Shrewsbury League

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Team Averages for Monkmoor A (Shrewsbury Div. 2)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
16Colin Hayes1815383360264+9620.0014.675.33
226Stuart Dodd (6TA)2012860381341+4019.0517.052.00
334Dean Pritchard (6TA)1811761313282+3117.3915.671.72
444Daniel Brookfield1610663284256+2817.7516.001.75
546Andy Cooke (6TA)1910953366346+2019.2618.211.05
655Steve Bramall (6TA)2091145350357-717.5017.85-0.35
7105Ricky Cooke (6TA)1851328284338-5415.7818.78-3.00
8106Mick Fiest2051525300375-7515.0018.75-3.75
9110Ali Brown2051525292389-9714.6019.45-4.85
10111Richard Saunders2051525296397-10114.8019.85-5.05
11127Matthew Griffiths82625111160-4913.8820.00-6.13
12155Micky Bramall10101821-318.0021.00-3.00
13168Clive Griffiths1010421-174.0021.00-17.00
Tue 17th AprHShelton Village159179646
Tue 24th AprABattlefield B132192464
Tue 1st MayHAlbert Road176188555
Wed 9th MayAPOWBC A170176646
Tue 15th MayHPrince Hotel B151186373
Tue 22nd MayAMeole Brace V185195373
Tue 29th MayHCorbet Arms188160557
Tue 5th JunAUnison 179177375
Tue 12th JunHBye00000
Tue 19th JunHSt Julians166163648
Tue 26th JunABagley A156192373
Tue 10th JulHBattlefield B203154739
Tue 17th JulAAlbert Road158166464
Wed 18th JulAShelton Village126194191
Tue 24th JulHPOWBC A185184466
Tue 31st JulAPrince Hotel B145202373
Tue 7th AugHMeole Brace V169174555
Tue 14th AugACorbet Arms147196282
Tue 21st AugHUnison 197147648
Tue 28th AugABye00000
Tue 4th SepASt Julians177177647
Tue 11th SepHBagley A190166739
  Played 203359356889111104
1st Half Results for Monkmoor A
St Ju
Hayes Colin181520.0021-2021-17  21-921-1221-1521-621-1221-1018-21
Dodd (6TA) Stuart201219.0521-1421-1521-1921-1114-2119-2121-1320-2121-1821-1620-21
Pritchard (6TA) Dean181117.3915-2121-2019-2114-216-2121-1821-1721-15 10-2121-14
Cooke (6TA) Andy191019.2621-1321-1421-1321-2014-2121-1821-716-2121-1817-2121-18
Brookfield Daniel161017.757-21 21-119-2117-2118-2121-321-921-621-1921-15
Bramall (6TA) Steve20917.5021-115-2121-2021-1621-1518-2117-2116-2121-103-2121-16
Cooke (6TA) Ricky 18515.7821-1713-2119-2112-2116-2113-21 18-215-2113-2118-21
Fiest Mick20515.0010-216-2111-2121-1211-2117-2120-2117-2114-2120-2121-10
Saunders Richard20514.8021-206-216-2121-1921-1517-2114-219-2120-2111-2121-8
Brown Ali20514.601-218-2121-2021-1410-2120-2114-2120-2121-1519-2121-10
Griffiths Matthew8213.88 10-2116-219-21    1-21  
Bramall Micky1018.00      18-21    
Griffiths Clive104.00           
Over Walk100.00           
2nd Half Results for Monkmoor A
St Ju
Hayes Colin181520.0021-107-2121-1921-1520-2121-2021-1221-1221-12
Dodd (6TA) Stuart201219.0511-2112-2121-1115-2121-1118-2121-1121-1921-15
Pritchard (6TA) Dean181117.39 21-59-219-2121-621-821-421-1221-16
Cooke (6TA) Andy191019.2618-2120-2120-2121-2015-2116-21 21-1620-21
Brookfield Daniel161017.7511-21   21-1312-2121-1621-1821-20
Bramall (6TA) Steve20917.5021-1017-2114-2120-2121-2013-2120-2118-2121-8
Cooke (6TA) Ricky 18515.78 15-2121-1216-2121-1914-2121-07-2121-17
Fiest Mick20515.0021-62-2121-168-2111-2111-2119-2121-1618-21
Saunders Richard20514.8012-2113-2120-2121-2012-2113-2120-2113-215-21
Brown Ali20514.6018-216-2118-2114-216-218-2112-2113-2121-15
Griffiths Matthew8213.8821-1413-2120-21   21-20  
Bramall Micky1018.00         
Griffiths Clive104.004-21        
Over Walk100.00   0-21     

Tue 11th Sep

PosMonkmoor AScoreScoreBagley A
1Stuart Dodd (6ta)2115Mike Lovett (6ta)
2Mick Fiest1821Mark Spencer
3Ali Brown2115Dave Paterson
4Andy Cooke (6ta)2021John Farmer (6ta)
5Colin Hayes2112Gary Morgan (6ta)
6Dean Pritchard (6ta)2116John Lovett (6ta)
7Steve Bramall (6ta) Best Result218Laurence Earl
8Daniel Brookfield2120Andy Sutherland (6ta)
9Richard Saunders521Stuart Reynolds Best Result
10Ricky Cooke (6ta)2117Sandra Griffiths

Tue 4th Sep

PosSt JuliansScoreScoreMonkmoor A
1Cliff Dickinson1621Mick Fiest
2Ian Jones1921Stuart Dodd (6ta)
3Martin Peleszok1821Daniel Brookfield
4Roland Leigh1621Andy Cooke (6ta)
5John Burton1221Dean Pritchard (6ta) Best Result
6Paddy Grace1221Colin Hayes Best Result
7Mark Lanning2113Ali Brown
8Stuart Rhodes2113Richard Saunders
9Andrew Reynolds2118Steve Bramall (6ta)
10Ernie Shea Best Result217Ricky Cooke (6ta)

Tue 21st Aug

PosMonkmoor AScoreScoreUnison
1Stuart Dodd (6ta)2111Simon Reynolds
2Dean Pritchard (6ta)214Dave Renwick
3Mick Fiest1921Phil Tyler
4Ali Brown1221Brian Meredith Best Result
5Ricky Cooke (6ta) Best Result210Mike A Hughes
6Daniel Brookfield2116Alan Everall
7Colin Hayes2112Vi Wynne
8Steve Bramall (6ta)2021John Pritchard
9Richard Saunders2021Pete Oliver
10Matthew Griffiths2120Cameron Griffin (j)

Tue 14th Aug

PosCorbet ArmsScoreScoreMonkmoor A
1Mike Wood Best Result218Ali Brown
2Dave Hyde2111Mick Fiest
3Darren Rhoades2116Andy Cooke (6ta)
4Eric Pitchford2118Stuart Dodd (6ta)
5Steve Edwards2113Steve Bramall (6ta)
6John Lumsden2112Daniel Brookfield
7Paul Caswell821Dean Pritchard (6ta) Best Result
8Marion Stevens2021Colin Hayes
9Arthur Morris2114Ricky Cooke (6ta)
10Graham Lewis2113Richard Saunders
Monkmoor- good set of lads/ladies pity about the green your trying to play bowls on. Corbet- good game played with a great spirit some good bowls played

Tue 7th Aug

PosMonkmoor AScoreScoreMeole Brace V
1Stuart Dodd (6ta)2111Mark Davies (6tv)
2Andy Cooke (6ta)1521Mike Jones (6tv)
3Mick Fiest1121Martin Stott (6tv)
4Ali Brown621Phil Wilkinson (6tv) Best Result
5Daniel Brookfield2113Tudor Bevan
6Colin Hayes2021Jan Wilkinson
7Dean Pritchard (6ta) Best Result216Dave Perks
8Steve Bramall (6ta)2120Scott Gibson
9Ricky Cooke (6ta)2119Bob Cliffe
10Richard Saunders1221John Crundell (6tv)
Monkmoor comments: a pleasure to play against a friendly and courteous team Mole comments:good game on a very tricky/but good surface

Tue 31st Jul

PosPrince Hotel BScoreScoreMonkmoor A
1Neil Ashley2114Ali Brown
2Neil Lewis Best Result218Mick Fiest
3Tony Parsons2021Andy Cooke (6ta)
4Kerry Lea2115Stuart Dodd (6ta)
5Ian Macmillan2120Steve Bramall (6ta)
6Peter Thomas2116Ricky Cooke (6ta)
7Craig Breeze1521Colin Hayes Best Result
8Rhys Marshall219Dean Pritchard (6ta)
9Bob Pugh2021Richard Saunders
10Chris Wilson210Walk Over

Tue 24th Jul

PosMonkmoor AScoreScorePOWBC A
1Mick Fiest2116Callum Gwilliams
2Andy Cooke (6ta)2021James Mansell
3Ali Brown1821Chris Slawson
4Matthew Griffiths2021Michael Cooper
5Stuart Dodd (6ta) Best Result2111Tom Gregory
6Steve Bramall (6ta)1421Ivor Sargent
7Dean Pritchard (6ta)921Tom Moseley Best Result
8Colin Hayes2119Ryan Hutchings
9Richard Saunders2021Darren Jones
10Ricky Cooke (6ta)2112Stan Briscoe
Game's played in a good spirit well try and change the Indian opening times for the next game

Wed 18th Jul

PosShelton VillageScoreScoreMonkmoor A
1Mike Davies2113Matthew Griffiths
2Alan Edwards216Ali Brown
3Paul Murray Best Result212Mick Fiest
4Phil Ashcroft2112Stuart Dodd (6ta)
5Sue Storey2117Steve Bramall (6ta)
6Mal Isaac217Colin Hayes
7Roger Lem521Dean Pritchard (6ta) Best Result
8Brian Selley2120Andy Cooke (6ta)
9Paul Davies2115Ricky Cooke (6ta)
10Paul Bishop2113Richard Saunders

Tue 17th Jul

PosAlbert RoadScoreScoreMonkmoor A
1Terry Jones621Mick Fiest Best Result
2Bryan Bates2111Stuart Dodd (6ta)
3Phil Davies2118Ali Brown
4Linda Gale1421Matthew Griffiths
5Tom Groome1021Steve Bramall (6ta)
6Reg Reece2111Daniel Brookfield
7Mark Hill2118Andy Cooke (6ta)
8Graham Hughes1021Colin Hayes
9Paul Binnersley2112Richard Saunders
10Chris Partridge Best Result214Clive Griffiths

Tue 10th Jul

PosMonkmoor AScoreScoreBattlefield B
1Stuart Dodd (6ta)2021Bob Bishop
2Andy Cooke (6ta)2118Andy Bourne
3Ali Brown2110Dave Pritchard
4Mick Fiest2110Ian Rose
5Dean Pritchard (6ta)2114Ray Bourne
6Steve Bramall (6ta)2116Lynne Jennings
7Daniel Brookfield2115Steve Drury
8Colin Hayes1821Harold Banks Best Result
9Richard Saunders Best Result218Pete Drury
10Ricky Cooke (6ta)1821Dave Cadwallader Best Result
Games played in a good spirit on a difficult green

Tue 26th Jun

PosBagley AScoreScoreMonkmoor A
1Gary Morgan (6ta)2120Mick Fiest
2Mike Lovett (6ta)1621Stuart Dodd (6ta)
3John Farmer (6ta)2117Andy Cooke (6ta)
4Dave Paterson2119Ali Brown
5Stuart Reynolds Best Result213Steve Bramall (6ta)
6Paul Peatroy1021Colin Hayes Best Result
7John Griffiths1921Daniel Brookfield
8Darren Williams (6ta)2110Dean Pritchard (6ta)
9John Lovett (6ta)2111Richard Saunders
10Andy Sutherland (6ta)2113Ricky Cooke (6ta)

Tue 19th Jun

PosMonkmoor AScoreScoreSt Julians
1Stuart Dodd (6ta)2118Cliff Dickinson
2Andy Cooke (6ta)2118Roland Leigh
3Ali Brown2115George Powell
4Mick Fiest1421Mark Lanning
5Matthew Griffiths121Ian Jones Best Result
6Steve Bramall (6ta)2110Andrew Reynolds
7Daniel Brookfield Best Result216Paddy Grace
8Colin Hayes2112Martin Peleszok
9Richard Saunders2021Ernie Shea
10Ricky Cooke (6ta)521Stuart Rhodes

Tue 5th Jun

PosUnison ScoreScoreMonkmoor A
1Simon Reynolds2117Mick Fiest
2Dave Renwick Best Result219Richard Saunders
3Mike A Hughes2120Ali Brown
4Alan Everall2116Andy Cooke (6ta)
5Bill Moseley1521Dean Pritchard (6ta)
6Vi Wynne2116Steve Bramall (6ta)
7John Pritchard921Daniel Brookfield
8Cameron Griffin (j)621Colin Hayes Best Result
9Pete Oliver2118Ricky Cooke (6ta)
10Stephen Morris2120Stuart Dodd (6ta)

Tue 29th May

PosMonkmoor AScoreScoreCorbet Arms
1Mick Fiest2021John Lumsden
2Ali Brown1421Darren Rhoades Best Result
3Andy Cooke (6ta)217Peter Sherry
4Richard Saunders1421Eric Pitchford Best Result
5Micky Bramall1821Steve Edwards
6Daniel Brookfield Best Result213Paul Caswell
7Steve Bramall (6ta)1721Arthur Morris
8Dean Pritchard (6ta)2117Mike Wood
9Colin Hayes2115Graham Lewis
10Stuart Dodd (6ta)2113Richard Owen

Tue 22nd May

PosMeole Brace VScoreScoreMonkmoor A
1Mike Jones (6tv)1821Andy Cooke (6ta)
2John Cooper2120Ali Brown
3Dave Perks2117Richard Saunders
4Phil Wilkinson (6tv)2117Mick Fiest
5Jan Wilkinson1821Dean Pritchard (6ta)
6Bob Chatham (6tv)1221Colin Hayes Best Result
7Geoff Balshaw2118Daniel Brookfield
8Scott Gibson2118Steve Bramall (6ta)
9John Crundell (6tv)2119Stuart Dodd (6ta)
10Bob Cliffe Best Result2113Ricky Cooke (6ta)
Really close game.....

Tue 15th May

PosMonkmoor AScoreScorePrince Hotel B
1Stuart Dodd (6ta)1421Tony Parsons
2Richard Saunders2115Tom Stanhope
3Andy Cooke (6ta)1421Neil Ashley
4Mick Fiest1121Neil Lewis
5Daniel Brookfield1721Ian Macmillan
6Dean Pritchard (6ta)621Rhys Marshall Best Result
7Steve Bramall (6ta)2115Jenna Marshall
8Colin Hayes Best Result219Craig Breeze
9Ali Brown1021Chris Wilson
10Ricky Cooke (6ta)1621Bob Pugh

Wed 9th May

PosPOWBC AScoreScoreMonkmoor A
1Alex Nicholls2112Ricky Cooke (6ta)
2Ryan Hutchings Best Result219Daniel Brookfield
3Chris Slawson2114Dean Pritchard (6ta)
4Tom Gregory2021Andy Cooke (6ta)
5Gill Moore1221Mick Fiest
6Tom Moseley Best Result219Matthew Griffiths
7Callum Gwilliams1621Steve Bramall (6ta)
8Dan Guest1921Richard Saunders
9Mike Binnersley1421Ali Brown
10Stan Briscoe1121Stuart Dodd (6ta) Best Result

Tue 1st May

PosMonkmoor AScoreScoreAlbert Road
1Daniel Brookfield Best Result2111Les Lacourse
2Andy Cooke (6ta)2113Sue Hill
3Stuart Dodd (6ta)2119Bryan Bates
4Dean Pritchard (6ta)1921Dave Nicholls
5Mick Fiest1121Graham Hughes
6Matthew Griffiths1621Reg Reece
7Steve Bramall (6ta)2120Phil Davies
8Ali Brown2120Paul Binnersley
9Richard Saunders621Mark Hill Best Result
10Ricky Cooke (6ta)1921Chris Partridge

Tue 24th Apr

PosBattlefield BScoreScoreMonkmoor A
1Bob Bishop2110Matthew Griffiths
2Roger Whitfield218Ali Brown
3Lynne Jennings1521Stuart Dodd (6ta)
4Ian Rose1421Andy Cooke (6ta) Best Result
5Simon Thomas Best Result215Steve Bramall (6ta)
6Harold Banks2113Ricky Cooke (6ta)
7Andy Bourne2021Dean Pritchard (6ta)
8Ray Bourne1721Colin Hayes
9Dave Cadwallader216Richard Saunders
10Nobby Johnston216Mick Fiest

Tue 17th Apr

PosMonkmoor AScoreScoreShelton Village
1Stuart Dodd (6ta)2114Phil Ashcroft
2Dean Pritchard (6ta)1521Roger Lem
3Mick Fiest1021Paul Murray
4Richard Saunders2120Mike Davies
5Andy Cooke (6ta)2113Brian Selley
6Daniel Brookfield721Alan Edwards
7Colin Hayes2120Sue Storey
8Steve Bramall (6ta) Best Result2111Matt Dundass
9Ali Brown121Paul Bishop Best Result
10Ricky Cooke (6ta)2117Paul Davies