The Dudley & District Bowling League 2014

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Team Averages for Dudley Dell Ladies (Ladies 1)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
11MANDY PAGETT1816289350180+17019.4410.00
22SARAH FLETCHER1716194354238+11620.8214.00
36KAYE COULTHARD1413193287165+12220.5011.79
410BRENDA FLETCHER1512380300218+8220.0014.53
526MAGGIE HULME118373206150+5618.7313.64
627ALLISON GAYNHAM118373219165+5419.9115.00
742KATH RUBERY106460185165+2018.5016.50
860ALISON SKIDMORE93633127166-3914.1118.44
966MARIE CADMAN321676145+1620.3315.00
Tue 22nd AprACradley Heath Libs12652606
Tue 29th AprHCradley Heath Libs12082424
Tue 6th MayABaggeridge A11084515
Tue 13th MayHBaggeridge A12682606
Tue 27th MayACoombs Wood12664606
Tue 3rd JunHCoombs Wood12658606
Tue 10th JunAGlasscutters105108333
Tue 17th JunHGlasscutters10984424
Tue 1st JulASedgley Ex100115333
Tue 8th JulHSedgley Ex12661606
Tue 22nd JulAWoodman Saltwells10190424
Tue 29th JulHWoodman Saltwells12081424
Tue 5th AugALaurels107110424
Tue 12th AugHLaurels11773515
Tue 19th AugARoyal Oak120101515
Tue 26th AugHRoyal Oak11195333
Tue 2nd SepHDudley Sports A12066515
Tue 9th SepADudley Sports A11986515
  Played 1820891492842484


PosDudley Sports AScoreDudley Dell LadiesScore
1Jean Waltho15Sarah Fletcher21
2Josie Soutter10Marie Cadman Best Result21
3Edith Clowes Best Result21Alison Skidmore14
4Audrey Southwick10Brenda Fletcher Best Result21
5Linda Smith19Kath Rubery21
6Daphne Moss11Mandy Pagett21


PosDudley Dell LadiesScoreDudley Sports AScore
1Mandy Pagett Best Result21Margaret Jones2
2Marie Cadman21Linda Smith14
3Brenda Fletcher21Jean Waltho10
4Sarah Fletcher21Audrey Southwick5
5Allison Gaynham21Edith Clowes14
6Kath Rubery15Daphne Moss Best Result21


PosDudley Dell LadiesScoreRoyal OakScore
1Sarah Fletcher21Mandy Basterfield12
2Mandy Pagett Best Result21Amy Rose4
3Brenda Fletcher21Judy Newton16
4Kath Rubery14Pat Gilbert Best Result21
5Allison Gaynham20Brenda Barker21
6Kaye Coulthard14Sue Pugh Best Result21


PosRoyal OakScoreDudley Dell LadiesScore
1Liz Parkes20Mandy Pagett21
2Sue Pugh16Allison Gaynham21
3Amy Rose13Sarah Fletcher Best Result21
4Pat Gilbert15Kath Rubery21
5Brenda Barker16Kaye Coulthard21
6Judy Newton Best Result21Brenda Fletcher15


PosDudley Dell LadiesScoreLaurelsScore
1Mandy Pagett Best Result21Ann Robinson2
2Brenda Fletcher21Cath Watson5
3Sarah Fletcher21June Winmill17
4Kath Rubery12Gemma Davis Best Result21
5Allison Gaynham21Hilary Henderson11
6Kaye Coulthard21Linda Portman17


PosLaurelsScoreDudley Dell LadiesScore
1Joanne Webster Best Result21Alison Skidmore8
2Hilary Henderson14Mandy Pagett Best Result21
3Linda Portman17Kaye Coulthard21
4Cath Watson21Maggie Hulme15
5June Winmill19Brenda Fletcher21
6Gemma Davis18Sarah Fletcher21


PosDudley Dell LadiesScoreWoodman SaltwellsScore
1Allison Gaynham Best Result21Anna Cree4
2Maggie Hulme18Karen Green Best Result21
3Kath Rubery18Marlise Perks Best Result21
4Mandy Pagett21Sandra Baillie7
5Brenda Fletcher21Ruth Brookes20
6Kaye Coulthard21Dawn Cree8


PosWoodman SaltwellsScoreDudley Dell LadiesScore
1Dawn Cree Best Result21Alison Skidmore8
2Karen Green13Brenda Fletcher21
3Marlise Perks21Mandy Pagett9
4Brenda Viney11Sarah Fletcher21
5Sandra Baillie8Kaye Coulthard Best Result21
6Ruth Brookes16Allison Gaynham21


PosDudley Dell LadiesScoreSedgley ExScore
1Brenda Fletcher21Sheila Sifford8
2Mandy Pagett21Eileen Poole15
3Alison Skidmore21Joan Flavell Best Result20
4Maggie Hulme Best Result21Jayne Townsend3
5Sarah Fletcher21June Parsons6
6Kaye Coulthard21Vi Limbert9


PosSedgley ExScoreDudley Dell LadiesScore
1Jayne Townsend15Kaye Coulthard Best Result21
2Eileen Poole21Marie Cadman19
3Joan Flavell20Maggie Hulme21
4Vi Limbert17Sarah Fletcher21
5June Parsons21Brenda Fletcher13
6Sheila Sifford Best Result21Mandy Pagett5


PosDudley Dell LadiesScoreGlasscuttersScore
1Mandy Pagett21Jessica Matthews12
2Allison Gaynham16Michelle Matthews21
3Brenda Fletcher Best Result21Jodie Matthews9
4Maggie Hulme Best Result21Jane Gritton9
5Sarah Fletcher21Sue Smith12
6Alison Skidmore9Lynn Morgan Best Result21


PosGlasscuttersScoreDudley Dell LadiesScore
1Sue Smith21Sarah Fletcher18
2Jane Gritton13Brenda Fletcher Best Result21
3Jessica Matthews Best Result21Alison Skidmore9
4Michelle Matthews18Maggie Hulme21
5Lynn Morgan21Allison Gaynham15
6Jodie Matthews14Mandy Pagett21


PosDudley Dell LadiesScoreCoombs WoodScore
1Allison Gaynham21Pauline Mutimer12
2Mandy Pagett21June Willey5
3Kath Rubery21Pauline Jones10
4Maggie Hulme Best Result21Mary Richardson2
5Sarah Fletcher21Sheila Gould Best Result18
6Kaye Coulthard21Jill Haytor11


PosCoombs WoodScoreDudley Dell LadiesScore
1June Willey Best Result17Maggie Hulme21
2Pauline Mutimer8Kaye Coulthard21
3Mary Richardson6Mandy Pagett Best Result21
4Pauline Jones12Brenda Fletcher21
5Jill Haytor11Sarah Fletcher21
6Sheila Gould10Kath Rubery21


PosDudley Dell LadiesScoreBaggeridge AScore
1Mandy Pagett Best Result21Margaret Baynham7
2Allison Gaynham21Joyce Turton16
3Alison Skidmore21Joyce Guest14
4Kath Rubery21Pat Baker12
5Sarah Fletcher21Kristina Johnson Best Result19
6Kaye Coulthard21Karen Johnson14


PosBaggeridge AScoreDudley Dell LadiesScore
1Joyce Turton6Mandy Pagett Best Result21
2Eileen Bennett13Allison Gaynham21
3Mary Ley9Kaye Coulthard21
4Margaret Baynham15Kath Rubery21
5Pat Baker Best Result21Maggie Hulme5
6Charlotte Richards20Sarah Fletcher21


PosDudley Dell LadiesScoreCradley Heath LibsScore
1Mandy Pagett Best Result21Margaret Holds9
2Alison Skidmore16Lyn Elwell Best Result21
3Brenda Fletcher20Dianne Homer21
4Maggie Hulme21Mary Saunders11
5Sarah Fletcher21Joan Walker11
6Kaye Coulthard Best Result21Karen Jordan9


PosCradley Heath LibsScoreDudley Dell LadiesScore
1Joan Walker4Mandy Pagett21
2Dianne Homer Best Result20Brenda Fletcher21
3Mary Saunders12Sarah Fletcher21
4Karen Jordan6Alison Skidmore21
5Lyn Elwell7Maggie Hulme21
6Margaret Holds3Kaye Coulthard Best Result21