Tanners Claret Shropshire Bowling League 2017

Shropshire League

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Team Averages for George ( Shropshire Div.1)
TeamDivisionPlayWonLost% WonForAgainstAggForAgainstAgg
130Gary Wilkie2416867453365+8818.8815.213.67
244Dave Edwards24141058416365+5117.3315.212.13
3101Mark Kirkham1910953315335-2016.5817.63-1.05
4107Dave Hughes25101540412455-4316.4818.20-1.72
5113Martin Chesworth2391439410397+1317.8317.260.57
6119Terry Heaton2091145318340-2215.9017.00-1.10
7129Tom Griffiths1881044303319-1616.8317.72-0.89
8154James Ashton146843228253-2516.2918.07-1.79
9156Kevin Francis1961332303334-3115.9517.58-1.63
10158Luke Dulson136746208242-3416.0018.62-2.62
11165Roger Fisher2261627308429-12114.0019.50-5.50
12186John Hughes114736163186-2314.8216.91-2.09
13199Jamie Birch83538132148-1616.5018.50-2.00
14205Terry Thompson2031715299396-9714.9519.80-4.85
15207Peter Griffiths1531220190310-12012.6720.67-8.00
16237Mark Price1101002116+521.0016.005.00
17244Josh Davies211503432+217.0016.001.00
18255Sandra Barker413257183-1217.7520.75-3.00
19261Keiron Jones131128129271-1429.9220.85-10.92
20276Neil Sanderson10101321-813.0021.00-8.00
21285James Gillham10101121-1011.0021.00-10.00
22290John Dulson1010921-129.0021.00-12.00
Fri 7th AprAPOWBC187243393
Fri 14th AprHPontesbury A224207759
Fri 21st AprAElephant & Castle1532422102
Fri 28th AprHHanwood2301699311
Fri 5th MayABattlefield164230393
Fri 12th MayHWhittington191224484
Fri 19th MayATelepost195222484
Fri 26th MayAMeole Brace A175228393
Fri 2nd JunHLudlow Castle207198759
Fri 9th JunACastlefields186231393
Fri 16th JunHPrince Hotel A180201666
Fri 23rd JunAIfton168222393
Fri 7th JulHPOWBC2401379311
Fri 14th JulAPontesbury A1412491111
Fri 21st JulHElephant & Castle231203668
Fri 28th JulAHanwood194223484
Fri 4th AugHBattlefield2301829311
Fri 11th AugAWhittington185231393
Fri 18th AugHTelepost212219575
Fri 25th AugHMeole Brace A203187668
Fri 1st SepALudlow Castle972511111
Fri 8th SepHCastlefields218200759
Fri 15th SepAPrince Hotel A161240393
Fri 22nd SepHIfton223214668
Wed 27th SepHAbbey A2191569311
Fri 29th SepAAbbey A151228393
  Played 2649655537126186146

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1st Half Results for George
Wilkie Gary241618.8819-2121-1912-2121-9 21-1421-1020-2121-1121-521-713-2121-8
Edwards Dave241417.3316-2121-1419-2121-1321-2021-517-217-2121-1321-182-2121-221-11
Kirkham Mark191016.58 21-78-2121-20 21-1913-2121-321-18 6-2112-21 
Hughes Dave251016.4821-1518-217-2121-1321-1712-2120-2114-2121-2010-2110-218-2121-8
Chesworth Martin23917.8318-2118-2120-2121-1210-2121-1821-1620-2121-711-2121-1611-2121-5
Heaton Terry20915.907-2121-1321-1221-621-414-2121-135-21  7-219-2121-18
Griffiths Tom18816.83  21-20 7-21 17-2116-213-2120-2121-1421-13 
Ashton James14616.2915-21 11-218-2111-2115-2110-2115-2121-1217-2121-1221-18 
Dulson Luke13616.00    15-2110-21   21-1921-1511-2117-21
Francis Kevin19615.95 12-2118-2121-817-2111-2115-2121-1721-12  15-2121-0
Fisher Roger22614.0021-2020-213-2121-1416-2113-2121-15 16-2110-2121-1110-2121-13
Hughes John11414.8212-2121-11  8-21  10-21 13-21  21-0
Birch Jamie8316.50             
Thompson Terry20314.958-2121-1811-2117-2116-2117-2112-215-2119-2120-2116-21 21-11
Griffiths Peter15312.6721-19 2-2116-211-2115-217-2121-197-219-2113-21 18-21
Price Mark1121.00             
Barker Sandra4117.7516-2121-20      15-21    
Davies Josh2117.0013-21  21-11         
Jones Keiron1319.92           16-2116-21
Sanderson Neil1013.00         13-21   
Gillham James1011.00             
Dulson John109.00 9-21           
Over Walk200.00             
2nd Half Results for George
Wilkie Gary241618.8821-1821-715-2121-1117-2121-1121-159-2121-1321-1921-20 12-21
Edwards Dave241417.3315-2121-821-821-716-2121-1521-9 21-126-2118-21 6-21
Kirkham Mark191016.5813-2119-213-2121-1721-19 21-9 19-2112-2121-19 21-15
Hughes Dave251016.4815-2121-1619-2115-217-2119-2121-521-2017-2121-1721-9 11-21
Chesworth Martin23917.8316-2118-2121-921-916-2117-21 6-2121-1120-2120-21  
Heaton Terry20915.9018-2121-1616-21 14-2120-219-2110-2121-17 21-10  
Griffiths Tom18816.8316-2114-2115-2121-1121-1321-1521-13 10-2117-2121-10  
Ashton James14616.29   21-1921-1021-14       
Dulson Luke13616.007-2117-2121-18 5-21   21-1721-15  21-11
Francis Kevin19615.952-21 20-2114-21  13-218-2121-1116-2116-21 21-13
Fisher Roger22614.006-21 21-2012-2120-217-2110-2113-21 5-2115-21 6-21
Hughes John11414.82 17-21 21-14   7-2121-14   12-21
Birch Jamie8316.50 21-14 21-1219-2121-1720-215-21 11-21  14-21
Thompson Terry20314.952-21 20-21  17-2121-1013-2117-219-2117-21  
Griffiths Peter15312.67 20-21   18-21 1-21  21-20  
Price Mark1121.00 21-16           
Barker Sandra4117.75      19-21      
Davies Josh2117.00             
Jones Keiron1319.9210-21 2-2121-198-219-216-214-218-212-2111-21 16-21
Sanderson Neil1013.00             
Gillham James1011.00            11-21
Dulson John109.00             
100.00           - 
Over Walk200.00       0-21    0-21

Fri 29th Sep

PosAbbey AScoreScoreGeorge
1Neil Ashton (6fa)210Walk Over
2Perry Evans (6fa) Best Result216Dave Edwards
3David Webb1521Mark Kirkham
4Greg Jones (6fa/6ta)2112Gary Wilkie
5Derek Hill (6fa)2114Jamie Birch
6Stuart Dorsett2111Dave Hughes
7John Dorsett (6fa/6ta)2112John Hughes
8Dan Price Best Result216Roger Fisher
9Dave Clayton1321Kevin Francis
10Tony Williams (6ta)2116Keiron Jones
11Steven Wheeler1121Luke Dulson Best Result
12Simon Damm2111James Gillham

Wed 27th Sep

Fri 22nd Sep

1Dave Edwards1821Aaron Roberts
2Terry Heaton2110Kara Jones
3Roger Fisher1521Megis Phillips
4Mark Kirkham2119Rob Evans
5Dave Hughes Best Result219Kelly Richardson
6Keiron Jones1121Darren Matthews Best Result
7Kevin Francis1621Neil Evans
8Gary Wilkie2120Joe Langford
9Terry Thompson1721Craig Jones
10Martin Chesworth2021Meurig Davies
11Peter Griffiths2120Charlie Blain
12Tom Griffiths2110Gareth Williams

Fri 15th Sep

PosPrince Hotel AScoreScoreGeorge
1Ian Smith (6ta)2111Jamie Birch
2Darren Powis Best Result212Keiron Jones
3Nigel Ferrington219Terry Thompson
4Geoff Davies1721Dave Hughes
5Nicki Hotchkiss (6fa)1921Gary Wilkie
6Ian Payne (6ta)2116Kevin Francis
7Ian Marshall (6fa)2117Tom Griffiths
8Paul Marshall1521Luke Dulson Best Result
9Chris Jones215Roger Fisher
10Claire Barker (6fa)2120Martin Chesworth
11Conrad Clapham (6fa)2112Mark Kirkham
12Tracy Ryan (6fa)216Dave Edwards

Fri 8th Sep

1Dave Edwards2112Steve Walker (6tb)
2Terry Heaton2117Gary Walker
3Gary Wilkie2113Mark Walker
4Mark Kirkham1921Kevin Walker (6tb)
5Terry Thompson1721Daryl Edwards
6Dave Hughes1721Shaun O''sullivan
7Keiron Jones821Carl Wear (6tb) Best Result
8Kevin Francis Best Result2111Steve Duckett
9Martin Chesworth Best Result2111Michael Thomas
10Luke Dulson2117Tony Wall (6tb)
11John Hughes2114Barry Keep
12Tom Griffiths1021Graham Wall (6tb)
shade disapointing again at home.4 good cards helped seal the agg.

Fri 1st Sep

PosLudlow CastleScoreScoreGeorge
1Graham Lane2021Dave Hughes Best Result
2Carl Bowen2110Terry Heaton
3Richard Lane Best Result211Peter Griffiths
4Dave Wilding215Jamie Birch
5Simon Lane219Gary Wilkie
6Nick Beard2113Roger Fisher
7Ben James216Martin Chesworth
8Mal Bowen218Kevin Francis
9Mal Griffiths214Keiron Jones
10Graham Pritchard217John Hughes
11Lee Wilding2113Terry Thompson
12Tom Harrington210Walk Over

Fri 25th Aug

PosGeorgeScoreScoreMeole Brace A
1Dave Edwards219Martin Middleton (6fa)
2Terry Heaton921John Coxill (6fa)
3Roger Fisher1021Adrian Jennings (6ta)
4Gary Wilkie2115Ray Jones
5Sandra Barker1921Derek Jones
6Dave Hughes Best Result215Paul Richards
7Mark Kirkham219Charlie Wilde (6ta)
8Keiron Jones621Tom Dowling (6fa) Best Result
9Terry Thompson2110Andrew Corfield
10Kevin Francis1321Mal Cowley (6tb)
11Jamie Birch2021Mark Hinks (6ta)
12Tom Griffiths2113Tim Jordan (6fa)
well bowled meole entertaining game,good wins on both sides john coxhill away mvp. dave hughes good single figure win but mark k. just got my vote home mvp.Derek J,& MarkH bowled very well.

Fri 18th Aug

1Dave Edwards2115Richard Addison
2Terry Heaton2021James Mammone
3Gary Wilkie Best Result2111Mike Stephens (6ta)
4Jamie Birch2117Shaun Bould
5Roger Fisher721Mick Pritchard Best Result
6Dave Hughes1921Lee Barker
7Martin Chesworth1721Dan Williams
8Keiron Jones921Dominic Wootton
9Peter Griffiths1821Hayden Lewis
10Tom Griffiths2115Simon Lewis (6ta)
11Terry Thompson1721John Addison (6ta)
12James Ashton2114Stuart Long (6ta)
great game great atmosphere,3 tight games cost us win and agg.Telepost bowled very well.close call for homemvp maybe big tom.very close away mick p just got my pick.Addy and Danclose up

Fri 11th Aug

1Brian Whitley2120Roger Fisher
2Mel Morris1021James Ashton Best Result
3Kevin Stephenson Best Result215Luke Dulson
4Trevor Roberts2117Gary Wilkie
5Matthew Stevenson1921Mark Kirkham
6Andy Jones217Dave Hughes
7John Harrison218Keiron Jones
8Merv Davies2119Jamie Birch
9Andy Cawthray2114Terry Heaton
10Jono Shaw2116Martin Chesworth
11Graham Humphreys2116Dave Edwards
12Mike Brunt1321Tom Griffiths

Fri 4th Aug

1Dave Edwards Best Result217Roger Whitfield
2Martin Chesworth219Dave Cadwallader
3Dave Hughes1521Harry Ryder (6ta)
4Gary Wilkie2111Amy Ryder
5Kevin Francis1421Steve Wilkes (6ta)
6Keiron Jones2119Keith Owen
7Mark Kirkham2117Dave Beer
8Roger Fisher1221Harold Banks Best Result
9James Ashton2119Kevin Perks
10Jamie Birch2112Nigel Ryder
11John Hughes2114Bob Bishop
12Tom Griffiths2111Simon Thomas
good 1st 4 30up and good back 4 give us the points big dave &chessieshowed the wayclosely by the gary w good break of 15 7 2 down to tight wins against KP &KOsealed the win. harry R away MVPin my opinion.

Fri 28th Jul

1Carl Bowers2116Terry Heaton
2Steve France2115Tom Griffiths
3Eric Mansell2119Dave Hughes
4Darren Phillips (6ta)1821Luke Dulson
5Keith Phillips (6ta) Best Result212Keiron Jones
6Anna Preece2115Gary Wilkie
7Phil Price (6ta)821Dave Edwards Best Result
8Phil J Price (6ta)2021Roger Fisher
9Phil Talbot2120Kevin Francis
10Dayle Turner921Martin Chesworth
11Russell Wellings2120Terry Thompson
12Jason Rowson (6ta)213Mark Kirkham

Fri 21st Jul

PosGeorgeScoreScoreElephant & Castle
1Dave Edwards218Graham Humphreys
2Jamie Birch2114Paul Smith
3Terry Heaton2116Carl Preece
4Mark Kirkham1921Jamie Brookes
5Gary Wilkie Best Result217Steve Jones
6Luke Dulson1721Stuart Greaves
7Dave Hughes2116John Yeomans
8Mark Price2116Richard Leah
9John Hughes1721Tony Sherratt
10Martin Chesworth1821Dave Hanson
11Peter Griffiths2021Martin Young
12Tom Griffiths1421Steve Warburton Best Result
very good match good front good middle bad bck 4 well done gary big dave pleasing win from jamie b terry h bowled well in good match.i thought jamie b was eye catching&big come back for M Young 17 8 down. steve w was stylish.once again ,dave h won well i

Fri 14th Jul

PosPontesbury AScoreScoreGeorge
1Karl Jones (6fa/ta)1821Gary Wilkie Best Result
2Anthony Price (6fa/ta)2113Mark Kirkham
3Steve Williams2116Martin Chesworth
4Dennis Walton (6ta)217Luke Dulson
5Tony France2118Terry Heaton
6Boo Challinor Best Result212Kevin Francis
7Dan Jones (6fa/ta)2115Dave Edwards
8Danny Blyth (6fa)2115Dave Hughes
9Andy Price (6ta)216Roger Fisher
10Dave Povey (6ta)2110Keiron Jones
11Anthony Gray (6fa) Best Result212Terry Thompson
12Rob Jones2116Tom Griffiths

Fri 7th Jul

1Dave Edwards2111Emily Cunningham
2Terry Heaton2118Cliff Dickinson (6tc)
3Roger Fisher2113Ian Plain
4Luke Dulson1721John Burton
5Keiron Jones1621Fred Micklewright Best Result
6Martin Chesworth Best Result215Craig Brandon
7Gary Wilkie218Wendy Jones
8Dave Hughes218Tony Cunningham
9Terry Thompson2111Mike Binnersley
10Peter Griffiths1821Ivor Sargent
11John Hughes210Walk Over
12Kevin Francis210Walk Over
good result. chessie best good wins for hughsie &reliable gaz. hard to pick away mvp although ivor s came back from 15-8 down.freds win was eyecatching against good youngster.prince unlucky giving 2 games

Fri 23rd Jun

1Craig Lewis2111Luke Dulson
2Darren Matthews1321Tom Griffiths
3Megis Phillips2112Mark Kirkham
4Mike Hughes Best Result218Dave Hughes
5Neil Evans2113Gary Wilkie
6Jamie Waugh2116Keiron Jones
7Craig Jones219Terry Heaton
8Ollie Jones2115Kevin Francis
9Lorraine Lewis221Dave Edwards Best Result
10Joe Langford1821James Ashton
11Derek Roberts2110Roger Fisher
12Charlie Blain2111Martin Chesworth

Fri 16th Jun

PosGeorgeScoreScorePrince Hotel A
1Dave Edwards221Conrad Clapham (6fa) Best Result
2Terry Heaton721Nigel Ferrington
3Mark Kirkham621Tracy Ryan (6fa)
4James Ashton2112Ian Smith (6ta)
5Gary Wilkie Best Result217Paul Marshall
6Dave Hughes1021Darren Powis
7Roger Fisher2111Geoff Davies
8Luke Dulson2115Ian Payne (6ta)
9Terry Thompson1621Ian Marshall (6fa)
10Martin Chesworth2116Chris Jones
11Peter Griffiths1321Claire Barker (6fa)
12Tom Griffiths2114Graeme Wornell (6fa/ta)
spirited come back after poor start,3single figure wins for the prince all bowled excellent. agood middle helped the cause with G Wilkie steadied the ship. 2 for the george in the back not enough.well bowled prince hotel clare &ian &darren shone in goo

Fri 9th Jun

1Steve Duckett2110Dave Hughes
2Carl Wear (6tb)2113Neil Sanderson
3Gary Walker1921Luke Dulson
4Mark Walker2111Martin Chesworth
5Steve Walker (6tb)521Gary Wilkie Best Result
6Tony Wall (6tb)2110Roger Fisher
7Graham Wall (6tb)2120Tom Griffiths
8Daryl Edwards2117James Ashton
9Michael Thomas Best Result219Peter Griffiths
10Michael Rogers2120Terry Thompson
11Shaun O''sullivan2113John Hughes
12Russell Pugh1821Dave Edwards

Fri 2nd Jun

PosGeorgeScoreScoreLudlow Castle
1Dave Edwards2113Ben James
2Mark Kirkham2118Nick Beard
3Gary Wilkie2111Carl Bowen
4James Ashton2112Richard Lane
5Sandra Barker1521Dave Wilding
6Dave Hughes2120Graham Lane
7Terry Thompson1921Keith Bell
8Roger Fisher1621Neil Crump
9Martin Chesworth Best Result217Lee Wilding
10Kevin Francis2112Graham Pritchard
11Peter Griffiths721Simon Lane
12Tom Griffiths321Mal Griffiths Best Result
some good wins on bothsides james ashton pleasing along with mart chesworth,Mal G,&S Lane very impressive,Dave W.ran out well,15/12 down quite pleased with 9-5on a damp night.

Fri 26th May

PosMeole Brace AScoreScoreGeorge
1Adrian Jennings (6ta) Best Result215Terry Heaton
2Mark Hinks (6ta)217Dave Edwards
3Tom Dowling (6fa)321Mark Kirkham Best Result
4Roger Griffin2120Martin Chesworth
5John Coxill (6fa) Best Result215Terry Thompson
6Mal Cowley (6tb)2114Dave Hughes
7Paul Richards2120Gary Wilkie
8Barry Lowe (6tb)2115James Ashton
9Alan Hughes (6fa)1921Peter Griffiths
10Martin Middleton (6fa)1721Kevin Francis
11Andrew Corfield2110John Hughes
12Tim Jordan (6fa)2116Tom Griffiths

Fri 19th May

1Mick Pritchard2110James Ashton
2Phil Whatmough1621Martin Chesworth
3James Mammone1021Gary Wilkie Best Result
4Rob Jones1521Roger Fisher
5Dave Mansell (6ta)2120Dave Hughes
6Paul Pritchard2117Tom Griffiths
7Simon Lewis (6ta) Best Result217Peter Griffiths
8Hayden Lewis2115Kevin Francis
9Lee Barker1321Terry Heaton
10Shaun Bould2113Mark Kirkham
11Richard Addison2117Dave Edwards
12Dan Williams2112Terry Thompson

Fri 12th May

1Dave Edwards Best Result215Julian Turner
2Terry Heaton1421Graham Humphreys
3James Ashton1521Jono Shaw
4Mark Kirkham2119Andy Cawthray
5Luke Dulson1021Merv Davies Best Result
6Gary Wilkie2114Brian Whitley
7Dave Hughes1221John Harrison
8Roger Fisher1321Trevor Roberts
9Terry Thompson1721Mel Morris
10Kevin Francis1121Aled Davies
11Martin Chesworth2118Ben Hampson
12Peter Griffiths1521Peter Humber

Fri 5th May

1Bob Bishop1721Dave Hughes
2Harry Ryder (6ta)2115Luke Dulson
3Amy Ryder421Terry Heaton Best Result
4Roger Whitfield2021Dave Edwards
5Dave Beer217Tom Griffiths
6Keith Owen2111James Ashton
7Harold Banks2116Roger Fisher
8Steve Wilkes (6ta)2110Martin Chesworth
9Sam Cartwright (6ta) Best Result211Peter Griffiths
10Dave Cadwallader2117Kevin Francis
11Mal Parry218John Hughes
12Alan Pritchard2116Terry Thompson

Fri 28th Apr

1Dave Edwards2113Carl Bowers
2Terry Heaton Best Result216Phil Price (6ta)
3James Ashton821Mark Shore Best Result
4Mark Kirkham2120Jason Rowson (6ta)
5Kevin Francis218Eric Mansell
6Roger Fisher2114Roger Houston
7Gary Wilkie219Mark Preece
8Dave Hughes2113Martin Sandells
9Martin Chesworth2112Darren Phillips (6ta)
10Josh Davies2111Dayle Turner
11Terry Thompson1721Phil Talbot
12Peter Griffiths1621Phil J Price (6ta)
great result,terry led the way 21-6 followed by alot of good performances some very good bowling, big Dave ran out from13-12 down Mark K, came back well to just pip jason. good middle for the george &good wins for mart &josh.thought Phil t bowled very wel

Fri 21st Apr

PosElephant & CastleScoreScoreGeorge
1Carl Preece2112Gary Wilkie
2Paul Smith218Mark Kirkham
3Jamie Brookes1221Terry Heaton Best Result
4Richard Leah2119Dave Edwards
5Steve Jones2111James Ashton
6Mal Wilde2120Martin Chesworth
7Dawn Gray2118Kevin Francis
8Steve Dudson2021Tom Griffiths
9Dave Hanson2111Terry Thompson
10Tony Sherratt213Roger Fisher
11Martin Young217Dave Hughes
12John Yeomans Best Result212Peter Griffiths

Fri 14th Apr

PosGeorgeScoreScorePontesbury A
1Dave Edwards2114Gary Middleton
2Mark Kirkham Best Result217Boo Challinor
3Terry Heaton2113Anthony Price (6fa/ta)
4Sandra Barker2120Karl Jones (6fa/ta)
5Gary Wilkie2119Danny Blyth (6fa)
6John Dulson921Dan Jones (6fa/ta) Best Result
7Dave Hughes1821Tony France
8Terry Thompson2118Andy Price (6ta)
9Roger Fisher2021Rob Jones
10Kevin Francis1221Anthony Gray (6fa)
11Martin Chesworth1821Chris Luther (6fa)
12John Hughes2111Dave Povey (6ta)
very good match , some hardluck stories on both sides,excellent performance by Mark Kirkham in a good 1st 4 not so good last 4 good win by Ant gray &Dan Jones Ant just getting my vote will settle for 9-5

Fri 7th Apr

1Emily Cunningham Best Result217Terry Heaton
2Tom Dickinson2021Roger Fisher
3John Burton2116Sandra Barker
4Ian Plain2116Dave Edwards
5Glyn Harvey1521Dave Hughes Best Result
6Ann Parrish2113Josh Davies
7Fred Micklewright2115James Ashton
8Wendy Jones2112John Hughes
9Mike Binnersley1921Peter Griffiths
10Tim Cliffe2118Martin Chesworth
11Tony Cunningham2119Gary Wilkie
12George Dourish218Terry Thompson