The Dudley & District Bowling League 2014

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Team Averages for Tall Boats A (Thursday 2)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
12ADRIAN FORD2018290401251+15020.0512.55
29DAVE HILL2215768425320+10519.3214.55
342CHRIS HILL1910953318335-1716.7417.63
453CHRIS PARSONS1991047296350-5415.5818.42
555BOB RUDGE118373219167+5219.9115.18
665BILL SLATER178947281311-3016.5318.29
774STEVE WHITEHURST147750227248-2116.2117.71
885NIGEL PESTRIDGE1761135294308-1417.2918.12
990JOHN LOWE145936237246-916.9317.57
10106LEN MARKS633509696016.0016.00
11108JAMIE WHITEHEAD6335092104-1215.3317.33
12110PAUL JACKSON73443108127-1915.4318.14
13120ROGER GARNER321675658-218.6719.33
14154MARK TOTNEY10101921-219.0021.00
Thu 10th AprHWoodman M.P.129128444
Thu 17th AprAWoodman M.P.126143444
Thu 24th AprHSedgley Ex-Servicemans159118717
Thu 1st MayASedgley Ex-Servicemans155142535
Thu 8th MayHCradley Heath Libs B160115626
Thu 15th MayACradley Heath Libs B149112535
Thu 22nd MayHOld Cross A156106626
Thu 29th MayAOld Cross A120155262
Thu 5th JunHLangley A155142535
Thu 12th JunALangley A107153262
Thu 19th JunHM&B Portland Road152111535
Thu 26th JunAM&B Portland Road123165171
Thu 3rd JulHRoyal Oak B139152353
Thu 10th JulARoyal Oak B93162171
Thu 17th JulHCradley Heath Libs A158113717
Thu 24th JulACradley Heath Libs A159142626
Thu 31st JulHCoombs Wood B156125626
Thu 7th AugACoombs Wood B97147262
Thu 14th AugHWhite Horse153111717
Thu 21st AugAWhite Horse115159262
Thu 28th AugACoseley Athletic A140134353
Thu 4th SepHCoseley Athletic A168107808
  Played 2230692942977997


PosTall Boats AScoreCoseley Athletic AScore
1Dave Hill21Keith Chadbourn12
2Chris Parsons Best Result21Tony Cliffordsheldon4
3Adrian Ford21George Share11
4Chris Hill21James Davies16
5Bill Slater21Des Smith Best Result17
6Nigel Pestridge21Craig Copson15
7Steve Whitehurst21Neil Mcgrath Best Result17
8Jamie Whitehead21Simon Davies15


PosCoseley Athletic AScoreTall Boats AScore
1Barry Healey21Bill Slater15
2Craig Copson21Jamie Whitehead18
3Keith Chadbourn21Nigel Pestridge17
4Carl Jenkins12Dave Hill21
5George Share10Steve Whitehurst21
6Simon Davies7Len Marks Best Result21
7James Davies Best Result21Chris Parsons8
8Neil Mcgrath21Chris Hill19


PosWhite HorseScoreTall Boats AScore
1Barry Marsh14Dave Hill Best Result21
2Rhys Nock21Nigel Pestridge10
3Daniel Simpson Best Result21Jamie Whitehead7
4Craig Simpson19Chris Parsons21
5James Hutton21Chris Hill11
6Craig Cartwright21Bill Slater11
7Tony Hutton21Adrian Ford17
8Wayne Fellows21Len Marks17


PosTall Boats AScoreWhite HorseScore
1Bill Slater21Tony Hutton17
2Adrian Ford21Steve Batham12
3Chris Hill21Barry Marsh14
4Steve Whitehurst21Ryan Nock15
5Dave Hill21Wayne Fellows12
6Jamie Whitehead21James Hutton13
7Chris Parsons6Craig Cartwright Best Result21
8Len Marks Best Result21Craig Simpson7


PosCoombs Wood BScoreTall Boats AScore
1Paul Jones21Chris Hill7
2David Barker21Nigel Pestridge19
3Simon Dale21Steve Whitehurst6
4Trevor Cox21Len Marks5
5Ian Pardoe Best Result21Jamie Whitehead4
6Mark Herbert10Dave Hill Best Result21
7Mark Rowley11Adrian Ford21
8John Jones21Roger Garner14


PosTall Boats AScoreCoombs Wood BScore
1Chris Hill21David Barker17
2Bill Slater11Paul Jones Best Result21
3Steve Whitehurst21Trevor Cox18
4Jamie Whitehead21Mick Walker13
5Mark Totney19John Jones21
6Roger Garner21Ian Pardoe17
7Adrian Ford21Joan Taylor10
8Dave Hill Best Result21Mark Rowley8


PosCradley Heath Libs AScoreTall Boats AScore
1Arthur Crook20Chris Parsons21
2Alan Mole16Bob Rudge21
3Barry Hardwick18Nigel Pestridge21
4Tony Ford19Len Marks21
5Martin Bicknell21Bill Slater20
6Dave Godsall14Dave Hill21
7Paul Edwards Best Result21Steve Whitehurst13
8David Whitehouse13Adrian Ford Best Result21


PosTall Boats AScoreCradley Heath Libs AScore
1Chris Parsons21Bob Jones13
2Nigel Pestridge21Arthur Crook20
3Bob Rudge21Alan Mole10
4Bill Slater21Barry Hardwick15
5Steve Whitehurst21Paul Edwards18
6Len Marks11Tony Ford Best Result21
7Adrian Ford21David Whitehouse10
8Dave Hill Best Result21Dave Godsall6


PosRoyal Oak BScoreTall Boats AScore
1Adam Deakin21Nigel Pestridge16
2Alan Hartwell15Chris Parsons Best Result21
3Maggie Palin Best Result21Bill Slater6
4Andrew Laidlaw21Chris Hill9
5Jack Bayliss21Paul Jackson11
6Neil Dallaway Best Result21Adrian Ford6
7Andy Haddock21Dave Hill17
8Adam Watts21John Lowe7


PosTall Boats AScoreRoyal Oak BScore
1Chris Hill21Andrew Laidlaw19
2Bill Slater16Adam Deakin21
3John Lowe19Adam Watts21
4Chris Parsons9Mark Atkins Best Result21
5Paul Jackson21Jack Bayliss17
6Nigel Pestridge15Neil Dallaway21
7Adrian Ford Best Result21Andy Haddock11
8Dave Hill17Maggie Palin21


PosM&B Portland RoadScoreTall Boats AScore
1Peter Sankey21Chris Hill13
2Dave Sankey21Bill Slater10
3Ian Sherwood21Bob Rudge19
4Andrew Dugmore21Nigel Pestridge14
5Jamie Lee18Adrian Ford Best Result21
6Gary Sherwood21Chris Parsons20
7Cliff Tebbett21Dave Hill17
8James Dugmore Best Result21John Lowe9


PosTall Boats AScoreM&B Portland RoadScore
1Bob Rudge Best Result21Peter Sankey6
2Nigel Pestridge19Dave Sankey21
3Bill Slater21Ian Sherwood14
4Chris Hill21Gary Sherwood7
5John Lowe20Cliff Tebbett21
6Chris Parsons8Paul Rolls Best Result21
7Adrian Ford21Richard Sherwood10
8Dave Hill21Jamie Lee11


PosLangley AScoreTall Boats AScore
1Roy Bentley Best Result21Chris Hill4
2Mario Caserio21Chris Parsons6
3Phil Bates21John Lowe18
4Martin Pitt11Bob Rudge Best Result21
5Peter Rose16Adrian Ford21
6Richard Jones21Dave Hill11
7Kevin Roberts21Steve Whitehurst13
8Dave Bell21Paul Jackson13


PosTall Boats AScoreLangley AScore
1Bob Rudge21Martin Pitt19
2Chris Hill21Mario Caserio16
3Bill Slater18Alan Barnsley21
4Paul Jackson21Peter Rose16
5John Lowe13Dave Bell Best Result21
6Chris Parsons21Richard Jones18
7Adrian Ford Best Result21Roy Bentley10
8Dave Hill19Kevin Roberts21


PosOld Cross AScoreTall Boats AScore
1Les Pawlowski21Bob Rudge13
2Dave Conway21Chris Hill12
3Chris Showell18Bill Slater21
4Peter Bell11Adrian Ford Best Result21
5Alec Connor21Steve Whitehurst16
6Bob Unitt21John Lowe16
7Steve Pawlowski Best Result21Chris Parsons9
8Chris Clewer21Dave Hill12


PosTall Boats AScoreOld Cross AScore
1Chris Hill13John Croft Best Result21
2Bill Slater21Gary Clewer8
3Nigel Pestridge Best Result21Chris Showell3
4John Lowe21Graham Cooper11
5Steve Whitehurst21Les Pawlowski10
6Chris Parsons21Chris Clewer19
7Adrian Ford21Peter Bell13
8Dave Hill17Steve Pawlowski21


PosCradley Heath Libs BScoreTall Boats AScore
1Joan Walker8Bob Rudge21
2Wayne Berry Best Result21Bill Slater6
3Iain Wheatley16Chris Parsons21
4David Wheatley21Chris Hill20
5Geoff Saunders14Nigel Pestridge21
6Tom Shaw21John Lowe18
7Ian Withey5Adrian Ford Best Result21
8Liam King6Dave Hill21


PosTall Boats AScoreCradley Heath Libs BScore
1Chris Hill21Geoff Saunders12
2Bill Slater21Ian Withey20
3Nigel Pestridge17David Wheatley Best Result21
4Bob Rudge21Liam King14
5Steve Whitehurst17Iain Wheatley Best Result21
6John Lowe21Wayne Berry11
7Adrian Ford Best Result21Joan Walker8
8Dave Hill Best Result21Tom Shaw8


PosSedgley Ex-ServicemansScoreTall Boats AScore
1Brian Smith21Bob Rudge19
2Gerald Barkway13Bill Slater Best Result21
3Alan Broadley21Nigel Pestridge16
4Joe Collins15John Lowe21
5Paul Collins13Steve Whitehurst Best Result21
6Bill Harris Best Result21Chris Parsons15
7Darren Pritchard19Adrian Ford21
8Colin Ashton19Dave Hill21


PosTall Boats AScoreSedgley Ex-ServicemansScore
1Nigel Pestridge Best Result21Alan Broadley7
2Chris Hill21Brian Smith15
3Chris Parsons21Bill Harris16
4Roger Garner21Eddie Wright20
5Paul Jackson12Gerald Barkway Best Result21
6John Lowe21Darren Pritchard10
7Adrian Ford21Paul Collins13
8Dave Hill21Joe Collins16


PosWoodman M.P.ScoreTall Boats AScore
1Barry Faulkner10Paul Jackson Best Result21
2Brian Wyatt19Chris Hill21
3Grant Cooper20Bob Rudge21
4Phil Atkins21Nigel Pestridge19
5Gary Bcooper21John Lowe12
6John Harris Best Result21Steve Whitehurst5
7Andy Morton10Dave Hill Best Result21
8Gary A Cooper21Chris Parsons6


PosTall Boats AScoreWoodman M.P.Score
1Chris Hill21John Harris11
2Nigel Pestridge6Tony Russell Best Result21
3Paul Jackson9Grant Cooper21
4Steve Whitehurst10Jamie Wyatt21
5John Lowe21Phil Atkins10
6Chris Parsons20Gavin Wyatt21
7Adrian Ford Best Result21Gary A Cooper8
8Dave Hill21Gary Bcooper15