The Dudley & District Bowling League 2014

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Team Averages for Romsley (Ladies 2)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
16JANET JONES1814478347252+9519.2814.00
210JANICE GROVE1713476335258+7719.7115.18
318JENNIFER SPARROW1411379278192+8619.8613.71
435CAROL HACKETT148657250242+817.8617.29
542EILEEN ARCHER105550174177-317.4017.70
651VICKY BYNG124833182223-4115.1718.58
765DAWN ROBERTS321675430+2418.0010.00
866PAM HUGHES1321115162250-8812.4619.23
978ANGELA PAYNE5142080103-2316.0020.60
1086JANET BIDDLE1010921-129.0021.00
Tue 22nd AprAWarley Ladies84105151
Tue 29th AprHWarley Ladies10990424
Tue 6th MayHLangley Ladies A99107333
Tue 13th MayALangley Ladies A89108333
Tue 27th MayHThimblemill112109333
Tue 3rd JunAThimblemill93105333
Tue 10th JunHCoseley AC10789424
Tue 17th JunACoseley AC11197424
Tue 1st JulHLangley Ladies B11679515
Tue 8th JulALangley Ladies B10880424
Tue 22nd JulHOld Cross11193333
Tue 29th JulAOld Cross10597333
Tue 5th AugASwindon77120242
Tue 12th AugHSwindon107101333
Tue 19th AugADudley Sports B12188424
Tue 26th AugHDudley Sports B11096333
Tue 2nd SepABaggeridge B10798333
Tue 9th SepHBaggeridge B12686606
  Played 1818921748614761


PosRomsleyScoreBaggeridge BScore
1Janet Jones21Wendy Leach12
2Janice Grove Best Result21Sue Vaughan10
3Eileen Archer21Annette Parton Best Result19
4Jennifer Sparrow21Dot Smith11
5Vicky Byng21Jean Nixon16
6Carol Hackett21Barbara Smith18


PosBaggeridge BScoreRomsleyScore
1Annette Parton Best Result21Pam Hughes13
2Dot Smith15Eileen Archer21
3Sue Vaughan9Janice Grove Best Result21
4Barbara Smith21Janet Jones16
5Jean Nixon11Jennifer Sparrow21
6Wendy Leach21Angela Payne15


PosRomsleyScoreDudley Sports BScore
1Janice Grove Best Result21Eva Eurell3
2Vicky Byng14Eunice Cutler Best Result21
3Janet Jones18Doreen Fellows21
4Jennifer Sparrow21Doreen Wood11
5Carol Hackett15Pauline Wattis21
6Angela Payne21Jennifer Smith19


PosDudley Sports BScoreRomsleyScore
1Jennifer Smith11Janice Grove21
2Doreen Fellows8Carol Hackett Best Result21
3Pauline Wattis Best Result21Eileen Archer18
4Eva Eurell21Pam Hughes19
5Doreen Wood11Jennifer Sparrow21
6Eunice Cutler16Janet Jones21


1Eileen Archer12Janice Glover Best Result21
2Janice Grove21Sue Haynes19
3Janet Jones21Janet Bridge14
4Carol Hackett12June Bell Best Result21
5Dawn Roberts Best Result21Lynn Favell5
6Angela Payne20Pat Halford21


1Janice Glover21Eileen Archer6
2Sue Haynes Best Result21Vicky Byng5
3Lynn Favell21Janet Jones13
4Pat Halford21Angela Payne11
5Joy Hemmings19Carol Hackett21
6Val Cox17Janice Grove Best Result21


PosOld CrossScoreRomsleyScore
1Julie Carpenter21Eileen Archer20
2Lorraine Deakin21Pam Hughes12
3Audrey Barker Best Result21Vicky Byng10
4Helen Croft8Janet Jones21
5Jean Foster6Carol Hackett Best Result21
6Joy Marusiak20Janice Grove21


PosRomsleyScoreOld CrossScore
1Janet Jones Best Result21Jean Foster6
2Jennifer Sparrow15Audrey Barker Best Result21
3Janice Grove16Lorraine Deakin21
4Eileen Archer21Julie Carpenter15
5Pam Hughes21Val Stephenson9
6Carol Hackett17Joy Marusiak21


PosLangley Ladies BScoreRomsleyScore
1Ann Dawes2Jennifer Sparrow Best Result21
2Diane Kazmierowski18Carol Hackett21
3Rose Leonard Best Result21Vicky Byng11
4Carol Bell21Eileen Archer13
5Louise Jones5Janet Jones21
6Leigh Annenemedi13Janice Grove21


PosRomsleyScoreLangley Ladies BScore
1Vicky Byng21Ann Dawes13
2Carol Hackett21Diane Kazmierowski18
3Eileen Archer21Victoria Firkins9
4Jennifer Sparrow Best Result21Louise Jones7
5Janet Jones21Rose Leonard11
6Pam Hughes11Katy Lang Best Result21


PosCoseley ACScoreRomsleyScore
1Chris Bailey16Jennifer Sparrow21
2Christine Cross14Eileen Archer21
3Tina Gee21Janice Grove18
4Joyce Phillips10Pam Hughes Best Result21
5Eileen Ralph Best Result21Janet Biddle9
6Julie Caswell15Janet Jones21


PosRomsleyScoreCoseley ACScore
1Dawn Roberts Best Result21Joyce Phillips4
2Jennifer Sparrow20Julie Caswell21
3Pam Hughes3Chris Bailey Best Result21
4Janice Grove21Christine Cross13
5Janet Jones21Tina Gee16
6Vicky Byng21Eileen Ralph14


1Bonnie Griffiths21Vicky Byng9
2Sue Hayward Best Result21Pam Hughes4
3Olga Meredith8Jennifer Sparrow Best Result21
4Carole Mason16Janice Grove21
5Jane Staphnill21Carol Hackett17
6Marlene Hill18Janet Jones21


1Jennifer Sparrow Best Result21Marlene Hill12
2Janice Grove21Jane Staphnill20
3Dawn Roberts12Carole Mason Best Result21
4Janet Jones21Olga Meredith14
5Pam Hughes20Sue Hayward21
6Vicky Byng17Bonnie Griffiths21


PosLangley Ladies AScoreRomsleyScore
1Marylou Edwards19Janet Jones21
2Josie Waring14Janice Grove21
3Diane Birch Best Result21Pam Hughes7
4Wendy Skett12Vicky Byng Best Result21
5Gill Unitt21Jennifer Sparrow12
6Jill Biddle Best Result21Carol Hackett7


PosRomsleyScoreLangley Ladies AScore
1Janet Jones Best Result21Gill Unitt10
2Janice Grove16Jo Kenyon21
3Carol Hackett21Josie Waring14
4Angela Payne13Jill Biddle21
5Jennifer Sparrow21Hilary Hemming20
6Pam Hughes7Marylou Edwards Best Result21


PosRomsleyScoreWarley LadiesScore
1Pam Hughes13Jean Brittain21
2Janet Jones Best Result21Jessica Bostock4
3Vicky Byng12Margi Darby Best Result21
4Jennifer Sparrow21Karen Smith20
5Carol Hackett21Jean Willetts15
6Janice Grove21Lorraine Price9


PosWarley LadiesScoreRomsleyScore
1Jean Brittain21Vicky Byng20
2Margi Darby21Janice Grove12
3Lorraine Price Best Result21Janet Jones6
4Karen Smith21Carol Hackett14
5Jean Willetts21Pam Hughes11
6Walk Over0Jennifer Sparrow21