Ulverston & District Bowling League 2018







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Current Week's Fixtures/Results
WonAggPtsHome TeamAway TeamPtsAggWonPost-
Wed 20th Jun Ulverston Division 1
1024012Hawcoat ParkVWalney Park21762 
823110Ulverston Cons AVLindal Moor41664 
822910West ShoreVGlaxo S K41854 
922511Red RiverVPost Office31763 
52115King AlfredVCo-op S.C102227 
Wed 20th Jun Ulverston Division 2
72399Walney Park AVHawcoat Park A52115 
1123713Dalton C CVBarrow Island11361 
62358Co-op S C AVWest Mount61966 
823310Salthouse AVRoose A42004 
52105Glaxo S K AVDalton C C A102207 
72029PoliceVAskam A51955 
Wed 27th Jun Ulverston Division 1
AskamVRed River 
Co-op S.CVWest Shore 
Glaxo S KVRoose 
Lindal MoorVKirkby 
Post OfficeVKing Alfred 
SalthouseVHawcoat Park 
Walney ParkVUlverston Cons A 
Wed 27th Jun Ulverston Division 2
Barrow IslandVAskam A 
Dalton C C AVCo-op S C A 
Hawcoat Park AVSalthouse A 
Kings HeadVWalney Park A 
Roose AVGlaxo S K A 
West MountVDalton C C