Tanners Claret Shropshire Bowling League 2017

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Results for Shropshire Div. 2 played on Fri 19th May
PosCrescentScoreWem BCScore
1Mark Harris21Anne Speake8
2Andrew Gregg21Dave Evanson7
3Jason Evans21Claire Watkin9
4Ant Lewis21Paul Ellison15
5Neil Harris (6ta) Best Result21Alan Walker4
6Steve Rogers10Guy Tipton Best Result21
7Mark Rogers (6ta)21Peter Jenkins10
8Dave Oliver21Terry Evanson7
9Matt Cooke21Gary Pountney17
10Craig Bowen19Pat Davies21
11Lee Walmsley (6ta)21Tony Oliver13
12Mike Cutler13Peter Skone21

PosOSBCScoreBicton AScore
1John Griffiths21Andy Wilson (6fa)8
2Jacob Reese21Andy Jones (6fa/ta)13
3Andy Pullen21Rob Jones6
4Tony Poole11Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta) Best Result21
5Gwyn Jones21Andy Gale18
6John Harris (6tb)21Dave Price11
7Bob Chandler Best Result21Trevor Bowers4
8Evelyn Jones12Becky Brown21
9Matthew Whittaker (6tb)21Tony Kirkham10
10Rich Jones (6tb)21Tony Dawson17
11Derek Jones (6tb)18Keith Thomas (6ta)21
12Ian Foster21Richard Carr (6fa/ta)15

PosGreenfields SocialScoreBayston Hill Score
1Chris Jones (6ta) Best Result21Nick Hughes (6ta)5
2John Brown (6ta)20Mike Young21
3Ian Massey21Ray Sant6
4Mike Badnell13Jane Archer (6fa/6ta)21
5Pete Mackay14John Hall21
6Nigel Harris (6ta)21Mike Statham14
7Rob Jones21Molly Sullivan16
8Kevin Williams (6ta)19Martin Cousins21
9Roger Jones (6ta)21Andy Davies10
10Ian Kilburn (6ta)21Craig Jones16
11Jo Wellard10Trevor Pritchard (6ta) Best Result21
12June Massey21Alex Evans (6ta)20

PosUnisonScoreMeole Brace VScore
1Will Tyler Best Result21Eric Webb12
2Brian Meredith Best Result21Phil Wilkinson12
3Dave Renwick Best Result21John Crundell (6tv)12
4Phil Tyler21Mike Jones (6tv)15
5Matthew Parry (j)21Bob Chatham17
6Simon Reynolds21Mark Davies (6tv)18
7Les Jones20Alan Lloyd21
8Bill Moseley18Dave (itchy) Pritchard21
9Cameron Griffin (j)16John Maddox21
10Clive Jordan16Jan Wilkinson21
11Pete Oliver13Martin Stott (6tv)21
12Bob Parry11Bob Cliffe Best Result21
A closely contested match with everyone achieving double figures saw Unison lead 3-1 and +16. Meole then turned the match on its head by winning all four middle games to lead 5-3 and +3. Unison redressed the balance at the back by 3 games to 1 to win by 8

PosPrince Hotel BScoreBishops CastleScore
1Tony Parsons18Mark Griffiths21
2Sid Bould21Barry Jones19
3Andy Walker (6ta)19Tony Graham21
4Neil Lewis21Wayne Pugh12
5Rhys Marshall17Mark Evans21
6Kerry Lea19Doug Morris21
7Kelvin Holder (6ta)17Josh Dickin21
8Neil Ashley16Andrew Evans21
9Christie Hughes Best Result21Terry Bufton11
10Jenna Marshall13Ian Corfield Best Result21
11Tom Stanhope21Paul Wheeler14
12Chris Wilson14Bill Meek21

PosOxon VillageScorePontesbury BScore
1Colin Jones6Emlyn Jones Best Result21
2Roger Lem21Dave Perks14
3Sue Storey16Terry Jones (6tb)21
4Jason Stevens17Neil Edwards21
5Paul Murray13Cliff Evans21
6Ian Williams21Ben Middleton (j)12
7Mick Murray21Kevin Williams (6tc)18
8Alan Edwards Best Result21John Potter11
9Chris Murray20Clive Luther21
10Brian Selley Best Result21Adam Morris (6tc)11
11Nigel Williams21Martin Green17
12Paul Davies17Martin Jones21

PosFrankwellScoreCraven ArmsScore
1Mal Mitchell Best Result21Laurie Jones7
2Steve Haycocks17Terry Lucas21
3Brian Bennett13Phil Baker21
4Chris Dorsett12Bert Morris21
5Rob Ball21Lilian Payne12
6Mel Yates10Ian Bishop21
7Mark Lloyd5Tony Cowdale Best Result21
8Jack Haycocks20Tony Pryce21
9Jesse James21Colin Blent19
10Simon Hayman21Toby Foxall14
11Andy Doster21Nathan Baker17
12Mike Haycocks21Paul Davies17
Close match,strong back 4 for Frankwell nearly saved the day! Well played Craven Arms in difficult conditions.