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Week Beginning Apr 9th 23 Sat Matches





 The provisional 2016 fixtures for the Saturday League and the Pairs League have now been created and can be viewed opposite.  *note first pairs game for division one may need an early start, can teams liaise with each other if needed i.e. no floodlights*
As the number of teams in each division has increased with regards to the Saturday League no cup games will be played on a Saturday this season.
For those of you who looked at the fixtures pre Feb 6th will have noticed that they have now changed due to an error with allocating teams to greens with regards to clubs with more than two teams, but with two greens, hope this has not caused any problems, but for now the fixtures are just provisional although hopefully they will not have to be created again, but with that in mind it would be good if clubs can look at their own individual fixtures to see that there are no clashes.

Two Saturdays need to be kept free this season, one on May 21st for the Welsh Merit qualifiers and one in July for The All England (BCGBA merit) on 30th July of which it is Wales turn to host the event and we are very fortunate that it is being held in Wrexham at Llay BC


Whatever County this prestigious event is held in, the president comes from that county, and for this year the BCGBA president is Peter Higham from Sychdyn BC more details are to be found on the BCGBA web site and by viewing the recent newsletter below which has a front page article about Peter.  







It should be noted that as well as no league matches being played in Wrexham and Wales on this date, no other competitions or club events should be held on this date Saturday 30th July and it is hoped that as many bowlers from the Wrexham area as possible will attend this event.



Keith Cherrett (league secretary) is asking that all secretaries of clubs let him know as soon as possible any changes to their club details so that they can be entered into the fixture books, also it is important that all the forms with regards to cup entries are filled in and sent back to him again as soon as possible, for the draws to be made at the next league meeting of which is being held at the end of February. 
You will notice that division 2 & 3 in this league do not follow through with regards to the return fixture the reason for this is :- There are less teams in Division 2 and 3, to avoid having free weeks in the middle of the season, what the system does is automatically move the last 2 weeks fixtures of the divisions with less teams into the first free weeks of the second half of the season.
So those divisions start 2 weeks later and finish two weeks earlier and avoids a break in the middle of the season.
The reverse of the last weeks of the first half are reversed for the next two weeks and then follow the first half of the season as normal. (clear as mud!)







Cyril Adams County Cup.


The early rounds of this competition will now go back to being played on a Friday night.


The reasons for this are :


·         Available Sundays are now virtually nonexistent because of all the Welsh Events


·         Playing the early rounds on a Friday falls in with all the other areas who all play on a Friday


·       The WCGBA have put a rule in that the winning team of this competition needs to have their selected  team sent to the WCGBA at least two weeks before the Welsh Club championship, therefore the only date that can be used for the final is Sunday 21st August of which makes it very difficult to play all the other rounds in time playing on Sundays.


*Please note it is eight players per team in this competition*






W G Roberts Handicapped Cup


After last year’s success it is hopes that most clubs will enter at least one team again this year.


The handicaps have been tweaked just slightly after listening to peoples comments from last year, the 75 points will stay for the bottom division of which this year is division 3


The handicaps will be:


Premier Division (positions 1 to 6 from last year’s table)  scratch

Premier Division (positions 7 to 10 and the two promoted sides)  10 points 


Division One 45 points


Division Two 55 points


Division Three 75 points


*Please note it is ten players per team in this competition, also that the preliminary round is a 6-pm start*



League Cups


As in previous years this competition is run on a 6 home 6 away basis.



All cup dates can be viewed from the links to the left.



From the links below the Wrexham Calendar and Saturday and Sunday events can be found and may be useful to print out or not !


Wrexham Calendar

Saturdays & Sundays 2016











The Wrexham League AGM was held at Brymbo Sports Club on Monday 14th December with the main business being the formation of the league for 2016 season with 46 teams in total competing, after much debate the following structure was voted on with a one vote per club format by the member clubs and passed by the meeting:



Premier Division    12 teams

Division One           12 teams

Division Two          12 teams

Division Three        11 teams



The other main points were that Pentre Broughton were accepted back into the Saturday and Pairs league as was Coedpoeth B into the pairs league.


There was also a couple of rule changes one being an addition to rule 18 of which will now have the following added to it :


In circumstances where a club is short of players the A team and teams in following classification must always consist of the most players (12) with the lowest team being the last to be considered.

On all occasions the A team must play their games at no time shall a a team be allowed to play if the A team has called off its game.


A new rule that was passed is that the BCGBA dress code will be required in the finals of all cup competitions including the divisional merit competitions and the Burton cup finals day, failure to comply with this will result in the player not being allowed to play.






2   CUNLIFFE A CUNLIFFE B GRESFORD VILLAGE B  LLAY C                            Div 4   


5   RUABON A GATE H.H. A  CUNLIFFE C  FARNDON B                     Div 4   
6   GRESFORD VILLAGE A BERSHAM A  RUABON B                Div 3 ESCLUSHAM D                  Div 4   
7   JOHNSTOWN A  BRYMBO A  PARCIAU B               Div 3 BERSHAM B                     Div 4   
8   COED TALON A  CEIRIOG VALLEY     Div 2  PONCIAU PARK          Div 3 BRYMBO B                       Div 4   
9   CHIRK A  COEDPOETH           Div 2 PLASKYNASTON         Div 3 PARCIAU C                      Div 4   
10  GRESFORD COLLIERY B  COEDTALON B         Div 2 FARNDON A              Div 3 PENTRE BROUGHTON     New Team  
11  LLAY A          Div 1  GARDEN VILLAGE A  Div 2  CHIRK B                   Div 3                      ELLESMERE B                   New Team  
12  ASTON A       Div 1  ELLESMERE             Div 2  NEW BROUGHTON      Div 3     


 color code promotion

                new team














For your interest Allan Taylor who plays for Ruabon and has been involved with bowls for many years has taken over Charisma Trophies in Yorke Streeet in Wrexham, and has subsequently introduced Crown Green Bowls and bowling accessories to the existing range of products and services already provided. 



Obviously it is still early days and he is only now starting to increase stock levels including Taylors and Drakes Pride product ranges.



Allan has asked if we can let local Wrexham clubs know they now have an outlet in Town that they can call into at any time, but also more importantly can drop off their bowls, jacks etc for refurbishment at the end of the season, rather than having to make the long trek to Stockport on an individual basis.


The telephone number for Charisma is  01978 363262 or email-sales@charismatrophiesltd.com.







Please remember that postponed matches should be played within 14 days if reasonably possible.


Just a reminder, that it is the responsibility of the winning team to put the result onto the web site in cup matches ASAP.























































Keith Cherrett (league secretary) is asking that all secretaries of clubs let him know as soon as possible any changes to their club details so that they can be entered into the fixture books, also it is important that all the forms with regards to cup entries are filled in and sent back to him again as soon as possible, for the draws to be made at the next league meeting of which is being held at the end of February.