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Tue Mar 20th

If any club wishes to have more fixtures books please contact Mike Beckett.
There is also a PDF version on the 2018 Fixture Book Link.

Thu Feb 8th

Can clubs please check that your club amd team captains information is correct on the club contacts page as this is the information that will be entered into the fixture books.

Tue Feb 6th

At this afternoons AGM Wem Usc were accepted as a new club for 2018. Being as Wem Albion have withdrawn and most of their players will be playing for Wem USC it was decided to replace Wem Albion in Division 1 with Wem USC.
Unfortunately Cheswardine have withdrawn their team from Division 2. Consequently Division 1 and 2 will have 14 teams starting on Tue Apr 3rd and Division 3 with 12 teams starting 2 weeks later on Tue Apr 17th with their last 2 weeks fixtures of the first half reversed the first 2 weeks of the second half to avoid a 2 week break. Fixtures may be viewed via the 2018 Fixtures Results link.
We still do not have a Chairman or Vice Chairman and ask all clubs to consider these positions and nominate someone at the Executive meeting on March 20th.

Tue Dec 5th

Following a recent Management the following has been sent out all Club Secretaries:

Hello everyone.
I have to inform you that Reg Cartlidge has resigned as Chairman and Isobel Jones as Vice Chairman.

It is very important that we have nominations for Chairman and Vice Chairman before the AGM.  Please think seriously 
about this as the league cannot continue without volunteers.  There are only 3 meetings a year and not a lot of work is