Wolverhampton Seniors Bowling League 2018

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Wed Nov 28th

2018 AGM at Penn BC 11.00am Thursday 6th December 2018


Would all Secretaries and Club Captains be aware that a representative from each team must attend this meeting. Apologies are not accepted for this meeting.

Fri Oct 12th

If there is anyone who has not yet picked up their Presentation Lunch Tickets they have previously ordered and not yet paid for, then I shall be available at Penn Bowling Club about 12:30 on 1st November to collect payment. Again, if anyone else would like to purchase tickets then please phone or email me in advance for collection on 1st November. Cheers, Terry

Wed Sep 26th

Today saw the last three rounds of the League doubles competition on Swindons well manicured turf. The weather was absolutely glorious and well attended by supporters from all teams clubs. The bowling, as expected, was of the highest standard from all participants. Thanks to all at Swindon for their hospitality 

Congratulations to Alan Matthews and Brian Harman the winners (21) who finally overcame the strong opposition of Clive Pittaway and Mick Starzak (15)

Wed Sep 19th

Division 5 Shortheath Libs

gave Division 6 Bradmore A

a bit of a lesson in how to bowl on a windy day. Congratulations to them for their 112-83 win and their promotion to the 4th division next year. Thanks also to Essington Liberal Club for the use of their well-manicured green and the refreshments provided.

Wed Sep 12th

Divisions 3 v 4 Cup Match - Congratulations to Penn B 

for almost achieving a complete whitewash over West Park

Ann Treble saved the day - at this afternoons match on Shortheath Liberals green that was in fine fettle.

Thanks to Shortheath Liberals Bowling Club for their facilities and hospitality.

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