Shrewsbury ladies Bowling League 2016

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Team Averages for Allscott (Division 2)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
19Jayne Craggs1816289365219+14620.2812.178.11
241Chelsea Mills1611569303244+5918.9415.253.69
359Rebecca Wedge179853309273+3618.1816.062.12
472Fiona Walland138562234190+4418.0014.623.38
574Wendy Holdnall128467204180+2417.0015.002.00
681Janet Webb1881044298318-2016.5617.67-1.11
792Karen Lewis1871139299323-2416.6117.94-1.33
8105Liz France1661038255298-4315.9418.63-2.69
9125Janet Murray1541127201259-5813.4017.27-3.87
10126Molly Cooke1741324254319-6514.9418.76-3.82
11138Casey Starling1331023202248-4615.5419.08-3.54
12142Emma Hayward1631319194309-11512.1319.31-7.19
13143Gill Crowther1831517234361-12713.0020.06-7.06
14177Walk Over2020042-420.0021.00-21.00
15184Jamie Philiips110110133231-9812.0921.00-8.91
Tue 12th AprADonnington Wood108180282
Tue 19th AprHGreenfields151173373
Tue 26th AprHShifnal B189141739
Thu 5th MayAHorsehay168188464
Tue 10th MayHPrince Of Wales Hotel153177464
Thu 19th MayABagley Br171160648
Tue 24th MayHCharlton178139739
Tue 31st MayASir John Bayley B161183282
Tue 7th JunHMeole Brace B1981248210
Tue 21st JunAMaddocks132162464
Tue 28th JunHShifnal A154183464
Tue 5th JulHDonnington Wood154167555
Thu 14th JulAGreenfields173175555
Tue 19th JulAShifnal B167174464
Tue 26th JulHHorsehay166196464
Thu 4th AugAPrince Of Wales Hotel145185282
Tue 9th AugHBagley Br147189282
Tue 16th AugACharlton178159648
Tue 23rd AugHSir John Bayley B178177557
Thu 1st SepAMeole Brace B160207191
Tue 6th SepHMaddocks108191282
Tue 20th SepAShifnal A146184373
  Played 223485381490130102


PosShifnal AScoreAllscottScore
1Sylvia Owens16Wendy Holdnall21
2Ellen Higgins21Jayne Craggs15
3Beryl Taylor13Rebecca Wedge21
4Ann Furness21Liz France10
5Margaret Parton21Molly Cooke7
6Val Main21Jamie Philiips16
7Laura Steventon Best Result21Gill Crowther3
8Chris Macarthy21Janet Murray14
9Mary Howard21Karen Lewis18
10Glenys Embrey8Chelsea Mills Best Result21


1Janet Webb10Sylvia Billinge21
2Jayne Craggs Best Result21Margaret Pearce10
3Liz France21Christine Davies13
4Gill Crowther5Maureen Tyrer21
5Jamie Philiips10Ann Millington21
6Emma Hayward3Carole Hardman21
7Karen Lewis9Carole Byrne21
8Janet Murray2Kathleen Harper Best Result21
9Casey Starling7Elizabeth Llewelyn21
10Chelsea Mills20Janet Davies21


PosMeole Brace BScoreAllscottScore
1Jenny Crowther21Janet Murray9
2Sandra Crundell Best Result21Casey Starling8
3Ruth Hartshorne21Karen Lewis18
4Kath Hughes21Fiona Walland16
5Liz Jones21Janet Webb16
6Pat Jones18Wendy Holdnall Best Result21
7Val Majski21Gill Crowther20
8Ruth Richards21Rebecca Wedge20
9Joan Williams21Liz France16
10Mary Woodcock21Jamie Philiips16


PosAllscottScoreSir John Bayley BScore
1Jayne Craggs Best Result21Rosemarie Hawkins9
2Janet Webb21Marion Tibbett17
3Liz France14June Thompson21
4Wendy Holdnall21Sheila Johnson14
5Molly Cooke18Jillian Price21
6Jamie Philiips15Jean Bowyer21
7Emma Hayward10Jill Baker Best Result21
8Karen Lewis21Rose Copson12
9Casey Starling16Lyn Smart21
10Chelsea Mills21Christine Riley20


1Annette Lucas Best Result21Rebecca Wedge9
2Rebecca Thornycroft12Janet Webb21
3Ann Withington18Jayne Craggs21
4Vera Gough14Wendy Holdnall21
5Linda Burrows21Jamie Philiips11
6Jan Griffiths21Emma Hayward17
7Janet Mason21Gill Crowther15
8Joan Cooper11Chelsea Mills21
9Janet Yapp20Casey Starling21
10Rebecca Davies0Janet Murray Best Result21


PosAllscottScoreBagley BrScore
1Janet Webb12Margeret Barnes21
2Jayne Craggs21Margaret Lacourse12
3Rebecca Wedge Best Result21Daphne Pritchard9
4Liz France10Audrey Fardoe21
5Molly Cooke12Jenny Saxton21
6Jamie Philiips19Pam Bird21
7Emma Hayward7Freda Gourlay Best Result21
8Gill Crowther18Lynne Nicholls21
9Wendy Holdnall17Eileen Parry21
10Janet Murray10Louise Rooke21


PosPrince Of Wales HotelScoreAllscottScore
1Lorraine Glover15Janet Webb21
2Sarah Wilson2Rebecca Wedge Best Result21
3Charlotte Onions21Liz France14
4Mel Wornell21Molly Cooke13
5Susie Lawson Best Result21Jamie Philiips3
6Claire Cassidy21Emma Hayward11
7Molly Harris21Gill Crowther16
8Katie Conlon21Karen Lewis17
9Heather Evans21Casey Starling17
10Elaine Jones21Janet Murray12


1Fiona Walland21Olwen Howells18
2Liz France21Carol Lomas20
3Janet Webb Best Result21Kathy Lycett15
4Gill Crowther20Shirley Hamer21
5Karen Lewis21Catherine Bridge17
6Molly Cooke7Pat Smith Best Result21
7Jamie Philiips7Ethel Harrris Best Result21
8Janet Murray10Judith Feeney21
9Casey Starling18Jean Yates21
10Chelsea Mills20Hazel Grainger21


PosShifnal BScoreAllscottScore
1Sue Mills13Wendy Holdnall21
2Sue Coneeley9Jayne Craggs Best Result21
3Joan Wilson17Rebecca Wedge21
4Pat Simpson21Liz France11
5Betty Aldridge21Jamie Philiips14
6Josie Rosser21Emma Hayward16
7Kimberly Robinson21Karen Lewis19
8Sharon Duncan21Janet Murray16
9Holly Rosser Best Result21Casey Starling7
10Lynne Stanley9Chelsea Mills Best Result21


1Tina Jones21Jamie Philiips20
2June Msssey21Karen Lewis14
3Vi Wynne17Jayne Craggs21
4Sharon Jones17Emma Hayward21
5Beryl Davies11Rebecca Wedge21
6Glenys Hinks Best Result21Molly Cooke9
7Lorna Parsons6Wendy Holdnall Best Result21
8Jo Wellard Best Result21Gill Crowther9
9Kate Clapham19Fiona Walland21
10Alison Hubbard21Janet Webb16


PosAllscottScoreDonnington WoodScore
1Jayne Craggs21Bridget Bridger13
2Rebecca Wedge21Natasha Hart11
3Janet Webb Best Result21Brenda Downs9
4Liz France6Catherine Massey21
5Casey Starling13Brenda Whitehouse21
6Jamie Philiips2Shirley Martin Best Result21
7Karen Lewis21Joan Deane10
8Wendy Holdnall15Glynis Walters21
9Janet Murray13Lorette Thompson21
10Chelsea Mills21Ann Evason19


PosAllscottScoreShifnal AScore
1Jayne Craggs Best Result21Ellen Higgins4
2Janet Webb10Beryl Taylor21
3Molly Cooke13Sylvia Owens21
4Gill Crowther21Carol Smith15
5Casey Starling21Margaret Parton18
6Emma Hayward14Glenys Embrey21
7Karen Lewis5Shona Baugh Best Result21
8Rebecca Wedge21Mary Howard20
9Fiona Walland10Laura Steventon21
10Chelsea Mills18Chris Macarthy21


1Margaret Pearce2Jayne Craggs Best Result21
2Pauline Hoof12Molly Cooke21
3Maureen Tyrer19Liz France21
4Sylvia Billinge Best Result21Wendy Holdnall1
5Ann Millington21Emma Hayward2
6Janice Rigby3Karen Lewis21
7Carole Hardman21Rebecca Wedge18
8Elizabeth Llewelyn21Janet Murray4
9Kathleen Harper21Fiona Walland15
10Janet Davies21Chelsea Mills8


PosAllscottScoreMeole Brace BScore
1Jayne Craggs21Ruth Richards8
2Janet Webb21Liz Jones17
3Liz France19Joan Jones21
4Molly Cooke21Val Majski19
5Gill Crowther21Pat Jones15
6Casey Starling Best Result21Sheila Phillips0
7Karen Lewis11Jenny Crowther Best Result21
8Janet Murray21Mary Woodcock12
9Fiona Walland21Ann Moogan7
10Chelsea Mills21Sandra Crundell4


PosSir John Bayley BScoreAllscottScore
1Rosemarie Hawkins21Janet Webb15
2Jean Bowyer21Molly Cooke20
3Jade Evans8Liz France21
4Sheila Johnson21Casey Starling14
5Jillian Price21Emma Hayward18
6Claire Moss7Janet Murray Best Result21
7Jill Baker21Rebecca Wedge15
8Marion Tibbett21Gill Crowther16
9Rose Copson21Fiona Walland15
10Lyn Smart Best Result21Chelsea Mills6


1Gill Crowther5Ann Withington Best Result21
2Molly Cooke16Vera Gough21
3Fiona Walland10Annette Lucas21
4Liz France21Jane Hough8
5Janet Webb21Barbara Humphries11
6Emma Hayward Best Result21Jan Griffiths3
7Karen Lewis21Linda Burrows20
8Rebecca Wedge21Joan Cooper12
9Jayne Craggs21Janet Mason4
10Chelsea Mills21Janet Yapp18


PosBagley BrScoreAllscottScore
1Margeret Barnes10Jayne Craggs21
2Daphne Pritchard21Molly Cooke20
3Margaret Lacourse21Walk Over0
4Jenny Saxton Best Result21Janet Webb11
5Pam Bird20Liz France21
6Lynda Griffiths21Gill Crowther14
7Wendy Wainwright11Karen Lewis21
8Freda Gourlay10Rebecca Wedge21
9Eileen Parry5Fiona Walland Best Result21
10Audrey Fardoe20Chelsea Mills21


PosAllscottScorePrince Of Wales HotelScore
1Wendy Holdnall3Pauline Roden Best Result21
2Janet Webb21Rose Butler12
3Molly Cooke Best Result21Molly Harris9
4Karen Lewis15Susie Lawson21
5Casey Starling19Sarah Wilson21
6Emma Hayward11Mel Wornell21
7Gill Crowther8Rachel Tisdale21
8Rebecca Wedge13Heather Evans21
9Jayne Craggs21Katie Conlon17
10Fiona Walland21Elaine Jones13


1Shirley Hamer12Wendy Holdnall Best Result21
2Olwen Howells21Liz France10
3Sue Bridge Best Result21Molly Cooke9
4Catherine Bridge21Janet Webb20
5Chris Heighway16Gill Crowther21
6Pat Smith21Emma Hayward13
7Jean Yates21Karen Lewis14
8Ethel Harrris21Rebecca Wedge18
9Hazel Grainger17Jayne Craggs21
10Judith Feeney17Fiona Walland21


PosAllscottScoreShifnal BScore
1Karen Lewis21Lynne Stanley19
2Janet Webb15Holly Rosser21
3Gill Crowther7Sue Mills Best Result21
4Molly Cooke21Pat Simpson6
5Emma Hayward21Josie Rosser16
6Casey Starling20Emma Stanley21
7Janet Murray21Kimberly Robinson9
8Jayne Craggs21Sharon Duncan16
9Fiona Walland Best Result21Joan Wilson1
10Chelsea Mills21Sue Coneeley11


1Fiona Walland Best Result21Tina Jones5
2Liz France19Alison Hubbard21
3Molly Cooke13Glenys Hinks21
4Janet Murray13Gaynor Phillips21
5Gill Crowther8Sophie Phillips21
6Emma Hayward5Jo Wellard Best Result21
7Rebecca Wedge18Vi Wynne21
8Karen Lewis12Sharon Jones21
9Jayne Craggs21Lorna Parsons11
10Chelsea Mills21Kate Clapham10


PosDonnington WoodScoreAllscottScore
1Catherine Massey21Jayne Craggs14
2Betty Kelly3Wendy Holdnall Best Result21
3Shirley Martin21Janet Webb5
4Joan Deane21Molly Cooke13
5Lorette Thompson21Gill Crowther7
6Bridget Bridger Best Result21Emma Hayward4
7Shirley Emlyn21Janet Murray14
8Glynis Walters21Rebecca Wedge9
9Ann Evason9Chelsea Mills21
10Natasha Hart21Walk Over0