Shropshire League

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Team Averages for Prince Hotel B (Shropshire Div. 2)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
19Neil Lewis87188157106+5119.6313.256.38
227Chris Wilson96367180156+2420.0017.332.67
330Kelvin Holder (6TA)76186129109+2018.4315.572.86
441Rhys Marshall85363153121+3219.1315.134.00
543Neil Ashley85363161135+2620.1316.883.25
651Bob Pugh95456156144+1217.3316.001.33
771Christie Hughes74357117107+1016.7115.291.43
873Tom Stanhope74357125117+817.8616.711.14
978Tony Parsons94544154155-117.1117.22-0.11
1096Jamie Morgan532608373+1016.6014.602.00
11123Peter Thomas523407684-815.2016.80-1.60
12129Andy Walker (6TA)82625129146-1716.1318.25-2.13
13136Kerry Lea72529101124-2314.4317.71-3.29
14164Sid Bould211503337-416.5018.50-2.00
15207Jenna Marshall40405884-2614.5021.00-6.50
16214Elaine Jones505063105-4212.6021.00-8.40
Fri 20th AprHShelton Village2291869311
Fri 27th AprAUnison2161899311
Fri 4th MayHBurway231180759
Fri 11th MayAHadnall161230393
Thu 24th MayHMeole Brace V2361718410
Fri 25th MayABicton A197208575
Fri 1st JunHOswestry Church210206759
Fri 8th JunAFrankwell1662391111
Fri 15th JunHPontesbury B229194759
Fri 22nd JunAAbbey00000
Fri 29th JunHCraven Arms00000
Fri 6th JulHAbbey00000
Fri 13th JulACraven Arms00000
Fri 20th JulAShelton Village00000
Fri 27th JulHUnison00000
Fri 3rd AugABurway00000
Fri 10th AugHHadnall00000
Fri 17th AugAMeole Brace V00000
Fri 24th AugHBicton A00000
Fri 31st AugAOswestry Church00000
Fri 7th SepHFrankwell00000
Fri 14th SepAPontesbury B00000
  Played 918751803565268
1st Half Results for Prince Hotel B
Lewis Neil8719.6321-1821-1221-710-2121-1921-7 21-821-14
Wilson Chris9620.0019-2121-1421-1621-1721-1421-1221-2019-2116-21
Holder (6TA) Kelvin7618.4321-1321-2021-721-15  21-203-2121-13
Ashley Neil8520.1321-1321-1919-2120-2121-10 21-1317-2121-17
Marshall Rhys8519.1321-1221-1221-14 12-2120-2121-1216-2121-8
Pugh Bob9517.3321-1921-821-810-2121-521-204-2118-2119-21
Stanhope Tom7417.86  17-217-2121-721-1421-1717-2121-16
Parsons Tony9417.1121-1321-1318-218-2121-1219-2121-125-2120-21
Hughes Christie7416.7121-1721-1210-21  21-812-2111-2121-7
Morgan Jamie5316.6021-144-2121-821-9    16-21
Walker (6TA) Andy8216.1316-2121-1620-2111-2121-411-2116-2113-21 
Thomas Peter5215.20    17-215-2121-712-2121-14
Lea Kerry7214.4321-414-2121-1514-21 5-2112-2114-21 
Bould Sid2116.50   12-2121-16    
Marshall Jenna4014.50   6-2119-2114-2119-21  
Jones Elaine5012.605-219-21  20-2118-21  11-21


PosPrince Hotel BScorePontesbury BScore
1Tony Parsons20John Lumley21
2Neil Ashley21Cliff Evans17
3Neil Lewis21Kevin Williams (6tc)14
4Jamie Morgan16Neil Hyde (6tb)21
5Rhys Marshall21Barry Challinor8
6Peter Thomas21Nina Green14
7Bob Pugh19Charlie Hotchkiss21
8Kelvin Holder (6ta)21Sue Potter13
9Tom Stanhope21Martin Jones16
10Christie Hughes Best Result21Adam Morris (6tc)7
11Elaine Jones11Martin Green Best Result21
12Chris Wilson16Clive Luther21


PosFrankwellScorePrince Hotel BScore
1Bob Simpson21Tony Parsons5
2Mal Mitchell21Neil Ashley17
3Dilwyn Edwards21Kerry Lea14
4Mike Flanagan21Andy Walker (6ta)13
5Ollie Ewels21Rhys Marshall16
6Andrew Runham Best Result21Kelvin Holder (6ta)3
7Richard Ewels21Peter Thomas12
8Brian Bennett21Bob Pugh18
9Mike Haycocks21Christie Hughes11
10Simon Hayman21Tom Stanhope17
11Jesse James8Neil Lewis Best Result21
12Chris Hose21Chris Wilson19


PosPrince Hotel BScoreOswestry ChurchScore
1Tony Parsons21Roy Jones12
2Kerry Lea12Ron Crook21
3Neil Ashley21Glenys Jones13
4Andy Walker (6ta)16John Hughes21
5Peter Thomas Best Result21Adrian Jones7
6Kelvin Holder (6ta)21Roger Candlin20
7Rhys Marshall21Emrys Jones12
8Jenna Marshall19Chris Lloyd21
9Bob Pugh4Steve Lewis Best Result21
10Tom Stanhope21Dave Smith17
11Christie Hughes12John Roberts21
12Chris Wilson21Steve Turner20


PosBicton AScorePrince Hotel BScore
1Gary Middleton (6fa/6ta)21Tony Parsons19
2Richard Carr (6fa/ta)7Neil Lewis Best Result21
3Andy Gale (6fa) Best Result21Kerry Lea5
4Matt Statham21Andy Walker (6ta)11
5Becky Brown20Bob Pugh21
6Craig Jones (6fa)21Jenna Marshall14
7Rob Jones21Rhys Marshall20
8Ken Barrow Best Result21Peter Thomas5
9Tony Kirkham8Christie Hughes21
10Kevin Price14Tom Stanhope21
11Julie Pearce21Elaine Jones18
12Tony Dawson12Chris Wilson21
Constant rain throughout the day made for a heavy green although running well.Suited Bicton even with regular players away on holiday.Rain held off for the duration of the match.


PosPrince Hotel BScoreMeole Brace VScore
1Tony Parsons21Mark Davies (6tv)12
2Neil Ashley21Eric Webb10
3Andy Walker (6ta) Best Result21Alan Lloyd4
4Sid Bould21Phil Wilkinson (6tv)16
5Bob Pugh21Melvyn Ashley5
6Rhys Marshall12Dave (itchy) Pritchard Best Result21
7Peter Thomas17Jan Wilkinson21
8Jenna Marshall19Bob Chatham (6tv)21
9Neil Lewis21Peter Phillips19
10Elaine Jones20John Crundell (6tv)21
11Tom Stanhope21Bob Cliffe7
12Chris Wilson21Tony Williams14


PosHadnallScorePrince Hotel BScore
1John Thomas21Tony Parsons8
2Will Childs21Sid Bould12
3Kerry Dance21Andy Walker (6ta)11
4Peter Sargant21Kerry Lea14
5Ian Bowser15Kelvin Holder (6ta)21
6John Ford21Neil Ashley20
7Gerry Fitzpatrick9Jamie Morgan Best Result21
8James Weaver Best Result21Jenna Marshall6
9Mike Pemberton21Bob Pugh10
10Bob Sharpe17Chris Wilson21
11Darren Fitzpatrick21Tom Stanhope7
12Chris Elsbury21Neil Lewis10


PosPrince Hotel BScoreBurwayScore
1Andy Walker (6ta)20Steve Burmingham21
2Neil Ashley19Vivian Cooper21
3Kerry Lea21Steve Dovey15
4Tony Parsons18Anthony Rogers21
5Jamie Morgan21Tom Moseley8
6Rhys Marshall21Terry Angell14
7Bob Pugh21Jordan Woodfield8
8Kelvin Holder (6ta) Best Result21Val Jones7
9Tom Stanhope17Camilla Parsonage21
10Chris Wilson21Barry Rogers16
11Christie Hughes10Simon Parsonage Best Result21
12Neil Lewis Best Result21Harry Parsonage7


PosUnisonScorePrince Hotel BScore
1Brian Meredith16Andy Walker (6ta)21
2Dave Renwick13Tony Parsons21
3Simon Reynolds21Kerry Lea14
4Bill Moseley19Neil Ashley21
5Matthew Parry (j)20Kelvin Holder (6ta)21
6Clive Jordan12Rhys Marshall21
7Martin Jones8Bob Pugh Best Result21
8Phil Tyler Best Result21Jamie Morgan4
9Cameron Griffin (j)12Christie Hughes21
10Pete Oliver12Neil Lewis21
11Les Jones21Elaine Jones9
12Stephen Morris14Chris Wilson21
Prince bowled well and retained control of the match throughout by winning three games in the front, middle and back. Things could have been even worse for Unison but for Simon Reynolds turning his game round from 5-13 down to win 21-14.


PosPrince Hotel BScoreShelton VillageScore
1Neil Ashley21Wayne Fuller13
2Tony Parsons21Roger Lem13
3Kerry Lea Best Result21Chris Murray4
4Andy Walker (6ta)16Paul Murray21
5Rhys Marshall21Alan Edwards12
6Jamie Morgan21Sue Storey14
7Kelvin Holder (6ta)21Fred Micklewright13
8Bob Pugh21Ian Williams19
9Christie Hughes21Brian Selley17
10Neil Lewis21Andrea Pickering18
11Chris Wilson19Paul Bishop21
12Elaine Jones5Paul Davies Best Result21