The Dudley & District Bowling League 2014

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Team Averages for Kingswinford Cons B (Thursday 6)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
143SAM SMITH169756256256016.0016.00
264SYLVIA RODEN1971237246356-11012.9518.74
382PETER CONROY104640145159-1414.5015.90
483GARY SNADE134931213246-3316.3818.92
587LYN WHITE1641225193316-12312.0619.75
690JOAN GROVE532608769+1817.4013.80
797MARION BURFORD1931616195378-18310.2619.89
8105DOT SMITH1821611230360-13012.7820.00
9106HAZEL HILL1921711219388-16911.5320.42
10122VERONICA ADAMS181176118376-2586.5620.89
11140JEAN NIXON606047126-797.8321.00
Thu 10th AprHGlasscutters B89166171
Thu 17th AprAGlasscutters B92152262
Thu 24th AprHBaggeridge B113133444
Thu 1st MayABaggeridge B135138353
Thu 8th MayHThimblemill Rec126128444
Thu 15th MayAThimblemill Rec88155171
Thu 22nd MayHCoseley Athletic B106154262
Thu 29th MayACoseley Athletic B48156171
Thu 5th JunHGreets Green91168080
Thu 12th JunAGreets Green44168080
Thu 19th JunHPensnett Social B129145353
Thu 26th JunAPensnett Social B79154262
Thu 3rd JulHBaggeridge A110168080
Thu 10th JulABaggeridge A59168080
Thu 17th JulHSwindon131137444
Thu 24th JulASwindon61168080
Thu 31st JulHDudley Sports B132137444
Thu 7th AugADudley Sports B99159262
Thu 28th AugAWest Brom F.S.C. B115141353
Thu 4th SepHWest Brom F.S.C. B123135444
  Played 20197030304012040


PosKingswinford Cons BScoreWest Brom F.S.C. BScore
1Sylvia Roden6Brian Evans Best Result21
2Joan Grove Best Result21Ron Bird7
3Veronica Adams21Margaret Quinton19
4Gary Snade21Joyce Walker10
5Dot Smith7Tim Wilson21
6Marion Burford15Maureen Palmer21
7Lyn White21Lesley Brookes15
8Sam Smith11Mandy Wood21


PosWest Brom F.S.C. BScoreKingswinford Cons BScore
1Tammy Ashcroft17Lyn White21
2Ron Bird21Sylvia Roden14
3Ray Turner21Veronica Adams12
4Maureen Palmer Best Result21Hazel Hill5
5Lesley Brookes7Peter Conroy Best Result21
6Mandy Wood Best Result21Dot Smith5
7Joyce Walker21Joan Grove16
8Brian Evans12Sam Smith21


PosDudley Sports BScoreKingswinford Cons BScore
1Daphne Moss20Lyn White21
2Paul Millard Best Result21Dot Smith6
3Linda Smith21Gary Snade7
4Brian Smith21Sylvia Roden7
5Margaret Southwick21Hazel Hill10
6George Tranter21Marion Burford7
7Ron Blythe21Peter Conroy20
8Colin Pritchard13Sam Smith Best Result21


PosKingswinford Cons BScoreDudley Sports BScore
1Gary Snade Best Result21Daphne Moss11
2Marion Burford7Margaret Southwick Best Result21
3Hazel Hill17Ron Blythe21
4Dot Smith Best Result21Roy Stephenson11
5Sylvia Roden21George Tranter16
6Peter Conroy12Brian Smith21
7Lyn White12Paul Millard21
8Sam Smith21Linda Smith15


PosSwindonScoreKingswinford Cons BScore
1Barry Haynes21Veronica Adams4
2John Biddle21Dot Smith8
3Kevin Hurst21Peter Conroy4
4Ian Turner21Sylvia Roden13
5Susan Haynes21Gary Snade Best Result16
6Janet Bridge Best Result21Marion Burford3
7Brian Bridge Best Result21Hazel Hill3
8Ray Wood21Lyn White10


PosKingswinford Cons BScoreSwindonScore
1Veronica Adams11Barry Haynes21
2Hazel Hill21John Biddle16
3Sylvia Roden21Brian Bridge15
4Lyn White7Kevin Hurst Best Result21
5Gary Snade21Irene Burch16
6Marion Burford20Ian Turner21
7Jean Nixon9Ray Wood21
8Joan Grove Best Result21Susan Haynes6


PosBaggeridge AScoreKingswinford Cons BScore
1Paul Stott Best Result21Veronica Adams3
2Ken Colesby21Sylvia Roden5
3Kristina Johnson21Dot Smith10
4Dominic Johnson21Marion Burford7
5Charlotte Richards21Hazel Hill5
6Karen Johnson21Jean Nixon8
7Lyndon Westwood21Lyn White7
8Ben Bennington21Sam Smith Best Result14


PosKingswinford Cons BScoreBaggeridge AScore
1Marion Burford12Pat Baker21
2Hazel Hill18Paul Stott21
3Veronica Adams3Lyndon Westwood Best Result21
4Sylvia Roden11Charlotte Richards21
5Dot Smith Best Result20Bryan Bennion21
6Lyn White12Kristina Johnson21
7Gary Snade Best Result20Karen Johnson21
8Sam Smith14Ben Bennington21


PosPensnett Social BScoreKingswinford Cons BScore
1Stan Coomby15Sam Smith21
2Reece Winchurch13Dot Smith Best Result21
3Peter Tolley Best Result21Hazel Hill4
4Matt Jones21Joan Grove8
5Brian Jones21Marion Burford7
6Chris Harvey21Jean Nixon5
7Paul Marsh Best Result21Veronica Adams4
8Dave Jones21Lyn White9


PosKingswinford Cons BScorePensnett Social BScore
1Veronica Adams6Dennis Mccarroll Best Result21
2Joan Grove21Reece Winchurch14
3Sylvia Roden14Stan Coomby21
4Marion Burford21Matt Jones14
5Jean Nixon12John Nicholls21
6Hazel Hill17Chris Harvey21
7Dot Smith17Paul Marsh21
8Sam Smith Best Result21Dave Jones12


PosGreets GreenScoreKingswinford Cons BScore
1Jamie Beckett21Gary Snade Best Result12
2Dean Scott21Veronica Adams10
3Mick Clarkejnr21Sam Smith3
4Paul Whitehouse21Sylvia Roden1
5David Griffiths Best Result21Hazel Hill0
6Scott Weaver21Marion Burford2
7Ben Poxon21Lyn White9
8Tony Bishop21Dot Smith7


PosKingswinford Cons BScoreGreets GreenScore
1Sylvia Roden9Scott Weaver21
2Dot Smith12Ben Poxon21
3Marion Burford13Dean Scott21
4Hazel Hill10Katy Lang21
5Lyn White15David Griffiths21
6Veronica Adams2Tony Bishop Best Result21
7Gary Snade Best Result18Paul Whitehouse21
8Sam Smith12Mick Clarkejnr21


PosCoseley Athletic BScoreKingswinford Cons BScore
1Christine Bailey Best Result21Lyn White0
2John Bailey21Dot Smith8
3Keith Evans9Sam Smith Best Result21
4Eddie Duffield21Gary Snade8
5Joe Perks Best Result21Sylvia Roden0
6John Hiley21Hazel Hill7
7Tony Summers21Marion Burford4
8Julie Caswell Best Result21Veronica Adams0


PosKingswinford Cons BScoreCoseley Athletic BScore
1Dot Smith20John Bailey21
2Marion Burford Best Result21Eileen Ralph14
3Lyn White9John Hiley21
4Hazel Hill17Julie Caswell21
5Gary Snade8Joe Perks21
6Sylvia Roden Best Result21Christine Bailey14
7Veronica Adams4Sylvia Gee Best Result21
8Sam Smith6Keith Evans21


PosThimblemill RecScoreKingswinford Cons BScore
1Brian Hanney21Lyn White12
2Marlene Hill8Sam Smith Best Result21
3Olga Meredith Best Result21Veronica Adams2
4Bonnie Griffith21Marion Burford4
5Ron Blackwood21Dot Smith14
6Paul Chapman21Sylvia Roden3
7Carole Mason21Peter Conroy13
8Jane Staphnill21Hazel Hill19


PosKingswinford Cons BScoreThimblemill RecScore
1Lyn White Best Result21Marlene Hill12
2Veronica Adams14Olga Meredith21
3Dot Smith18Ron Blackwood21
4Peter Conroy21Bonnie Griffith13
5Marion Burford6Carole Mason21
6Hazel Hill4Paul Chapman Best Result21
7Sylvia Roden21Tony Westwood19
8Sam Smith21Walk Over0


PosBaggeridge BScoreKingswinford Cons BScore
1Mary Ley Best Result21Veronica Adams8
2Sue Vaughan6Sam Smith Best Result21
3Joyce Turton21Hazel Hill16
4Vic Green21Dot Smith13
5Mick Leach19Sylvia Roden21
6Wendy Leach8Peter Conroy21
7Roger Jones21Marion Burford15
8Stan Walters21Gary Snade20


PosKingswinford Cons BScoreBaggeridge BScore
1Gary Snade21Stan Walters20
2Marion Burford21Sue Vaughan14
3Peter Conroy Best Result21Joyce Turton5
4Hazel Hill10Vic Green21
5Sylvia Roden21Wendy Leach10
6Dot Smith13Mary Ley21
7Veronica Adams1Mick Leach Best Result21
8Jean Nixon5Roger Jones21


PosGlasscutters BScoreKingswinford Cons BScore
1Connor Pearson15Hazel Hill21
2Jonathan Brookes Best Result21Marion Burford7
3Michelle Matthews21Veronica Adams9
4Rhys Davies21Dot Smith10
5Pat Dobson Best Result21Sam Smith7
6Peter Craggs11Sylvia Roden Best Result21
7Lynn Morgan21Peter Conroy9
8Michael Poole21Jean Nixon8


PosKingswinford Cons BScoreGlasscutters BScore
1Sam Smith Best Result21Lynn Morgan19
2Sylvia Roden16Pat Dobson21
3Marion Burford3Michelle Matthews Best Result21
4Veronica Adams4Peter Craggs21
5Gary Snade20Rhys Davies21
6Hazel Hill15Connor Pearson21
7Peter Conroy3Jonathan Brookes Best Result21
8Lyn White7Michael Poole21