 16th