Dudley Building Society Bowling League 2017







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Current Week's Fixtures/Results
WonAggPtsHome TeamAway TeamPtsAggWon
Sat 19th Aug Southstaffs Premiere
72219Ecc AVChadsmoor A52025
821910Victoria ParkVDudley Dell A41864
62136ByletVM&b Cheslyn Hay A102166
Penn AVStile
Woodfield AVWillenhall Nordley A
Sat 19th Aug Southstaffs Division 1
1024012Cradley S&SVEssington21672
923411LangleyVCoombs Wood31673
72249Sedgley Ex-serviceVShifnal A52005
62108Chadsmoor BVPenn B62066
Short Heath Liberal AVCodsall Ex-service
Willenhall Nordley BVPennfields A
Sat 19th Aug Southstaffs Division 2
1023312SomersVWombourne A21702
823210Hawkins SportsVOld Cross42054
72249Woodfield CVShort Heath Liberal B51765
Dudley Dell BVPenkridge
Sat 19th Aug Southstaffs Division 3
1124713BridgnorthVPennfields C11441
823910AmasalVGreets Green41624
822710Coombs Wood BVLangley B41974
62158M&b Cheslyn Hay BVKingswinford Conservative62006
SpringvaleVGlasscutters B
Sat 26th Aug Southstaffs Premiere
Chadsmoor AVPenn A
Dudley Dell AVGlasscutters
M&b Cheslyn Hay AVVictoria Park
StileVWoodfield A
Willenhall Nordley AVEcc A
Sat 26th Aug Southstaffs Division 1
Codsall Ex-serviceVShifnal A
Coombs WoodVShort Heath Liberal A
EssingtonVWillenhall Nordley B
Penn BVCradley S&S
Pennfields AVChadsmoor B
Sedgley Ex-serviceVLangley
Sat 26th Aug Southstaffs Division 2
Old CrossVWoodman Saltwells
Short Heath Liberal BVHawkins Sports
Wombourne AVAmery
Sat 26th Aug Southstaffs Division 3
Glasscutters BVWarley
Greets GreenVCoombs Wood B
Kingswinford ConservativeVSpringvale
Langley BVBridgnorth
NewportVM&b Cheslyn Hay B
Pennfields CVAmasal