Shropshire League

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Team Averages for Craven Arms (Shropshire Div. 2)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
17Colin Blent2117481426298+12820.2914.196.10
216Bert Morris1714382334241+9319.6514.185.47
324Tony Pryce1813572348255+9319.3314.175.17
446Laurie Jones2012860345322+2317.2516.101.15
558Ian Bishop1210283241138+10320.0811.508.58
664Tony Cowdale21101148390358+3218.5717.051.52
769Terry Lucas1810856314298+1617.4416.560.89
8114Peter Murray2071335329360-3116.4518.00-1.55
9121William Hough7618614078+6220.0011.148.86
10142Nev Huffer2051525277392-11513.8519.60-5.75
11143Nathan Baker6426711573+4219.1712.177.00
12150Alice Baker124833190233-4315.8319.42-3.58
13153Eileen Huffer1941521264383-11913.8920.16-6.26
14155Phil Baker3301006329+3421.009.6711.33
15159Bernard Southern83538131146-1516.3818.25-1.88
16162Iris Singleton123925155228-7312.9219.00-6.08
17173Andy Hough523407079-914.0015.80-1.80
18182John Oakley9272288178-909.7819.78-10.00
19185Mark Gittens211504125+1620.5012.508.00
20194Clive Leaworthy211504140+120.5020.000.50
21197Janice Roberts211503337-416.5018.50-2.00
22234Mary Jones20201242-306.0021.00-15.00
23238Ken Willis808098168-7012.2521.00-8.75
Fri 20th AprHMeole Brace V24814511113
Fri 27th AprABurway220182759
Fri 4th MayHHadnall209204759
Fri 11th MayAShelton Village190222575
Fri 18th MayHOswestry Church2331799311
Fri 25th MayAPontesbury B168207575
Fri 1st JunHBicton A205217575
Fri 8th JunAAbbey194229575
Fri 15th JunHFrankwell222212668
Fri 22nd JunHUnison2251429311
Fri 29th JunAPrince Hotel B1472342102
Fri 6th JulAUnison1752431111
Fri 13th JulHPrince Hotel B2291808410
Fri 20th JulAMeole Brace V190231484
Fri 3rd AugAHadnall1312492102
Fri 10th AugHShelton Village2231689311
Fri 17th AugAOswestry Church188209484
Wed 22nd AugHBurway2251599311
Fri 31st AugABicton A188224393
Fri 7th SepHAbbey24112710212
Fri 14th SepAFrankwell169229484
Fri 21st SepHPontesbury B225209759
  Played 2244454401132132154
1st Half Results for Craven Arms
Blent Colin211720.2921-1221-721-1518-2121-1814-2121-1521-1721-1921-1021-12
Morris Bert171419.6521-1121-1221-10   21-1321-1721-1621-87-21
Pryce Tony181319.3321-821-621-1821-2021-1921-18  21-15 11-21
Jones Laurie201217.2521-921-1421-1915-2121-1821-1018-2113-2121-1121-113-21
Bishop Ian121020.0821-621-621-821-921-114-2121-1721-1417-2121-7 
Cowdale Tony211018.5721-1414-2115-2121-1621-918-217-2119-2121-721-819-21
Lucas Terry181017.4421-817-2121-18   17-2121-1810-2121-149-21
Murray Peter20716.4521-1021-1615-2111-2113-21 17-2121-1618-2121-519-21
Hough William7620.00     21-921-6    
Huffer Nev20513.8517-2117-217-21 21-205-2119-2114-2117-2121-125-21
Baker Nathan 6419.17   12-2121-821-5    21-12
Baker Alice12415.83       8-2116-2117-2112-21
Huffer Eileen19413.8921-1521-1616-21 11-215-2121-1912-2118-2112-216-21
Baker Phil3321.00   21-1421-3      
Southern Bernard8316.3821-199-219-21  21-18   21-4 
Singleton Iris12312.9221-1216-21    8-213-2121-18 14-21
Hough Andy5214.00         7-21 
Oakley John929.78  21-117-2121-203-2114-21    
Gittens Mark2120.50    20-21      
Leaworthy Clive2120.50           
Roberts Janice2116.50   21-16       
Willis Ken8012.25   16-21 4-21 20-21   
Jones Mary206.00   6-21       
2nd Half Results for Craven Arms
Blent Colin211720.29 21-421-1221-1921-921-1721-419-2121-818-2121-16
Morris Bert171419.6520-2121-18 21-2021-1713-2121-4 21-421-1221-16
Pryce Tony181319.3314-2116-2120-21 21-721-221-1121-1021-714-2121-9
Jones Laurie201217.25 21-166-216-2121-1221-1016-2121-1116-21 21-13
Bishop Ian121020.08 21-13        21-15
Cowdale Tony211018.5718-2121-1821-1815-21 20-2121-2019-2121-021-1716-21
Lucas Terry181017.4421-12 9-2114-2121-1417-2121-811-2121-1021-1321-15
Murray Peter20716.459-2121-1211-21 21-1617-2121-1213-2115-215-2119-21
Hough William7620.00    21-2 21-1421-1421-1214-21 
Huffer Nev20513.8515-2111-2121-137-2114-216-219-21 21-129-2121-20
Baker Nathan 6419.17 21-619-21        
Baker Alice12415.8316-2120-2121-202-2121-12 21-1915-2121-14  
Huffer Eileen19413.8916-2114-2110-2117-2112-216-2111-21 21-1814-21 
Baker Phil3321.00     21-12     
Southern Bernard8316.3819-21 20-21    11-21   
Singleton Iris12312.9217-2121-911-216-218-219-21     
Hough Andy5214.00    21-16  19-2121-02-21 
Oakley John929.784-21  4-21   7-21  7-21
Gittens Mark2120.50      21-4    
Leaworthy Clive2120.50         21-1920-21
Roberts Janice2116.50   12-21       
Willis Ken8012.256-21    16-21 11-21 9-2116-21
Jones Mary206.00   6-21       

Fri 21st Sep

PosCraven ArmsScoreScorePontesbury B
1Bert Morris2116Emlyn Jones (6tb)
2Clive Leaworthy2021Mike Hampson (6tc)
3Ken Willis1621Kevin Williams (6tc)
4Peter Murray1921Cliff Evans
5Ian Bishop2115Charlie Hotchkiss
6Terry Lucas2115Nina Green
7Laurie Jones2113Sue Potter
8Tony Pryce Best Result219Terry Jones
9John Oakley721Martin Jones Best Result
10Tony Cowdale1621Adam Morris (6tc)
11Nev Huffer2120Kieran Jones
12Colin Blent2116Clive Luther

Fri 14th Sep

PosFrankwellScoreScoreCraven Arms
1Chris Hose1921Clive Leaworthy
2Steve Haycocks219Ken Willis
3Mal Mitchell219Nev Huffer
4Simon Hayman1221Bert Morris Best Result
5Richard Ewels2114Tony Pryce
6Brian Bennett1321Terry Lucas
7Mark Lloyd2114Eileen Huffer
8Dilwyn Edwards215Peter Murray
9Chris Dorsett2118Colin Blent
10Ollie Ewels1721Tony Cowdale
11Mike Haycocks2114William Hough
12Jesse James Best Result212Andy Hough
Good game to finish an excellent season. Congratulations to the Prince for beating us by 1 point,just a shame not everyone has finished their games!!!

Fri 7th Sep

PosCraven ArmsScoreScoreAbbey
1Nev Huffer2112Tony Williams (6ta)
2Bert Morris Best Result214Greg Jones (6fa/6ta)
3Terry Lucas2110Stuart Dorsett
4Peter Murray1521Graham Jones (6fa/6ta) Best Result
5Laurie Jones1621Adam Sneade
6Alice Baker2114John Dorsett (6fa/6ta)
7Eileen Huffer2118Derek Hill (6fa)
8Tony Pryce217Neil Jones (6ta)
9William Hough2112Kieran Croft
10Colin Blent218Matthew Obrien
11Andy Hough210Walk Over
12Tony Cowdale210Walk Over

Fri 31st Aug

PosBicton AScoreScoreCraven Arms
1Gary Middleton (6fa/6ta)2113Peter Murray
2Richard Carr (6fa/ta)2111Terry Lucas
3Andy Gale (6fa)2111Ken Willis
4Matt Statham2111Bernard Southern
5Becky Brown2115Alice Baker
6Rob Jones1121Laurie Jones
7Craig Jones (6fa)1021Tony Pryce Best Result
8Tony Dawson Best Result217John Oakley
9Tony Kirkham2119Tony Cowdale
10Julie Pearce2119Colin Blent
11Andy Wilson1421William Hough
12Andy Jones (6fa/ta)2119Andy Hough

Wed 22nd Aug

PosCraven ArmsScoreScoreBurway
1Peter Murray2112Terry Angell
2Terry Lucas218Barry Rogers
3Bert Morris Best Result214Cheryl Lloyd
4Mark Gittens Best Result214Eric Williams
5Laurie Jones1621Harry Parsonage
6Nev Huffer921Vivian Cooper Best Result
7Alice Baker2119Simon Parsonage
8Tony Pryce2111Steve Burmingham
9Eileen Huffer1121Anthony Rogers
10Tony Cowdale2120Jack Bufton
11Colin Blent Best Result214Liam Dovey
12William Hough2114Steve Dovey

Fri 17th Aug

PosOswestry ChurchScoreScoreCraven Arms
1John Hughes1221Phil Baker
2Ron Crook219Iris Singleton
3Glenys Jones2116Ken Willis
4Adrian Jones2113Bert Morris
5Roger Candlin2117Terry Lucas
6Emrys Jones1021Laurie Jones
7Paul Smith Best Result216Eileen Huffer
8John Roberts Best Result216Nev Huffer
9Pete Adams2117Peter Murray
10Dave Smith221Tony Pryce Best Result
11Steve Lewis2120Tony Cowdale
12Steve Turner1721Colin Blent

Fri 10th Aug

PosCraven ArmsScoreScoreShelton Village
1Bert Morris2117Phil Ashcroft
2Tony Pryce217Andrea Pickering
3Peter Murray2116Paul Murray
4Terry Lucas2114Ian Williams
5Laurie Jones2112Roger Lem
6Alice Baker2112Mick Murray
7Nev Huffer1421Chris Murray
8Eileen Huffer1221Sue Storey
9Colin Blent219Paul Davies
10Andy Hough2116Alan Edwards
11William Hough Best Result212Brian Selley
12Iris Singleton821Paul Bishop Best Result

Fri 3rd Aug

PosHadnallScoreScoreCraven Arms
1John Thomas2117Eileen Huffer
2Gerry Fitzpatrick2021Bert Morris
3Peter Sargant216Mary Jones
4Will Childs216Laurie Jones
5Darren Fitzpatrick Best Result212Alice Baker
6James Weaver2112Janice Roberts
7John Ford217Nev Huffer
8Ernie Garrett2114Terry Lucas
9Mike Pemberton1921Colin Blent Best Result
10Bob Sharpe216Iris Singleton
11Mike Thomas2115Tony Cowdale
12Chris Elsbury214John Oakley

Fri 20th Jul

PosMeole Brace VScoreScoreCraven Arms
1Mike Jones (6tv)2111Peter Murray
2Mark Davies (6tv)219Terry Lucas
3Phil Wilkinson (6tv)2120Bernard Southern
4Dave (itchy) Pritchard Best Result216Laurie Jones
5Martin Stott (6tv)2111Iris Singleton
6Bob Chatham (6tv)2021Alice Baker
7Alan Lloyd2119Nathan Baker
8Jan Wilkinson1321Nev Huffer
9John Crundell (6tv)1221Colin Blent Best Result
10Peter Phillips2120Tony Pryce
11Bob Cliffe1821Tony Cowdale
12Tony Williams2110Eileen Huffer

Fri 13th Jul

PosCraven ArmsScoreScorePrince Hotel B
1Laurie Jones2116Tony Parsons
2Bert Morris2118Jenna Marshall
3Peter Murray2112Jamie Morgan
4Tony Cowdale2118Peter Thomas
5Ian Bishop2113Rhys Marshall
6Alice Baker2021Neil Ashley
7Nathan Baker216Andy Walker (6ta)
8Eileen Huffer1421Kelvin Holder (6ta)
9Tony Pryce1621Chris Wilson
10Nev Huffer1121Christie Hughes Best Result
11Iris Singleton219Molly Harris
12Colin Blent Best Result214Tom Stanhope

Fri 6th Jul

PosUnisonScoreScoreCraven Arms
1Matthew Parry (j)216Ken Willis
2Brian Meredith219Peter Murray
3Bill Moseley2119Bernard Southern
4Simon Reynolds2120Bert Morris
5Martin Jones2116Eileen Huffer
6Clive Jordan2116Alice Baker
7Bob Parry1221Terry Lucas Best Result
8Phil Tyler2118Tony Cowdale
9Dave Renwick Best Result214John Oakley
10Les Jones2115Nev Huffer
11Stephen Morris2114Tony Pryce
12Pete Oliver2117Iris Singleton
Unison took full advantage of a weakened away team. To be fair to Craven Arms they nevertheless put in a determined effort with eight of their players losing by 7 chalks or less.

Fri 29th Jun

PosPrince Hotel BScoreScoreCraven Arms
1Neil Ashley2119Tony Cowdale
2Tony Parsons219Terry Lucas
3Kerry Lea217Bert Morris
4Andy Walker (6ta)2119Peter Murray
5Rhys Marshall Best Result213Laurie Jones
6Jamie Morgan1221Nathan Baker Best Result
7Kelvin Holder (6ta)2111Tony Pryce
8Peter Thomas216Eileen Huffer
9Christie Hughes2112Alice Baker
10Tom Stanhope2114Iris Singleton
11Bob Pugh1221Colin Blent Best Result
12Neil Lewis215Nev Huffer

Fri 22nd Jun

PosCraven ArmsScoreScoreUnison
1Terry Lucas2114Simon Reynolds
2Tony Cowdale218Brian Meredith
3Bert Morris218Matthew Parry (j)
4Bernard Southern Best Result214Bill Moseley
5Ian Bishop217Martin Jones
6Laurie Jones2111Clive Jordan
7Andy Hough721Dave Renwick Best Result
8Peter Murray215Bob Parry
9Eileen Huffer1221Phil Tyler
10Nev Huffer2112Stephen Morris
11Alice Baker1721Pete Oliver
12Colin Blent2110Vi Wynne

Fri 15th Jun

PosCraven ArmsScoreScoreFrankwell
1Terry Lucas1021Chris Hose Best Result
2Tony Cowdale Best Result217Mark Lloyd
3Peter Murray1821Ollie Ewels
4Bert Morris2116Steve Haycocks
5Ian Bishop1721Brian Bennett
6Eileen Huffer1821Richard Ewels
7Laurie Jones2111Haydon Jenkinson
8Iris Singleton2118Chris Dorsett
9Tony Pryce2115Mike Haycocks
10Alice Baker1621Jesse James
11Nev Huffer1721Simon Hayman
12Colin Blent2119Andrew Runham

Fri 8th Jun

PosAbbeyScoreScoreCraven Arms
1Tony Williams (6ta)1721Bert Morris
2Greg Jones (6fa/6ta)2120Ken Willis
3Derek Hill (6fa)1621Peter Murray
4Adam Sneade1821Terry Lucas
5Graham Jones (6fa/6ta)2112Eileen Huffer
6Kieran Croft2114Nev Huffer
7Dave Clayton2113Laurie Jones
8Lewis Gardiner1421Ian Bishop Best Result
9David Webb1721Colin Blent
10Stuart Dorsett Best Result213Iris Singleton
11John Dorsett (6fa/6ta)218Alice Baker
12Neil Jones (6ta)2119Tony Cowdale

Fri 1st Jun

PosCraven ArmsScoreScoreBicton A
1Terry Lucas1721Gary Middleton (6fa/6ta)
2Iris Singleton821Andy Gale (6fa)
3Bert Morris2113Richard Carr (6fa/ta)
4Tony Cowdale721Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta) Best Result
5Ian Bishop2117Becky Brown
6Laurie Jones1821Julie Pearce
7Eileen Huffer2119Rob Jones
8Nev Huffer1921Craig Jones (6fa)
9Peter Murray1721Karen Bennett
10William Hough Best Result216Tony Kirkham
11John Oakley1421Andy Wilson
12Colin Blent2115Andy Jones (6fa/ta)

Fri 25th May

PosPontesbury BScoreScoreCraven Arms
1Mike Hampson (6tc)214Ken Willis
2Stuart Morris521Nathan Baker Best Result
3Cliff Evans215Eileen Huffer
4Brian Williams (6tb)1821Bernard Southern
5Charlie Hotchkiss1821Tony Pryce
6Terry Jones215Nev Huffer
7Kieran Jones1021Laurie Jones
8Kelly Price2114Ian Bishop
9Clive Luther921William Hough
10Martin Green Best Result213John Oakley
11Martin Jones2114Colin Blent
12Adam Morris (6tc)2118Tony Cowdale

Fri 18th May

PosCraven ArmsScoreScoreOswestry Church
1Mark Gittens2021Ron Crook
2Tony Cowdale219Glenys Jones
3Laurie Jones2118Paul Smith
4Nathan Baker218Adrian Jones
5Ian Bishop Best Result211Roy Jones
6Eileen Huffer1121Pete Adams Best Result
7Phil Baker213Emrys Jones
8Nev Huffer2120Roger Candlin
9Peter Murray1321Dave Smith
10Tony Pryce2119John Roberts
11John Oakley2120Chris Lloyd
12Colin Blent2118Steve Turner

Fri 11th May

PosShelton VillageScoreScoreCraven Arms
1Wayne Fuller2116Ken Willis
2Andrea Pickering2111Peter Murray
3Phil Ashcroft1621Janice Roberts
4Paul Murray1621Tony Cowdale
5Sue Storey921Ian Bishop Best Result
6Chris Murray1421Phil Baker
7Alan Edwards Best Result216Mary Jones
8Ian Williams2112Nathan Baker
9Fred Micklewright2021Tony Pryce
10Brian Selley2115Laurie Jones
11Paul Davies217John Oakley
12Paul Bishop2118Colin Blent

Fri 4th May

PosCraven ArmsScoreScoreHadnall
1Bernard Southern921Mike Pemberton
2Bert Morris2110Will Childs
3Terry Lucas2118Ian Bowser
4Nev Huffer721John Thomas Best Result
5Ian Bishop Best Result218James Weaver
6Eileen Huffer1621Peter Sargant
7Tony Cowdale1521Chris Elsbury
8Laurie Jones2119Mike Thomas
9Tony Pryce2118Gerry Fitzpatrick
10Peter Murray1521John Ford
11John Oakley2111Graham Snelson
12Colin Blent2115Ernie Garrett

Fri 27th Apr

PosBurwayScoreScoreCraven Arms
1Anthony Rogers Best Result219Bernard Southern
2Steve Dovey2117Terry Lucas
3Vivian Cooper1221Bert Morris
4Harry Parsonage1621Peter Murray
5Barry Rogers621Ian Bishop Best Result
6Steve Burmingham2117Nev Huffer
7Camilla Parsonage2114Tony Cowdale
8Cheryl Lloyd1621Eileen Huffer
9John Woodfield621Tony Pryce Best Result
10George Cooper2116Iris Singleton
11Tom Moseley1421Laurie Jones
12Terry Angell721Colin Blent

Fri 20th Apr

PosCraven ArmsScoreScoreMeole Brace V
1Terry Lucas218Alan Lloyd
2Bernard Southern2119Mark Davies (6tv)
3Bert Morris2111Dave (itchy) Pritchard
4Tony Cowdale2114Eric Webb
5Ian Bishop Best Result216Geoff Balshaw
6Iris Singleton2112Mike Jones (6tv)
7Eileen Huffer2115Peter Phillips
8Tony Pryce218Martin Stott (6tv)
9Peter Murray2110Charlie Wilde (6ta)
10Laurie Jones219Melvyn Ashley
11Nev Huffer1721Tony Williams Best Result
12Colin Blent2112John Crundell (6tv)