The Dudley & District Bowling League 2014

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Team Averages for Romsley A (Thursday 3)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
113COLIN ROBERTS1913668360296+6418.9515.58
221CHRIS BAKER1711665342241+10120.1214.18
331RAY LABRUM1810856332285+4718.4415.83
445GRAHAM WALKER178947306289+1718.0017.00
584MAURICE PRIESTMAN94544146133+1316.2214.78
690MARGARET HUNTER134931174237-6313.3818.23
791STAN WEBB1841422253353-10014.0619.61
8103JAMES HARRIS2201004224+1821.0012.00
9110JOHN SUFFIELD7252998133-3514.0019.00
10114PAUL SPARROW1321115179267-8813.7720.54
11115JENNY SPARROW1721512225351-12613.2420.65
12130DAVE PUGH1101002119+221.0019.00
13135ALAN SARGENT211503741-418.5020.50
14136BRIAN TOZER312334259-1714.0019.67
15144RON HEATH10102021-120.0021.00
16145IAN LEWIS10102021-120.0021.00
17147BARRY GILBERT10101821-318.0021.00
18154DEREK ALDRIDGE10101321-813.0021.00
Thu 10th AprHRomsley B145123535
Thu 17th AprARomsley B134124444
Thu 24th AprHHarborne15194535
Thu 1st MayAHarborne115163171
Thu 8th MayHSomers A138148262
Thu 15th MayASomers A149153444
Thu 22nd MayHKingswinford Cons A135130444
Thu 29th MayAKingswinford Cons A133154171
Thu 5th JunHPheasant130167171
Thu 12th JunAPheasant105151262
Thu 3rd JulADudley Dell B113162262
Thu 10th JulHDudley Dell B137120444
Thu 17th JulAGate CG B123152262
Thu 24th JulHGate CG B157124535
Thu 31st JulACoseley Tavern A100153262
Thu 7th AugHCoseley Tavern A153121626
Thu 14th AugANetherton Cons104156262
Thu 21st AugHNetherton Cons150151535
Thu 28th AugAWoodfield119144353
Thu 4th SepHWoodfield137122535
  Played 2026282812659565


PosRomsley AScoreWoodfieldScore
1John Suffield6Lyndon Hazelhurst Best Result21
2Colin Roberts21Nick Wyre14
3Ray Labrum21James Arden11
4Chris Baker19Robert Ferguson21
5Maurice Priestman Best Result21Joe Dicken7
6Graham Walker21Ian Rea18
7Margaret Hunter21Harry Spruce9
8Jenny Sparrow7Claire Pugh21


PosWoodfieldScoreRomsley AScore
1Paul Rhodes14Chris Baker21
2Nick Wyre21Stan Webb17
3Robert Ferguson16Ray Labrum21
4Lyndon Hazelhurst Best Result21Margaret Hunter5
5Harry Spruce21John Suffield6
6James Arden9Graham Walker Best Result21
7Ian Rea21Maurice Priestman9
8Rob Stewart21Colin Roberts19


PosRomsley AScoreNetherton ConsScore
1Jenny Sparrow14Ann Hill Best Result21
2Colin Roberts Best Result21Paul Hill16
3Maurice Priestman14Ginny Harbach Best Result21
4Chris Baker Best Result21John Harbach16
5Ray Labrum21Kath Rubery18
6Margaret Hunter17Ken Rubery21
7Alan Sargent21Mark Darby20
8John Suffield21Peter Hulme18


PosNetherton ConsScoreRomsley AScore
1Martin Bennett21Derek Aldridge13
2Mark Darby21Graham Walker9
3John Harbach21Stan Webb15
4Kath Rubery16James Harris21
5Paul Hill21Paul Sparrow10
6Ginny Harbach14Colin Roberts Best Result21
7Ken Rubery Best Result21Margaret Hunter5
8Ann Hill21John Suffield10


PosRomsley AScoreCoseley Tavern AScore
1Margaret Hunter21Roger Mason10
2Stan Webb21Don Shotten10
3James Harris Best Result21Peter Darby8
4John Suffield17Mick Hill21
5Colin Roberts21Andy Flavell15
6Jenny Sparrow21John Mateer17
7Graham Walker21Mel Phillips19
8Ray Labrum10Keith Price Best Result21


PosCoseley Tavern AScoreRomsley AScore
1Andy Flavell21Stan Webb6
2Don Shotten10John Suffield Best Result21
3Mick Hill21Ray Labrum16
4John Mateer21Margaret Hunter9
5Ron Smith Best Result21Jenny Sparrow4
6Dane Turton17Paul Sparrow21
7Keith Price21Graham Walker13
8Mel Phillips21Colin Roberts10


PosRomsley AScoreGate CG BScore
1Ray Labrum21Jack Dunn15
2Colin Roberts21Colin Wills14
3Chris Baker21Keith Davies10
4Stan Webb21Steve Simonds18
5Graham Walker Best Result21John Dunn4
6Paul Sparrow18Dave Bate21
7Jenny Sparrow19Ken Smith21
8Margaret Hunter15Derek Hill Best Result21


PosGate CG BScoreRomsley AScore
1Derek Brookes21Graham Walker20
2Ken Smith21Ray Labrum16
3Dave Bate21Paul Sparrow16
4Keith Davies21Stan Webb12
5John Dunn21Jenny Sparrow10
6Jack Dunn14Margaret Hunter21
7Derek Hill Best Result21Colin Roberts7
8Colin Dewis12Chris Baker Best Result21


PosRomsley AScoreDudley Dell BScore
1Graham Walker16Terry Cadman21
2Stan Webb21Brenda Fletcher11
3Ray Labrum Best Result21Geoff Willetts7
4Colin Roberts21Vic Clarke8
5Chris Baker21Ron Jones10
6Margaret Hunter13Dave Bone21
7Paul Sparrow14Sarah Fletcher21
8Jenny Sparrow10Perry Gordon Best Result21


PosDudley Dell BScoreRomsley AScore
1Terry Cadman21Paul Sparrow8
2Vic Clarke Best Result21Margaret Hunter2
3Dennis Hope20Stan Webb21
4Geoff Willetts21Jenny Sparrow15
5Ron Jones21Chris Baker20
6Eric Shaw21Colin Roberts18
7Sarah Fletcher21Brian Tozer8
8Dave Bone16Ray Labrum Best Result21


PosPheasantScoreRomsley AScore
1Alan Cooke21Paul Sparrow8
2Tom Russell Best Result21Graham Walker7
3Rob Thacker21Chris Baker18
4Tony Abbey21Stan Webb12
5Neil Essex11Ray Labrum Best Result21
6Mick Cooke21Jenny Sparrow10
7Darren Hamblett21Margaret Hunter8
8Jeff Hildreth14Colin Roberts21


PosRomsley AScorePheasantScore
1Stan Webb5Alan Cooke Best Result21
2Colin Roberts Best Result21Tom Russell20
3Graham Walker16Rob Thacker21
4Chris Baker19Tony Abbey21
5Jenny Sparrow16Neil Essex21
6Paul Sparrow17Mick Cooke21
7Margaret Hunter16Darren Hamblett21
8Ian Lewis20Allan Hemming21


PosKingswinford Cons AScoreRomsley AScore
1Dave Pritchett21Barry Gilbert18
2Dave Roden21Ray Labrum17
3Tom Jones Best Result21Stan Webb12
4Mark Palmer7Chris Baker Best Result21
5John Hill21Paul Sparrow16
6Karl Griffiths21Jenny Sparrow13
7Steve Baggott21Alan Sargent16
8Geoff Tolley21Ron Heath20


PosRomsley AScoreKingswinford Cons AScore
1Chris Baker21John Wakeman7
2Paul Sparrow9Steve Baggott21
3Stan Webb15Dave Pritchett21
4Margaret Hunter21Mark Palmer15
5Ray Labrum7Geoff Tolley Best Result21
6Dave Pugh21John Hill19
7Graham Walker20Karl Griffiths21
8Colin Roberts Best Result21Steve Tibbetts5


PosSomers AScoreRomsley AScore
1John Charles21Ray Labrum17
2Chris Jeffries12Colin Roberts Best Result21
3Reg Jeffries19Chris Baker21
4Ian Parry21Paul Sparrow17
5Brett Morton21Maurice Priestman18
6Darren Mallin19Graham Walker21
7Nigel Bullus19Jenny Sparrow21
8Martin Perkins Best Result21Stan Webb13


PosRomsley AScoreSomers AScore
1Chris Baker Best Result21Phil Baker3
2Stan Webb16Ian Parry21
3Maurice Priestman10John Charles Best Result21
4Paul Sparrow21Martin Perkins19
5Jenny Sparrow15Reg Jeffries21
6Ray Labrum19Brett Morton21
7Graham Walker20Chris Jeffries21
8Colin Roberts16Nigel Bullus21


PosHarborneScoreRomsley AScore
1Mike Stringfellow21Graham Walker17
2Kevin Campbell21Ray Labrum20
3Tony Hughes16Colin Roberts Best Result21
4Jenny Mason21Stan Webb16
5Bob Mason21Maurice Priestman11
6John Bond21Jenny Sparrow11
7Tony Carter Best Result21Paul Sparrow4
8John Hulbert21Chris Baker15


PosRomsley AScoreHarborneScore
1Stan Webb12Kevin Campbell Best Result21
2Graham Walker21Tony Carter6
3Chris Baker21Mike Stringfellow13
4Maurice Priestman21John Bond5
5John Suffield17Jenny Mason21
6Jenny Sparrow17Bob Mason21
7Ray Labrum Best Result21Lol Sault1
8Colin Roberts21John Hulbert6


PosRomsley BScoreRomsley AScore
1Ian Lewis21Brian Tozer13
2Dave Andrews21Stan Webb9
3Margaret Lawton7Ray Labrum21
4James Harris4Maurice Priestman Best Result21
5Anne Pinson13Graham Walker21
6Barry Gilbert21Chris Baker20
7Ron Heath Best Result21Jenny Sparrow8
8Derek Aldridge16Colin Roberts21


PosRomsley AScoreRomsley BScore
1Stan Webb9Dave Andrews Best Result21
2Chris Baker Best Result21Margaret Lawton4
3Graham Walker21James Harris12
4Brian Tozer21Liz Cooper17
5Ray Labrum21Barry Gilbert15
6Jenny Sparrow14Ron Heath21
7Maurice Priestman21Derek Aldridge12
8Colin Roberts17Ian Lewis21