Shrewsbury League

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Team Averages for Frankwell (Shrewsbury Div. 4)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
15Richard Ewels1816289366211+15520.3311.728.61
26Bob Simpson1915479378239+13919.8912.587.32
314Chris Hose1912763355249+10618.6813.115.58
415Mark Lloyd1712571330237+9319.4113.945.47
516Terry Brookes1912763369277+9219.4214.584.84
621John Binnersley1711665316262+5418.5915.413.18
728Mel Yates1110191223148+7520.2713.456.82
830Chris Knight1510567271219+5218.0714.603.47
942Haydon Jenkinson159660280225+5518.6715.003.67
1044Rob Ball139469248204+4419.0815.693.38
1155Andy Dorsett128467234175+5919.5014.584.92
12101Alan Gwilliams85363148125+2318.5015.632.88
13122Chris Griffiths123925165218-5313.7518.17-4.42
14129Terry Morris321675636+2018.6712.006.67
15146Chris Dorsett1101002111+1021.0011.0010.00
16169Brian Bennett10101821-318.0021.00-3.00
Tue 17th AprHWorthen & Brockton203989111
Tue 24th AprACastlefields C163164555
Tue 1st MayHHanwood B2041468210
Tue 8th MayABye00000
Tue 15th MayHOSBC C204144739
Tue 22nd MayAOSBC A176179555
Tue 29th MayHBagley B202809111
Tue 5th JunAGreenfields Social B175150648
Tue 12th JunHPontesbury D197152739
Tue 19th JunHBayston Hill B205999111
Tue 26th JunAMeole Brace C185174557
Tue 10th JulHCastlefields C181169648
Tue 17th JulAHanwood B154185464
Wed 18th JulAWorthen & Brockton183153648
Tue 24th JulHBye00000
Tue 31st JulAOSBC C178164557
Tue 7th AugHOSBC A1911618210
Tue 14th AugABagley B2061178210
Tue 21st AugHGreenfields Social B191142739
Tue 28th AugAPontesbury D199134739
Tue 4th SepABayston Hill B185133648
Tue 11th SepHMeole Brace C1961138210
  Played 203778285713565169
1st Half Results for Frankwell
Ewels Richard181620.3321-310-2121-10 21-1621-10 21-1121-821-1721-20
Simpson Bob191519.89 13-2121-921-1519-2121-521-1016-2121-1121-1821-9
Brookes Terry191219.4221-521-717-2121-817-2121-421-1214-2121-1118-2116-21
Lloyd Mark171219.4121-721-1819-2118-2111-2121-721-1021-1121-720-2121-20
Hose Chris191218.6821-1115-2121-1619-219-2121-417-2121-621-421-421-16
Binnersley John171118.5921-1721-1521-421-921-1721-99-2121-1621-5 10-21
Yates Mel111020.27 21-921-1621-1921-1721-4     
Knight Chris151018.0714-2121-1021-1921-021-1121-11 21-13 21-1721-8
Ball Rob13919.08  21-1921-1821-1321-521-1421-1921-412-21 
Jenkinson Haydon15918.6721-9  20-2115-21 21-920-2121-1913-2112-21
Dorsett Andy12819.50 17-2121-1121-12  21-1121-1321-921-1317-21
Gwilliams Alan8518.50          21-12
Griffiths Chris12313.7521-133-21   13-215-21 16-2117-21 
Morris Terry3218.6721-1          
Dorsett Chris1121.0021-11          
Bennett Brian1018.00      18-21    
2nd Half Results for Frankwell
Ewels Richard181620.3320-2121-921-421-1821-521-1021-1521-321-10
Simpson Bob191519.8921-915-2121-1621-1321-721-621-1021-1021-7
Brookes Terry191219.4221-1918-2117-2121-1821-521-1221-2021-9 
Lloyd Mark171219.4110-2121-1821-10  21-1021-8 21-6
Hose Chris191218.687-2121-918-2121-918-21 21-921-421-10
Binnersley John171118.5918-21 13-2121-1420-2121-13 21-1715-21
Yates Mel111020.2713-2121-18 21-1921-1321-921-3  
Knight Chris151018.0721-1714-219-2121-8 11-21  13-21
Ball Rob13919.08   9-2121-1820-21 18-2121-10
Jenkinson Haydon15918.6721-1421-8 21-2021-6 21-611-2121-8
Dorsett Andy12819.50 21-721-15   16-2116-21 
Gwilliams Alan8518.50 10-2116-21 21-1321-1917-2121-621-12
Griffiths Chris12313.752-21  14-2121-813-2119-21 21-8
Morris Terry3218.67  21-14    14-21 
Dorsett Chris1121.00         
Bennett Brian1018.00         

Tue 11th Sep

PosFrankwellScoreScoreMeole Brace C
1Chris Hose2110Peter Holloway
2Chris Knight1321Dave (itchy) Pritchard Best Result
3John Binnersley1521Eric Webb
4Haydon Jenkinson218Jill Bishop
5Alan Gwilliams2112John Hartshorne
6Mark Lloyd Best Result216Roy Morris
7Chris Griffiths218Hugo Jones
8Richard Ewels2110Joyce Ashley
9Bob Simpson217Clive Fisher
10Rob Ball2110Melvyn Ashley

Tue 4th Sep

PosBayston Hill BScoreScoreFrankwell
1Rosie Scotland421Chris Hose
2Martin Cousins Best Result2111Haydon Jenkinson
3Lee Corfield2118Rob Ball
4Gordon Ryan921Terry Brookes
5Ted Clarke321Richard Ewels Best Result
6Kevin Edwards621Alan Gwilliams
7Jean Barlow1721John Binnersley
8Bob Preece2114Terry Morris
9Mike Young1021Bob Simpson
10Sylvia Morris2116Andy Dorsett

Tue 28th Aug

PosPontesbury DScoreScoreFrankwell
1Sandra Evans2021Terry Brookes
2Marion Lewis321Mel Yates Best Result
3Anne Walton921Chris Hose
4Kath Farmer621Haydon Jenkinson
5Jan James2119Chris Griffiths
6Sylvia Povey821Mark Lloyd
7Ben Middleton (j)1521Richard Ewels
8Anna Lawson2117Alan Gwilliams
9Tessa Potter1021Bob Simpson
10Sue Potter Best Result2116Andy Dorsett

Tue 21st Aug

PosFrankwellScoreScoreGreenfields Social B
1Terry Brookes2112Tony Sandford
2Mel Yates219Ron Evans
3Chris Knight1121Pete Mackay Best Result
4Alan Gwilliams2119Brian Pritchard
5Chris Griffiths1321Tony Andrews
6Richard Ewels2110Mike Goodall
7Mark Lloyd2110Rob Jones
8John Binnersley2113Unlisted Player
9Bob Simpson Best Result216Rob Butler
10Rob Ball2021Paul Watson

Tue 14th Aug

PosBagley BScoreScoreFrankwell
1Sandra Griffiths1321Mel Yates
2David Scutts521Terry Brookes Best Result
3Freda Gourlay Best Result2118Chris Hose
4Andrew Tipton621Haydon Jenkinson
5Neil Scutts821Chris Griffiths
6Margaret Cooper521Richard Ewels Best Result
7Marg Barnes2120John Binnersley
8Maureen Poole1321Alan Gwilliams
9Rose Mackune721Bob Simpson
10Jenny Newton1821Rob Ball

Tue 7th Aug

PosFrankwellScoreScoreOSBC A
1Terry Brookes2118Julie Thorborn
2Chris Hose219John Allen
3Mel Yates2119Audrey Cox
4Haydon Jenkinson2120Liam Cox
5Chris Knight Best Result218Robert Furlong
6John Binnersley2114Geoff Williams
7Chris Griffiths1421Terry Evans
8Richard Ewels2118Keith Lewis
9Bob Simpson2113Norman Brown
10Rob Ball921Trish Jones Best Result
Some very close games on the front 4 which could have gone either way.

Tue 31st Jul

PosOSBC CScoreScoreFrankwell
1Glyn Turner2116Alan Gwilliams
2Chris Kershaw Best Result219Chris Knight
3Felicity Kershaw2118Chris Hose
4Roger Burton2117Terry Brookes
5Julie Perry1021Mark Lloyd
6Ian Edwards421Richard Ewels Best Result
7John Parry1421Terry Morris
8Pat Hart2113John Binnersley
9George Perry1621Bob Simpson
10Rob Phillips1521Andy Dorsett
A good game, enjoyed by all.

Wed 18th Jul

PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreScoreFrankwell
1Jan Holding2114Chris Knight
2Joyce Graves2118Terry Brookes
3Debbie Davies1821Mel Yates
4Roy Washbourne921Chris Hose
5Kate Washbourne821Haydon Jenkinson
6Ian Hutchison1821Mark Lloyd
7Brian Jones921Richard Ewels
8Ralph Graves Best Result2110Alan Gwilliams
9Andy Lipa721Andy Dorsett Best Result
10Phil Rowson2115Bob Simpson

Tue 17th Jul

PosHanwood BScoreScoreFrankwell
1Tony Beamond2113Mel Yates
2Vi Houston1421Haydon Jenkinson
3Clive Goodwin2120Richard Ewels
4Christine Phillips2118John Binnersley
5John Rowe1721Chris Knight
6John Baxter921Bob Simpson Best Result
7Jack Phillips Best Result212Chris Griffiths
8Sam Downes1921Terry Brookes
9Mike Bennett2110Mark Lloyd
10Roger Houston217Chris Hose
great night of quality bowling from both teams

Tue 10th Jul

PosFrankwellScoreScoreCastlefields C
1John Binnersley1021Steph Clarke Best Result
2Chris Hose2116Steve Heath
3Chris Knight Best Result218Nathan Thomas
4Haydon Jenkinson1221Will Roberts
5Terry Brookes1621Kieran Walker
6Alan Gwilliams2112Robert Hartshorne
7Mark Lloyd2120Matty Hyde
8Richard Ewels2120Unlisted Player
9Bob Simpson219Andrew Evans
10Andy Dorsett1721Carl Martin

Tue 26th Jun

PosMeole Brace CScoreScoreFrankwell
1Dave (itchy) Pritchard2113Haydon Jenkinson
2Eric Webb2118Terry Brookes
3Jill Bishop421Chris Hose Best Result
4Brian Jones1821Bob Simpson
5Peter Holloway1721Richard Ewels
6Helen Jones2120Mark Lloyd
7Joyce Ashley1721Chris Knight
8Hugo Jones2117Chris Griffiths
9Melvyn Ashley1321Andy Dorsett
10Roy Morris Best Result2112Rob Ball

Tue 19th Jun

PosFrankwellScoreScoreBayston Hill B
1Terry Brookes2111Bob Preece
2Chris Hose Best Result214Kevin Edwards
3Chris Griffiths1621Tim Thomas Best Result
4Bob Simpson2111Lee Corfield
5Richard Ewels218Jean Barlow
6John Binnersley215Ted Clarke
7Mark Lloyd217Dave Jones
8Haydon Jenkinson2119Mike Young
9Andy Dorsett219Christine Taylor
10Rob Ball Best Result214Rosie Scotland

Tue 12th Jun

PosFrankwellScoreScorePontesbury D
1Terry Brookes1421Kelly Price Best Result
2Andy Dorsett2113Anna Lawson
3Haydon Jenkinson2021Sandra Evans
4Chris Hose Best Result216Ben Middleton (j)
5Chris Knight2113Sylvia Povey
6Mark Lloyd2111Kath Farmer
7John Binnersley2116Anne Walton
8Richard Ewels2111Jan James
9Bob Simpson1621Tessa Potter
10Rob Ball2119Sue Potter

Tue 5th Jun

PosGreenfields Social BScoreScoreFrankwell
1Ron Evans921Haydon Jenkinson Best Result
2Tony Sandford2117Chris Hose
3Tony Andrews1221Terry Brookes
4Pete Mackay2118Brian Bennett
5Thomas Jones1021Mark Lloyd
6Chrissy Felton 1021Bob Simpson
7James Fernie Best Result215Chris Griffiths
8Rob Jones219John Binnersley
9Rob Butler1421Rob Ball
10Paul Watson1121Andy Dorsett

Tue 29th May

PosFrankwellScoreScoreBagley B
1Terry Brookes Best Result214David Scutts
2Chris Hose Best Result214Jack Matthews
3Mel Yates Best Result214Margaret Cooper
4Chris Knight2111Ben Tipton
5John Binnersley219Luke Scutts
6Mark Lloyd217Maureen Poole
7Chris Griffiths1321Sandra Griffiths Best Result
8Richard Ewels2110Rose Mackune
9Bob Simpson215Neil Scutts
10Rob Ball215Mike Lewis

Tue 22nd May

PosOSBC AScoreScoreFrankwell
1Liam Cox Best Result219Chris Hose
2Robert Furlong2115Haydon Jenkinson
3Julie Thorborn1721Mel Yates
4Audrey Cox2117Terry Brookes
5Geoff Williams1721John Binnersley
6Keith Lewis1621Richard Ewels
7Norman Brown2111Mark Lloyd
8John Allen1121Chris Knight Best Result
9Dave Croft1321Rob Ball
10Tim Robbins2119Bob Simpson

Tue 15th May

PosFrankwellScoreScoreOSBC C
1Terry Brookes218George Perry
2Mel Yates2119Pat Hart
3Chris Hose1921Glyn Turner
4Rob Ball2118Roger Burton
5John Binnersley219Ian Edwards
6Mark Lloyd1821John Parry Best Result
7Chris Knight Best Result210John Fannin
8Haydon Jenkinson2021Julie Perry
9Andy Dorsett2112Les Lewis
10Bob Simpson2115Rob Phillips

Tue 1st May

PosFrankwellScoreScoreHanwood B
1Terry Brookes1721Jason Houston Best Result
2Rob Ball2119Clive Goodwin
3Mel Yates2116Shaun Ashton
4Chris Hose2116Tony Beamond
5Richard Ewels2110John Rowe
6Chris Knight2119Mike Bennett
7Mark Lloyd1921Vi Houston
8John Binnersley Best Result214Max Houston
9Andy Dorsett2111Roger Houston
10Bob Simpson219Jack Phillips

Tue 24th Apr

PosCastlefields CScoreScoreFrankwell
1Kieran Walker Best Result213Chris Griffiths
2Steph Clarke2115Chris Hose
3Matty Hyde2110Richard Ewels
4Steve Mackett721Terry Brookes Best Result
5Steve Heath1821Mark Lloyd
6Andrew Evans1021Chris Knight
7Robert Hartshorne1521John Binnersley
8Terry Thorne921Mel Yates
9Ben Atter2113Bob Simpson
10Craig Brandon2117Andy Dorsett

Tue 17th Apr

PosFrankwellScoreScoreWorthen & Brockton
1Terry Brookes215Clare Bennett
2Haydon Jenkinson219Ken Holding
3Chris Griffiths2113Kate Washbourne
4Chris Knight1421Andy Lipa Best Result
5John Binnersley2117Ian Hutchison
6Mark Lloyd217Linda Rigby
7Richard Ewels213Debbie Davies
8Terry Morris Best Result211Jan Holding
9Chris Dorsett2111Phil Rowson
10Chris Hose2111Roy Washbourne