Tanners Claret Shropshire Bowling League 2017

Shrewsbury League

Latest results for Shrewsbury Div. 4

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PosGreenfields Social BScoreCrescent BScore
1Tony Sandford14Dan Laurens21
2Pete Mackay19Graham Hughes21
3Roger Collins16Ant Lewis21
4Bill Steventon14Brian Richards21
5Dave Pritchard19Mike Greaves21
6Ron Evans7John Wycherley Best Result21
7Graham Hughes21Simon Hepworth14
8James Fernie Best Result21Andy Maycock8
9Mike Goodall11Alan Hotchkiss21
10Neil Harris18Dave Rowe21
very wet evening but congratulations to Crecent,well deserved win

PosBayston Hill BScoreSevernsideScore
1Christine Taylor19Sue Eaton21
2Bob Preece21Felicity Kershaw13
3Jean Barlow16Glyn Turner Best Result21
4Ron Wilcock19David Eaton21
5Marion Jones21Julie Perry17
6Kevin Edwards21Ian Edwards17
7Ted Clarke21John Fannin7
8Sylvia Morris Best Result21John Parry6
9Ray Sant21George Perry11
10Royston Wilcock21Robert Phillips18

PosMeole Brace CScoreElephant & CastleScore
1Dave (itchy) Pritchard21Bryan Williams9
2Eric Webb21Jo Facer-leah10
3Brian Jones Best Result21Clive Dann8
4Helen Jones21Mark Gray9
5Hugo Jones14Wayne Harding21
6Roy Morris17Paul Dean21
7Melvyn Ashley21Gary Francis18
8Eric Greaves13Derek Shingler21
9Clive Fisher9Graham Humphreys21
10John Hartshorne5Richard Gears Best Result21

PosBagley BScorePontesbury CScore
1Luke Scutts3Keith Tate Snr Best Result21
2Jack Matthews5Ray Perry (6tc)21
3Ben Tipton6Maureen Charles21
4Andrew Tipton Best Result21Alan Purslow (6tc)10
5Laurence Earl6Kevin Williams (6tc)21
6Maureen Poole3Stuart Morris (6tc) Best Result21
7Mike Lewis8Mike Hampson21
8David Scutts21David Charles13
9Jenny Newton14Adam Morris (6tc)21
10Neil Scutts12Derek Worrall21

PosPontesbury DScorePOWBC BScore
1Sandra Evans10Lee Tipton (6tc)21
2Kelly Price (j)18Geoff Tipton21
3Jan James9Bryan Price21
4Melva Bennett18John Evans21
5Kath Farmer3Andy Lockley Best Result21
6Ben Middleton (j)16Alan Potts21
7Anna Lawson12Emily Cunningham21
8Anne Walton8Tony Cunningham21
9Tessa Potter21Brian Austin19
10Sue Potter Best Result21Paul Bishop13

PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreMonkmoor BScore
1Debbie Davies21Colin Bell20
2Ralph Graves21Tom Groome11
3Ian Hutchison6Colin Prinn Best Result21
4Linda Rigby20Cath Flattley21
5Brian Jones20Rose Mackay21
6Joyce Graves21Joan Uncles11
7Ken Holding21Thomas Jones8
8Phil Rowson Best Result21John Uncles6
9Clare Bennett21Walk Over0
10Jan Holding21Walk Over0
I do not know what players being played by Worthern & Brockton, as we only fielded 8 Players. worthen & Brockton comment Why this comment i hadn't been given the chance to enter results on not impressed


PosPOWBC BScoreBagley BScore
1Lee Tipton (6tc)21David Scutts13
2Geoff Tipton21Ben Tipton7
3Emily Cunningham21Andrew Tipton7
4John Evans21Jack Matthews4
5Bryan Price Best Result21Luke Scutts3
6Glyn Harvey21Margaret Cooper8
7Alan Potts21Laurence Earl Best Result16
8Brian Austin21Maureen Poole12
9Tony Cunningham21Jenny Newton9
10Andy Lockley21Sandra Griffiths15

PosSevernsideScoreWorthen & BrocktonScore
1Felicity Kershaw21Ken Holding5
2Pat Hart21Dave Perry14
3Roger Burton21Ian Hutchison11
4Chris Dormer21Kate Washbourne15
5Doreen Jones21Debbie Davies18
6Ian Edwards Best Result21Clare Bennett3
7John Fannin5Linda Rigby Best Result21
8John Parry6Roy Washbourne21
9Glyn Turner15Brian Jones21
10Les Lewis20Phil Rowson21

PosCrescent BScoreBayston Hill BScore
1Brian Richards21Bob Preece7
2Paul Turford21Tim Thomas10
3Dave Rowe21Rosie Scotland12
4Dan Laurens21Jean Barlow13
5Andy Maycock21Sylvia Morris Best Result20
6Simon Hepworth Best Result21Dave Jones1
7Daz Hunting21Ted Clarke10
8Mike Greaves21Kevin Edwards8
9Alan Hotchkiss21Royston Wilcock13
10John Wycherley21Norman Price14

PosPontesbury CScoreMeole Brace CScore
1Alan Purslow (6tc)17Eric Webb21
2Maureen Charles Best Result21Brian Jones12
3Kevin Williams (6tc)21Brian Simcoe17
4Ray Perry (6tc)21Helen Jones17
5Dave Bennett9John Hartshorne Best Result21
6Derek Worrall20Melvyn Ashley21
7Keith Tate Snr21Hugo Jones17
8Terry Wainwright (6tc)13Roy Morris21
9Mike Hampson21Eric Greaves19
10Adam Morris (6tc)21Clive Fisher16

PosElephant & CastleScoreGreenfields Social BScore
1Mark Gray14Dave Pritchard21
2Jo Facer-leah Best Result21Tony Sandford2
3Clive Dann12Roger Collins21
4Bryan Williams8Bill Steventon Best Result21
5Gary Francis8Pete Mackay Best Result21
6Richard Gears21Ben Vasey17
7Paul Dean Best Result21Ron Evans2
8Wayne Harding21James Fernie11
9Derek Shingler21Tony Andrews10
10Graham Humphreys21Neil Harris8

PosMonkmoor BScorePontesbury DScore
1Ian Horne11Kelly Price (j)21
2Cath Flattley7Jan James Best Result21
3Colin Prinn10Sandra Evans21
4Rose Mackay21Anne Walton14
5Joan Uncles21Tessa Potter20
6Jane Horne15Ben Middleton (j)21
7Thomas Jones8Kath Farmer21
8Tom Groome21Charlie Hotchkiss (j)15
9Colin Bell21Anna Lawson14
10Chris Thomas Best Result21Sue Potter11


PosGreenfields Social BScorePontesbury CScore
1Pete Mackay Best Result21Kevin Williams (6tc)7
2Tony Sandford21Alan Purslow (6tc)20
3Roger Collins11Ray Perry (6tc) Best Result21
4Dave Pritchard21Keith Tate Snr15
5Ron Evans18Mike Hampson21
6Graham Hughes21David Charles11
7James Fernie16Derek Worrall21
8Tony Andrews21Dave Bennett20
9Mike Goodall16Stuart Morris (6tc)21
10Paul Watson17Adam Morris (6tc)21

PosBayston Hill BScoreBagley BScore
1Bob Preece18Andrew Tipton21
2Royston Wilcock21Sandra Griffiths13
3Ray Sant21Ben Tipton9
4Tim Thomas Best Result21Jack Matthews8
5Ted Clarke7Margaret Cooper Best Result21
6Dave Jones7Maureen Poole Best Result21
7Kevin Edwards Best Result21David Scutts8
8Dave Kibbler21Neil Scutts18
9Norman Price21Mike Lewis14
10Rosie Scotland15Jenny Newton21

PosMeole Brace CScoreMonkmoor BScore
1Dave (itchy) Pritchard Best Result21Joan Uncles4
2Eric Webb21Colin Bell9
3Brian Jones21Cath Flattley12
4Brian Simcoe21Colin Prinn18
5Hugo Jones21Tom Groome10
6Roy Morris21Thomas Jones10
7Eric Greaves21Ian Horne7
8John Hartshorne21Rose Mackay10
9Melvyn Ashley17Scott Lane Best Result21
10Clive Fisher20Chris Thomas21

PosCrescent BScoreElephant & CastleScore
1Graham Hughes21Mark Gray9
2Paul Turford Best Result21Clive Dann3
3Dan Laurens12Bryan Williams21
4Brian Richards21Jo Facer-leah15
5Andy Maycock21Gary Francis6
6Daz Hunting10Wayne Harding Best Result21
7John Wycherley21Paul Dean6
8Mike Greaves21Richard Gears13
9Dave Rowe19Derek Shingler21
10Alan Hotchkiss21Graham Humphreys14

PosPontesbury DScoreSevernsideScore
1Melva Bennett Best Result21Glyn Turner8
2Jan James14George Perry21
3Kelly Price (j)21Roger Burton17
4Sandra Evans21Chris Dormer13
5Sue Potter21Doreen Jones19
6Kath Farmer19Julie Perry21
7Anne Walton21Ian Edwards17
8Ben Middleton (j)21John Parry12
9Charlie Hotchkiss (j)18Les Lewis21
10Tessa Potter9Robert Phillips Best Result21

PosWorthen & BrocktonScorePOWBC BScore
1Kate Washbourne Best Result21Geoff Tipton4
2Jan Holding21John Evans19
3Ken Holding9Emily Cunningham21
4Joyce Graves7Andy Lockley Best Result21
5Andy Lipa21Alan Potts11
6Linda Rigby8Brian Austin21
7Roy Washbourne15Glyn Harvey21
8Ralph Graves21Bryan Price20
9Phil Rowson21Darren Jones10
10Brian Jones19Tony Cunningham21


PosPOWBC BScoreGreenfields Social BScore
1Bryan Price2Pete Mackay Best Result21
2John Evans21Roger Collins10
3Tony Cunningham21Bill Steventon14
4Geoff Tipton21Tony Andrews9
5Andy Lockley Best Result21Dave Pritchard5
6Glyn Harvey Best Result21James Fernie5
7Brian Austin21Mike Goodall13
8Alan Potts9Graham Hughes21
9Darren Jones21Neil Harris13
10Emily Cunningham4Paul Watson21
Good win for the humpers with a great performance from Podge Harvey

PosBagley BScoreWorthen & BrocktonScore
1Jenny Newton Best Result21Clare Bennett9
2Maureen Poole16Jan Holding21
3Jack Matthews4Andy Lipa Best Result21
4Andrew Tipton15Ken Holding21
5David Scutts21Ralph Graves18
6Neil Scutts21Debbie Davies19
7Laurence Earl9Joyce Graves21
8Sandra Griffiths21Dave Perry12
9Alan Welsh5Phil Rowson21
10Mike Lewis10Brian Jones21

PosPontesbury CScoreBayston Hill BScore
1Alan Purslow (6tc)21Tim Thomas20
2Keith Tate Snr21Norman Price19
3Ray Perry (6tc)20Bob Preece21
4Kevin Williams (6tc)17Christine Taylor21
5Maureen Charles10Ted Clarke Best Result21
6Derek Worrall21Jean Barlow15
7Dave Bennett Best Result21Marion Jones6
8Mike Hampson21Kevin Edwards13
9Adam Morris (6tc)21Rosie Scotland17
10Terry Wainwright (6tc)14Sylvia Morris21

PosElephant & CastleScorePontesbury DScore
1Jo Facer-leah21Gary Middleton19
2Clive Dann3Kelly Price (j) Best Result21
3Bryan Williams8Jan James21
4Paul Dean Best Result21Kath Farmer10
5Craig Jones12Sandra Evans21
6Richard Gears10Sue Potter21
7Gary Francis11Anne Walton21
8Wayne Harding21Ben Middleton (j)18
9Derek Shingler16Charlie Hotchkiss (j)21
10Graham Humphreys21Tessa Potter18

PosMonkmoor BScoreCrescent BScore
1Colin Prinn13Paul Turford21
2Dave Smith21Brian Richards18
3Colin Bell8Dan Laurens21
4Thomas Jones16Graham Hughes21
5Cath Flattley12Mike Greaves21
6Joan Uncles14Daz Hunting21
7Rose Mackay2Andy Maycock21
8John Uncles1John Wycherley Best Result21
9Scott Lane Best Result21Dave Rowe9
10Chris Thomas16Alan Hotchkiss21

PosSevernsideScoreMeole Brace CScore
1George Perry19Brian Jones21
2Glyn Turner Best Result21Hugo Jones9
3Roger Burton21Eric Webb19
4Felicity Kershaw6Dave (itchy) Pritchard Best Result21
5Eileen Farr7John Hartshorne21
6Doreen Jones21Roy Morris14
7John Fannin17Helen Jones21
8Julie Perry17Eric Greaves21
9John Parry17Melvyn Ashley21
10Robert Phillips21Clive Fisher14
A very pleasant game and evening.


PosElephant & CastleScorePontesbury CScore
1Mark Gray21Terry Wainwright (6tc)16
2Jo Facer-leah21Ray Perry (6tc)15
3Bryan Williams8Kevin Williams (6tc)21
4Craig Jones0Alan Purslow (6tc) Best Result21
5Paul Dean21Dave Bennett18
6Gary Francis15Derek Worrall21
7Richard Gears21Stuart Morris (6tc)9
8Wayne Harding Best Result21David Charles8
9Graham Humphreys21Mike Hampson15
10Derek Shingler21Adam Morris (6tc)18

PosPontesbury DScoreBagley BScore
1Sandra Evans21David Scutts16
2Melva Bennett13Alan Welsh Best Result21
3Kelly Price (j)21Jack Matthews10
4Jan James21Laurence Earl13
5Kath Farmer Best Result21Alison Rigby-griffiths3
6Anne Walton21Margaret Cooper13
7Tessa Potter21Sandra Griffiths14
8Anna Lawson21Marg Barnes17
9Charlie Hotchkiss (j)21Jenny Newton18
10Sue Potter21Walk Over0

PosCrescent BScoreSevernsideScore
1Brian Richards21George Perry5
2Paul Turford21Glyn Turner9
3Dan Laurens21Ian Edwards11
4Graham Hughes21Felicity Kershaw9
5Andy Maycock17Doreen Jones21
6Daz Hunting21John Parry4
7John Wycherley21Julie Perry17
8Mike Greaves21Eileen Farr8
9Alan Hotchkiss Best Result21Chris Dormer3
10Dave Rowe3Roger Burton Best Result21

PosMeole Brace CScorePOWBC BScore
1Helen Jones14Lee Tipton (6tc)21
2Brian Jones17John Evans21
3Dave (itchy) Pritchard21Tony Cunningham18
4Hugo Jones7Geoff Tipton Best Result21
5Joyce Ashley10Brian Austin21
6Brian Simcoe8Andy Lockley21
7John Hartshorne21Alan Potts11
8Eric Greaves Best Result21Glyn Harvey10
9Melvyn Ashley21Pip Pugh14
10Clive Fisher13Paul Bishop21

PosBayston Hill BScoreWorthen & BrocktonScore
1Kevin Edwards11Jan Holding Best Result21
2Bob Preece21Andy Lipa13
3Tim Thomas21Joyce Graves6
4Norman Price21Ken Holding14
5Billy Murphy20Debbie Davies21
6Richard Barrett21Dave Perry7
7Royston Wilcock Best Result21Ralph Graves4
8Julian Archer21Linda Rigby12
9Sylvia Morris11Brian Jones Best Result21
10Christine Taylor21Phil Rowson18

PosGreenfields Social BScoreMonkmoor BScore
1Tony Sandford21Colin Prinn9
2Pete Mackay Best Result21Tom Groome3
3Ray Buckley9Colin Bell Best Result21
4Bill Steventon Best Result21Cath Flattley3
5Dave Pritchard21Jane Horne10
6Roger Collins21Thomas Jones11
7Mike Goodall21Joan Uncles19
8Graham Hughes Best Result21John Uncles3
9Ron Evans21Rose Mackay14
10Neil Harris12Chris Thomas21


PosWorthen & BrocktonScorePontesbury DScore
1Ken Holding21Cliff Evans16
2Jan Holding8Kelly Price (j) Best Result21
3Ralph Graves21Marion Lewis10
4Linda Rigby21Kath Farmer13
5Clare Bennett10Sandra Evans21
6Joyce Graves21Jan James15
7Debbie Davies21Anne Walton17
8Andy Lipa11Anna Lawson21
9Brian Jones11Sue Potter21
10Phil Rowson Best Result21Tessa Potter8

PosPontesbury CScoreCrescent BScore
1Alan Purslow (6tc)20Graham Hughes21
2Keith Tate Snr12Paul Turford21
3Kevin Williams (6tc)21Ant Lewis14
4Ray Perry (6tc)13Brian Richards21
5Dave Bennett Best Result21Dan Laurens10
6Adam Morris (6tc)21Andy Maycock14
7Maureen Charles8Daz Hunting Best Result21
8Derek Worrall21Mike Greaves17
9Stuart Morris (6tc)15Alan Hotchkiss21
10Mike Hampson21John Wycherley16

PosBagley BScoreMeole Brace CScore
1Maureen Poole15Brian Simcoe21
2Laurence Earl13John Hartshorne21
3Margaret Cooper17Hugo Jones21
4David Scutts21Joyce Ashley17
5Jenny Newton10Melvyn Ashley21
6Andrew Tipton Best Result21Clive Fisher6
7Alan Welsh21Dave (itchy) Pritchard11
8Jack Matthews5Brian Jones Best Result21
9Pam Bird18Helen Jones21
10Neil Scutts9Eric Webb21

PosSevernsideScoreGreenfields Social BScore
1Roger Burton17Pete Mackay21
2Glyn Turner21Tony Sandford17
3George Perry16Ray Buckley21
4Chris Dormer15Bill Steventon21
5John Fannin3Graham Hughes Best Result21
6Ian Edwards19Dave Pritchard21
7Julie Perry18James Fernie21
8John Parry10Ron Evans21
9Felicity Kershaw20Neil Harris21
10Robert Phillips Best Result21Paul Watson16

PosPOWBC BScoreBayston Hill BScore
1Lee Tipton (6tc) Best Result21Bob Preece4
2Emily Cunningham21Norman Price9
3Bryan Price11Julian Archer21
4Geoff Tipton21Sylvia Morris14
5John Evans Best Result21Dave Jones4
6John Groom15Joan Gregory21
7Alan Potts21Richard Barrett15
8Tony Cunningham Best Result21Kevin Edwards4
9Brian Austin14Ron Wilcock21
10Darren Jones2Christine Taylor Best Result21

PosMonkmoor BScoreElephant & CastleScore
1Matthew Griffiths Best Result21Clive Dann0
2Tom Groome2Dave Hanson Best Result21
3Colin Bell8Martin Young21
4Joan Uncles18Richard Gears21
5Dave Smith21Gary Francis20
6Rose Mackay17Wayne Harding21
7Cath Flattley21Craig Jones14
8Colin Prinn21Bryan Williams15
9John Uncles6Derek Shingler21
10Walk Over0Graham Humphreys21


PosGreenfields Social BScoreBagley BScore
1Tony Sandford Best Result21Jack Matthews2
2Pete Mackay21Maureen Poole5
3Bill Steventon21Alan Welsh18
4Dave Pritchard21Sandra Griffiths13
5Graham Hughes21Laurence Earl8
6Ron Evans21Margaret Cooper20
7James Fernie21David Scutts4
8Tony Andrews21Neil Scutts9
9Paul Watson21Mike Lewis6
10Mike Goodall10Jenny Newton Best Result21

PosElephant & CastleScoreSevernsideScore
1Mark Gray21Glyn Turner17
2Jo Facer-leah21Felicity Kershaw17
3Bryan Williams21George Perry10
4Gary Francis21Chris Dormer Best Result20
5Craig Jones21John Parry16
6Paul Dean21Ian Edwards8
7Richard Gears Best Result21Roger Burton7
8Wayne Harding21Julie Perry12
9Derek Shingler21Les Lewis9
10Graham Humphreys21Robert Phillips13

PosPontesbury DScoreBayston Hill BScore
1Gary Middleton21Bob Preece17
2Kelly Price (j)21Christine Taylor12
3Melva Bennett16Julian Archer21
4Kath Farmer15Norman Price21
5Sandra Evans Best Result21Ted Clarke6
6Ben Middleton (j)5Kevin Edwards Best Result21
7Anne Walton21Tim Thomas20
8Jan James13Sylvia Morris21
9Anna Lawson18Ray Sant21
10Sue Potter21Jean Barlow9

PosCrescent BScorePOWBC BScore
1Brian Richards21Bryan Price11
2Dan Laurens21Lee Tipton (6tc)20
3Paul Turford16Alan Potts21
4Graham Hughes18John Evans21
5Andy Maycock19Tony Cunningham21
6Mike Greaves Best Result21Brian Austin10
7Daz Hunting21Glyn Harvey13
8John Wycherley14Andy Lockley21
9Alan Hotchkiss9Paul Bishop Best Result21
10Dave Rowe Best Result21Darren Jones10

PosMeole Brace CScoreWorthen & BrocktonScore
1Brian Simcoe21Clare Bennett12
2Brian Jones21Joyce Graves14
3Eric Webb Best Result21Debbie Davies4
4Hugo Jones21Andy Lipa16
5Joyce Ashley21Ian Hutchison18
6Paul Majski19Brian Jones21
7Eric Greaves21Ralph Graves13
8John Hartshorne12Kate Washbourne Best Result21
9Melvyn Ashley21Phil Rowson16
10Clive Fisher21Roy Washbourne12

PosMonkmoor BScorePontesbury CScore
1Ian Horne21Terry Wainwright (6tc)15
2Colin Prinn15Alan Purslow (6tc)21
3Tom Groome20Kevin Williams (6tc)21
4Joan Uncles21Ray Perry (6tc)16
5Rose Mackay21Derek Worrall13
6Cath Flattley17Dave Bennett21
7Thomas Jones6Maureen Charles21
8Jane Horne21David Charles11
9Scott Lane Best Result21Mike Hampson9
10Chris Thomas3Adam Morris (6tc) Best Result21


PosPontesbury DScoreCrescent BScore
1Gary Middleton Best Result21Dan Laurens3
2Melva Bennett18Graham Hughes21
3Anne Walton18Paul Turford21
4Sue Potter12Brian Richards21
5Sandra Evans21Andy Maycock18
6Kath Farmer13Daz Hunting21
7Ben Middleton (j)20Mike Greaves21
8Jan James14John Wycherley21
9Charlie Hotchkiss (j)11Dave Rowe Best Result21
10Tessa Potter12Alan Hotchkiss21

PosPOWBC BScoreElephant & CastleScore
1Lee Tipton (6tc)21Clive Dann5
2Geoff Tipton21Paul Dean9
3Bryan Price21Bryan Williams16
4Andy Lockley Best Result21Gary Francis4
5Glyn Harvey21Craig Jones17
6Pip Pugh21Richard Gears20
7Alan Potts15Wayne Harding Best Result21
8John Ramsay15Derek Shingler Best Result21
9Darren Jones20Graham Humphreys21
10John Evans21Mark Gray16
Hat and Coaters march on.

PosBayston Hill BScoreMeole Brace CScore
1Tim Thomas4Dave (itchy) Pritchard Best Result21
2Julian Archer18Brian Jones21
3Royston Wilcock13Eric Webb21
4Norman Price Best Result21Paul Majski10
5Bob Preece13Hugo Jones21
6Kevin Edwards17Joyce Ashley21
7Ted Clarke17Brian Simcoe21
8Dave Jones7John Hartshorne21
9Rosie Scotland18Clive Fisher21
10Christine Taylor21Melvyn Ashley17

PosBagley BScoreMonkmoor BScore
1Jack Matthews21Joan Uncles11
2Laurence Earl21Rose Mackay14
3David Scutts14Chris Thomas21
4Sandra Griffiths13Dave Smith Best Result21
5Margaret Cooper21Jane Horne18
6Andrew Tipton21Tom Groome15
7Neil Scutts Best Result21Colin Prinn7
8Jenny Newton17Scott Lane21
9Alan Welsh21Colin Bell17
10Mike Lewis21Ian Horne13

PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreGreenfields Social BScore
1Ralph Graves7Pete Mackay Best Result21
2Jan Holding21Ron Evans8
3Andy Lipa19Bill Steventon21
4Ian Hutchison14Tony Sandford21
5Clare Bennett15Ben Vasey21
6Joyce Graves21James Fernie6
7Kate Washbourne Best Result21Tony Andrews3
8Debbie Davies12Rob Butler21
9Roy Washbourne13Brian Pritchard21
10Phil Rowson19Mike Goodall21

PosSevernsideScorePontesbury CScore
1Roger Burton Best Result21Terry Wainwright (6tc)9
2George Perry20Alan Purslow (6tc)21
3Felicity Kershaw21Kevin Williams (6tc)18
4Chris Dormer19Ray Perry (6tc)21
5Eileen Farr21Dave Bennett11
6Doreen Jones21Derek Worrall20
7Julie Perry19Stuart Morris (6tc)21
8Ian Edwards20David Charles21
9Glyn Turner16Adam Morris (6tc)21
10Robert Phillips14Mike Hampson Best Result21


PosMonkmoor BScoreSevernsideScore
1Colin Bell21Julie Perry15
2Colin Prinn16Felicity Kershaw21
3Cath Flattley11Glyn Turner21
4Tom Groome21Doreen Jones19
5Rose Mackay18John Fannin21
6Joan Uncles5Eileen Farr Best Result21
7John Uncles21Ian Edwards18
8Dave Smith21John Parry16
9Scott Lane Best Result21Les Lewis7
10Chris Thomas16George Perry21

PosGreenfields Social BScoreBayston Hill BScore
1Tony Sandford21Bob Preece9
2Pete Mackay Best Result21Christine Taylor6
3Roger Collins21Tim Thomas12
4Bill Steventon21Julian Archer17
5Dave Pritchard21Ted Clarke14
6James Fernie21Kevin Edwards9
7Graham Hughes21Rosie Scotland7
8Tony Andrews21Norman Price14
9Mike Goodall21Royston Wilcock7
10Ron Evans7Ray Sant Best Result21

PosMeole Brace CScorePontesbury DScore
1Dave (itchy) Pritchard16Kelly Price (j)21
2Helen Jones11Melva Bennett21
3Hugo Jones14Jan James21
4Brian Simcoe3Gary Middleton Best Result21
5Joyce Ashley Best Result21Anna Lawson8
6Brian Jones14Sandra Evans21
7Eric Greaves21Anne Walton18
8John Hartshorne21Sue Potter13
9Melvyn Ashley16Tessa Potter21
10Clive Fisher16Charlie Hotchkiss (j)21

PosCrescent BScoreWorthen & BrocktonScore
1Brian Richards21Ken Holding16
2Dan Laurens21Roy Washbourne16
3Paul Turford Best Result21Clare Bennett4
4Graham Hughes21Joyce Graves16
5Andy Maycock11Ralph Graves Best Result21
6Mike Greaves21Debbie Davies7
7John Wycherley21Ian Hutchison18
8Daz Hunting21Kate Washbourne11
9Alan Hotchkiss16Phil Rowson21
10Dave Rowe21Brian Jones12

PosPontesbury CScorePOWBC BScore
1Kevin Williams (6tc)21Alan Potts9
2Ray Perry (6tc)21Geoff Tipton11
3Keith Tate Snr14John Evans21
4Terry Wainwright (6tc)21Lee Tipton (6tc)13
5Alan Purslow (6tc)18Glyn Harvey21
6Maureen Charles12Andy Lockley Best Result21
7Derek Worrall21John Groom12
8Stuart Morris (6tc)21John Ramsay13
9Dave Bennett21Pip Pugh15
10Mike Hampson Best Result21Darren Jones8

PosElephant & CastleScoreBagley BScore
1Mark Gray Best Result21Laurence Earl5
2Steve Jones21Mike Lewis7
3Paul Dean21Andrew Tipton20
4Bryan Williams21Jack Matthews16
5Craig Jones17Marg Barnes21
6Clive Dann10David Scutts Best Result21
7Richard Gears21Maureen Poole8
8Wayne Harding14Neil Scutts21
9Graham Humphreys21Jenny Newton14
10Derek Shingler Best Result21Sandra Griffiths5


PosWorthen & BrocktonScorePontesbury CScore
1Andy Lipa9Mike Hampson Best Result21
2Jan Holding11Ray Perry (6tc)21
3Clare Bennett21Alan Purslow (6tc)17
4Ken Holding21Keith Tate Snr19
5Debbie Davies11Maureen Charles21
6Kate Washbourne16Dave Bennett21
7Ian Hutchison20Derek Worrall21
8Brian Jones21David Charles18
9Roy Washbourne21Adam Morris (6tc)18
10Phil Rowson Best Result21Stuart Morris (6tc)11

PosPontesbury DScoreGreenfields Social BScore
1Melva Bennett7Tony Sandford Best Result21
2Kath Farmer10Bill Steventon21
3Jan James21Roger Collins9
4Anne Walton12James Fernie21
5Ben Middleton (j)21Dave Pritchard17
6Gary Middleton21Pete Mackay20
7Kelly Price (j)19Graham Hughes21
8Anna Lawson18Tony Andrews21
9Charlie Hotchkiss (j) Best Result21Mike Goodall8
10Tessa Potter7Paul Watson Best Result21

PosPOWBC BScoreMonkmoor BScore
1John Evans21Thomas Jones6
2Bryan Price21Colin Bell7
3Lee Tipton (6tc) Best Result21Tom Groome3
4Geoff Tipton21Colin Prinn17
5Brian Austin21Joan Uncles13
6Andy Lockley21Rose Mackay12
7John Ramsay21Jane Horne12
8Alan Potts21Cath Flattley15
9Glyn Harvey21Ian Horne14
10Darren Jones21Chris Thomas Best Result19
A very soggy night for the Monk. The hat and coaters march on.

PosBayston Hill BScoreElephant & CastleScore
1Bob Preece7Jo Facer-leah21
2Sylvia Morris8Mark Gray21
3Christine Taylor15Bryan Williams21
4Tim Thomas Best Result21Clive Dann9
5Julian Archer21Richard Gears18
6Kevin Edwards21Craig Jones13
7Ron Wilcock3Paul Dean Best Result21
8Ray Sant21Gary Francis16
9Rosie Scotland20Graham Humphreys21
10Royston Wilcock21Derek Shingler12

PosMeole Brace CScoreCrescent BScore
1Hugo Jones16Kevin Barratt21
2Eric Webb21Brian Richards8
3Dave (itchy) Pritchard Best Result21Dan Laurens5
4Brian Jones10Paul Turford21
5Helen Jones15Daz Hunting21
6Brian Simcoe7John Wycherley Best Result21
7Eric Greaves18Mike Greaves21
8John Hartshorne21Andy Maycock19
9Melvyn Ashley19Dave Rowe21
10Clive Fisher19Alan Hotchkiss21

PosBagley BScoreSevernsideScore
1David Scutts Best Result21Chris Dormer11
2Andrew Tipton17Glyn Turner21
3Alan Welsh21Roger Burton12
4Marg Barnes17George Perry21
5Margaret Cooper10Julie Perry21
6Laurence Earl18Doreen Jones21
7Sandra Griffiths14Les Lewis21
8Jack Matthews3Felicity Kershaw21
9Neil Scutts0Robert Phillips Best Result21
10Maureen Poole15Ian Edwards21
Neil Scutts played but did not score


PosSevernsideScorePOWBC BScore
1George Perry10Tony Cunningham21
2Glyn Turner21Lee Tipton (6tc)14
3Felicity Kershaw Best Result21Geoff Tipton10
4Roger Burton Best Result21Bryan Price10
5John Fannin12John Groom21
6Julie Perry13Darren Jones21
7Eileen Farr5Andy Lockley Best Result21
8John Parry11Glyn Harvey21
9Les Lewis21Brian Austin11
10Robert Phillips21Pip Pugh11

PosMonkmoor BScoreBayston Hill BScore
1Ian Horne15Christine Taylor21
2Colin Prinn21Norman Price19
3Tom Groome21Bob Preece16
4Colin Bell14Tim Thomas21
5Cath Flattley7Kevin Edwards21
6Joan Uncles21Jean Barlow20
7Jane Horne10Ron Wilcock21
8John Uncles6Rosie Scotland Best Result21
9Scott Lane Best Result21Ray Sant11
10Chris Thomas21Royston Wilcock19

PosPontesbury CScorePontesbury DScore
1Kevin Williams (6tc)21Jan James9
2Keith Tate Snr9Melva Bennett Best Result21
3Ray Perry (6tc)21Kath Farmer8
4Alan Purslow (6tc)21Gary Middleton15
5Dave Bennett21Marion Lewis14
6Maureen Charles21Anne Walton15
7Derek Worrall Best Result21Ben Middleton (j)6
8David Charles18Charlie Hotchkiss (j)21
9Terry Wainwright (6tc)13Anna Lawson21
10Mike Hampson21Tessa Potter15

PosGreenfields Social BScoreMeole Brace CScore
1Tony Sandford21Dave (itchy) Pritchard7
2Pete Mackay Best Result21Brian Jones6
3Dave Pritchard10Eric Webb21
4Roger Collins21Hugo Jones18
5Bill Steventon21Joyce Ashley10
6Mike Goodall18Roy Morris21
7Ron Evans21Helen Jones19
8Tony Andrews6Eric Greaves Best Result21
9Graham Hughes21John Hartshorne16
10Paul Watson21Melvyn Ashley19

PosElephant & CastleScoreWorthen & BrocktonScore
1Mark Gray Best Result21Joyce Graves4
2Jo Facer-leah21Ken Holding7
3Richard Gears21Clare Bennett9
4Bryan Williams14Kate Washbourne21
5Gary Francis21Ian Hutchison19
6Paul Dean21Debbie Davies9
7Craig Jones10Ralph Graves Best Result21
8Wayne Harding17Brian Jones21
9Derek Shingler21Phil Rowson18
10Graham Humphreys21Roy Washbourne14

PosCrescent BScoreBagley BScore
1Graham Hughes21Alan Welsh14
2Kevin Barratt21Jack Matthews11
3John Wycherley21Louise Rooke3
4Brian Richards21Andrew Tipton9
5Andy Maycock21Maureen Poole14
6Daz Hunting21Margaret Cooper Best Result16
7Paul Turford21Sandra Griffiths10
8Mike Greaves21David Scutts14
9Alan Hotchkiss Best Result21Alison Rigby-griffiths1
10Dave Rowe21Jenny Newton7


PosSevernsideScoreBayston Hill BScore
1George Perry21Bob Preece16
2Glyn Turner21Norman Price17
3Felicity Kershaw21Sylvia Morris15
4Roger Burton Best Result21Ted Clarke2
5Doreen Jones21Julian Archer12
6Julie Perry21Dave Jones6
7Eileen Farr21Jean Barlow16
8John Parry21Ron Wilcock19
9Les Lewis21Rosie Scotland15
10Robert Phillips21Royston Wilcock Best Result20
A good win to end the first half season, at last.

PosPontesbury CScoreBagley BScore
1Kevin Williams (6tc) Best Result21Laurence Earl5
2Keith Tate Snr21Alan Welsh13
3Ray Perry (6tc)17Louise Rooke21
4Terry Wainwright (6tc)21Jack Matthews11
5Dave Bennett21Jenny Newton11
6Alan Purslow (6tc)21David Scutts10
7Derek Worrall21Mike Lewis9
8David Charles15Sandra Griffiths Best Result21
9Mike Hampson21Walk Over0
10Martin Green21Andrew Tipton20

PosCrescent BScoreGreenfields Social BScore
1John Wycherley21Ray Buckley7
2Brian Richards20Roger Collins21
3Kevin Barratt Best Result21Ted Wellard3
4Graham Hughes12Bill Steventon21
5Andy Maycock4Graham Hughes Best Result21
6Mike Greaves21Mike Goodall19
7Paul Turford15Dave Pritchard21
8Daz Hunting21James Fernie8
9Dave Rowe21Ron Evans12
10Alan Hotchkiss21Neil Harris6

PosMonkmoor BScoreWorthen & BrocktonScore
1Colin Prinn17Kate Washbourne21
2Thomas Jones11Ken Holding21
3Ian Horne Best Result21Debbie Davies11
4Lou Hotchkiss17Clare Bennett21
5Tom Groome6Ian Hutchison Best Result21
6Jane Horne21Linda Rigby14
7Cath Flattley15Andy Lipa21
8John Uncles21Brian Jones18
9Scott Lane21Phil Rowson17
10Joan Uncles13Roy Washbourne21

PosPOWBC BScorePontesbury DScore
1Geoff Tipton21Melva Bennett13
2John Evans21Gary Middleton11
3Lee Tipton (6tc)21Kelly Price (j)18
4John Ramsay19Sue Potter21
5Glyn Harvey21Ben Middleton (j)5
6Andy Lockley21Jan James7
7Alan Potts21Anna Lawson20
8Brian Austin Best Result21Tessa Potter4
9Pip Pugh21Kath Farmer12
10Darren Jones18Anne Walton Best Result21
Congrats to the hat and coaters.

PosElephant & CastleScoreMeole Brace CScore
1Jo Facer-leah Best Result21Joyce Ashley2
2Richard Gears21Paul Majski6
3Paul Dean4Eric Webb Best Result21
4Clive Dann7Brian Jones21
5Gary Francis21Helen Jones3
6Bryan Williams21Roy Morris19
7Craig Jones21John Hartshorne10
8Wayne Harding21Hugo Jones14
9Derek Shingler10Eric Greaves21
10Graham Humphreys21Melvyn Ashley10


PosMeole Brace CScorePontesbury CScore
1Dave (itchy) Pritchard Best Result21Kevin Williams (6tc)8
2Brian Jones17Keith Tate Snr21
3Eric Webb21Ray Perry (6tc)10
4Joyce Ashley19Alan Purslow (6tc)21
5Roy Morris19Dave Bennett21
6Eric Greaves14Adam Morris (6tc) Best Result21
7Helen Jones16Derek Worrall21
8John Hartshorne21Mike Hampson15
9Brian Simcoe17Maureen Charles21
10Melvyn Ashley21Stuart Morris (6tc)13

PosBayston Hill BScoreCrescent BScore
1Bob Preece7Paul Turford Best Result21
2Christine Taylor Best Result21Graham Hughes17
3Norman Price21Kevin Barratt20
4Sylvia Morris19Brian Richards21
5Ted Clarke11Andy Maycock21
6Jean Barlow21Mike Greaves20
7Kevin Edwards16John Wycherley21
8Rosie Scotland16Daz Hunting21
9Royston Wilcock12Dave Rowe21
10Ray Sant21Alan Hotchkiss18

PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreSevernsideScore
1Ian Hutchison8Roger Burton Best Result21
2Andy Lipa21Chris Dormer13
3Joyce Graves18Felicity Kershaw21
4Brian Jones17Glyn Turner21
5Clare Bennett10Doreen Jones21
6Debbie Davies21Julie Perry15
7Kate Washbourne21John Parry8
8Linda Rigby21Ian Edwards15
9Phil Rowson Best Result21George Perry0
10Ralph Graves21Les Lewis11

PosPontesbury DScoreMonkmoor BScore
1Gary Middleton21Walk Over0
2Kelly Price (j)21Thomas Jones2
3Melva Bennett19Tom Groome Best Result21
4Sue Potter21Colin Prinn20
5Anna Lawson21Cath Flattley8
6Jan James21Liz Taylor7
7Ben Middleton (j)21Joan Uncles6
8Anne Walton21Walk Over0
9Charlie Hotchkiss (j) Best Result21John Uncles1
10Tessa Potter21Chris Thomas16

PosBagley BScorePOWBC BScore
1Sandra Griffiths11Bryan Price21
2Jack Matthews20Alan Potts21
3Margaret Cooper15John Ramsay21
4David Scutts13Darren Jones21
5Maureen Poole17Brian Austin21
6Laurence Earl17Geoff Tipton21
7Andrew Tipton14Lee Tipton (6tc)21
8Alan Welsh10John Evans21
9Mike Lewis9Andy Lockley Best Result21
10Neil Scutts Best Result21Glyn Harvey19

PosGreenfields Social BScoreElephant & CastleScore
1Pete Mackay21Bryan Williams7
2Ray Buckley21Mark Gray19
3Graham Hughes21Craig Jones8
4Bill Steventon21Gary Francis12
5Mike Goodall Best Result21Wayne Harding5
6James Fernie20Richard Gears Best Result21
7Brian Pritchard21Jo Facer-leah10
8Ron Evans21Paul Dean15
9Tony Andrews21Derek Shingler20
10Paul Watson20Graham Humphreys Best Result21


PosSevernsideScorePontesbury DScore
1Felicity Kershaw7Kelly Price (j) Best Result21
2Roger Burton19Gary Middleton21
3George Perry Best Result21Kath Farmer9
4Chris Dormer7Jan James Best Result21
5Doreen Jones21Anna Lawson13
6Ian Edwards19Anne Walton21
7Julie Perry13Ben Middleton (j)21
8John Parry21Sue Potter16
9Les Lewis15Charlie Hotchkiss (j)21
10Robert Phillips16Tessa Potter21

PosPontesbury CScoreGreenfields Social BScore
1Ray Perry (6tc)18Tony Sandford21
2Kevin Williams (6tc)21Roger Collins14
3Terry Wainwright (6tc)12Pete Mackay Best Result21
4Keith Tate Snr21Ted Wellard16
5Dave Bennett21Bill Steventon8
6Maureen Charles21Mike Goodall15
7Derek Worrall Best Result21James Fernie7
8David Charles12Ron Evans Best Result21
9Adam Morris (6tc)21Paul Watson13
10Stuart Morris (6tc)21Tony Andrews11

PosMonkmoor BScoreMeole Brace CScore
1Liz Taylor19Joyce Ashley21
2Ian Horne8Brian Jones21
3Richard Lee7Dave (itchy) Pritchard21
4Colin Prinn16Eric Webb21
5Cath Flattley11Eric Greaves21
6Jane Horne6Roy Morris Best Result21
7Joan Uncles Best Result21John Hartshorne20
8John Uncles9Helen Jones21
9Tom Groome13Clive Fisher21
10Colin Bell7Melvyn Ashley21

PosBagley BScoreBayston Hill BScore
1Andrew Tipton15Christine Taylor21
2Jack Matthews8Bob Preece21
3Alan Welsh21Kevin Edwards15
4Laurence Earl Best Result21Jean Barlow11
5Maureen Poole13Tim Thomas21
6David Scutts18Royston Wilcock21
7Margaret Cooper12Ted Clarke21
8Neil Scutts7Rosie Scotland Best Result21
9Sandra Griffiths15Norman Price21
10Walk Over0Dave Kibbler21

PosElephant & CastleScoreCrescent BScore
1Jo Facer-leah21Paul Turford19
2Mark Gray15Graham Hughes21
3Richard Gears21Kevin Barratt14
4Clive Dann8Brian Richards21
5Paul Dean15John Wycherley21
6Bryan Williams10Mike Greaves21
7Wayne Harding7Andy Maycock21
8Craig Jones18Dan Laurens21
9Derek Shingler6Alan Hotchkiss Best Result21
10Graham Humphreys Best Result21Daz Hunting10

PosPOWBC BScoreWorthen & BrocktonScore
1Andy Lockley21Phil Rowson11
2Lee Tipton (6tc) Best Result21Clare Bennett3
3John Evans21Andy Lipa5
4Bryan Price21Joyce Graves7
5Geoff Tipton21Ian Hutchison7
6John Ramsay21Brian Jones11
7Darren Jones21Linda Rigby6
8Jack Price21Debbie Davies14
9Brian Austin21Kate Washbourne Best Result19
10Glyn Harvey21Ralph Graves6


PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreBagley BScore
1Joyce Graves21Jack Matthews10
2Andy Lipa16Laurence Earl21
3Kate Washbourne3Alan Welsh Best Result21
4Ian Hutchison21Maureen Poole16
5Ken Holding4Deryk Cumming21
6Roy Washbourne Best Result21Neil Scutts6
7Ralph Graves21David Scutts14
8Linda Rigby21Margaret Cooper16
9Matthew Davies21Mike Lewis10
10Phil Rowson Best Result21Sandra Griffiths6

PosBayston Hill BScorePontesbury CScore
1Christine Taylor19Kevin Williams (6tc)21
2Kevin Edwards9Keith Tate Snr21
3Bob Preece21Ray Perry (6tc)18
4Dave Kibbler21Maureen Charles19
5Jean Barlow3Dave Bennett Best Result21
6Ron Wilcock21Alan Purslow (6tc)17
7Sylvia Morris20Terry Wainwright (6tc)21
8Tim Thomas10Adam Morris (6tc)21
9Julian Archer16Stuart Morris (6tc)21
10Norman Price Best Result21Mike Hampson13

PosCrescent BScoreMonkmoor BScore
1Kevin Barratt7Colin Bell Best Result21
2Brian Richards21Colin Prinn11
3John Wycherley21Richard Lee6
4Graham Hughes21Tom Groome15
5Andy Maycock21Joan Uncles9
6Dan Laurens21Cath Flattley13
7Mike Greaves21Rose Mackay12
8Paul Turford Best Result21Thomas Jones4
9Daz Hunting21Scott Lane16
10Alan Hotchkiss20Chris Thomas21

PosPontesbury DScoreElephant & CastleScore
1Melva Bennett21Jo Facer-leah14
2Kelly Price (j)21Mark Gray8
3Charlie Hotchkiss (j)21Richard Gears16
4Jan James21Bryan Williams14
5Anne Walton21Craig Jones10
6Sandra Evans21Paul Dean20
7Kath Farmer21Wayne Harding18
8Sue Potter Best Result21Gary Francis4
9Anna Lawson8Graham Humphreys Best Result21
10Tessa Potter21Derek Shingler8

PosMeole Brace CScoreSevernsideScore
1Dave (itchy) Pritchard21Roger Burton12
2Brian Jones20Felicity Kershaw21
3Eric Webb21Julie Perry10
4Helen Jones11George Perry21
5Brian Simcoe8Doreen Jones Best Result21
6Roy Morris21John Parry18
7Eric Greaves21Ian Edwards8
8Paul Majski21Eileen Farr19
9Clive Fisher Best Result21Glyn Turner7
10Melvyn Ashley21Les Lewis10

PosGreenfields Social BScorePOWBC BScore
1Tony Sandford21Geoff Tipton10
2Pete Mackay Best Result21Lee Tipton (6tc)8
3Ray Buckley5John Ford21
4Roger Collins1John Evans Best Result21
5Graham Hughes21Bryan Price17
6Bill Steventon19Andy Lockley21
7Mike Goodall21Jack Price14
8James Fernie14Glyn Harvey21
9Tony Andrews21Alan Potts16
10Paul Watson17Brian Austin21


PosBagley BScorePontesbury DScore
1Richard Green Best Result21Ben Middleton (j)7
2Laurence Earl21Anne Walton16
3Deryk Cumming21Sandra Evans17
4Alan Welsh20Melva Bennett21
5Mike Lewis21Kath Farmer14
6Andrew Tipton13Charlie Hotchkiss (j) Best Result21
7Sandra Griffiths15Anna Lawson21
8Jenny Newton14Tessa Potter21
9Louise Rooke21Sue Potter17
10Jack Matthews17Kelly Price (j)21

PosPOWBC BScoreMeole Brace CScore
1John Ford21Joyce Ashley4
2Lee Tipton (6tc)21Brian Jones15
3John Evans21Dave (itchy) Pritchard8
4Jack Price21Brian Simcoe8
5Andy Lockley21Hugo Jones7
6Alan Potts21Paul Majski13
7Bryan Price21Roy Morris13
8Glyn Harvey Best Result21Melvyn Ashley3
9Geoff Tipton21Eric Webb Best Result20
10Brian Austin21Eric Greaves15
Clean sweep for the hat and coaters.

PosSevernsideScoreCrescent BScore
1Roger Burton13Kevin Barratt21
2Felicity Kershaw Best Result21Brian Richards13
3Glyn Turner12Dan Laurens21
4Julie Perry21Paul Turford19
5Doreen Jones12Daz Hunting21
6Eileen Farr18Dave Rowe21
7Sue Eaton16John Wycherley21
8John Parry4Andy Maycock Best Result21
9Ian Edwards4Alan Hotchkiss Best Result21
10Robert Phillips21Graham Hughes18

PosPontesbury CScoreElephant & CastleScore
1Kevin Williams (6tc) Best Result21Craig Jones1
2Keith Tate Snr21Mark Gray16
3Ray Perry (6tc)18Dave Hanson21
4Terry Wainwright (6tc)21Jo Facer-leah16
5Dave Bennett21Richard Gears12
6Alan Purslow (6tc)21Gary Francis13
7Derek Worrall21Bryan Williams9
8David Charles16Graham Humphreys Best Result21
9Mike Hampson21Paul Dean10
10Adam Morris (6tc)18Derek Shingler21

PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreBayston Hill BScore
1Ian Hutchison5Christine Taylor21
2Ken Holding21Julian Archer11
3Kate Washbourne21Kevin Edwards10
4Andy Lipa13Bob Preece21
5Linda Rigby0Tim Thomas Best Result21
6Roy Washbourne Best Result21Sylvia Morris7
7Joyce Graves21Jean Barlow19
8Ralph Graves21Ron Wilcock10
9Phil Rowson21Norman Price9
10Matthew Davies21Ray Sant16

PosMonkmoor BScoreGreenfields Social BScore
1Colin Bell8Tony Sandford21
2Joan Uncles Best Result21Graham Hughes10
3Richard Lee12Bill Steventon21
4Ian Horne21Dave Pritchard13
5Liz Taylor4Pete Mackay21
6Rose Mackay3James Fernie Best Result21
7Cath Flattley21Ron Evans17
8Thomas Jones4Tony Andrews21
9Jane Horne11Roger Collins21
10John Uncles14Ray Buckley21


PosBayston Hill BScorePOWBC BScore
1Bob Preece14John Ford21
2Christine Taylor Best Result21Bryan Price12
3Kevin Edwards15John Evans21
4Julian Archer12Lee Tipton (6tc)21
5Ted Clarke4Glyn Harvey Best Result21
6Tim Thomas18Andy Lockley21
7Jean Barlow18Jack Price21
8Ron Wilcock10Brian Austin21
9Rosie Scotland21Darren Jones13
10Norman Price21John Ramsay17

PosMeole Brace CScoreBagley BScore
1Dave (itchy) Pritchard21Alan Welsh4
2Peter Holloway11Andrew Tipton Best Result21
3Joyce Ashley Best Result21Jack Matthews2
4Helen Jones21Mike Lewis20
5Brian Simcoe19Neil Scutts21
6Roy Morris21Margaret Cooper15
7Hugo Jones21Maureen Poole18
8John Hartshorne15David Scutts21
9Melvyn Ashley21Richard Green18
10Eric Webb16Sandra Griffiths21

PosCrescent BScorePontesbury CScore
1Kevin Barratt20Ray Perry (6tc)21
2Graham Hughes18Terry Wainwright (6tc)21
3Paul Turford20Keith Tate Snr21
4Brian Richards17Kevin Williams (6tc)21
5Mike Greaves21Derek Worrall17
6Daz Hunting17David Charles21
7Andy Maycock21Alan Purslow (6tc)18
8Dave Rowe Best Result21Maureen Charles5
9Alan Hotchkiss21Stuart Morris (6tc)11
10John Wycherley8Mike Hampson Best Result21

PosPontesbury DScoreWorthen & BrocktonScore
1Melva Bennett21Kate Washbourne17
2Sandra Evans21Joyce Graves11
3Kelly Price (j) Best Result21Ian Hutchison4
4Kath Farmer18Andy Lipa21
5Jan James21Linda Rigby6
6Ben Middleton (j)21Ken Holding12
7Tessa Potter21Ralph Graves12
8Charlie Hotchkiss (j)17Roy Washbourne Best Result21
9Anna Lawson21Matthew Davies14
10Sue Potter17Phil Rowson Best Result21

PosElephant & CastleScoreMonkmoor BScore
1Jo Facer-leah21Colin Prinn5
2Richard Leah Best Result21Richard Lee3
3Mark Gray21Cath Flattley6
4Craig Jones7Colin Bell Best Result21
5Gary Francis21Rose Mackay10
6Paul Dean21Jane Horne5
7Bryan Williams21John Uncles14
8Richard Gears21Tom Groome4
9Graham Humphreys21Chris Lee8
10Derek Shingler20Chris Thomas21

PosGreenfields Social BScoreSevernsideScore
1Pete Mackay Best Result21Felicity Kershaw1
2Tony Sandford16Roger Burton21
3Roger Collins14Chris Dormer Best Result21
4Graham Hughes21Doreen Jones14
5Bill Steventon21Julie Perry9
6James Fernie21Ian Edwards10
7Ron Evans21John Parry16
8Tony Andrews21George Perry8
9Paul Watson21Les Lewis13
10Dave Pritchard21Glyn Turner8


PosPOWBC BScoreCrescent BScore
1John Ford Best Result21Kevin Barratt9
2Geoff Tipton21Paul Turford15
3John Evans21Andy Maycock14
4Lee Tipton (6tc)21Brian Richards17
5Jack Price11Daz Hunting Best Result21
6Bryan Price21Dan Laurens12
7Glyn Harvey21Graham Hughes16
8Andy Lockley21Mike Greaves16
9Darren Jones13Alan Hotchkiss21
10Pip Pugh19John Wycherley21

PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreMeole Brace CScore
1Clare Bennett16Joyce Ashley21
2Ian Hutchison7Dave (itchy) Pritchard21
3Kate Washbourne21Peter Holloway15
4Joyce Graves13Brian Jones21
5Andy Lipa19Brian Simcoe21
6Ralph Graves21Helen Jones17
7Linda Rigby2Eric Greaves Best Result21
8Debbie Davies14John Hartshorne21
9Roy Washbourne Best Result21Melvyn Ashley13
10Phil Rowson21Eric Webb18

PosPontesbury CScoreMonkmoor BScore
1Dave Bennett20Cath Flattley21
2Kevin Williams (6tc)21Colin Bell15
3Ray Perry (6tc)21Colin Prinn6
4Keith Tate Snr21Chris Lee12
5Maureen Charles21Joan Uncles6
6Adam Morris (6tc)21Jane Horne9
7Derek Worrall21Rose Mackay12
8Mike Hampson21Tom Groome9
9Terry Wainwright (6tc) Best Result21John Uncles4
10Stuart Morris (6tc)17Chris Thomas Best Result21

PosBagley BScoreGreenfields Social BScore
1David Scutts12Ray Buckley21
2Alan Welsh10Pete Mackay21
3Pam Bird19Tony Sandford21
4Margaret Cooper9Roger Collins Best Result21
5Deryk Cumming18Graham Hughes21
6Maureen Poole13Mike Goodall21
7Laurence Earl21James Fernie19
8Richard Green Best Result21Dave Pritchard11
9Neil Scutts21Paul Watson19
10Sandra Griffiths21Tony Andrews18

PosBayston Hill BScorePontesbury DScore
1Bob Preece21Kath Farmer14
2Christine Taylor14Kelly Price (j)21
3Kevin Edwards21Jan James11
4Jean Barlow19Anne Walton21
5Ted Clarke16Ben Middleton (j)21
6Dave Jones7Tessa Potter Best Result21
7Tim Thomas8Charlie Hotchkiss (j)21
8Rosie Scotland Best Result21Sandra Evans9
9Norman Price18Anna Lawson21
10Ray Sant21Sue Potter14

PosSevernsideScoreElephant & CastleScore
1Roger Burton Best Result21Jo Facer-leah14
2Glyn Turner21Dawn Gray18
3George Perry13Richard Leah21
4Chris Dormer15Mark Gray21
5Doreen Jones7Paul Dean Best Result21
6Ian Edwards12Craig Jones21
7Julie Perry21Gary Francis20
8John Parry9Bryan Williams21
9Les Lewis21Graham Humphreys19
10Robert Phillips18Derek Shingler21


PosGreenfields Social BScoreWorthen & BrocktonScore
1Tony Sandford Best Result21Debbie Davies6
2Ray Buckley21Ken Holding7
3Roger Collins21Ian Hutchison14
4Pete Mackay21Joyce Graves7
5Mike Goodall21Clare Bennett7
6Dave Pritchard20Roy Washbourne21
7Bill Steventon14Kate Washbourne21
8Graham Hughes11Phil Rowson21
9Ron Evans4Ralph Graves Best Result21
10Paul Watson21Andy Lipa20

PosElephant & CastleScorePOWBC BScore
1Mark Gray10Bryan Price21
2Jo Facer-leah Best Result21John Ford0
3Harry Jones21Geoff Tipton8
4Paul Dean7John Evans Best Result21
5Richard Gears14Lee Tipton (6tc)21
6Gary Francis7Andy Lockley Best Result21
7Craig Jones14Jack Price21
8Bryan Williams21Alan Potts16
9Derek Shingler21John Ramsay10
10Graham Humphreys21Darren Jones8

PosPontesbury CScoreSevernsideScore
1Ray Perry (6tc)21Roger Burton16
2Kevin Williams (6tc)21Peter Flude9
3Alan Purslow (6tc)17Felicity Kershaw Best Result21
4Dave Bennett Best Result21Doreen Jones5
5Keith Tate Snr Best Result21John Parry5
6Maureen Charles21Ian Edwards14
7Mike Hampson21Julie Perry8
8Terry Wainwright (6tc)21George Perry10
9Adam Morris (6tc)21Robert Phillips11
10Stuart Morris (6tc)21Les Lewis9

PosMonkmoor BScoreBagley BScore
1Chris Lee Best Result21Sandra Griffiths10
2Cath Flattley21Laurence Earl18
3Thomas Jones3David Scutts Best Result21
4Lou Hotchkiss10Maureen Poole21
5Rose Mackay7Neil Scutts21
6Colin Bell13Margaret Cooper21
7Richard Lee21Andrew Tipton16
8Tom Groome8Jenny Newton21
9Scott Lane21Alan Welsh17
10Chris Thomas21Mike Lewis14

PosCrescent BScorePontesbury DScore
1Kevin Barratt12Jan James Best Result21
2Andy Maycock20Kath Farmer21
3Graham Hughes21Anne Walton19
4Paul Turford13Kelly Price (j)21
5John Wycherley21Ben Middleton (j)17
6Daz Hunting14Sandra Evans21
7Mike Greaves21Anna Lawson15
8Dan Laurens Best Result21Charlie Hotchkiss (j)10
9Alan Hotchkiss21Tessa Potter11
10Simon Hepworth21Sue Potter20

PosMeole Brace CScoreBayston Hill BScore
1Dave (itchy) Pritchard Best Result21Jean Barlow3
2Brian Jones21Bob Preece7
3Eric Webb16Christine Taylor21
4Peter Holloway21Marion Jones9
5Hugo Jones5Dave Kibbler Best Result21
6Joyce Ashley21Dave Jones14
7Brian Simcoe21Norman Price12
8Eric Greaves21Ted Clarke6
9Melvyn Ashley21Ray Sant19
10Clive Fisher21Rosie Scotland20


PosPOWBC BScorePontesbury CScore
1John Evans21Dave Bennett8
2Geoff Tipton12Kevin Williams (6tc)21
3John Ford21Alan Purslow (6tc)10
4Bryan Price21Ray Perry (6tc)15
5Lee Tipton (6tc)21Derek Worrall7
6Brian Austin21David Charles17
7Andy Lockley12Mike Hampson21
8Alan Potts17Keith Tate Snr21
9John Ramsay4Stuart Morris (6tc) Best Result21
10Glyn Harvey Best Result21Adam Morris (6tc)4
Good win for the over 90's.

PosBayston Hill BScoreGreenfields Social BScore
1Bob Preece21Ray Buckley14
2Christine Taylor7Pete Mackay21
3Norman Price4Bill Steventon21
4Dave Jones2Roger Collins Best Result21
5Dave Kibbler21Tony Sandford19
6Richard Barrett14Dave Pritchard21
7Billy Murphy9Graham Hughes21
8Rosie Scotland21Mike Goodall9
9Molly Sullivan Best Result21Ron Evans3
10Ray Sant21Paul Watson20
Unlisted players, billy murphy SH8452, Molly Sullivan LAD66846

PosSevernsideScoreMonkmoor BScore
1George Perry21Colin Prinn11
2Roger Burton21Colin Bell11
3Felicity Kershaw20Ian Horne21
4Julie Perry20Cath Flattley21
5Doreen Jones16Joan Uncles Best Result21
6Chris Dormer21Tom Groome18
7John Parry16Jane Horne Best Result21
8Glyn Turner21Rose Mackay7
9Les Lewis18Scott Lane21
10Robert Phillips Best Result21Thomas Jones5

PosBagley BScoreElephant & CastleScore
1Alan Welsh6Mark Gray Best Result21
2Sandra Griffiths Best Result21Clive Dann10
3Richard Green21Jo Facer-leah12
4David Scutts21Craig Jones18
5Pam Bird14Richard Gears21
6Mike Lewis16Derek Shingler21
7Laurence Earl14Paul Dean21
8Neil Scutts19Gary Francis21
9Andrew Tipton12Bryan Williams21
10Jenny Newton17Graham Humphreys21

PosPontesbury DScoreMeole Brace CScore
1Sandra Evans12Dave (itchy) Pritchard21
2Kelly Price (j)21Brian Jones14
3Marion Lewis5Eric Webb Best Result21
4Kath Farmer13Peter Holloway21
5Anne Walton Best Result21Hugo Jones12
6Anna Lawson21Roy Morris19
7Charlie Hotchkiss (j)21Brian Simcoe15
8Jan James17Eric Greaves21
9Tessa Potter20Melvyn Ashley21
10Sue Potter21Clive Fisher18

PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreCrescent BScore
1Clare Bennett4Kevin Barratt Best Result21
2Joyce Graves6Brian Richards21
3Debbie Davies21Andy Maycock19
4Ian Hutchison21Paul Turford19
5Kate Washbourne21Mike Greaves20
6Linda Rigby6Simon Hepworth21
7Brian Jones18Graham Hughes21
8Andy Lipa21Dan Laurens18
9Ralph Graves13Alan Hotchkiss21
10Phil Rowson Best Result21John Wycherley8


PosGreenfields Social BScorePontesbury DScore
1Ray Buckley21Kelly Price (j)16
2Pete Mackay21Marion Lewis15
3Graham Hughes Best Result21Charlie Hotchkiss (j)4
4Roger Collins21Sandra Evans8
5Tony Sandford21Anne Walton13
6Mike Goodall21Jan James15
7Dave Pritchard21Anna Lawson14
8Ron Evans21Kath Farmer19
9Tony Andrews21Sue Potter20
10Paul Watson8Tessa Potter Best Result21

PosElephant & CastleScoreBayston Hill BScore
1Craig Jones21Bob Preece10
2Jo Facer-leah21Christine Taylor8
3Dave Hanson21Julian Archer8
4Clive Dann16Marion Jones Best Result21
5Paul Dean21Kevin Edwards18
6Richard Gears21Norman Price13
7Bryan Williams20Rosie Scotland21
8Gary Francis21Dave Jones9
9Graham Humphreys Best Result21Ray Sant6
10Derek Shingler Best Result21Tim Thomas6

PosPontesbury CScoreWorthen & BrocktonScore
1Dave Bennett21Joyce Graves9
2Alan Purslow (6tc)19Andy Lipa21
3Ray Perry (6tc) Best Result21Clare Bennett6
4Kevin Williams (6tc)21Kate Washbourne11
5Maureen Charles Best Result21Ian Hutchison6
6Derek Worrall21Debbie Davies15
7Steve Harris10Roy Washbourne Best Result21
8Terry Wainwright (6tc)21Brian Jones7
9David Charles17Ralph Graves21
10Adam Morris (6tc)21Phil Rowson12

PosCrescent BScoreMeole Brace CScore
1Andy Maycock18Dave (itchy) Pritchard21
2Bob Feeney16Peter Holloway21
3Brian Richards Best Result21Joyce Ashley8
4Simon Hepworth20Eric Webb21
5Daz Hunting21Roy Morris14
6Mike Greaves Best Result21Helen Jones8
7Dan Harris15John Hartshorne Best Result21
8Dave Rowe17Brian Simcoe21
9Alan Hotchkiss21Melvyn Ashley15
10John Wycherley17Clive Fisher21

PosMonkmoor BScorePOWBC BScore
1Colin Prinn6Jack Price21
2Cath Flattley14Geoff Tipton21
3Thomas Jones4John Evans Best Result21
4Liz Taylor14John Ford21
5Joan Uncles8Brian Austin21
6Colin Bell Best Result21John Ramsay11
7Rose Mackay4Lee Tipton (6tc) Best Result21
8Tom Groome16Andy Lockley21
9John Uncles5Alan Potts21
10Chris Thomas11Glyn Harvey21

PosSevernsideScoreBagley BScore
1George Perry21Sandra Griffiths13
2Roger Burton20Alan Welsh21
3Felicity Kershaw21Andrew Tipton17
4Chris Dormer13Jenny Newton21
5Doreen Jones21Neil Scutts17
6John Parry14Margaret Cooper21
7Julie Perry21Pam Bird19
8Ian Edwards11David Scutts Best Result21
9Glyn Turner21Mike Lewis12
10Robert Phillips Best Result21Richard Green11
Good evenings entertainment, despite the weather.


PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreElephant & CastleScore
1Clare Bennett10Mark Gray21
2Debbie Davies21Clive Dann11
3Kate Washbourne13Jo Facer-leah21
4Ian Hutchison21Craig Jones10
5Joyce Graves21Paul Dean11
6Andy Lipa Best Result21Gary Francis1
7Brian Jones21Harry Jones20
8Ken Holding3Richard Gears Best Result21
9Ralph Graves14Derek Shingler21
10Phil Rowson7Graham Humphreys21

PosPOWBC BScoreSevernsideScore
1John Evans Best Result21Felicity Kershaw4
2Bryan Price11George Perry Best Result21
3John Ford Best Result21Chris Dormer4
4Geoff Tipton21Glyn Turner11
5Alan Potts21Doreen Jones6
6Brian Austin21Julie Perry13
7Jack Price21Ian Edwards10
8Glyn Harvey21John Parry6
9Lee Tipton (6tc)21Robert Phillips12
10Andy Lockley20Les Lewis21
Good result for thr Prince, average age. 93. Against Severnside average age 92.5. !! (Linda Tipton should read Lee Tipton. No 9800)

PosBayston Hill BScoreMonkmoor BScore
1Bob Preece21Colin Prinn8
2Christine Taylor21Colin Bell16
3Julian Archer21Ian Horne15
4Marion Jones18Tom Groome21
5Sylvia Morris17Cath Flattley21
6Norman Price21Rose Mackay7
7Jean Barlow Best Result21Jane Horne4
8Rosie Scotland21Joan Uncles5
9Tim Thomas4Scott Lane Best Result21
10Ray Sant Best Result21Thomas Jones4

PosMeole Brace CScoreGreenfields Social BScore
1Peter Holloway10Ray Buckley21
2Brian Jones8Pete Mackay Best Result21
3Dave (itchy) Pritchard Best Result21Roger Collins4
4Joyce Ashley21Mike Goodall8
5Hugo Jones13Dave Pritchard21
6Paul Majski21Ron Evans8
7John Hartshorne11Graham Hughes21
8Roy Morris21James Fernie8
9Eric Greaves20Paul Watson21
10Melvyn Ashley20Tony Andrews21

PosBagley BScoreCrescent BScore
1Marg Barnes21Andy Maycock9
2Louise Rooke13Brian Richards21
3David Scutts6Paul Turford Best Result21
4Sandra Griffiths6Alan Hotchkiss Best Result21
5Richard Green Best Result21Graham Hughes6
6Jenny Newton21Dave Rowe11
7Margaret Cooper7Simon Hepworth21
8Laurence Earl11Daz Hunting21
9Alan Welsh11Mike Greaves21
10Pam Bird15John Wycherley21

PosPontesbury DScorePontesbury CScore
1Marion Lewis7Kevin Williams (6tc)21
2Kelly Price (j) Best Result21Alan Purslow (6tc)12
3Sandra Evans21Ray Perry (6tc)19
4Melva Bennett10Dave Bennett21
5Kath Farmer16Terry Wainwright (6tc)21
6Anne Walton19Derek Worrall21
7Jan James21Keith Tate Snr14
8Anna Lawson10Maureen Charles21
9Tessa Potter5Adam Morris (6tc) Best Result21
10Sue Potter16Stuart Morris (6tc)21