The Dudley & District Bowling League 2014

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Team Averages for Wernley A (Thursday 5)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
12MARK NEMEDI1917289383229+15420.1612.05
27JANOS NEMEDI1915479377259+11819.8413.63
311KARAMJITALIGU RDAS1814478357271+8619.8315.06
414CLIVE PITTAWAY1813572330267+6318.3314.83
533ANDREW BEATTIE189950330282+4818.3315.67
641MARTYN PRICE148657272218+5419.4315.57
760LUKE SMITH116555209171+3819.0015.55
878STEPHEN JACKSON135838212228-1616.3117.54
982PETER DREW1651131230290-6014.3818.13
1091MICK STARZAK114736171194-2315.5517.64
11109COLIN DREW220100426+3621.003.00
12141BRIAN WINKS10101521-615.0021.00
Thu 10th AprHWernley B156122626
Thu 17th AprAWernley B140137444
Thu 24th AprHCradley Sports148102535
Thu 1st MayACradley Sports133119535
Thu 8th MayHCoseley Tavern B153117626
Thu 15th MayACoseley Tavern B149131444
Thu 22nd MayHBroomfield155115626
Thu 29th MayABroomfield134110444
Thu 19th JunALangley B140107535
Thu 26th JunHLangley B160100717
Thu 3rd JulARowley Labour146132444
Thu 10th JulHRowley Labour151114535
Thu 17th JulAOld Cross B137141353
Thu 24th JulHOld Cross B160105717
Thu 31st JulASomers B156147444
Thu 7th AugHSomers B140108626
Thu 14th AugAPensnett Social A158122626
Thu 21st AugHPensnett Social A154111535
Thu 28th AugHPenn142134444
Thu 4th SepAPenn116162262
  Played 2029282436986298


PosPennScoreWernley AScore
1Geoff Wylde21Clive Pittaway14
2Steve Kus21Stephen Jackson7
3Christine Webb21Andrew Beattie19
4Simon Carr19Mick Starzak21
5Colin Carpenter17Mark Nemedi Best Result21
6Steve Wright21Karamjitaligu Rdas19
7Arthur Dixon Best Result21Luke Smith6
8Phil Reade21Peter Drew9


PosWernley AScorePennScore
1Andrew Beattie20Geoff Wylde21
2Janos Nemedi21Colin Carpenter19
3Clive Pittaway Best Result21Simon Carr8
4Luke Smith20Arthur Dixon21
5Mark Nemedi21Phil Reade9
6Karamjitaligu Rdas12Steve Wright21
7Martyn Price21Steve Kus14
8Peter Drew6Rob Rees Best Result21


PosWernley AScorePensnett Social AScore
1Martyn Price20Norman Carter21
2Andrew Beattie Best Result21Tom Keys3
3Luke Smith19Bill Quigley21
4Peter Drew10Kevin Matthews Best Result21
5Mark Nemedi21Roy Head8
6Janos Nemedi21Bill Cotterill8
7Karamjitaligu Rdas21Keith Winchurch16
8Clive Pittaway21Dennis Rydes13


PosPensnett Social AScoreWernley AScore
1Tom Keys20Luke Smith21
2Kevin Matthews Best Result21Andrew Beattie13
3Roy Head15Clive Pittaway21
4Dennis Rydes21Martyn Price19
5Norman Carter10Mick Starzak21
6Bill Quigley17Karamjitaligu Rdas21
7Keith Winchurch13Janos Nemedi21
8Bill Cotterill5Mark Nemedi Best Result21


PosWernley AScoreSomers BScore
1Luke Smith21Nigel Bullus7
2Martyn Price21Reg Jeffries10
3Clive Pittaway8Phil Baker21
4Mick Starzak6Paul Adamson Best Result21
5Janos Nemedi21John Phillips17
6Karamjitaligu Rdas21Bob Walters17
7Mark Nemedi21Chris Jeffries10
8Andrew Beattie Best Result21Andrew Mills5


PosSomers BScoreWernley AScore
1Liam Parkinson13Clive Pittaway Best Result21
2Paul Adamson Best Result21Stephen Jackson18
3Reg Jeffries Best Result21Luke Smith18
4Graham Arnold14Karamjitaligu Rdas21
5Andrew Mills18Mick Starzak21
6Bob Walters Best Result21Andrew Beattie18
7Brett Morton Best Result21Janos Nemedi18
8Chris Jeffries18Mark Nemedi21


PosWernley AScoreOld Cross BScore
1Janos Nemedi Best Result21Tim Ross7
2Peter Drew13Ernie Piller Best Result21
3Luke Smith21Gill Unitt12
4Mark Nemedi21Colin Boyle11
5Clive Pittaway21Karen Green13
6Karamjitaligu Rdas21Peter Bell12
7Andrew Beattie21Les Pawlowski16
8Stephen Jackson21Julie Carpenter13


PosOld Cross BScoreWernley AScore
1Lorraine Deakin7Mark Nemedi Best Result21
2Colin Boyle16Luke Smith21
3Ernie Piller21Stephen Jackson20
4Karen Green21Janos Nemedi13
5Tim Ross21Peter Drew20
6Julie Carpenter13Andrew Beattie21
7Les Pawlowski21Karamjitaligu Rdas14
8Peter Bell Best Result21Clive Pittaway7


PosWernley AScoreRowley LabourScore
1Janos Nemedi21Mick Mcgettrick15
2Stephen Jackson9Eland Cooksey Best Result21
3Mark Nemedi21Barry Lewis10
4Luke Smith20Norman Harper21
5Karamjitaligu Rdas21Karen Williamson8
6Peter Drew17Harmail Singh21
7Martyn Price21Paul Williamson15
8Andrew Beattie Best Result21Jimmy Connolly3


PosRowley LabourScoreWernley AScore
1Phil White16Clive Pittaway21
2Eland Cooksey Best Result21Martyn Price14
3Barry Lewis21Stephen Jackson15
4Bert Rollason13Karamjitaligu Rdas21
5Roger Morton13Janos Nemedi21
6Karen Williamson21Peter Drew17
7Harmail Singh21Andrew Beattie16
8Norman Harper6Mark Nemedi Best Result21


PosWernley AScoreLangley BScore
1Mark Nemedi21Alan Barnsley11
2Karamjitaligu Rdas21Alan Myatt19
3Clive Pittaway Best Result21Eifryn Roberts7
4Martyn Price21Kris Norgrove9
5Stephen Jackson21Paul Fletcher14
6Andrew Beattie13Mark Firkins Best Result21
7Janos Nemedi21Jim Maddock9
8Peter Drew21Tom Banks10


PosLangley BScoreWernley AScore
1Eifryn Roberts3Clive Pittaway Best Result21
2Paul Fletcher16Stephen Jackson21
3Alan Myatt21Janos Nemedi11
4Kris Norgrove8Luke Smith21
5Tom Banks21Mick Starzak17
6Jill Biddle Best Result21Peter Drew7
7Robin Baxter10Andrew Beattie21
8Alan Barnsley7Martyn Price21


PosBroomfieldScoreWernley AScore
1Tonia Hadley12Clive Pittaway21
2Malcolm Spencer5Janos Nemedi21
3Keith Underhill Best Result21Peter Drew5
4Pauline Broadhead6Martyn Price21
5Joe Wilson21Karamjitaligu Rdas18
6Denise Killion3Luke Smith Best Result21
7John Hardman21Mick Starzak7
8Mark Hadley Snr21Mark Nemedi20


PosWernley AScoreBroomfieldScore
1Janos Nemedi21Keith Underhill20
2Mark Nemedi21Malcolm Spencer16
3Clive Pittaway15Mark Hadley Snr21
4Mick Starzak14Joe Wilson Best Result21
5Peter Drew21Pauline Broadhead6
6Martyn Price21Denise Killion14
7Colin Drew Best Result21Mick Haydon2
8Andrew Beattie21John Hardman15


PosCoseley Tavern BScoreWernley AScore
1Jim Cochrane18Clive Pittaway21
2Phillip Coulter21Martyn Price19
3Bill Baker8Karamjitaligu Rdas Best Result21
4Ray Taylor21Andrew Beattie14
5Jamie Taylor11Mark Nemedi21
6Ian Briscoe10Janos Nemedi21
7Steve Davis21Mick Starzak19
8Ken Nicklin Best Result21Peter Drew13


PosWernley AScoreCoseley Tavern BScore
1Andrew Beattie21Arthur Lee9
2Peter Drew21Steve Davis18
3Mark Nemedi21Jim Cochrane14
4Janos Nemedi21Jamie Taylor9
5Karamjitaligu Rdas21Phillip Coulter17
6Martyn Price18Bill Baker21
7Stephen Jackson9Ray Taylor Best Result21
8Clive Pittaway Best Result21Ian Briscoe8


PosCradley SportsScoreWernley AScore
1Don Skidmore16Clive Pittaway21
2Hartley Skidmore5Stephen Jackson Best Result21
3Cyril Powell Best Result21Mark Nemedi6
4Tony Vale8Karamjitaligu Rdas21
5Robert Hill8Janos Nemedi21
6Gerald Horne19Andrew Beattie21
7Bob Archer21Peter Drew8
8Mick Hill21Martyn Price14


PosWernley AScoreCradley SportsScore
1Janos Nemedi20Mick Hill21
2Stephen Jackson21Bob Archer12
3Peter Drew21Robert Hill8
4Colin Drew Best Result21Don Skidmore4
5Mick Starzak8Ivan Cox Best Result21
6Brian Winks15Cyril Powell21
7Karamjitaligu Rdas21Tony Vale5
8Mark Nemedi21Hartley Skidmore10


PosWernley BScoreWernley AScore
1Samantha Allen11Janos Nemedi21
2Ben Roberts Best Result21Stephen Jackson12
3Andrew Dawes17Peter Drew21
4Fred Rudge21Clive Pittaway13
5Eric Templeton21Andrew Beattie15
6Lorraine Price21Mick Starzak16
7Dave Price17Karamjitaligu Rdas21
8Darren Mann8Mark Nemedi Best Result21


PosWernley AScoreWernley BScore
1Janos Nemedi21Eric Templeton11
2Clive Pittaway21Samantha Allen20
3Martyn Price21Dave Price17
4Stephen Jackson17Darren Mann21
5Andrew Beattie13Lorraine Price Best Result21
6Mick Starzak Best Result21Andrew Dawes0
7Karamjitaligu Rdas21Fred Rudge16
8Mark Nemedi21Ben Roberts16