The Dudley & District Bowling League 2014

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Team Averages for Hilly House A (Thursday 1)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
13JACOB DANCER2218482431348+8319.5915.82
230IAN CARR1911858345293+5218.1615.42
334JAMIE ELLIOTT21111052368363+517.5217.29
461PETER BATE1991047318346-2816.7418.21
566GREG ARNOLD2181338345355-1016.4316.90
668LEE MASLIN1881044300333-3316.6718.50
779GARY ARNOLD1871139268333-6514.8918.50
8100JOHN BAGNALL1641225232310-7814.5019.38
9115STEVE ASHFIELD1221017172237-6514.3319.75
10121RICHARD BATE110100218+1321.008.00
11141ANDREW LACON514206291-2912.4018.20
12166MARTIN BEDDOW1010821-138.0021.00
13175DAVID COX30303163-3210.3321.00
Thu 10th AprHBeeches157135444
Thu 17th AprABeeches138135353
Thu 24th AprHGeorge B163114717
Thu 1st MayAGeorge B117151262
Thu 8th MayHCoombs Wood A160103717
Thu 15th MayACoombs Wood A128137353
Thu 22nd MayHGlasscutters A160125626
Thu 29th MayAGlasscutters A150132535
Thu 5th JunHGate CG A154126626
Thu 12th JunAGate CG A133141444
Thu 19th JunHWest Brom F.S.C. A154134535
Thu 26th JunAWest Brom F.S.C. A92163171
Thu 3rd JulHGeorge A127130353
Thu 10th JulAGeorge A83164171
Thu 17th JulAWillenhall Nordley Libs104154353
Thu 24th JulHWillenhall Nordley Libs133154535
Thu 31st JulHDudley Dell A136156262
Thu 7th AugADudley Dell A113161262
Thu 14th AugACradley Sports CG109152262
Thu 21st AugHCradley Sports CG146125535
Thu 28th AugARoyal Oak A104168080
Thu 4th SepHRoyal Oak A140141444
  Played 2229013101809680


PosHilly House AScoreRoyal Oak AScore
1Jamie Elliott21Adam Hopwood17
2Peter Bate Best Result21Dave Waldron10
3Lee Maslin17Simon Wilcox21
4Greg Arnold19Jamie Broadhead21
5John Bagnall21Martin Perks11
6Ian Carr20Mark Rose21
7Jacob Dancer21Mark Atkins19
8Gary Arnold0Dane Hopwood Best Result21


PosRoyal Oak AScoreHilly House AScore
1Dane Hopwood21Peter Bate8
2Mark Atkins21Lee Maslin Best Result19
3Dave Waldron21Greg Arnold18
4Jamie Broadhead Best Result21Andrew Lacon6
5Martin Perks21Steve Ashfield9
6Simon Wilcox21Ian Carr17
7Adam Hopwood21Jacob Dancer18
8Mark Rose21Jamie Elliott9


PosHilly House AScoreCradley Sports CGScore
1Jamie Elliott21Andy Poole13
2Andrew Lacon Best Result21Cian Danter7
3Ian Carr14Gavin Skidmore21
4Lee Maslin21Kay Coulthard14
5John Bagnall10Mandy Pagett Best Result21
6Peter Bate21Dave Pearsall13
7Greg Arnold17Martin Danter21
8Jacob Dancer21Simon Totten15


PosCradley Sports CGScoreHilly House AScore
1Martin Danter7Ian Carr Best Result21
2Gavin Skidmore21Peter Bate12
3Mandy Pagett21Greg Arnold14
4Simon Totten21Gary Arnold12
5Cian Danter19Jamie Elliott21
6Dave Pearsall Best Result21Martin Beddow8
7Kay Coulthard21Steve Ashfield10
8Andy Poole21Jacob Dancer11


PosDudley Dell AScoreHilly House AScore
1Craig Skidmore16Jamie Elliott Best Result21
2Jamie Wyer Best Result21Gary Arnold7
3Nathan Dawes21Steve Ashfield12
4Nick Gritton21Peter Bate13
5Jason Westwood21Ian Carr16
6Peter Withey21Greg Arnold14
7Steve Homer21John Bagnall9
8Mick Brown19Jacob Dancer21


PosHilly House AScoreDudley Dell AScore
1Jamie Elliott18Steve Homer21
2Jacob Dancer11Jason Westwood Best Result21
3Greg Arnold21Mick Brown18
4Gary Arnold20Nick Gritton21
5John Bagnall17Peter Withey21
6Steve Ashfield Best Result21Peter Homer12
7Peter Bate16Martin Aston21
8Andrew Lacon12Nathan Dawes21


PosHilly House AScoreWillenhall Nordley LibsScore
1Jacob Dancer21Mark Clayton20
2Steve Ashfield Best Result21Ian Whitehouse15
3Gary Arnold14Richard Bate21
4Ian Carr4Kevin Hocknull Best Result21
5Peter Bate21John Corbett20
6Lee Maslin21Scott Simpson19
7Jamie Elliott21Ian Charles17
8Andrew Lacon10Dave Bate21


PosWillenhall Nordley LibsScoreHilly House AScore
1Scott Simpson Best Result21Greg Arnold2
2Richard Bate18Peter Bate21
3Matt Hocknull21John Bagnall6
4John Corbett21Lee Maslin14
5Mark Clayton21Steve Ashfield10
6Kevin Hocknull18Ian Carr21
7Ian Whitehouse21Jamie Elliott9
8Ian Charles13Jacob Dancer Best Result21


PosGeorge AScoreHilly House AScore
1Mark Street21Lee Maslin13
2Paul Hemming21John Bagnall5
3Neil Hopwood21David Cox5
4Eric Winstone Best Result21Greg Arnold3
5Marc Wilson21Jamie Elliott13
6Stewart Meddings21Peter Bate15
7Elliot Mcguinness21Ian Carr8
8Chris Lambert17Jacob Dancer Best Result21


PosHilly House AScoreGeorge AScore
1Greg Arnold Best Result21Eric Winstone3
2Steve Ashfield12Stewart Meddings21
3Gary Arnold5Elliot Mcguinness Best Result21
4Jacob Dancer21Chris Lambert15
5Lee Maslin17Phil Clinton21
6Peter Bate21Mark Street7
7David Cox16Marc Wilson21
8Jamie Elliott14Neil Hopwood21


PosWest Brom F.S.C. AScoreHilly House AScore
1Chris Watts21Peter Bate15
2Luke Fagan21David Cox10
3Stuart Watts21Gary Arnold9
4Mike Hill21John Bagnall6
5Greg Smith Best Result21Lee Maslin5
6Ian Pick21Greg Arnold9
7Andy Saunders21Jamie Elliott17
8Paul Simcox16Jacob Dancer Best Result21


PosHilly House AScoreWest Brom F.S.C. AScore
1Ian Carr21Steve Bennett13
2John Bagnall15Greg Smith Best Result21
3Jamie Elliott21Chris Watts13
4Lee Maslin21Stuart Watts16
5Peter Bate21Ian Pick19
6Greg Arnold16Andy Saunders21
7Gary Arnold18Rachel Bennett21
8Jacob Dancer Best Result21John Lloyd10


PosGate CG AScoreHilly House AScore
1Ernie Heath12John Bagnall21
2Gemma Davies15Gary Arnold21
3Gary Shaw Best Result21Lee Maslin8
4Gary Penniket20Jacob Dancer21
5Terry Meddings21Jamie Elliott10
6Dave Bate10Ian Carr Best Result21
7Steve Davies21Greg Arnold19
8Andy Whitehouse21Peter Bate12


PosHilly House AScoreGate CG AScore
1Jacob Dancer21Andy Whitehouse13
2Ian Carr Best Result21Ray Thomas10
3Greg Arnold21Terry Meddings11
4Jamie Elliott19Pete Williams21
5John Bagnall21Gemma Davies20
6Steve Ashfield9Ernie Heath Best Result21
7Gary Arnold21Gary Shaw16
8Lee Maslin21Gary Penniket14


PosGlasscutters AScoreHilly House AScore
1Dan Davies19Peter Bate21
2William Bowater21Lee Maslin15
3Jane Gritton21John Bagnall17
4Graham Davies18Gary Arnold21
5Stuart Antcliff18Ian Carr21
6Sam Gritton2Greg Arnold Best Result21
7Graham James12Jamie Elliott21
8Kevin Bibb Best Result21Jacob Dancer13


PosHilly House AScoreGlasscutters AScore
1Jamie Elliott21Dan Davies11
2Lee Maslin21Stuart Antcliff20
3Steve Ashfield17William Bowater Best Result21
4Jacob Dancer21Kevin Bibb18
5Gary Arnold17Lynn Morgan Best Result21
6Peter Bate21Jane Gritton15
7Greg Arnold21Joanne Antcliffe13
8Ian Carr Best Result21Lee Smith6


PosCoombs Wood AScoreHilly House AScore
1Gary Hardeman18Gary Arnold21
2Kevin Birch21Peter Bate13
3Mick Hetheridge Best Result21Lee Maslin7
4Rob Carter21Greg Arnold11
5Bob Wallace21John Bagnall18
6Chris Weston4Ian Carr Best Result21
7Mark Brownhill21Steve Ashfield16
8Gary Moreton10Jacob Dancer21


PosHilly House AScoreCoombs Wood AScore
1Gary Arnold21Mark Brownhill10
2Greg Arnold Best Result21Mick Hetheridge8
3Jamie Elliott21Bob Wallace16
4Ian Carr21Gary Moreton10
5Andrew Lacon13Kevin Birch Best Result21
6Richard Bate Best Result21Gary Hardeman8
7Peter Bate21Rob Carter15
8Jacob Dancer21Keith Gaynham15


PosGeorge BScoreHilly House AScore
1Kevin Arnott Best Result21Gary Arnold3
2Peter Hayne21Lee Maslin17
3Fred Richards11Jacob Dancer Best Result21
4Bill Chiswell21Greg Arnold15
5Robert Hopwood14Jamie Elliott21
6Lee Dicken21Ian Carr16
7Joe Arnott21Peter Bate16
8Will Freeman21John Bagnall8


PosHilly House AScoreGeorge BScore
1Jamie Elliott Best Result21Peter Hayne5
2Jacob Dancer21Will Freeman20
3Steve Ashfield16Joe Arnott Best Result21
4Ian Carr21Janet Pratley14
5Gary Arnold21Fred Richards12
6John Bagnall21Kevin Arnott15
7Greg Arnold21Lee Dicken10
8Lee Maslin21Robert Hopwood17


PosBeechesScoreHilly House AScore
1Ian Head Best Result21Peter Bate9
2Carl Fisher21John Bagnall17
3David Wakefield21Greg Arnold20
4Alan Cole15Ian Carr21
5Robin Clackett5Jacob Dancer Best Result21
6Lee Woodfield21Jamie Elliott13
7David Smith21Gary Arnold16
8John Higgins10Lee Maslin21


PosHilly House AScoreBeechesScore
1Steve Ashfield19David Smith21
2Jamie Elliott15Carl Fisher Best Result21
3Jacob Dancer Best Result21John Higgins8
4Greg Arnold21Alan Cole17
5Ian Carr19Ian Head21
6Gary Arnold21Lee Woodfield13
7Lee Maslin21Robin Clackett13
8John Bagnall20David Wakefield21