Shropshire League

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Team Averages for Bishops Castle ( Shropshire Div.1)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
138Mark Evans2516964440385+5517.6015.402.20
268Andrew Evans24131154428401+2717.8316.711.13
394Ian Corfield25111444398430-3215.9217.20-1.28
4115Josh Dickin2491538382421-3915.9217.54-1.63
5116Doug Morris2391439370411-4116.0917.87-1.78
6122Terry Bufton2591636398472-7415.9218.88-2.96
7123Wayne Pugh2591636369469-10014.7618.76-4.00
8128Tony Graham2181338335377-4215.9517.95-2.00
9136Paul Wheeler2271532355401-4616.1418.23-2.09
10151Ron Ellis136746194256-6214.9219.69-4.77
11187Paul Swain1941521229388-15912.0520.42-8.37
12188Bill Meek2341917286452-16612.4319.65-7.22
13208Mark Griffiths72529125126-117.8618.00-0.14
14217Barry Jones222209248452-20411.2720.55-9.27
15259Adam Pugh10101121-1011.0021.00-10.00
16273Maurice Phillips1010621-156.0021.00-15.00
17290Graham Swain2020742-353.5021.00-17.50
18303Howard Rutherford100100135210-7513.5021.00-7.50
Fri 6th AprALudlow Castle1602312102
Fri 20th AprABattlefield198205666
Fri 27th AprHWhittington2381578410
Wed 2nd MayHCastlefields207211666
Fri 4th MayHPontesbury A217217576
Fri 11th MayAOSBC175233393
Fri 18th MayHCrescent208216757
Fri 1st JunHPrince Hotel A211222666
Fri 8th JunAIfton1372312102
Fri 15th JunHHanwood217225575
Fri 22nd JunAElephant & Castle A1122520120
Fri 29th JunHTelepost197211575
Fri 6th JulHLudlow Castle2261948410
Fri 13th JulACastlefields1042520120
Fri 20th JulHBattlefield214201759
Fri 27th JulAWhittington1832392102
Fri 3rd AugAPontesbury A1182501111
Wed 8th AugAMeole Brace A1612402102
Fri 10th AugHOSBC194207666
Fri 17th AugACrescent1522402102
Fri 24th AugHMeole Brace A2151768410
Fri 31st AugAPrince Hotel A1272501111
Fri 7th SepHIfton2271798410
Fri 14th SepAHanwood1562421111
Fri 21st SepHElephant & Castle A209208759
Fri 28th SepATelepost1532461111
  Played 2647165735109203122
1st Half Results for Bishops Castle
Evans Mark251617.6019-2121-1221-721-1521-421-721-167-2111-2114-2114-2121-1521-13
Evans Andrew241317.8318-2121-1221-921-1921-1716-2121-1521-1321-1321-137-2121-1421-7
Corfield Ian251115.924-2121-1221-921-1121-169-21 21-1916-2120-215-2121-821-13
Morris Doug23916.0911-2121-1621-97-21 21-1821-921-174-2119-215-2119-2110-21
Bufton Terry25915.929-2115-2113-2117-2121-1817-2121-1421-2021-821-1515-2114-2121-17
Dickin Josh24915.9221-88-2121-521-1120-2117-2121-2020-215-2121-164-218-2116-21
Pugh Wayne25914.7618-2121-1921-1615-2117-213-2121-1921-920-2112-218-2119-2121-15
Graham Tony21815.95 8-2121-1021-1217-2120-2116-21 5-2117-2118-2114-2121-9
Wheeler Paul22716.1416-2119-2121-813-2111-21  7-2119-2120-2111-2121-721-19
Ellis Ron13614.92    11-21 21-1821-182-2121-18 21-2021-17
Meek Bill23412.4310-2113-2119-2121-1718-2121-1913-2118-2111-21 7-216-2119-21
Swain Paul19412.05    18-2112-218-21 2-2121-1610-21 13-21
Griffiths Mark7217.8621-1321-818-2117-21 15-2117-2116-21     
Jones Barry22211.275-219-2120-2112-2121-153-217-2117-21 10-218-2112-21 
Rutherford Howard10013.508-21            
Pugh Adam1011.00             
Phillips Maurice106.00             
Swain Graham203.50             
2nd Half Results for Bishops Castle
Evans Mark251617.609-2121-1521-182-2113-2121-9 21-521-1921-1315-2121-1321-15
Evans Andrew241317.83  10-2119-2110-2121-1613-2121-412-2121-1816-2120-2114-21
Corfield Ian251115.927-2116-2120-218-2110-2119-2115-2121-1010-2121-1421-1121-138-21
Morris Doug23916.0911-2121-1020-2116-2117-2121-1314-2121-9 21-1614-2114-21 
Bufton Terry25915.926-2121-1017-2117-219-2110-216-2121-20 13-2120-2121-1411-21
Dickin Josh24915.9218-2115-21 2-2110-2121-921-1621-1019-21 12-2121-1119-21
Pugh Wayne25914.765-2121-1612-2121-1911-2121-1511-217-214-2121-54-21 14-21
Graham Tony21815.952-2118-21   21-1921-1421-1515-2121-1010-2121-157-21
Wheeler Paul22716.14 21-1721-1112-2121-1115-2113-2115-2112-2121-1312-21 13-21
Ellis Ron13614.926-21     11-2119-216-2113-21 21-18 
Meek Bill23412.438-2121-1116-213-2110-212-21  10-2121-68-216-215-21
Swain Paul19412.059-215-2111-213-2121-199-21 21-1913-2114-218-2121-1910-21
Griffiths Mark7217.86             
Jones Barry22211.2710-2121-1714-216-2115-2113-216-216-212-21 16-21 15-21
Rutherford Howard10013.5013-2113-2117-219-2114-21 10-21  19-21 16-2116-21
Pugh Adam1011.00      11-21      
Phillips Maurice106.00           6-21 
Swain Graham203.50  4-21     3-21    

Fri 28th Sep

PosTelepostScoreScoreBishops Castle
1John Addison (6ta)2115Barry Jones
2Shaun Bould217Tony Graham
3Lee Barker2110Paul Swain
4James Mammone2114Wayne Pugh
5Gary Neal (6ta)2119Josh Dickin
6Mick Pritchard (6ta)2114Andrew Evans
7Rob Jones (6ta)2113Paul Wheeler
8Dave Mansell (6ta)2116Howard Rutherford
9Hayden Lewis2111Terry Bufton
10Simon Damm218Ian Corfield
11Anthony Gray (6ta) Best Result215Bill Meek
12Rob Morris1521Mark Evans Best Result
EXCELLENT YEAR MOST WINS AGAIN IN THE LEAGUE LIKE LAST YEAR >> be good if the scoring system was like the premier << e

Fri 21st Sep

PosBishops CastleScoreScoreElephant & Castle A
1Mark Evans2113Richard Leah (6fa)
2Tony Graham2115Jamie Brookes
3Andrew Evans2021Dawn Gray
4Maurice Phillips621Paul Smith (6fa) Best Result
5Ron Ellis2118Emily Cunningham
6Bill Meek621Dominic Wooton Best Result
7Paul Swain2119Will Tyler (6fa)
8Howard Rutherford1621Martin Young
9Ian Corfield2113Stuart Greaves
10Doug Morris1421Tony Sherratt (6fa)
11Terry Bufton2114Dave Hanson (6fa)
12Josh Dickin Best Result2111Tony Cunningham

Fri 14th Sep

PosHanwoodScoreScoreBishops Castle
1Carl Bowers2115Mark Evans
2Steve Downes2110Tony Graham
3Eric Mansell Best Result214Wayne Pugh
4Phil Price (6ta)218Paul Swain
5Jason Rowson (6ta)218Bill Meek
6Sam Downes2116Barry Jones
7Steve Ashton2112Paul Wheeler
8Dayle Turner2116Andrew Evans
9Darren Phillips (6ta)2114Doug Morris
10Steve France2112Josh Dickin
11Roger Houston1121Ian Corfield Best Result
12Phil Talbot2120Terry Bufton

Fri 7th Sep

PosBishops CastleScoreScoreIfton
1Mark Evans2113Gary Wilkie
2Tony Graham2110Darren Matthews
3Andrew Evans2118Dave Edwards
4Wayne Pugh Best Result215Gareth Williams
5Bill Meek216Gemma Buxton
6Ron Ellis1321Megis Phillips Best Result
7Paul Wheeler2113Neil Evans
8Paul Swain1421Dave Hughes
9Howard Rutherford1921Rhys Griffiths
10Terry Bufton1321Charlie Blain Best Result
11Ian Corfield2114Phil Laker
12Doug Morris2116Aaron Roberts

Fri 31st Aug

PosPrince Hotel AScoreScoreBishops Castle
1Tracy Ryan (6fa) Best Result212Barry Jones
2Ian Smith (6fa/6ta)2112Andrew Evans
3Darren Powis2115Tony Graham
4Nicki Hotchkiss (6fa)1921Mark Evans Best Result
5Nigel Ferrington213Graham Swain
6Ian Payne (6ta)214Wayne Pugh
7Paul Marshall2113Paul Swain
8Geoff Davies2110Bill Meek
9Graeme Wornell (6fa/ta)216Ron Ellis
10Ian Marshall (6fa)2119Josh Dickin
11Clair Barker (6fa/6ta)2112Paul Wheeler
12Rob Jones2110Ian Corfield

Fri 24th Aug

PosBishops CastleScoreScoreMeole Brace A
1Mark Evans215Darren Watkins
2Josh Dickin2110Mal Cowley (6tb)
3Andrew Evans Best Result214Vernon Biggs (6tb)
4Ian Corfield2110Charlie Wilde (6ta)
5Ron Ellis1921Tim Turner
6Tony Graham2115Aiden Hughes
7Paul Swain2119Ian Beaman (6fa)
8Barry Jones621Mark Hinks (6fa) Best Result
9Paul Wheeler1521Alan Hughes
10Wayne Pugh721Adrian Jennings (6fa)
11Terry Bufton2120Andrew Corfield
12Doug Morris219Derek Jones (6fa/6ta)

Fri 17th Aug

PosCrescentScoreScoreBishops Castle
1Mark Harris (6ta)2111Adam Pugh
2Mark Rogers (6ta)2111Wayne Pugh
3Neil Harris (6ta)2113Andrew Evans
4Dan Williams (6ta)2111Ron Ellis
5Dave Oliver (6ta) Best Result216Barry Jones
6Jason Evans1421Tony Graham Best Result
7Mark Jenks Best Result216Terry Bufton
8Mike Stephens2110Howard Rutherford
9Stuart Long2113Paul Wheeler
10Mike Cutler2115Ian Corfield
11Scott Bowen (6ta)2114Doug Morris
12Mark Owen1621Josh Dickin
Great home and away spirit from both teams as always which ended with a very competitive treble spider to finish the night off.

Fri 10th Aug

PosBishops CastleScoreScoreOSBC
1Mark Evans Best Result219John Griffiths
2Barry Jones1321Bob Chandler
3Bill Meek221Andy Pullen Best Result
4Ian Corfield1921Gwyn Jones
5Tony Graham2119John Harris (6tb)
6Andrew Evans2116Tony Poole
7Paul Wheeler1521Wendy Jones
8Paul Swain921Evelyn Jones
9Doug Morris2113Rich Jones (6tb)
10Terry Bufton1021Derek Jones (6tb)
11Wayne Pugh2115Ann Parrish
12Josh Dickin Best Result219Martin Francis

Wed 8th Aug

PosMeole Brace AScoreScoreBishops Castle
1Dave Berry2115Barry Jones
2Tony Hotchkiss (6fa)2111Wayne Pugh
3Tim Turner2113Mark Evans
4Derek Jones (6fa/6ta)2110Andrew Evans
5John Maddox1921Paul Swain
6Aiden Hughes1121Paul Wheeler Best Result
7Mal Cowley (6tb)2114Howard Rutherford
8Mark Hinks (6fa)2110Bill Meek
9Alan Hughes2110Ian Corfield
10Tom Jones (6ta)2110Josh Dickin
11Andrew Corfield2117Doug Morris
12Adrian Jennings (6fa) Best Result219Terry Bufton

Fri 3rd Aug

PosPontesbury AScoreScoreBishops Castle
1Neil Edwards219Howard Rutherford
2Dennis Walton (6ta) Best Result212Josh Dickin
3Boo Challinor (6tb)213Paul Swain
4Steve Williams216Barry Jones
5Danny Blyth218Ian Corfield
6Brian Williams (6tb)2112Paul Wheeler
7Dan Jones (6fa/ta)213Bill Meek
8Tony France2119Andrew Evans
9Karl Jones (6fa/ta)1921Wayne Pugh Best Result
10Tony Dodd2117Terry Bufton
11Andy Price (6fa/ta) Best Result212Mark Evans
12Anthony Price (6fa/ta)2116Doug Morris

Fri 27th Jul

PosWhittingtonScoreScoreBishops Castle
1Ben Hampson2117Terry Bufton
2Trevor Roberts2120Doug Morris
3Julian Turner2114Barry Jones
4Jono Shaw2116Bill Meek
5Graham Humphreys2117Howard Rutherford
6Merv Davies1121Paul Wheeler Best Result
7Jacqui Whitley Best Result214Graham Swain
8Brian Whitley2110Andrew Evans
9Aled Davies2112Wayne Pugh
10Mel Morris2111Paul Swain
11Andy Jones2120Ian Corfield
12John Harrison1821Mark Evans

Fri 20th Jul

PosBishops CastleScoreScoreBattlefield
1Wayne Pugh2116Dave Cadwallader
2Josh Dickin1521Ian Foster
3Barry Jones2117Bob Bishop
4Tony Graham1821Harry Ryder (6ta)
5Paul Swain521Dave Beer Best Result
6Howard Rutherford1321Keith Owen
7Paul Wheeler2117Amy Ryder (6ta)
8Bill Meek2111Tim Cliffe
9Mark Evans2115Alex Evans
10Doug Morris Best Result2110Andy Selley
11Terry Bufton Best Result2110Andy Jones
12Ian Corfield1621Sam Cartwright (6ta)

Fri 13th Jul

PosCastlefieldsScoreScoreBishops Castle
1Graham Wall (6ta) Best Result212Tony Graham
2Neil Ashton219Paul Swain
3Perry Evans215Wayne Pugh
4Luke Jones219Mark Evans
5Steve Duckett218Bill Meek
6Steve Walker2110Barry Jones
7Carl Wear2113Howard Rutherford
8Russell Pugh2118Josh Dickin Best Result
9Shaun O216Ron Ellis
10Daryl Edwards216Terry Bufton
11Martin Codd2111Doug Morris
12Barry Keep (6ta)217Ian Corfield

Fri 6th Jul

PosBishops CastleScoreScoreLudlow Castle
1Wayne Pugh2115Graham Pritchard
2Paul Swain1321Richard Lane
3Tony Graham219Simon Lane
4Josh Dickin1621Nick Beard
5Paul Wheeler2119Graham Lane
6Terry Bufton2117Mal Bowen
7Ian Corfield2113Marcus Adams
8Doug Morris1021Carl Bowen Best Result
9Mark Evans2113Mal Griffiths
10Andrew Evans Best Result217Jordan Bull
11Bill Meek1921Lee Wilding
12Ron Ellis2117Toby Foxall

Fri 29th Jun

PosBishops CastleScoreScoreTelepost
1Josh Dickin821Lee Barker
2Tony Graham1421Mick Pritchard (6ta)
3Mark Evans2115Rob Jones (6ta)
4Andrew Evans2114James Mammone
5Ron Ellis2120Simon Damm
6Bill Meek621Richard Addison Best Result
7Barry Jones1221Gary Neal (6ta)
8Paul Wheeler Best Result217John Addison (6ta)
9Terry Bufton1421Shaun Bould
10Ian Corfield218Anthony Gray (6ta)
11Doug Morris1921Simon Lewis
12Wayne Pugh1921Hayden Lewis

Fri 22nd Jun

PosElephant & Castle AScoreScoreBishops Castle
1Richard Leah (6fa)2118Tony Graham Best Result
2Jamie Brookes2114Mark Evans
3Dawn Gray218Wayne Pugh
4Paul Smith (6fa)2110Paul Swain
5Will Tyler (6fa)218Barry Jones
6Stuart Greaves2115Terry Bufton
7Jason Stevens217Bill Meek
8Emily Cunningham217Andrew Evans
9Paul Humphreys (6fa)215Ian Corfield
10Dave Hanson (6fa)2111Paul Wheeler
11Tony Sherratt (6fa) Best Result214Josh Dickin
12Martin Young215Doug Morris

Fri 15th Jun

PosBishops CastleScoreScoreHanwood
1Andrew Evans Best Result2113Phil Price (6ta)
2Mark Evans1421Carl Bowers
3Paul Wheeler2021Russell Wellings
4Wayne Pugh1221Andy Roberts
5Barry Jones1021Dayle Turner Best Result
6Paul Swain2116Jason Rowson (6ta)
7Terry Bufton2115Dave Turner
8Tony Graham1721Keith Phillips (6ta)
9Ron Ellis2118Roger Houston
10Ian Corfield2021Phil Talbot
11Doug Morris1921Steve France
12Josh Dickin2116Darren Phillips (6ta)

Fri 8th Jun

PosIftonScoreScoreBishops Castle
1Megis Phillips215Josh Dickin
2Marcus Hughes2119Paul Wheeler
3Dave Edwards214Doug Morris
4Brian Williams215Tony Graham
5Rob Evans1321Andrew Evans
6Gareth Williams Best Result212Paul Swain
7Darren Matthews2111Bill Meek
8Dave Hughes2120Wayne Pugh
9Paul Martin2111Mark Evans
10Gary Wilkie821Terry Bufton Best Result
11Jamie Waugh2116Ian Corfield
12Charlie Blain Best Result212Ron Ellis

Fri 1st Jun

PosBishops CastleScoreScorePrince Hotel A
1Andrew Evans2113Darren Powis
2Josh Dickin2021Chris Jones
3Bill Meek1821Tracy Ryan (6fa)
4Wayne Pugh Best Result219Ian Smith (6fa/6ta)
5Terry Bufton2120Paul Marshall
6Barry Jones1721Ian Payne (6ta)
7Doug Morris2117Nigel Ferrington
8Ian Corfield2119Nicki Hotchkiss (6fa)
9Paul Wheeler721Ian Marshall (6fa) Best Result
10Mark Evans721Rob Jones Best Result
11Ron Ellis2118Graeme Wornell (6fa/ta)
12Mark Griffiths1621Clair Barker (6fa/6ta)

Fri 18th May

PosBishops CastleScoreScoreCrescent
1Tony Graham1621Mark Rogers (6ta)
2Bill Meek1321Mark Harris (6ta)
3Andrew Evans2115Dan Williams (6ta)
4Ron Ellis2118Jason Evans
5Paul Swain821Neil Harris (6ta)
6Wayne Pugh2119Stuart Long
7Barry Jones721Dave Oliver (6ta) Best Result
8Mark Griffiths1721Mike Stephens
9Josh Dickin2120Mike Cutler
10Terry Bufton2114Lee Walmsley
11Mark Evans2116Mark Owen
12Doug Morris Best Result219Mark Jenks

Fri 11th May

PosOSBCScoreScoreBishops Castle
1John Griffiths Best Result213Barry Jones
2Evelyn Jones2117Terry Bufton
3Bob Chandler2112Paul Swain
4Andy Pullen219Ian Corfield
5Russell Lea (6tb)1921Bill Meek
6John Harris (6tb)2116Andrew Evans
7Tony Poole2120Tony Graham
8Wendy Jones2115Mark Griffiths
9Liam Cox2117Josh Dickin
10Martin Francis721Mark Evans Best Result
11Rich Jones (6tb)1821Doug Morris
12Derek Jones (6tb) Best Result213Wayne Pugh

Fri 4th May

PosBishops CastleScoreScorePontesbury A
1Wayne Pugh1721Dennis Walton (6ta)
2Terry Bufton2118Neil Edwards
3Tony Graham1721Karl Jones (6fa/ta)
4Ian Corfield2116Anthony Price (6fa/ta)
5Bill Meek1821Dan Jones (6fa/ta)
6Barry Jones2115Boo Challinor (6tb)
7Paul Swain1821Tony France
8Andrew Evans2117Danny Blyth
9Mark Evans Best Result214Dave Povey (6fa/ta)
10Paul Wheeler1121Chris Luther (6fa) Best Result
11Ron Ellis1121Andy Price (6fa/ta) Best Result
12Josh Dickin2021Tony Dodd

Wed 2nd May

PosBishops CastleScoreScoreCastlefields
1Paul Wheeler1321Steve Duckett
2Tony Graham2112Russell Tipton (6ta)
3Barry Jones1221Perry Evans
4Josh Dickin Best Result2111Steve Walker
5Ian Corfield Best Result2111Neil Ashton
6Bill Meek2117Gary Walker
7Andrew Evans2119Russell Pugh
8Wayne Pugh1521Luke Jones
9Doug Morris721Daryl Edwards Best Result
10Mark Evans2115Tony Wall (6ta)
11Terry Bufton1721Martin Codd
12Mark Griffiths1721Carl Wear

Fri 27th Apr

PosBishops CastleScoreScoreWhittington
1Barry Jones2021Jono Shaw
2Tony Graham2110Merv Davies
3Bill Meek1921Andy Cawthray
4Josh Dickin Best Result215Jacqui Whitley
5Andrew Evans219Roger Whalen
6Wayne Pugh2116Julian Turner
7Paul Wheeler218Brian Whitley
8Ian Corfield219Helen Humphreys
9Mark Griffiths1821Aled Davies
10Terry Bufton1321Andy Jones Best Result
11Mark Evans217Graham Humphreys
12Doug Morris219Mel Morris

Fri 20th Apr

PosBattlefieldScoreScoreBishops Castle
1Nigel Ryder2113Bill Meek
2Harry Ryder (6ta)219Barry Jones
3Keith Owen Best Result218Josh Dickin
4Dave Beer Best Result218Tony Graham
5Harold Banks1221Ian Corfield
6Alex Evans2115Terry Bufton
7Bob Bishop1221Andrew Evans
8Steve Wilkes (6ta)1921Wayne Pugh
9Tim Cliffe1221Mark Evans
10Andy Selley2119Paul Wheeler
11Ian Foster1621Doug Morris
12Amy Ryder (6ta)821Mark Griffiths Best Result

Fri 6th Apr

PosLudlow CastleScoreScoreBishops Castle
1Mal Bowen218Howard Rutherford
2Simon Lane215Barry Jones
3Marcus Adams821Josh Dickin Best Result
4Lee Wilding2118Wayne Pugh
5Dave Wilding Best Result214Ian Corfield
6Graham Lane2110Bill Meek
7Richard Lane219Terry Bufton
8Keith Bell2111Doug Morris
9Jordan Bull2118Andrew Evans
10Toby Foxall1321Mark Griffiths
11Graham Pritchard2116Paul Wheeler
12Mal Griffiths2119Mark Evans