Southport Parks Bowling League 2018

President Chairman Secretary Treasurer
  Mr R Wignall
01704 224169 or 07973536785
Mr M Coward
 07399 570004
Mr M Carr
01704 507750
Mon Apr 2nd 5 Matches

Welcome to the Southport Parks Crown Green Bowling League


We have moved to this new Web Site to give players a better service.

All clubs will receive their passwords shortly.

Recommendation to all clubs and teams - all players must be registered by June 1st, names and BCGBA numbers any player  not registered by June 1st then any unregistered players will then forfeit any scores they have accumulated and teams will forfeit that players score.



Cup handicaps are based on teams final league position.

Teams finishing in positions 1-4 are off scratch handicap.

 Teams finishing in positions 5-8 are off +15 handicap. 

 Teams finishing in positions 9-12 are off +30 handicap.

No practice allowed  in cup competitions