Walsall Community Bowls League 2018

Chaiman Secretary Treasurer
David Elwell   Diane Jones  Barry  Bird  
Thu Aug 23rd 7 Matches

Welcome to the Walsall Community Bowls League Results Service


Important Dates:


Thu Sep 6th 10.00am   Peter Moody Cup Final   -    Chart A  v  Harrisons    Venue :- Pelsall Bowling Club                                            Knockout Cup Final   -    Brownhills v Breakaway Harrisons   Venue :- Leamore Bowling Club  


Tue Sep 11th 10.00am Next Meeting at Pelsall Community Centre.


Thu Sep 13th 10.00am Jab Brookes Cup Final  - Brownhills v Pleck  Venue :- Anchor Meadow Bowling Club


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