Shrewsbury League

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Team Averages for Dorrington (Shrewsbury Div. 3)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
119Peter Smith1813572329262+6718.2814.563.72
227Chris Breakell1311285248179+6919.0813.775.31
343Trevor Parry20101050346348-217.3017.40-0.10
445Barry Patsalides20101050323372-4916.1518.60-2.45
564Gordon Cooke1881044309299+1017.1716.610.56
670Roger Pearson168850289300-1118.0618.75-0.69
775Peter Warhurst1981142302347-4515.8918.26-2.37
889Arnie Jones1861233290337-4716.1118.72-2.61
9102George Morris84450139136+317.3817.000.38
10109Dave Higgins1641225237306-6914.8119.13-4.31
11110Anne Higgins1641225221302-8113.8118.88-5.06
12127John Childs2201004228+1421.0014.007.00
13144David Oliver211503626+1018.0013.005.00
14157Dennis Oakley6151799121-2216.5020.17-3.67
15158Joan Sadd71614109135-2615.5719.29-3.71
16177Ruth Smith1010921-129.0021.00-12.00
Tue 17th AprATelepost B146194464
Tue 24th AprHCrescent B189167739
Tue 1st MayAOxon142189373
Tue 8th MayHCastlefields B186166648
Tue 15th MayAMeole Brace B1152100100
Tue 22nd MayHPontesbury C2031419111
Tue 29th MayABye00000
Tue 5th JunABicton B167181555
Tue 12th JunHGreenfields Social A174154648
Tue 19th JunABayston Hill A160175555
Tue 26th JunHPOWBC B183171648
Tue 3rd JulHTelepost B193144557
Tue 10th JulACrescent B159202282
Tue 17th JulHOxon164169464
Tue 24th JulACastlefields B153191373
Tue 31st JulHMeole Brace B170194464
Tue 7th AugAPontesbury C176166648
Tue 14th AugHBye00000
Tue 21st AugHBicton B190138739
Tue 28th AugAGreenfields Social A144202191
Tue 4th SepHBayston Hill A157170555
Tue 11th SepAPOWBC B157195373
  Played 203328351991109107
1st Half Results for Dorrington
Smith Peter181318.2821-1619-2121-5 8-2121-816-2121-2021-821-2021-1
Breakell Chris131119.08   21-197-2121-621-1721-221-1821-8 
Parry Trevor201017.302-2121-97-2121-1614-2121-1221-1821-2021-1721-1921-6
Patsalides Barry201016.1521-1821-2021-2021-177-2121-197-2120-217-2115-2121-6
Pearson Roger16818.0616-2121-1919-2110-2112-21 21-921-18 21-1417-21
Cooke Gordon18817.1713-2121-1021-1721-1714-2121-321-1510-2121-1015-2120-21
Warhurst Peter19815.8921-1621-1812-2113-2114-2121-20 21-49-2121-1815-21
Jones Arnie18616.1121-1817-2113-2121-610-2121-1721-178-2121-1711-2119-21
Morris George8417.38  10-21     16-2121-8 
Higgins Dave16414.8113-2121-197-2118-2112-21 11-2110-21  17-21
Higgins Anne16413.817-216-21 21-7 21-1912-2121-67-2116-2121-18
Childs John2221.00          21-8
Oliver David2118.00           
Oakley Dennis6116.50     21-1616-21    
Sadd Joan7115.5711-2121-911-2119-2117-2114-21  16-21  
Smith Ruth109.00           
2nd Half Results for Dorrington
Smith Peter181318.28 21-64-2121-2021-1521-199-2121-1121-8
Breakell Chris131119.08 21-1621-1921-1221-1821-210-21  
Parry Trevor201017.3013-2111-2120-2116-2116-2121-420-2121-1717-21
Patsalides Barry201016.1515-2114-219-2121-1721-1721-1112-2121-177-21
Pearson Roger16818.0614-2116-2117-2121-1921-18  21-1521-20
Cooke Gordon18817.1721-1411-2119-2117-2121-36-21  16-21
Warhurst Peter19815.8913-2121-721-153-219-2121-187-2120-2119-21
Jones Arnie18616.1111-2118-2121-1019-2115-21 18-215-21 
Morris George8417.3821-2021-1415-21  21-1014-21  
Higgins Dave16414.8116-2110-21 19-2121-1121-1121-137-2113-21
Higgins Anne16413.8116-21  12-2110-2118-2115-2111-217-21
Childs John2221.00        21-20
Oliver David2118.00       21-515-21
Oakley Dennis6116.5019-21 6-21  19-2118-21  
Sadd Joan7115.57         
Smith Ruth109.00       9-21 

Tue 11th Sep

PosPOWBC BScoreScoreDorrington
1Geoff Tipton Best Result217Barry Patsalides
2Jack Price2117Trevor Parry
3John Evans2116Gordon Cooke
4John Ford2115David Oliver
5Andy Lockley Best Result217Anne Higgins
6Brian Austin2113Dave Higgins
7Alan Potts2021Roger Pearson
8Lee Tipton (6tc)2119Peter Warhurst
9Glyn Harvey821Peter Smith Best Result
10Darren Jones2021John Childs

Tue 4th Sep

PosDorrington ScoreScoreBayston Hill A
1Barry Patsalides2117Lionel Morris (6ta)
2Peter Warhurst2021Ruth Richards
3Ruth Smith921Graham Dorricott
4David Oliver Best Result215Norman Price (6ta)
5Arnie Jones521Royston Wilcock (6ta) Best Result
6Roger Pearson2115Liam Cruise-taylor
7Dave Higgins721Ray Sant (6ta)
8Anne Higgins1121Paul Richards
9Peter Smith2111Gwyn Jones (6ta)
10Trevor Parry2117John Davies

Tue 28th Aug

PosGreenfields Social AScoreScoreDorrington
1Ian Kilburn (6ta)2110Chris Breakell
2Ian Massey Best Result217Peter Warhurst
3Chris Jones (6ta)2114George Morris
4Mike Badnell2120Trevor Parry
5June Massey2118Arnie Jones
6Ted Wellard1321Dave Higgins Best Result
7Nigel Harris (6ta)2118Dennis Oakley
8Kevin Williams (6ta)2115Anne Higgins
9Neil Harris219Peter Smith
10John Brown (6ta)2112Barry Patsalides

Tue 21st Aug

PosDorrington ScoreScoreBicton B
1Barry Patsalides2111Mike Bradder
2Trevor Parry214John Sudlow
3Peter Smith2119Kevin Sudlow
4George Morris2110Paul Idris Evans
5Dennis Oakley1921Billy Jones
6Peter Warhurst2118Ken Darlington
7Dave Higgins2111Norman Barkley
8Anne Higgins1821Keith Sudlow
9Chris Breakell Best Result212Val Roberts
10Gordon Cooke621Shaun Phillips Best Result

Tue 7th Aug

PosPontesbury CScoreScoreDorrington
1Alan Purslow321Gordon Cooke Best Result
2Ray Perry Best Result219Peter Warhurst
3Kevin Williams (6tc)2115Arnie Jones
4Keith Tate (6tc)1821Chris Breakell
5Terry Wainwright1721Barry Patsalides
6Maureen Charles2110Anne Higgins
7Dave Bennett (6tc)1821Roger Pearson
8David Charles1121Dave Higgins
9Stuart Morris2116Trevor Parry
10Adam Morris (6tc)1521Peter Smith

Tue 31st Jul

PosDorrington ScoreScoreMeole Brace B
1Chris Breakell Best Result2112Chris Davies (6tb)
2Gordon Cooke1721Gareth Davies
3Arnie Jones1921Tony Crundell (6tb)
4Peter Warhurst321Barry Lowe (6tb) Best Result
5Dave Higgins1921Dan White
6Roger Pearson2119Mary Woodcock
7Anne Higgins1221Peter Morgan-jones
8Barry Patsalides2117Steve Phillips
9Trevor Parry1621Mal Cowley (6tb)
10Peter Smith2120Vernon Biggs (6tb)

Tue 24th Jul

PosCastlefields BScoreScoreDorrington
1Dan Ashley2115George Morris
2Michael Rogers (6tb)2120Trevor Parry
3George Marston2119Gordon Cooke
4Unlisted Player1521Peter Warhurst
5Martin Codd216Dennis Oakley
6Fred Ashley1021Arnie Jones Best Result
7Neil Thomas (6tb)2117Roger Pearson
8Fred Wear (6tb)219Barry Patsalides
9Dave Wall1921Chris Breakell
10Craig Elson Best Result214Peter Smith

Tue 17th Jul

PosDorrington ScoreScoreOxon
1George Morris2114Jack Jones
2Chris Breakell2116Ken Davies
3Gordon Cooke1121Emmet Mckinley (j)
4Peter Warhurst217Colin Jones
5Dave Higgins1021Paul Thomas Best Result
6Roger Pearson1621Martin Mckinley
7Barry Patsalides1421Sue Pugh
8Arnie Jones1821Pete Nicholls
9Trevor Parry1121Roger Haydon
10Peter Smith Best Result216Andy Owens

Tue 10th Jul

PosCrescent BScoreScoreDorrington
1Graham Hughes2021George Morris
2Brian Richards2113Peter Warhurst
3Dan Laurens2114Roger Pearson
4Darren Edwards1421Gordon Cooke Best Result
5Andy Maycock Best Result2111Arnie Jones
6John Wycherley2116Anne Higgins
7Mike Greaves2119Dennis Oakley
8Paul Turford2116Dave Higgins
9Alan Hotchkiss2115Barry Patsalides
10Dave Rowe2113Trevor Parry

Tue 3rd Jul

PosDorrington ScoreScoreTelepost B
1Arnie Jones1921Robin Sprigg
2Trevor Parry216Peter Cook
3Peter Warhurst1521Craig Charles Best Result
4Gordon Cooke2021Derek Flattley
5Dave Higgins1721Alan West
6Roger Pearson1721Margaret Flattley
7Barry Patsalides216Martin Snow
8Anne Higgins2118John Bowater
9John Childs218Gordon Draycott
10Peter Smith Best Result211Rob Morris

Tue 26th Jun

PosDorrington ScoreScorePOWBC B
1Gordon Cooke1521John Evans
2Chris Breakell Best Result218Alan Dean
3Peter Warhurst2118Geoff Tipton
4Trevor Parry2119Lee Tipton (6tc)
5Roger Pearson2114Alan Potts
6George Morris Best Result218Brian Austin
7Arnie Jones1121Andy Lockley Best Result
8Anne Higgins1621Glyn Harvey
9Barry Patsalides1521John Ramsay
10Peter Smith2120Darren Jones

Tue 19th Jun

PosBayston Hill AScoreScoreDorrington
1Jack Dale (6ta)1721Trevor Parry
2Norman Price (6ta)1021Gordon Cooke
3Graham Dorricott1821Chris Breakell
4Ruth Richards219Peter Warhurst
5Paul Richards2116Joan Sadd
6Ray Sant (6ta) Best Result217Anne Higgins
7Royston Wilcock (6ta)2116George Morris
8Gwyn Jones (6ta)1721Arnie Jones
9John Davies821Peter Smith Best Result
10Martin Cousins Best Result217Barry Patsalides
A close game played in a good atmosphere in the A49 Derby

Tue 12th Jun

PosDorrington ScoreScoreGreenfields Social A
1Gordon Cooke1021Ian Kilburn (6ta)
2Arnie Jones821Ian Massey Best Result
3Chris Breakell Best Result212Brian Pritchard
4Peter Warhurst214Ted Wellard
5Dave Higgins1021Kevin Williams (6ta)
6Anne Higgins216John Judson
7Roger Pearson2118Nigel Harris (6ta)
8Trevor Parry2120June Massey
9Barry Patsalides2021Roger Jones (6ta)
10Peter Smith2120John Brown (6ta)

Tue 5th Jun

PosBicton BScoreScoreDorrington
1Mike Bradder1521Gordon Cooke
2Keith Sudlow Best Result217Barry Patsalides
3John Sudlow1821Trevor Parry
4Paul Idris Evans1721Arnie Jones
5Val Roberts921Roger Pearson Best Result
6Steve Williams2116Dennis Oakley
7Roger Oldacre2111Dave Higgins
8Shaun Phillips2112Anne Higgins
9Julie Williams2116Peter Smith
10Kevin Sudlow1721Chris Breakell

Tue 22nd May

PosDorrington ScoreScorePontesbury C
1Chris Breakell216Jospeh Green
2Gordon Cooke Best Result213Alan Purslow
3Trevor Parry2112Keith Tate Jnr
4Peter Warhurst2120Ray Perry
5Joan Sadd1421Maureen Charles Best Result
6Anne Higgins2119David Charles
7Dennis Oakley2116Keith Tate (6tc)
8Arnie Jones2117Dave Bennett (6tc)
9Barry Patsalides2119Stuart Morris
10Peter Smith218Adam Morris (6tc)

Tue 15th May

PosMeole Brace BScoreScoreDorrington
1Chris Davies (6tb)2114Peter Warhurst
2Vernon Biggs (6tb) Best Result217Barry Patsalides
3Steve Phillips2114Trevor Parry
4Barry Lowe (6tb)2114Gordon Cooke
5Michael Powis2117Joan Sadd Best Result
6Dan White2110Arnie Jones
7Peter Morgan-jones2112Dave Higgins
8Neil Pickin (6tb)2112Roger Pearson
9Mal Cowley (6tb) Best Result217Chris Breakell
10Tony Crundell (6tb)218Peter Smith

Tue 8th May

PosDorrington ScoreScoreCastlefields B
1Roger Pearson1021Dan Ashley Best Result
2Trevor Parry2116Neil Thomas (6tb)
3Peter Warhurst1321Martin Codd
4Gordon Cooke2117Corrah Wall
5Dave Higgins1821Liam Page (6tb)
6Arnie Jones Best Result216Fred Ashley
7Joan Sadd1921Mike Pugh (6tb)
8Anne Higgins217Fred Wear (6tb)
9Barry Patsalides2117Ally Roberts
10Chris Breakell2119Dave Wall

Tue 1st May

1Ken Davies2119Roger Pearson
2Tony Manders2110George Morris
3Emmet Mckinley (j)2112Peter Warhurst
4Dave Wood1721Gordon Cooke
5Pete Nicholls Best Result217Dave Higgins
6Colin Jones2113Arnie Jones
7Paul Thomas2111Joan Sadd
8Martin Mckinley Best Result217Trevor Parry
9Andy Owens521Peter Smith Best Result
10Roger Haydon2021Barry Patsalides

Tue 24th Apr

PosDorrington ScoreScoreCrescent B
1Gordon Cooke2110Andy Maycock
2Barry Patsalides2120Dan Laurens
3Peter Warhurst2118Paul Turford
4Roger Pearson2119Brian Richards
5Anne Higgins621Daz Hunting Best Result
6Arnie Jones1721Dean Alltree
7Joan Sadd Best Result219Dave Maycock
8Dave Higgins2119John Wycherley
9Trevor Parry Best Result219Dave Rowe
10Peter Smith1921Alan Hotchkiss

Tue 17th Apr

PosTelepost BScoreScoreDorrington
1Rob Morris2113Gordon Cooke
2Derek Flattley1621Peter Warhurst Best Result
3Peter Shingler2116Roger Pearson
4Craig Charles2111Joan Sadd
5Margaret Flattley217Anne Higgins
6Robin Sprigg1821Barry Patsalides
7John Bowater2113Dave Higgins
8Peter Cook1821Arnie Jones
9Gordon Draycott Best Result212Trevor Parry
10Martin Snow1621Peter Smith Best Result