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Wed Jul 19th 2 results from 2 Matches
Thu Jul 20th 27 results from 27 Matches
Mon Jul 24th 9 results from 12 Cup Games



League One Day Singles K/O Competition at Severnside 


This annual mixed competition took place on Wednesday 5th July with entries of 33, well up from last year's 17. Perfect weather on extremely fast greens produced some fine bowling. The eventual winner (£40) of the main comp was Dave Povey (Pontesbury A) who beat Ron Crook (Oswestry Church) 21-17 (£25). Losing semi-finalists were Roger Lem (Oxon) and Keith Owen (Battlefield A). In the consolation comp the winner (£20) was John Roberts (Oswestry Church) who beat Roger Burton (Severnside B) 21-14 (£10). Losing semi-finalists were Pete Ellis (Oxon B) and Fred Micklewright (Shelton A). With such a good attendance the comp is now safe and will be held again next year!


The K/O sheets for the main and consolation comps can be viewed by clicking on the relevant "Singles Comp" button towards the bottom of the green area to your left.


The next League one day K/O comp will be the Wilf Onions Doubles at Severnside on Wednesday 2nd August with registration by 9:45am. More details will be posted on this homepage nearer the time and a reminder email sent out to all team captains. No need to pre-register - just turn up and the two players can be from different clubs playing in our League.






Pontesbury E Team Withdrawal from Division 3 of the League


Regrettably, Pontesbury BC have informed us that due to a severe shortage of players they have been left with no option but to withdraw their E team from the League with immediate effect. This means that all fixtures played to date together with future fixtures will become byes, and this now shows on the online system. As Pontesbury E shared the home green with their C team, all home matches have commenced at the earlier time of 1:30pm and the home match against Worthen & Brockton A on 22 June will still start at 1:30pm but all future matches will revert back to a 2:00pm start commencing 29 June. 



Matches During Hot Weather


Would all team captains ensure that there is an adequate provision of cold drinking water together with beakers/glasses at all League matches played when the temperatures are particularly high, in order to ensure that players do not become dehydrated. Even better would be every player bringing bottled water with them so as to be sure they have it on hand.


If any team captain feels that the temperature is likely to be too high to play the match, then consideration should first be given to playing the match in the morning (or possibly the evening) although it's appreciated that this isn't easy to coordinate. Failing that, the League will allow postponement of matches without penalty points being deducted, providing the Results Secretary is first informed and the match is played within the 15 days stipulated in the Constitution & Rules.





League K/O Cup Matches


A reminder to all teams playing in the second round of the Dick Meyrick, Ron Smout and Sponsors K/O comps that all matches MUST be played on or before 24 July. It is the responsibility of the home team captain to arrange the match well in advance of the deadline.  


Don't forget that the home team are not allowed to practice on the match green on the day of the match and the away team will receive 12 points which are added to the final score once all games have been completed. However, when the home team captain enters the results online, ignore the 12 points as the system will automatically add them when you save the results. Should the aggregate scores be equal, then the team having the most individual winners will go through. If still equal, then the team with the player(s) with the highest differential score. If there is still no clear winner then there will be a one end play off between two players nominated by each team captain and the lead will be tossed for. 





First Aid Kits and Safety Issues at Clubs


Just a reminder to all team captains and club delegates that they should check that the first aid kit at their club is both accessible and fully stocked with the basic needs to deal with minor medical requirements which might crop up during league matches. It has been brought to my attention that some clubs do not possess a first aid kit at all, and that whilst many more do have a kit, it is so depleted that it is of no use whatsoever. So next time you are at your club, please take the few minutes required to check that the first aid kit is accessible and, most importantly, adequately stocked. Any pharmacy will advise you on the basic necessities required.


Another important consideration relates to clubs where there are obvious safety issues such as inadequate handrails adjacent to steps, uneven or loose paving and any other hazard which might cause somebody to trip, fall and injury themselves. Through its Welfare Officer, every League has a duty to ensure that all member club sites are safe and fit for purpose. If any bowler in the league feels that there is a safety risk at any of our member clubs, they should contact Chris Kershaw with their concerns which will be discreetly and confidentially investigated.





Conceding a League Match


A situation has arisen which we have not previously experienced in that following the recent postponement of a match, one team (Albert Road A) has been unable field a team to play the match on another date and has decided to concede the match. This means that the other team (Craven Arms) automatically receives an 8-0 victory which in the opinion of the Executive Committee is not a fair outcome since 8-0 wins are few and far between. Ken Willis, the team captain of Craven Arms, also agrees with this view and because there is nothing in the Rules to cover this situation, we are introducing a temporary rule for the rest of this season which will state:


 In the event of a team conceding a match, the other team will receive 6 points. It will show as 8 points in the online Results System with each of the 6 players receiving a walkover, but a 2 point deduction will then be made from that team’s accumulated total to date.


 We will fully discuss the above situation at the end of season meeting on September 18th. However, the Executive Committee feel very strongly that it is totally unacceptable for any team to concede a League match unless the circumstances are exceptional and that the League Rules should be amended at the next AGM to this effect with some sort of penalty imposed if and when necessary. If a team joins our League, then they must accept that they play every League match.




Postponed Matches - New Rule 


Please do not forget the new rule, 10(g), regarding the postponement of a match which was approved at the 2016 AGM: 


When postponing a match, the postponing team Captain must first inform the Results Secretary, then contact their opponents offering a minimum of three alternative dates within a 15 day period (in the case of a final week match within 8 days) and then agree on one of the dates prior to again informing the Results Secretary of the new agreed playing date. If, however, none of the proposed dates prove acceptable, the Results Secretary will intervene and will consult with both team captains before deciding when the match must be played within the 15 day time period and the Results Secretary’s decision will be final. No points deduction will be incurred by the postponing team where a match has to be postponed due to: 1) weather/ground conditions, 2) a funeral affecting the club or 3) two or more team players selected by the County Association to play in a Veteran’s Competition.

A three point penalty deduction will be incurred by the postponing team where a match has to be postponed for any other reason (especially shortage of players). The deduction will be applied by the Results Secretary from their accumulated points scored to date.

Where a rearranged match has not been played within the 15 (or 8) day time period, the Fixture Secretary will be empowered to impose a penalty deduction of one point per week to one or both teams until the match is played. The deduction will be applied from their accumulated points scored to date.

Non-conformance of any part of this rule will result in the Executive Committee assessing the individual situation and then additionally penalising one or both teams in accordance with Rule 14.




Unlisted Players 


When entering your results online, please ensure that whenever you have to select an "Unlisted Player" you also enter the player's name in the pop up box. This then enables me to add the unlisted player to the club's registration list by accessing the newly introduced County Registration Data Base which gives me that player's BCGBA number. If however you know that the unlisted player does not yet have a number, then simply type in NAP (number applied for) after their name. Without the unlisted player's name I obviously cannot register them to the club and then I have to make a phone call to sort it out which is time consuming.





Eligible Age to Bowl in the League


Following two queries regarding the minimum age a bowler must be to bowl in our League, I can confirm that all bowlers must have attained their 65th birthday as Rule 3(e) clearly states: All players must have attained the age of 65 years and be a registered player with the BCGBA. So any bowler who will be 65 during the coming season will have to wait until after their birthday before playing.






 Competition Dates at Severnside starting at 10:00am


Singles one day K/O: 5 July 


Wilf Onions Doubles one day K/O: 2 August 


President's Day: Thursday 14 September





 Dixon Cup: 4 September - home venue Old Shrewsbury starting at 1:00pm.