Southport Ladies Bowling League 2017







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Current Week's Fixtures/Results
WonAggPtsHome TeamAway TeamPtsAggWon
Mon 19th Jun Evening Division 1
816810Hurlston Hall AVBurscough Legion0940
51447Mere Brow EVHesketh Bank31373
21322Tarleton BVHoole E91606
41154Fleetwood Hesketh AVAinsdale C71344
11121Banks AVSNSC101597
Mon 19th Jun Evening Division 2
51447Sefton & Thornton BVCrossens A31253
51437SBC BVBanks B31373
41386Ainsdale BVFleetwood Hesketh B41244
41386Crossens BVSefton & Thornton A41294
0720Formby SSC AVHurlston Hall B111688
Thu 22nd Jun Afternoon Division 1
61578Banks DVAinsdale A21342
41374LongtonVBanks C71434
41364Tarleton CVHoole A71404
51327Fleetwood Hesketh CVTarleton D31223
21302Victoria ParkVMere Brow91516
Thu 22nd Jun Afternoon Division 2
71649Ainsdale DVBotanic Robins11061
21212HolmeswoodVSBC A91566
01180Formby SSC BVSaracens Head B111688
3983Hoole BVFormby SSC D81305