The Dudley & District Bowling League 2015

Thursday League

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Team Averages for Rowley Labour (Thursday 5)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
110Mick Ashton1814478343245+9819.0613.615.44
211Roger Morton1513287308202+10620.5313.477.07
322Norman Harper1611569301250+5118.8115.633.19
426Harmail Singh1610663298263+3518.6316.442.19
535Colin Ashton139469234211+2318.0016.231.77
644Eland Cooksey168850307259+4819.1916.193.00
762Karen Williamson1861233316324-817.5618.00-0.44
888Paul Williamson84450130140-1016.2517.50-1.25
990Mick Mcgettrick134931212237-2516.3118.23-1.92
10101Barry Lewis93633122172-5013.5619.11-5.56
11111Phil White422507068+217.5017.000.50
12118Jimmy Connolly92722115183-6812.7820.33-7.56
13141Bert Rollason312333361-2811.0020.33-9.33
14161Terry Ludlow20202542-1712.5021.00-8.50
Thu 9th AprHDudley Dell C146139355
Thu 16th AprADudley Dell C152142356
Thu 23rd AprABaggeridge A141157353
Thu 30th AprHBaggeridge A155107719
Thu 7th MayAGreets Green83168080
Thu 14th MayHGreets Green141132446
Thu 21st MayACradley Sports148140447
Thu 28th MayHCradley Sports136124537
Thu 4th JunACoseley Tavern B122155353
Thu 11th JunHCoseley Tavern B126120446
Thu 18th JunABye00000
Thu 25th JunHBye00000
Thu 2nd JulHOld Cross B154101719
Thu 9th JulAOld Cross B128138444
Thu 16th JulATall Boats B130153262
Thu 23rd JulHTall Boats B162111719
Thu 30th JulABroomfield123147262
Thu 6th AugHBroomfield155100719
Thu 13th AugASomers B159147629
Thu 20th AugHSomers B150114537
Thu 27th AugAWernley B138132538
Thu 3rd SepHWernley B165130628
  Played 20281426578773119
1st Half Results for Rowley Labour
Old C
Ashton Mick181419.06 21-1321-1921-106-2121-1414-21 21-1921-321-8
Morton Roger151320.53 21-716-21  21-1621-1321-1821-1621-921-9
Harper Norman161118.8121-1621-1721-2021-79-2121-1121-1016-2112-2121-1721-8
Singh Harmail161018.6321-1319-2114-21  21-721-1921-1313-2121-721-10
Ashton Colin13918.00   21-1611-218-21 21-12  21-11
Cooksey Eland16819.1921-518-2121-1321-820-2111-2119-2121-1117-21 21-18
Williamson Karen18617.5620-2120-2119-2121-916-2118-2118-21 13-2116-2121-16
Mcgettrick Mick13416.3120-2120-2112-21  20-2113-21 4-21 7-21
Williamson Paul8416.25 12-21  8-21  21-721-15  
Lewis Barry9313.5617-21     21-148-21 12-21 
White Phil4217.5017-21          
Connolly Jimmy9212.789-21  21-176-21  7-21 9-21 
Rollason Bert3111.00   21-197-21    5-21 
Ludlow Terry2012.50  17-218-21       
2nd Half Results for Rowley Labour
PlayerPlWonAvgOld C
Ashton Mick181419.0621-911-2121-1118-2121-1421-821-1421-1021-9
Morton Roger151320.5321-1919-2121-1021-721-4  21-1921-13
Harper Norman161118.8116-2117-21  21-14  21-1121-14
Singh Harmail161018.6316-217-21  21-1621-1819-2121-1421-20
Ashton Colin13918.0021-917-2121-1321-1421-1221-2021-209-21 
Cooksey Eland16819.19  21-1615-21 19-2121-521-1520-21
Williamson Karen18617.568-2121-1015-21 21-1214-2121-513-2121-20
Mcgettrick Mick13416.31 17-2121-915-2121-721-20  21-12
Williamson Paul8416.2521-1721-17 7-21    19-21
Lewis Barry9313.564-21 21-127-21 21-2011-21  
White Phil4217.50     21-1921-711-21 
Connolly Jimmy9212.78  21-1919-218-21 15-21  
Rollason Bert3111.00         
Ludlow Terry2012.50         

Thu 3rd Sep

PosRowley LabourScoreScoreWernley B
1Mick Mcgettrick2112Stephen Jackson
2Harmail Singh2120Sheona Sadler
3Paul Williamson1921Eric Templeton
4Norman Harper2114Lauren Beattie
5Eland Cooksey2021Andrew Dawes
6Roger Morton2113Jack Price
7Karen Williamson2120Robert Green
8Mick Ashton219Ben Roberts

Thu 27th Aug

PosWernley BScoreScoreRowley Labour
1Eric Templeton1921Roger Morton
2Dan Foster219Colin Ashton
3Sheona Sadler2113Karen Williamson
4Jack Price1521Eland Cooksey
5Lesley Sadler1021Mick Ashton
6Andrew Dawes2111Phil White
7Robert Green1121Norman Harper
8Ben Roberts1421Harmail Singh

Thu 20th Aug

PosRowley LabourScoreScoreSomers B
1Colin Ashton2120John Deakin
2Jimmy Connolly1521Reg Jeffries
3Eland Cooksey215Robert Harbon
4Phil White217Stuart Hesslewood
5Barry Lewis1121Paul Adamson
6Karen Williamson215Keith Raybould
7Harmail Singh1921Andrew Mills
8Mick Ashton2114John Phillips

Thu 13th Aug

PosSomers BScoreScoreRowley Labour
1Reg Jeffries2119Eland Cooksey
2Alan Hern1821Harmail Singh
3Brett Morton2114Karen Williamson
4John Deakin1921Phil White
5Keith Raybould2021Barry Lewis
6Paul Adamson2021Mick Mcgettrick
7John Phillips2021Colin Ashton
8Dave Pugh821Mick Ashton

Thu 6th Aug

PosRowley LabourScoreScoreBroomfield
1Mick Ashton2114Mick Haydon
2Colin Ashton2112Denise Killion
3Jimmy Connolly821Paul Hentrich
4Roger Morton214Pauline Broadhead
5Karen Williamson2112Tonia Hadley
6Harmail Singh2116Keith Underhill
7Norman Harper2114Malcolm Spencer
8Mick Mcgettrick217James Cafferkey

Thu 30th Jul

PosBroomfieldScoreScoreRowley Labour
1Keith Underhill217Barry Lewis
2Pauline Broadhead1421Colin Ashton
3Tonia Hadley2115Mick Mcgettrick
4Malcolm Spencer2115Eland Cooksey
5Denise Killion2118Mick Ashton
6Paul Hentrich721Roger Morton
7Mick Haydon2119Jimmy Connolly
8John Hardman217Paul Williamson

Thu 23rd Jul

PosRowley LabourScoreScoreTall Boats B
1Eland Cooksey2116Roger Garner
2Jimmy Connolly2119Alan Howles
3Barry Lewis2112Mark While
4Roger Morton2110Tony Sault
5Karen Williamson1521John Watton
6Mick Mcgettrick219Blake Devonport
7Colin Ashton2113Steve Whitehurst
8Mick Ashton2111Sam Parsons

Thu 16th Jul

PosTall Boats BScoreScoreRowley Labour
1Adam Totney1721Paul Williamson
2Sam Parsons217Harmail Singh
3Steve Whitehurst2117Mick Mcgettrick
4Roger Garner2119Roger Morton
5Alan Howles2111Mick Ashton
6Mark Totney1021Karen Williamson
7Mark While2117Norman Harper
8John Watton2117Colin Ashton

Thu 9th Jul

PosOld Cross BScoreScoreRowley Labour
1Adam Deakin218Karen Williamson
2Colin Boyle2116Norman Harper
3Lorraine Deakin1921Roger Morton
4Les Pawlowski2116Harmail Singh
5Scott Deakin214Barry Lewis
6Alec Connor1721Paul Williamson
7Bob Deakin921Colin Ashton
8Dave Croft921Mick Ashton

Thu 2nd Jul

PosRowley LabourScoreScoreOld Cross B
1Mick Mcgettrick721Alec Connor
2Eland Cooksey2118Adam Deakin
3Colin Ashton2111Bob Deakin
4Roger Morton219Gill Unitt
5Karen Williamson2116Dave Croft
6Mick Ashton218Colin Boyle
7Harmail Singh2110Les Pawlowski
8Norman Harper218Lorraine Deakin

Thu 11th Jun

PosRowley LabourScoreScoreCoseley Tavern B
1Karen Williamson1621Jamie Taylor
2Harmail Singh217Phillip Coulter
3Bert Rollason521Bill Baker
4Roger Morton219Arthur Lee
5Jimmy Connolly921Ray Taylor
6Mick Ashton213Jim Cochrane
7Barry Lewis1221Ken Nicklin
8Norman Harper2117Steve Davis

Thu 4th Jun

PosCoseley Tavern BScoreScoreRowley Labour
1Jamie Taylor214Mick Mcgettrick
2Bill Baker2117Eland Cooksey
3Arthur Lee1621Roger Morton
4Ian Briscoe1521Paul Williamson
5Ray Taylor2112Norman Harper
6Jim Cochrane2113Karen Williamson
7Ken Nicklin2113Harmail Singh
8Steve Davis1921Mick Ashton

Thu 28th May

PosRowley LabourScoreScoreCradley Sports
1Paul Williamson217Gerald Horne
2Eland Cooksey2111Cyril Powell
3Harmail Singh2113Don Skidmore
4Norman Harper1621Ivan Cox
5Barry Lewis821Robert Archer
6Colin Ashton2112Hartley Skidmore
7Jimmy Connolly721Michael Hill
8Roger Morton2118Callum Hadley

Thu 21st May

PosCradley SportsScoreScoreRowley Labour
1Michael Hill2114Mick Ashton
2Callum Hadley1921Harmail Singh
3Darren Hadley1321Roger Morton
4Robert Archer1021Norman Harper
5Gerald Horne1421Barry Lewis
6Cyril Powell2118Karen Williamson
7Hartley Skidmore2119Eland Cooksey
8Ivan Cox2113Mick Mcgettrick

Thu 14th May

PosRowley LabourScoreScoreGreets Green
1Karen Williamson1821David Griffiths
2Harmail Singh217Dean Scott
3Roger Morton2116Tony Bishop
4Mick Ashton2114Scott Weaver
5Norman Harper2111Michael Clarke Jnr
6Colin Ashton821Paul Whitehouse
7Mick Mcgettrick2021Steven Evitts
8Eland Cooksey1121Ben Poxon

Thu 7th May

PosGreets GreenScoreScoreRowley Labour
1David Griffiths2120Eland Cooksey
2Ben Poxon217Bert Rollason
3Tony Bishop216Jimmy Connolly
4Dean Scott218Paul Williamson
5Steven Evitts2116Karen Williamson
6Scott Weaver216Mick Ashton
7Michael Clarke Jnr2111Colin Ashton
8Paul Whitehouse219Norman Harper

Thu 30th Apr

PosRowley LabourScoreScoreBaggeridge A
1Norman Harper217Roger Jones
2Terry Ludlow821Paul Stott
3Bert Rollason2119Charlotte Richards
4Jimmy Connolly2117Pat Baker
5Colin Ashton2116Lyndon Westwood
6Eland Cooksey218Dominic Johnson
7Mick Ashton2110Kristina Johnson
8Karen Williamson219Ben Bennington

Thu 23rd Apr

PosBaggeridge AScoreScoreRowley Labour
1Paul Stott2119Karen Williamson
2Roger Jones2114Harmail Singh
3Dominic Johnson1921Mick Ashton
4Kristina Johnson2021Norman Harper
5Bryan Bennion2112Mick Mcgettrick
6Charlotte Richards1321Eland Cooksey
7Karen Johnson2117Terry Ludlow
8Ben Bennington2116Roger Morton

Thu 16th Apr

PosDudley Dell CScoreScoreRowley Labour
1Chris Pennington2120Mick Mcgettrick
2John Queenan721Roger Morton
3Jos Greer2119Harmail Singh
4Ken Turbutt2112Paul Williamson
5Steve Cadman2120Karen Williamson
6Russell Smith1321Mick Ashton
7Alan Tanner1721Norman Harper
8Gary Brookes2118Eland Cooksey

Thu 9th Apr

PosRowley LabourScoreScoreDudley Dell C
1Eland Cooksey215Russell Smith
2Norman Harper2116Alan Tanner
3Phil White1721Chris Pennington
4Mick Mcgettrick2021Steve Cadman
5Jimmy Connolly921Gary Brookes
6Karen Williamson2021Ken Turbutt
7Barry Lewis1721Jos Greer
8Harmail Singh2113John Queenan