The Dudley & District Bowling League 2014

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Team Averages for Dudley Dell C (Thursday 4)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
120TERRY CADMAN1311285268167+10120.6212.85
229CHRIS PENNINGTON1510567290248+4219.3316.53
336GARY BROOKES1910953329334-517.3217.58
454STEVE CADMAN1981142326348-2217.1618.32
569GRAEME UNDERHILL156940253282-2916.8718.80
672KEN TURBUTT156940242286-4416.1319.07
780PHIL JAUNZEMS1951426253364-11113.3219.16
890ALAN TANNER1741324223325-10213.1219.12
9114RUSSELL SMITH1721512187346-15911.0020.35
10129MARIE CADMAN312334751-415.6717.00
11139JOHN QUEENAN10101821-318.0021.00
12156IAN TREVOR30303463-2911.3321.00
13158MIKE JAUNZEMS40404884-3612.0021.00
Thu 10th AprADudley Sports A124139444
Thu 17th AprHDudley Sports A139122535
Thu 24th AprHHilly House B115149353
Thu 1st MayAHilly House B117168080
Thu 8th MayHGornal & Sedgley118145353
Thu 15th MayAGornal & Sedgley88165171
Thu 22nd MayHWoodman Saltwells A127148262
Thu 29th MayAWoodman Saltwells A147149535
Thu 5th JunHWarley (A&W)154141535
Thu 12th JunAWarley (A&W)113144262
Thu 19th JunHTall Boats B153125535
Thu 26th JunATall Boats B143130353
Thu 3rd JulABell Inn96162171
Thu 10th JulHBell Inn135133535
Thu 17th JulAWoodman Saltwells B142139535
Thu 24th JulHWoodman Saltwells B138144444
Thu 31st JulHBrades Village127146262
Thu 7th AugABrades Village131154444
Thu 14th AugHLaurels131148444
Thu 21st AugALaurels80168080
  Played 2025182919639763


PosLaurelsScoreDudley Dell CScore
1Cedric Walters21Marie Cadman13
2Ann Robinson21Ken Turbutt Best Result14
3Colin Perry21Gary Brookes13
4Keith Bojczuk21Russell Smith6
5Joe Partridge Best Result21Alan Tanner3
6Bill Henderson21Phil Jaunzems5
7John Hale21Steve Cadman Best Result14
8Keith Morton21Graeme Underhill12


PosDudley Dell CScoreLaurelsScore
1Chris Pennington16Graham Jones Jnr21
2Alan Tanner9Ann Robinson Best Result21
3Marie Cadman Best Result21Bill Henderson9
4Russell Smith9Dave Hacket Best Result21
5Graeme Underhill13Joe Partridge21
6Steve Cadman21Colin Perry19
7Phil Jaunzems21Cedric Walters20
8Gary Brookes21John Hale16


PosBrades VillageScoreDudley Dell CScore
1Michael Hutchins21Phil Jaunzems10
2Stephen Hutchins Best Result21Russell Smith7
3Hilary Hemming21Steve Cadman15
4John Capewell12Alan Tanner Best Result21
5Robert Hickman21Graeme Underhill15
6Colin Barnsley20Gary Brookes21
7Tony Collett19Chris Pennington21
8Roger Scriven19Ken Turbutt21


PosDudley Dell CScoreBrades VillageScore
1Chris Pennington21Michael Hutchins14
2John Queenan18John Capewell21
3Marie Cadman13Hilary Hemming21
4Russell Smith6Robert Hickman Best Result21
5Ken Turbutt16Tony Collett21
6Alan Tanner20Colin Barnsley21
7Phil Jaunzems12Stephen Hutchins21
8Gary Brookes Best Result21Roger Scriven6


PosDudley Dell CScoreWoodman Saltwells BScore
1Steve Cadman21Joanne Webster20
2Terry Cadman Best Result21Roger Lowe11
3Russell Smith16Paul Smith21
4Ken Turbutt14Bill Winmill21
5Chris Pennington21June Winmill14
6Alan Tanner10Malcolm Webster Best Result21
7Phil Jaunzems14Sam Taylor21
8Gary Brookes21Paul Sheldon15


PosWoodman Saltwells BScoreDudley Dell CScore
1Roger Lowe Best Result21Russell Smith9
2Joanne Webster21Ken Turbutt12
3Bill Winmill13Alan Tanner21
4Paul Smith17Terry Cadman21
5Malcolm Webster20Chris Pennington21
6Steve Dudley7Graeme Underhill Best Result21
7Paul Sheldon21Steve Cadman16
8Sam Taylor19Gary Brookes21


PosDudley Dell CScoreBell InnScore
1Chris Pennington16Fran Healey21
2Alan Tanner3Matt Price Best Result21
3Graeme Underhill21Paul Doyle18
4Russell Smith21John Price12
5Ken Turbutt21Julie Bailey14
6Steve Cadman21Spencer Collett17
7Phil Jaunzems Best Result21Jamie Price9
8Gary Brookes11George Ali21


PosBell InnScoreDudley Dell CScore
1Fran Healey21Chris Pennington12
2Mark Dent21Graeme Underhill13
3Jamie Price21Alan Tanner9
4Bal Johal15Steve Cadman Best Result21
5Julie Bailey21Russell Smith8
6Paul Doyle Best Result21Ken Turbutt7
7George Ali21Phil Jaunzems12
8Matt Price21Gary Brookes14


PosTall Boats BScoreDudley Dell CScore
1Roger Lowe5Chris Pennington Best Result21
2Roger Garner12Graeme Underhill21
3Len Marks21Gary Brookes16
4Steve Whitehurst21Steve Cadman20
5Kian Lowe21Alan Tanner20
6Mark Totney8Phil Jaunzems21
7Mandy Parsons Best Result21Ian Trevor9
8Paul Jackson21Russell Smith15


PosDudley Dell CScoreTall Boats BScore
1Terry Cadman Best Result21Mandy Parsons6
2Steve Cadman21Steve Whitehurst19
3Gary Brookes21Kian Lowe8
4Mike Jaunzems15Len Marks Best Result21
5Alan Tanner21Mark Totney12
6Ian Trevor18Roger Garner21
7Phil Jaunzems21Mark While17
8Graeme Underhill15Sam Parsons Best Result21


PosWarley (A&W)ScoreDudley Dell CScore
1Peter Hill21Alan Tanner9
2Gary Layton21Graeme Underhill18
3Jean Willetts21Phil Jaunzems10
4Adrian Sullivan1Terry Cadman Best Result21
5John Cooper21Gary Brookes9
6Ken Tharp21Russell Smith17
7Alan Rowberry17Ken Turbutt21
8Roy Reeves Best Result21Steve Cadman8


PosDudley Dell CScoreWarley (A&W)Score
1Terry Cadman17John Cooper21
2Graeme Underhill21Alan Rowberry20
3Steve Cadman Best Result21Margi Darby9
4Russell Smith15Jean Willetts Best Result21
5Ken Turbutt21Peter Hill17
6Phil Jaunzems17Roy Reeves21
7Gary Brookes21Adrian Sullivan13
8Chris Pennington21Gary Layton19


PosWoodman Saltwells AScoreDudley Dell CScore
1Jenny Geary17Terry Cadman21
2Sandra Baillie19Russell Smith21
3Dave Clift19Graeme Underhill21
4Marlise Perks13Ken Turbutt Best Result21
5Len Boden21Phil Jaunzems17
6Adam Millar21Alan Tanner13
7Trevor Geary Best Result21Steve Cadman12
8John Middleton18Chris Pennington21


PosDudley Dell CScoreWoodman Saltwells AScore
1Terry Cadman Best Result21Mark Shaw7
2Alan Tanner21Len Boden15
3Graeme Underhill18Jenny Geary21
4Gary Brookes12Dave Clift21
5Chris Pennington17Nick Scott21
6Mike Jaunzems14Trevor Geary21
7Steve Cadman11John Middleton Best Result21
8Phil Jaunzems13Andy Hinton21


PosGornal & SedgleyScoreDudley Dell CScore
1Stuart Franklin21Ken Turbutt10
2Terry Slater21Russell Smith7
3Paul Wakefield21Graeme Underhill10
4Tom Ball Best Result21Mike Jaunzems4
5Les Durden18Terry Cadman Best Result21
6Roy Nicholls21Steve Cadman13
7Terry Cockram21Gary Brookes17
8John Hill21Phil Jaunzems6


PosDudley Dell CScoreGornal & SedgleyScore
1Terry Cadman Best Result21Les Durden10
2Alan Tanner15Terry Slater21
3Steve Cadman16Stuart Franklin21
4Gary Brookes21Gary Timmins16
5Phil Jaunzems5John Hill Best Result21
6Ken Turbutt12Terry Cockram21
7Russell Smith7Paul Terton21
8Chris Pennington21Roy Nicholls14


PosHilly House BScoreDudley Dell CScore
1Julie Bullock21Alan Tanner14
2Brian Williams21Chris Pennington19
3Keith Rowbottom21Steve Cadman19
4Mick Hudson21Ken Turbutt13
5David Cox21Terry Cadman Best Result20
6Martin Beddow21Gary Brookes10
7Richard Bullock Best Result21Phil Jaunzems9
8Llewellyn Hodge21Graeme Underhill13


PosDudley Dell CScoreHilly House BScore
1Terry Cadman21Peter Bate15
2Ken Turbutt21Richard Bullock17
3Ian Trevor7Brian Williams21
4Chris Pennington Best Result21Mick Hudson12
5Russell Smith2Keith Rowbottom Best Result21
6Gary Brookes17David Cox21
7Phil Jaunzems12Llewellyn Hodge21
8Steve Cadman14Julie Bullock21


PosDudley Dell CScoreDudley Sports AScore
1Gary Brookes21Paul Eurell16
2Alan Tanner9David Chater21
3Terry Cadman21Craig Ainsbury13
4Phil Jaunzems21Dennis Joshua16
5Steve Cadman Best Result21Derek Gould6
6Ken Turbutt18Martin Morris21
7Russell Smith7Tony Smith Best Result21
8Chris Pennington21Fred Dent8


PosDudley Sports AScoreDudley Dell CScore
1Martin Morris10Terry Cadman Best Result21
2Craig Ainsbury16Gary Brookes21
3David Chater17Graeme Underhill21
4Derek Gould21Russell Smith14
5Dennis Joshua21Mike Jaunzems15
6Fred Dent12Steve Cadman21
7Paul Eurell21Phil Jaunzems6
8Tony Smith Best Result21Alan Tanner5