Tanners Claret Shropshire Bowling League 2016

Latest results for Shrewsbury Div. 3

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PosPOWBC AScoreCorbet ArmsScore
1Chris Slawson21Mike Wood11
2George Dourish21Brian Mobberley13
3Tom Moseley21Steve Edwards7
4Matty Hyde21Paul Caswell13
5Tom Gregory Best Result21Gill Blakeley4
6Ryan Hutchings21Brian Amey10
7Joe Hotchkiss21Eddie Roderick6
8Keith Davies5Marion Stevens Best Result21
9Stan Briscoe21Nick Marshall15
10Mike Binnersley10Graham Lewis21
Boom POW. Boom. POW BOOM. !!! Excellent advert for bowls in the hight of the excitement

PosCrescent BScorePOWBC BScore
1Kevin Barratt21Kevin Dalton8
2Graham Hughes21Bryan Price7
3Paul Turford21Geoff Tipton14
4Daniel Perkins10John Evans Best Result21
5Andy Maycock21John Ford5
6Mike Greaves19Alan Potts21
7Daz Hunting Best Result21John Groom4
8Simon Hepworth18Brian Austin21
9Alan Hotchkiss21Alex Nicholls20
10Dave Rowe20Alan Dean21

PosOsbc AScoreCastlefields CScore
1John Allen Best Result21David Burroughs12
2Bill Francis21Ade Clarke16
3Diane Preece11Liam Page21
4Sam Barnett5Neil Thomas Best Result21
5Bert Pover16George Marston21
6Linda Gale14Steve Lewis21
7Paul Wills10Phil Mcewan21
8Matthew Beck17Paul Davies21
9Karl Weaver13Craig Walker21
10Tim Robbins9Ally Roberts21

PosMonkmoor ScoreBicton BScore
1Steve Bramall20Andy Wilson (6fa)21
2Mick Fiest18Stuart Bennett21
3Stuart Dodd21Matt Statham13
4Matthew Griffiths21Karen Bennett (6fa)14
5Daniel Brookfield21Roger Oldacre16
6Andy Cooke21Billy Jones13
7Ali Brown13Pat Oliver Best Result21
8Dean Pritchard Best Result21Julie Williams6
9Ricky Cooke21Shaun Phillips13
10Colin Hayes21Keith Sudlow18

PosBagley AScoreElephant & CastleScore
1Paul Peatroy (6ta)21Brian Leah18
2John Farmer21Gary Francis3
3Mark Spencer21Paul Dean11
4Colin Clayton (6ta)21Craig Jones7
5Darren Williams21Graham Humphreys10
6John Griffiths21Tony Sherratt19
7Neil Scutts (6ta)11Martin Young Best Result21
8Gary Morgan (6ta)14Richard Leah21
9Andy Sutherland (6ta) Best Result21Derek Shingler1
10John Lovett (6ta)21Richard Gears18
A great night of bowling against a strong Elephant & Castle team, seeing the Bagley across the line for runners up and rounding off a wonderful season. Well done lads.#proud


PosPOWBC BScoreMonkmoor Score
1John Evans Best Result21Stuart Dodd9
2Geoff Tipton Best Result21Mick Fiest9
3Bryan Price21Steve Bramall17
4John Ford21Matthew Griffiths17
5Brian Austin21Andy Cooke15
6Alan Potts21Micky Bramall19
7John Groom21Ali Brown13
8Glyn Harvey21Daniel Brookfield18
9Alex Nicholls11Colin Hayes Best Result21
10Alan Dean16Ricky Cooke21

PosCorbet ArmsScoreMeole Brace BScore
1Steve Edwards21Vernon Biggs (6tb)18
2Eddie Roderick21Tony Crundell (6tb)16
3Paul Caswell Best Result21Brian Jones11
4Nick Marshall21Bob Cliffe15
5Graham Lewis21Mal Cowley19
6Peter Sherry21George Spain (6tb)14
7Eric Pitchford21Neil Pickin (6tb)18
8Mike Wood21Steve Phillips18
9Mary Woodcock21Dan White14
10Gill Blakeley14Barry Lowe (6tb) Best Result21

PosElephant & CastleScoreCrescent BScore
1Harry Jones21Paul Turford18
2Richard Gears19Graham Hughes21
3Tony Sherratt21Brian Richards11
4Paul Dean20Kevin Barratt21
5Bryan Williams9Mike Greaves Best Result21
6Derek Shingler Best Result21Dave Maycock4
7Brian Leah13Andy Maycock21
8Richard Leah21Daz Hunting8
9Graham Humphreys21Simon Hepworth12
10Martin Young9Alan Hotchkiss Best Result21

PosCastlefields CScoreBagley AScore
1Peter Ashley3Colin Clayton (6ta) Best Result21
2David Burroughs17John Farmer21
3Ade Clarke16Darren Williams21
4Steve Duckett Best Result21Paul Peatroy (6ta)9
5Paul Jarvis21John Griffiths16
6George Marston17Gary Morgan (6ta)21
7Ally Roberts14John Lovett (6ta)21
8Neil Thomas21David Scutts12
9Craig Walker10Andy Sutherland (6ta)21
10Alan Peach21Marg Barnes14

PosBicton BScorePOWBC AScore
1Norman Brown7George Dourish Best Result21
2Stuart Bennett21Matty Hyde13
3Karen Bennett (6fa) Best Result21Chris Slawson12
4Dave Brown21Steph Clarke15
5Kevin Sudlow21Ryan Hutchings15
6Pat Oliver21Tom Gregory15
7Julie Williams21Tom Moseley16
8Kevin Price16Joe Hotchkiss21
9Keith Sudlow21Mike Binnersley16
10Shaun Phillips21Stan Briscoe13


PosCrescent BScoreCorbet ArmsScore
1Brian Richards21Peter Sherry11
2Paul Turford13Gill Blakeley21
3Graham Hughes2Steve Edwards Best Result21
4Kevin Barratt10Paul Caswell21
5Mike Greaves18Mike Wood21
6Simon Hepworth21Marion Stevens18
7Daz Hunting15Eric Pitchford21
8Andy Maycock Best Result21Mary Woodcock6
9Alan Hotchkiss13Nick Marshall21
10Dave Rowe14Eddie Roderick21

PosElephant & CastleScoreBicton BScore
1Richard Leah Best Result21Paul Idris Evans6
2Steve Jones21Norman Brown16
3Richard Gears16Billy Jones21
4Craig Jones9Andy Wilson (6fa)21
5Brian Leah21Roger Oldacre16
6Gary Francis10Ken Darlington21
7Derek Shingler7Kevin Sudlow Best Result21
8Bryan Williams13Keith Sudlow21
9Graham Humphreys21Julie Williams13
10Tony Sherratt21Shaun Phillips9

PosPOWBC AScoreOsbc AScore
1Mike Binnersley11Martin Francis21
2George Dourish21Bill Francis3
3Matty Hyde Best Result21John Allen2
4Steph Clarke18Keith Lewis21
5Tom Davies6Karl Weaver Best Result21
6Tom Gregory21Paul Wills12
7Keith Davies21Linda Gale16
8Ryan Hutchings16Robert Furlong21
9Joe Hotchkiss21Matthew Beck10
10Stan Briscoe21Tim Robbins17

PosBagley AScorePOWBC BScore
1Paul Peatroy (6ta)21John Evans19
2John Farmer9John Ford Best Result21
3Mark Spencer21Geoff Tipton9
4Colin Clayton (6ta) Best Result21Bryan Price8
5Darren Williams21Alan Dean14
6John Griffiths21Brian Austin20
7David Scutts21Glyn Harvey16
8Gary Morgan (6ta)21Alan Potts13
9Andy Sutherland (6ta)21Alex Nicholls9
10John Lovett (6ta)21John Ramsay11

PosMeole Brace BScoreCastlefields CScore
1Vernon Biggs (6tb)21Neil Thomas8
2Tony Crundell (6tb) Best Result21Fred Ashley4
3Steve Phillips21David Burroughs18
4Chris Davies (6tb)21Ade Clarke16
5Barry Lowe (6tb)8Steve Lewis Best Result21
6George Spain (6tb)15Steve Walker21
7Dan White15Liam Page21
8Neil Pickin (6tb)16George Marston21
9Mal Cowley21Paul Jarvis5
10Bob Cliffe19Ally Roberts21


PosPOWBC BScoreElephant & CastleScore
1John Evans21Paul Dean10
2John Ford12Tony Sherratt21
3Bryan Price11Richard Leah21
4Alan Potts16Gary Francis21
5Glyn Harvey Best Result21Craig Jones4
6Brian Austin10Derek Shingler21
7Alan Dean11Richard Gears21
8John Groom21Brian Leah14
9Alex Nicholls3Martin Young Best Result21
10John Ramsay5Graham Humphreys21

PosCorbet ArmsScoreMonkmoor Score
1Brian Mobberley Best Result21Steve Bramall6
2Eric Pitchford21Stuart Dodd14
3Paul Caswell21Richard Saunders9
4Steve Edwards21Mick Fiest10
5Marion Stevens21Andy Cooke9
6Gill Blakeley14Dean Pritchard Best Result21
7Mary Woodcock20Daniel Brookfield21
8Mike Wood21Micky Bramall19
9Nick Marshall21Colin Hayes18
10Eddie Roderick21Ricky Cooke14

PosOsbc AScoreMeole Brace BScore
1Keith Lewis15Tony Crundell (6tb)21
2John Allen16Peter Morgan-jones21
3Robert Furlong19Dan White21
4Bill Francis Best Result21Steve Phillips9
5Paul Wills21Barry Lowe (6tb)19
6Trish Jones21Vernon Biggs (6tb)19
7Linda Gale20Chris Davies (6tb)21
8Matthew Beck21George Spain (6tb)10
9Karl Weaver14Mal Cowley21
10Martin Francis6Bob Cliffe Best Result21

PosCastlefields CScoreCrescent BScore
1David Burroughs21Brian Richards18
2Ade Clarke15Graham Hughes21
3Paul Jarvis9Simon Hepworth21
4Steve Lewis21Daz Hunting18
5George Marston Best Result21Andy Maycock10
6Liam Page Best Result21Dan Harris10
7Ally Roberts21Dave Rowe20
8Neil Thomas21Paul Turford13
9Craig Walker21Alan Hotchkiss15
10Steve Walker8Mike Greaves Best Result21

PosBicton BScoreBagley AScore
1Karen Bennett (6fa)21Colin Clayton (6ta)19
2Dave Brown12Paul Peatroy (6ta) Best Result21
3Paul Idris Evans15John Farmer21
4Billy Jones21Darren Williams15
5Roger Oldacre19Mark Spencer21
6Shaun Phillips21Andy Sutherland (6ta)15
7Ann Potts21John Griffiths18
8Keith Sudlow17John Lovett (6ta)21
9Kevin Sudlow Best Result21Gary Morgan (6ta)11
10Julie Williams20David Scutts21


PosBagley AScoreCorbet ArmsScore
1Paul Peatroy (6ta)21Nick Marshall10
2Darren Williams18Eric Pitchford21
3Colin Clayton (6ta)21Peter Sherry9
4Mark Spencer21Mike Wood19
5Aaron Sutherland4Marion Stevens Best Result21
6John Griffiths Best Result21Brian Amey3
7Neil Scutts (6ta)10Paul Caswell21
8Gary Morgan (6ta)21Gill Blakeley19
9David Scutts8Graham Lewis21
10Andy Sutherland (6ta)17Eddie Roderick21

PosPOWBC AScoreMeole Brace BScore
1Joe Hotchkiss21George Spain (6tb)17
2Chris Slawson20Steve Phillips21
3Matty Hyde14Vernon Biggs (6tb) Best Result21
4Steph Clarke21Tony Crundell (6tb)12
5Tom Davies18Peter Morgan-jones21
6Tom Moseley21Dan White17
7Tom Gregory Best Result21Chris Davies (6tb)8
8Ryan Hutchings21Barry Lowe (6tb)11
9Ivor Sargent15Mal Cowley21
10Stan Briscoe14Bob Cliffe Best Result21

PosElephant & CastleScoreCastlefields CScore
1Richard Leah21Neil Thomas12
2Harry Jones21Ade Clarke10
3Brian Leah Best Result21David Burroughs5
4Gary Francis14Peter Ashley21
5Richard Gears21Paul Jarvis18
6Bryan Williams3Mike Pugh Best Result21
7Derek Shingler19Steve Lewis21
8Graham Humphreys21George Marston10
9Martin Young21Phil Mcewan10
10Tony Sherratt20Ally Roberts21

PosMonkmoor ScoreOsbc AScore
1Steve Bramall21Linda Gale7
2Mick Fiest21Bill Francis16
3Dean Pritchard14John Allen21
4Stuart Dodd13Martin Francis21
5Richard Saunders15Keith Lewis21
6Andy Cooke Best Result21Robert Furlong6
7Matthew Griffiths12Matthew Beck Best Result21
8Daniel Brookfield21Paul Wills17
9Micky Bramall21Bert Pover11
10Ricky Cooke21Karl Weaver17

PosBicton BScorePOWBC BScore
1Stuart Bennett Best Result21Geoff Tipton2
2Billy Jones21Bryan Price8
3Norman Brown15John Ford21
4Dave Brown16John Evans21
5Roger Oldacre21Brian Austin7
6Julie Williams14John Groom Best Result21
7Paul Idris Evans21Alan Potts19
8Kevin Sudlow21Glyn Harvey18
9Keith Sudlow21John Ramsay11
10Shaun Phillips21Alex Nicholls12


PosOsbc AScoreBagley AScore
1John Allen21Colin Clayton (6ta)19
2Matthew Beck21Andy Sutherland (6ta)20
3Robert Furlong11Gary Morgan (6ta)21
4Linda Gale4John Griffiths Best Result21
5Trish Jones21John Lovett (6ta)19
6Keith Lewis9Mark Spencer21
7Tony Poole19Paul Peatroy (6ta)21
8Bert Pover16Darren Williams21
9Diane Preece5John Farmer21
10Paul Wills Best Result21Neil Scutts (6ta)17
Very well played Bagley boys they took full advantage of the green on the night.OSBC will be praying for some fine weather to help them and their cause for their last two home games.

PosCastlefields CScoreBicton BScore
1David Burroughs19Karen Bennett (6fa)21
2Ade Clarke21Billy Jones12
3Paul Jarvis Best Result21Roger Oldacre8
4Steve Lewis19Paul Idris Evans21
5George Marston21Norman Brown16
6Phil Mcewan13Kevin Sudlow Best Result21
7Liam Page16Stuart Bennett21
8Neil Thomas21Dave Brown17
9Craig Walker21Keith Sudlow12
10Steve Walker20Shaun Phillips21

PosCorbet ArmsScoreElephant & CastleScore
1Peter Sherry21Richard Leah5
2Eric Pitchford21Mark Gray5
3Brian Mobberley21Tony Sherratt Best Result17
4Nick Marshall21Martin Young15
5Mike Wood21Harry Jones14
6Mary Woodcock21Gary Francis14
7Gill Blakeley21Brian Leah12
8Paul Caswell21Richard Gears10
9Graham Lewis21Graham Humphreys12
10Eddie Roderick Best Result21Craig Jones3

PosPOWBC AScoreMonkmoor Score
1Matty Hyde Best Result21Micky Bramall8
2Ryan Hutchings15Steve Bramall21
3Chris Slawson16Mick Fiest21
4George Dourish21Dean Pritchard14
5Tom Moseley21Richard Saunders15
6Tom Gregory21Matthew Griffiths14
7Joe Hotchkiss17Stuart Dodd21
8Steph Clarke21Andy Cooke15
9Stan Briscoe21Ali Brown10
10Mike Binnersley12Ricky Cooke Best Result21

PosMeole Brace BScoreCrescent BScore
1Brian Jones21Paul Turford18
2Barry Lowe (6tb)11Dan Harris21
3Tony Crundell (6tb)21Graham Hughes15
4Vernon Biggs (6tb)21Brian Richards12
5George Spain (6tb)10Daz Hunting Best Result21
6Steve Phillips21Mike Greaves18
7Neil Pickin (6tb) Best Result21Andy Maycock2
8Dan White21Simon Hepworth16
9Mal Cowley10Alan Hotchkiss Best Result21
10Bob Cliffe21Dave Rowe14


PosBagley AScorePOWBC AScore
1Paul Peatroy (6ta) Best Result21Chris Slawson10
2John Farmer Best Result21Matty Hyde10
3Mark Spencer21Joe Hotchkiss19
4Colin Clayton (6ta) Best Result21Tom Moseley10
5Darren Williams21George Dourish11
6John Griffiths21Ryan Hutchings16
7David Scutts14Tom Gregory Best Result21
8Neil Scutts (6ta)16Steph Clarke21
9Andy Sutherland (6ta)21Stan Briscoe18
10John Lovett (6ta)21Josh Davies14

PosPOWBC BScoreCastlefields CScore
1Alan Potts21George Marston18
2Bryan Price21Ade Clarke20
3John Evans21Steve Walker8
4Kevin Dalton21Neil Thomas18
5John Ford18Liam Page21
6Glyn Harvey21Paul Jarvis7
7John Groom Best Result21Steve Lewis6
8Alan Dean4Phil Mcewan Best Result21
9Alex Nicholls21Craig Walker8
10Amanda Johnson9Ally Roberts21

PosCrescent BScoreOsbc AScore
1Paul Turford21John Allen12
2Dan Harris21Diane Preece16
3Brian Richards Best Result21Derek Griffiths5
4Graham Hughes21Peter Cliffe10
5Andy Maycock16Bill Francis21
6Simon Hepworth20Robert Furlong21
7Mike Greaves21Bert Pover10
8Daniel Perkins7Keith Lewis Best Result21
9Dave Rowe21Matthew Beck13
10Alan Hotchkiss21Karl Weaver6

PosMonkmoor ScoreMeole Brace BScore
1Steve Bramall21Barry Lowe (6tb)19
2Mick Fiest10Tony Crundell (6tb)21
3Dean Pritchard21George Spain (6tb)14
4Stuart Dodd21Vernon Biggs (6tb)11
5Colin Hayes21Bob Cliffe14
6Andy Cooke Best Result21Dan White8
7Daniel Brookfield21Steve Phillips16
8Matthew Griffiths9Neil Pickin (6tb) Best Result21
9Ali Brown9Mal Cowley Best Result21
10Richard Saunders21Brian Jones12

PosBicton BScoreCorbet ArmsScore
1Stuart Bennett16Steve Edwards21
2Billy Jones14Peter Sherry21
3Tony Dawson10Paul Caswell21
4Paul Idris Evans7Nick Marshall Best Result21
5Shaun Phillips7Eric Pitchford Best Result21
6Norman Brown12Gill Blakeley21
7Kevin Sudlow Best Result21Mike Wood9
8Dave Brown21Mary Woodcock18
9Julie Williams21Graham Lewis14
10Keith Sudlow21Eddie Roderick16


PosPOWBC AScoreElephant & CastleScore
1Matty Hyde Best Result21Clive Dann2
2Steph Clarke13Richard Leah Best Result21
3Tom Moseley15Harry Jones21
4Chris Slawson21Bryan Williams4
5Joe Hotchkiss21Derek Shingler11
6Tom Gregory14Gary Francis21
7Ryan Hutchings21Brian Leah18
8Mike Binnersley21Craig Jones15
9George Dourish13Martin Young Best Result21
10Stan Briscoe21Tony Sherratt16

PosCorbet ArmsScoreCastlefields CScore
1Steve Edwards21Liam Page20
2Christine Sherry16George Marston21
3Gill Blakeley20Steve Walker21
4Paul Caswell21Ally Roberts9
5Nick Marshall Best Result21David Burroughs5
6Eric Pitchford21Steve Lewis19
7Eddie Roderick21Phil Mcewan16
8Peter Sherry21Craig Walker19
9Mike Wood20Ade Clarke21
10Mary Woodcock7Neil Thomas Best Result21

PosOsbc AScorePOWBC BScore
1John Allen Best Result21Alan Potts6
2Robert Furlong21John Evans12
3Bill Francis21Geoff Tipton9
4Keith Lewis21John Ford15
5Linda Gale21Pip Pugh18
6Martin Francis21Bryan Price11
7Karl Weaver21Brian Austin14
8Trish Jones21Alan Dean10
9Matthew Beck21Alex Nicholls9
10Tim Robbins21John Ramsay Best Result20
What a night Very enjoyable evening...... With a cracking win with 4 winners in the front, topped off with 4 winners in the middle, nothing could go wrong until Razza came on the green, 16-9 up looking a dead cert...mr Robbins (son in law to be) took him

PosMonkmoor ScoreCrescent BScore
1Steve Bramall19Dan Harris21
2Dean Pritchard8Simon Hepworth21
3Matthew Griffiths6Graham Hughes Best Result21
4Richard Saunders6Brian Richards Best Result21
5Micky Bramall21Mike Greaves8
6Daniel Brookfield21Andy Maycock13
7Andy Cooke Best Result21Paul Turford6
8Stuart Dodd Best Result21Daniel Perkins6
9Ali Brown13Alan Hotchkiss21
10Ricky Cooke19Dave Rowe21

PosMeole Brace BScoreBagley AScore
1Barry Lowe (6tb)16Darren Williams21
2Brian Jones15John Farmer21
3Vernon Biggs (6tb)21Mark Spencer17
4Tony Crundell (6tb)21Paul Peatroy (6ta)14
5Dan White6Colin Clayton (6ta) Best Result21
6Neil Pickin (6tb)15David Scutts21
7Peter Morgan-jones21John Griffiths17
8Steve Phillips21Neil Scutts (6ta)14
9Bob Cliffe Best Result21Andy Sutherland (6ta)12
10Mal Cowley21John Lovett (6ta)18


PosCrescent BScorePOWBC AScore
1Kevin Barratt12Matty Hyde21
2Brian Richards17Steph Clarke21
3Paul Turford13Mike Binnersley21
4Dave Rowe15Chris Slawson21
5John Wycherley Best Result21Tom Moseley12
6Andy Maycock14Keith Davies21
7Mike Greaves21Tom Gregory16
8Daniel Perkins13Joe Hotchkiss21
9Graham Hughes9George Dourish Best Result21
10Alan Hotchkiss15Stan Briscoe21

PosBicton BScoreMeole Brace BScore
1Ken Barrow7Tony Crundell (6tb) Best Result21
2Dave Brown19Vernon Biggs (6tb)21
3Karen Bennett (6fa)21Barry Lowe (6tb)19
4Billy Jones21Brian Jones18
5Julie Williams21Dan White13
6Kevin Sudlow21George Spain (6tb)17
7Norman Brown21Neil Pickin (6tb)19
8Paul Idris Evans21Steve Phillips16
9Keith Sudlow Best Result21Bob Cliffe12
10Shaun Phillips21Mal Cowley20

PosOsbc AScoreElephant & CastleScore
1John Allen21Harry Jones12
2Karl Weaver21Gary Francis14
3Robert Furlong21Paul Dean11
4Keith Lewis14Richard Leah21
5Tim Robbins21Brian Leah7
6Bert Pover21Bryan Williams8
7Paul Wills14Richard Gears21
8Bill Francis Best Result21Derek Shingler5
9Martin Francis21Tony Sherratt12
10Matthew Beck10Graham Humphreys Best Result21

PosPOWBC BScoreCorbet ArmsScore
1John Ford11Nick Marshall Best Result21
2Glyn Harvey19Paul Caswell21
3Alan Dean17Mary Woodcock21
4John Groom13Mike Wood21
5Geoff Tipton16Peter Sherry21
6Bryan Price Best Result21Brian Mobberley13
7John Evans15Steve Edwards21
8Alex Nicholls15Gill Blakeley21
9John Ramsay11Graham Lewis Best Result21
10Brian Austin20Eddie Roderick21

PosCastlefields CScoreMonkmoor Score
1David Burroughs14Steve Bramall21
2Ade Clarke21Mick Fiest10
3Paul Jarvis14Daniel Brookfield21
4Steve Lewis11Andy Cooke Best Result21
5George Marston17Micky Bramall21
6Phil Mcewan21Ali Brown20
7Liam Page14Stuart Dodd21
8Ally Roberts21Ricky Cooke12
9Craig Walker20Dean Pritchard21
10Steve Walker Best Result21Colin Hayes9


PosPOWBC AScoreCastlefields CScore
1Ryan Hutchings21Mike Pugh19
2Matty Hyde21Liam Page14
3Chris Slawson21Neil Thomas18
4Tom Gregory21David Burroughs20
5Steph Clarke21George Marston16
6Joe Hotchkiss Best Result21Steve Lewis10
7Tom Moseley21Paul Jarvis17
8Andy Lockley21Phil Mcewan17
9Mike Binnersley21Craig Walker17
10Stan Briscoe5Ally Roberts Best Result21

PosCrescent BScoreBagley AScore
1Brian Richards11Mike Lovett Best Result21
2Kevin Barratt12Paul Peatroy (6ta)21
3Dave Rowe Best Result21Colin Clayton (6ta)13
4Graham Hughes20Di Peatroy21
5Mike Greaves16John Griffiths21
6Andy Maycock21Sandra Griffiths14
7Paul Turford21David Scutts17
8Daniel Perkins16Gary Morgan (6ta)21
9Dan Harris15John Lovett (6ta)21
10Alan Hotchkiss16Andy Sutherland (6ta)21

PosOsbc AScoreBicton BScore
1Keith Lewis Best Result21Paul Idris Evans3
2Trish Jones21Trevor Bowers17
3Bill Francis21Ken Barrow9
4John Allen14Billy Jones21
5Karl Weaver21Norman Brown15
6Tony Poole8Julie Williams Best Result21
7Robert Furlong21Dave Brown13
8Paul Wills21Shaun Phillips17
9Martin Francis15Keith Sudlow21
10Matthew Beck21Kevin Sudlow14

PosMonkmoor ScoreElephant & CastleScore
1Steve Bramall Best Result21Craig Jones3
2Mick Fiest21Paul Dean12
3Richard Saunders11Richard Leah21
4Colin Hayes Best Result21Richard Gears3
5Daniel Brookfield21Brian Leah9
6Matthew Griffiths4Graham Humphreys Best Result21
7Andy Cooke19Derek Shingler21
8Stuart Dodd21Gary Francis15
9Ali Brown21Tony Sherratt20
10Ricky Cooke21Martin Young10
Match played in a good spirit pity the minority have to spoil it for for the majority of players on the night

PosMeole Brace BScorePOWBC BScore
1Vernon Biggs (6tb)16John Ford Best Result21
2Peter Morgan-jones21Bryan Price15
3Tony Crundell (6tb)21Geoff Tipton14
4Barry Lowe (6tb)21Alan Potts18
5Dan White21John Groom11
6Chris Davies (6tb)21Harry Richardson12
7Neil Pickin (6tb)21Glyn Harvey20
8Brian Jones21Brian Austin10
9Mal Cowley Best Result21Alex Nicholls7
10Bob Cliffe21Alan Dean8


PosBicton BScoreCrescent BScore
1Karen Bennett (6fa)21Mike Greaves13
2Dave Brown21Dave Rowe18
3Paul Idris Evans21Kevin Barratt17
4Norman Brown16Brian Richards21
5Ann Potts8Daniel Perkins Best Result21
6Julie Williams8Paul Turford Best Result21
7Pat Oliver11Andy Maycock21
8Shaun Phillips Best Result21Simon Hepworth5
9Kevin Sudlow21Dan Harris7
10Keith Sudlow21Alan Hotchkiss10

PosBagley AScoreMonkmoor Score
1John Griffiths12Steve Bramall21
2Colin Clayton (6ta)18Richard Saunders21
3Darren Williams11Colin Hayes21
4Paul Peatroy (6ta) Best Result21Mick Fiest12
5David Scutts6Stuart Dodd Best Result21
6Neil Scutts (6ta)21Matthew Griffiths19
7Gary Morgan (6ta)21Daniel Brookfield16
8Jenny Newton21Andy Cooke15
9Andy Sutherland (6ta)9Ricky Cooke21
10John Lovett (6ta)21Ali Brown15

1John Evans21Tom Moseley5
2Bryan Price Best Result21Chris Slawson4
3John Ford21Ryan Hutchings20
4Alan Potts4Matty Hyde Best Result21
5Alan Dean21Tom Davies16
6Brian Austin21Tom Gregory16
7John Groom17Keith Davies21
8Glyn Harvey21Mike Binnersley15
9Pip Pugh15Ivor Sargent21
10Alex Nicholls12Stan Briscoe21

PosCorbet ArmsScoreOsbc AScore
1Gill Blakeley19Max Barnett Best Result21
2Paul Caswell21Martin Francis10
3Steve Edwards Best Result21Keith Lewis4
4Graham Lewis21Karl Weaver10
5John Lumsden21Robert Furlong6
6Nick Marshall21Tony Poole12
7Eric Pitchford21Bill Francis13
8Eddie Roderick20Matthew Beck21
9Peter Sherry21John Allen9
10Marion Stevens Best Result21Trish Jones4

PosElephant & CastleScoreMeole Brace BScore
1Richard Leah Best Result21Peter Morgan-jones2
2Harry Jones21Barry Lowe (6tb)10
3Paul Dean10Brian Jones21
4Craig Jones13Tony Crundell (6tb)21
5Richard Gears21Neil Pickin (6tb)5
6Gary Francis4Steve Phillips Best Result21
7Derek Shingler21Paul Majski7
8Graham Humphreys21Dan White7
9Martin Young21Bob Cliffe14
10Tony Sherratt21Mal Cowley3


PosCastlefields CScorePOWBC AScore
1David Burroughs21Tom Moseley20
2Ade Clarke21Steph Clarke18
3Paul Jarvis21Josh Davies9
4Steve Lewis18Tom Gregory21
5George Marston21George Dourish14
6Liam Page21Chris Slawson13
7Ally Roberts18Mike Binnersley21
8Neil Thomas21Matty Hyde7
9Craig Walker9Stan Briscoe Best Result21
10Steve Walker Best Result21Ryan Hutchings2

PosBicton BScoreOsbc AScore
1Paul Idris Evans16Bill Francis21
2Karen Bennett (6fa)21John Allen18
3Norman Brown16Keith Lewis21
4Dave Brown13Robert Furlong21
5Julie Williams Best Result21Bert Pover0
6Kevin Sudlow21Matthew Beck2
7Pat Oliver21Paul Wills17
8Roger Oldacre8Linda Gale21
9Shaun Phillips5Karl Weaver Best Result21
10Keith Sudlow17Martin Francis21

PosElephant & CastleScoreMonkmoor Score
1Richard Leah Best Result21Andy Cooke4
2Tony Sherratt21Dean Pritchard5
3Paul Dean7Steve Bramall21
4Brian Leah21Matthew Griffiths17
5Jo Facer-leah13Micky Bramall21
6Steve Jones16Mick Fiest21
7Gary Francis6Colin Hayes Best Result21
8Richard Gears15Daniel Brookfield21
9Derek Shingler21Ricky Cooke13
10Graham Humphreys21Stuart Dodd14

PosBagley AScoreCrescent BScore
1Paul Peatroy (6ta) Best Result21Daniel Perkins9
2John Farmer21Paul Turford11
3Darren Williams21Kevin Barratt12
4Colin Clayton (6ta)17Brian Richards21
5David Scutts9Daz Hunting Best Result21
6Neil Scutts (6ta)9Mike Greaves Best Result21
7Gary Morgan (6ta)21Simon Hepworth20
8Aaron Sutherland12Andy Maycock21
9Andy Sutherland (6ta) Best Result21Dave Rowe9
10John Lovett (6ta)21Alan Hotchkiss15

PosPOWBC BScoreMeole Brace BScore
1Geoff Tipton11Tony Crundell (6tb)21
2John Ford21Barry Lowe (6tb)12
3Alex Nicholls21Chris Davies (6tb)19
4John Evans16Vernon Biggs (6tb)21
5Bryan Price12Brian Jones21
6Glyn Harvey Best Result21George Spain (6tb)5
7Brian Austin21Peter Morgan-jones14
8John Groom21Steve Phillips15
9Alan Dean4Bob Cliffe Best Result21
10Alan Potts7Mal Cowley21


PosMeole Brace BScoreElephant & CastleScore
1Peter Morgan-jones Best Result21Paul Dean3
2Chris Davies (6tb)21Brian Leah18
3Vernon Biggs (6tb)18Richard Leah21
4Tony Crundell (6tb)21Richard Gears9
5Brian Jones21Derek Shingler7
6Dan White6Mal Wilde Best Result21
7Barry Lowe (6tb)21Graham Humphreys14
8George Spain (6tb)6Jo Facer-leah Best Result21
9Mal Cowley8Tony Sherratt21
10Bob Cliffe19Martin Young21

1Matty Hyde21Alan Potts8
2Steph Clarke21Bryan Price17
3Tom Moseley Best Result21John Evans5
4Chris Slawson18Geoff Tipton21
5Mike Binnersley21Glyn Harvey18
6Josh Davies13Alan Dean Best Result21
7Ryan Hutchings21Brian Austin9
8Tom Gregory21John Ford15
9Stan Briscoe21Alex Nicholls8
10Ivor Sargent21John Ramsay14

PosCrescent BScoreBicton BScore
1Brian Richards21Andrew Sudlow18
2Dave Rowe Best Result21Dave Brown4
3Andy Maycock12Kevin Sudlow21
4Kevin Barratt14Karen Bennett (6fa)21
5Daz Hunting21Billy Jones13
6Paul Turford21Julie Williams18
7Daniel Perkins5Pat Oliver Best Result21
8Mike Greaves21Trevor Bowers13
9Dan Harris12Roger Oldacre21
10Alan Hotchkiss20Keith Sudlow21

PosOsbc AScoreCorbet ArmsScore
1Linda Gale12Nick Marshall21
2Keith Lewis19Eric Pitchford21
3John Allen21Peter Sherry14
4Paul Wills17Steve Edwards21
5Trish Jones21Mike Wood12
6Bert Pover11Marion Stevens21
7Bill Francis16Gill Blakeley21
8Matthew Beck3Paul Caswell Best Result21
9Martin Francis Best Result21John Lumsden10
10Karl Weaver21Eddie Roderick18

PosMonkmoor ScoreBagley AScore
1Andy Cooke12Paul Peatroy (6ta)21
2Steve Bramall21Colin Clayton (6ta)20
3Richard Saunders7Darren Williams21
4Matthew Griffiths10John Farmer21
5Dean Pritchard21Aaron Sutherland18
6Ali Brown4Gary Morgan (6ta) Best Result21
7Mick Fiest21David Scutts19
8Daniel Brookfield Best Result21Sandra Griffiths9
9Stuart Dodd19John Lovett (6ta)21
10Ricky Cooke21Andy Sutherland (6ta)13


PosCastlefields CScoreOsbc AScore
1Liam Page21Diane Preece11
2Ade Clarke21Keith Lewis13
3David Burroughs21John Allen9
4Neil Thomas21Bill Francis11
5Steve Duckett Best Result21Linda Gale7
6Phil Mcewan14Paul Wills Best Result21
7Paul Jarvis21Robert Furlong10
8George Marston15Karl Weaver21
9Craig Walker21Martin Francis16
10Ally Roberts17Matthew Beck21

PosElephant & CastleScoreBagley AScore
1Richard Leah21Colin Clayton (6ta)8
2Brian Leah21Paul Peatroy (6ta)12
3Gary Francis7John Farmer21
4Clive Dann3Darren Williams Best Result21
5Paul Dean6Andy Sutherland (6ta)21
6Derek Shingler21David Scutts18
7Richard Gears14Gary Morgan (6ta)21
8Graham Humphreys Best Result21Neil Scutts (6ta)6
9Terry Trow6John Lovett (6ta)21
10Tony Sherratt21Walk Over0

PosPOWBC BScoreCrescent BScore
1Geoff Tipton21Brian Richards11
2John Evans21Dave Rowe14
3Alex Nicholls18Graham Hughes21
4Alan Potts21Kevin Barratt20
5John Groom21Daniel Perkins7
6Glyn Harvey Best Result21Andy Maycock3
7Alan Dean8Mike Greaves21
8Bryan Price21Daz Hunting15
9John Ramsay7Alan Hotchkiss Best Result21
10Brian Austin21Dan Harris9

PosBicton BScoreMonkmoor Score
1Trevor Bowers21Richard Saunders Best Result20
2Paul Idris Evans21Andy Cooke Best Result20
3Matt Statham21Matthew Griffiths11
4Norman Brown21Steve Bramall15
5Julie Williams21Ali Brown6
6Kevin Sudlow21Mick Fiest13
7Roger Oldacre Best Result21Colin Hayes4
8Shaun Phillips21Daniel Brookfield19
9Keith Sudlow21Ricky Cooke14
10Keith Thomas21Stuart Dodd Best Result20

PosCorbet ArmsScorePOWBC AScore
1Graham Lewis19Stan Briscoe21
2Paul Caswell21Keith Davies9
3Marion Stevens21Mike Binnersley11
4John Lumsden Best Result21George Dourish8
5Nick Marshall21Chris Slawson14
6Steve Edwards21Steph Clarke12
7Eddie Roderick16Ryan Hutchings21
8Eric Pitchford21Matty Hyde19
9Mike Wood14Tom Gregory21
10Peter Sherry12Tom Moseley Best Result21


PosOsbc AScoreMonkmoor Score
1Keith Lewis Best Result21Matthew Griffiths6
2Tony Poole20Andy Cooke21
3Bill Francis21Mick Fiest14
4Robert Furlong14Steve Bramall21
5John Allen21Daniel Brookfield20
6Diane Preece16Richard Saunders21
7Matthew Beck21Ali Brown14
8Paul Wills19Colin Hayes21
9Karl Weaver10Stuart Dodd Best Result21
10Martin Francis21Ricky Cooke17


PosMonkmoor ScorePOWBC BScore
1Stuart Dodd Best Result21John Ramsay3
2Mick Fiest19Alan Potts21
3Richard Saunders21Bryan Price16
4Colin Hayes21Harry Richardson5
5Matthew Griffiths17John Evans21
6Ali Brown17Brian Austin21
7Micky Bramall21John Groom9
8Andy Cooke15Geoff Tipton Best Result21
9Steve Bramall18John Ford21
10Ricky Cooke17Glyn Harvey21

PosMeole Brace BScoreCorbet ArmsScore
1Barry Lowe (6tb)7Dave Hyde Best Result21
2Chris Davies (6tb)11Nick Marshall21
3Vernon Biggs (6tb)21Peter Sherry9
4George Spain (6tb)21Eric Pitchford11
5Brian Jones14Marion Stevens21
6Paul Majski15Steve Edwards21
7Chris Elliott14Eddie Roderick21
8Steve Phillips15Gill Blakeley21
9Mal Cowley20John Lumsden21
10Bob Cliffe Best Result21Paul Caswell1

PosCrescent BScoreElephant & CastleScore
1Daniel Perkins14Richard Leah Best Result21
2Brian Richards21Jo Facer-leah13
3Graham Hughes20Harry Jones21
4Kevin Barratt21Clive Dann16
5Dave Maycock19Gary Francis21
6Mike Greaves Best Result21Paul Dean4
7Daz Hunting21Brian Leah14
8Paul Turford21Richard Gears14
9Dave Rowe21Derek Shingler8
10Dan Harris21Graham Humphreys11

PosBagley AScoreCastlefields CScore
1Paul Peatroy (6ta) Best Result21Ade Clarke5
2John Farmer21Neil Thomas10
3Darren Williams18David Burroughs21
4Colin Clayton (6ta)15Liam Page Best Result21
5John Griffiths21Phil Mcewan20
6David Scutts18Steve Lewis21
7Neil Scutts (6ta)21George Marston18
8Gary Morgan (6ta)21Paul Jarvis8
9Andy Sutherland (6ta)21Ally Roberts18
10John Lovett (6ta)21Craig Walker16

PosPOWBC AScoreBicton BScore
1Chris Slawson21Trevor Bowers14
2Tom Moseley21Dave Brown15
3Matty Hyde20Paul Idris Evans21
4Steph Clarke21Karen Bennett (6fa)17
5Tom Davies6Kevin Sudlow21
6Stan Briscoe21Pat Oliver18
7Ryan Hutchings21Roy Washbrook11
8Tom Gregory Best Result21Billy Jones9
9Josh Davies21Julie Williams11
10Ivor Sargent3Roger Oldacre Best Result21


PosPOWBC BScoreBagley AScore
1John Evans21Mark Spencer11
2Geoff Tipton8John Farmer21
3John Ford21Aaron Sutherland8
4Alan Potts21Colin Clayton (6ta)14
5Alex Nicholls9Gary Morgan (6ta)21
6Harry Richardson21John Griffiths17
7Glyn Harvey Best Result21David Scutts2
8John Ramsay7Andy Sutherland (6ta) Best Result21
9John Groom21Neil Scutts (6ta)15
10Alan Dean21John Lovett (6ta)17

PosCorbet ArmsScoreCrescent BScore
1Paul Caswell21Alan Hotchkiss20
2Mary Woodcock15Dave Rowe21
3Eddie Roderick18Daz Hunting21
4Gill Blakeley21Paul Turford14
5Brian Mobberley21Andy Maycock9
6Eric Pitchford21Daniel Perkins16
7Steve Edwards Best Result21Kevin Barratt4
8John Lumsden21Mike Greaves14
9Nick Marshall21Brian Richards6
10Graham Lewis9Dan Harris Best Result21

PosOsbc AScorePOWBC AScore
1Linda Gale8Matty Hyde21
2John Allen7Steph Clarke Best Result21
3Tim Robbins21Tom Gregory14
4Paul Wills21Tom Moseley18
5Bert Pover21Keith Davies20
6Matthew Beck10George Dourish21
7Diane Preece9Ryan Hutchings21
8Bill Francis21Chris Slawson14
9Martin Francis Best Result21Stan Briscoe11
10Karl Weaver21Josh Davies15

PosCastlefields CScoreMeole Brace BScore
1David Burroughs21Barry Lowe (6tb)12
2Ade Clarke21Neil Pickin (6tb)18
3Paul Jarvis21Paul Majski10
4Steve Lewis21Brian Jones14
5George Marston19George Spain (6tb)21
6Phil Mcewan Best Result21Steve Phillips6
7Liam Page19Tony Crundell (6tb)21
8Ally Roberts21Bob Cliffe19
9Neil Thomas11Vernon Biggs (6tb) Best Result21
10Craig Walker21Mal Cowley9

PosBicton BScoreElephant & CastleScore
1Billy Jones8Jo Facer-leah Best Result21
2Paul Idris Evans21Paul Dean11
3Norman Brown18Brian Leah21
4Dave Brown15Richard Leah21
5Julie Williams21Derek Shingler8
6Kevin Sudlow Best Result21Craig Jones3
7Roly Oliver21Richard Gears15
8Roger Oldacre21Gary Francis15
9Keith Sudlow11Tony Sherratt21
10Shaun Phillips21Graham Humphreys11


PosElephant & CastleScorePOWBC BScore
1Mal Wilde21John Evans16
2Brian Leah Best Result21Alan Dean5
3Richard Leah21Geoff Tipton9
4Harry Jones21John Ford19
5Richard Gears16Bryan Price21
6Gary Francis21Brian Austin15
7Clive Dann3Harry Richardson Best Result21
8Derek Shingler21Alan Potts18
9Tony Sherratt21Glyn Harvey7
10Graham Humphreys21Walk Over0

PosMonkmoor ScoreCorbet ArmsScore
1Andy Cooke21Steve Edwards15
2Mick Fiest19Nick Marshall21
3Steve Bramall15John Lumsden Best Result21
4Ali Brown17Dave Hyde21
5Daniel Brookfield18Paul Caswell21
6Micky Bramall21Eric Pitchford12
7Matthew Griffiths16Gill Blakeley21
8Colin Hayes21Mary Woodcock11
9Stuart Dodd15Eddie Roderick Best Result21
10Ricky Cooke Best Result21Graham Lewis7

PosBagley AScoreBicton BScore
1Paul Peatroy (6ta)18Andrew Sudlow21
2Darren Williams20Paul Idris Evans21
3Mark Spencer Best Result21Billy Jones10
4Colin Clayton (6ta)19Shaun Phillips21
5Aaron Sutherland21Norman Brown18
6Neil Scutts (6ta)14Pat Oliver Best Result21
7John Griffiths14Julie Williams Best Result21
8Gary Morgan (6ta)21Roger Oldacre20
9Andy Sutherland (6ta)21Dave Brown11
10John Lovett (6ta)21Kevin Sudlow18

PosCrescent BScoreCastlefields CScore
1Andy Maycock5Liam Page Best Result21
2Kevin Barratt21Ade Clarke14
3Graham Hughes21Neil Thomas18
4Dave Rowe21David Burroughs14
5Paul Turford21Steve Lewis9
6Daz Hunting18George Marston21
7Daniel Perkins16Phil Mcewan21
8Mike Greaves21Paul Jarvis9
9Dan Harris Best Result21Craig Walker6
10Alan Hotchkiss6Ally Roberts21

PosMeole Brace BScoreOsbc AScore
1Tony Crundell (6tb)21Peter Cliffe14
2Steve Phillips20Keith Lewis21
3George Spain (6tb)21Bert Pover16
4Vernon Biggs (6tb)21Martin Francis20
5Peter Morgan-jones21Trish Jones19
6Paul Majski16Bill Francis21
7Brian Jones10Matthew Beck21
8Dan White5John Allen Best Result21
9Mal Cowley21Tim Robbins19
10Bob Cliffe Best Result21Karl Weaver10


PosPOWBC BScoreBicton BScore
1Bryan Price16Ken Darlington21
2Alan Dean14Roger Oldacre21
3John Groom21Billy Jones13
4John Ramsay13Shaun Phillips21
5John Ford21Norman Brown10
6Harry Richardson18Keith Sudlow21
7Alan Potts11Julie Williams21
8Glyn Harvey7Pat Oliver Best Result21
9John Evans Best Result21Dave Brown7
10Geoff Tipton21Paul Idris Evans19

PosCorbet ArmsScoreBagley AScore
1Marion Stevens13Mike Lovett21
2Nick Marshall21Colin Clayton (6ta)12
3Eddie Roderick21Darren Williams11
4Graham Lewis21John Lovett (6ta)20
5John Lumsden21Andy Sutherland (6ta)17
6Gill Blakeley9Neil Scutts (6ta)21
7Mike Wood6Mark Spencer Best Result21
8Eric Pitchford21Aaron Sutherland13
9Steve Edwards Best Result21John Griffiths7
10Peter Sherry21John Farmer20

PosCastlefields CScoreElephant & CastleScore
1David Burroughs21Mark Gray10
2Ade Clarke21Gary Francis10
3Paul Jarvis21Richard Gears13
4Steve Lewis Best Result21Clive Dann7
5Phil Mcewan21Derek Shingler11
6Liam Page21Matt Gardner13
7Neil Thomas13Richard Leah Best Result21
8Craig Walker21Jo Facer-leah13
9Fred Wear21Graham Humphreys20
10Walk Over0Tony Sherratt21

PosMeole Brace BScorePOWBC AScore
1Barry Lowe (6tb) Best Result21Matty Hyde10
2Chris Davies (6tb)19Steph Clarke21
3Vernon Biggs (6tb)21Chris Slawson15
4Tony Crundell (6tb)6Tom Moseley Best Result21
5George Spain (6tb)16Ryan Hutchings21
6Neil Pickin (6tb)8Tom Gregory21
7Dan White15Keith Davies21
8Chris Elliott20Stan Briscoe21
9Mal Cowley9Josh Davies21
10Bob Cliffe21Ivor Sargent14


PosBagley AScoreOsbc AScore
1Mike Lovett21Linda Gale7
2John Farmer21John Allen14
3Mark Spencer21Bill Francis8
4Colin Clayton (6ta)21Keith Lewis19
5Aaron Sutherland21Paul Wills16
6Neil Scutts (6ta)14Martin Francis21
7David Scutts21Trish Jones19
8Gary Morgan (6ta)5Karl Weaver Best Result21
9Andy Sutherland (6ta) Best Result21Diane Preece4
10John Lovett (6ta)20Tim Robbins21

PosCrescent BScoreMeole Brace BScore
1Andy Maycock8Neil Pickin (6tb) Best Result21
2Kevin Barratt14Barry Lowe (6tb)21
3Brian Richards21Tony Crundell (6tb)8
4Graham Hughes21George Spain (6tb)14
5Mike Greaves Best Result21Steve Phillips6
6Simon Hepworth20Brian Jones21
7Paul Turford14Dan White21
8Daniel Perkins19Peter Morgan-jones21
9Dan Harris19Vernon Biggs (6tb)21
10Alan Hotchkiss19Mal Cowley21

PosElephant & CastleScoreCorbet ArmsScore
1Richard Leah21John Lumsden9
2Brian Leah21Eric Pitchford12
3Gary Francis10Nick Marshall21
4Mark Gray14Peter Sherry21
5Bryan Williams15Mike Wood21
6Clive Dann1Gill Blakeley Best Result21
7Richard Gears13Paul Caswell21
8Derek Shingler21Steve Edwards19
9Graham Humphreys21Eddie Roderick9
10Tony Sherratt Best Result21Graham Lewis5

PosMonkmoor ScorePOWBC AScore
1Mick Fiest17Tom Moseley21
2Steve Bramall21Keith Davies13
3Ali Brown11Chris Slawson21
4Ricky Cooke21Stan Briscoe10
5Andy Cooke21Steph Clarke14
6Micky Bramall Best Result21Joe Hotchkiss3
7Dean Pritchard10Matty Hyde Best Result21
8Daniel Brookfield21Tom Gregory18
9Matthew Griffiths20Ryan Hutchings21
10Stuart Dodd21Josh Davies13

PosBicton BScoreCastlefields CScore
1Andrew Sudlow21Steve Lewis10
2Dave Brown6Liam Page Best Result21
3Billy Jones21Neil Thomas14
4Paul Idris Evans Best Result21David Burroughs5
5Julie Williams12George Marston21
6Roger Oldacre21Phil Mcewan18
7Norman Brown21Paul Jarvis18
8Kevin Sudlow21Steve Walker6
9Keith Sudlow21Ally Roberts13
10Shaun Phillips21Craig Walker11


PosPOWBC AScoreBagley AScore
1Chris Slawson21Mike Lovett19
2George Dourish14John Farmer21
3Joe Hotchkiss19Mark Spencer21
4Tom Moseley21Colin Clayton (6ta)9
5Mike Binnersley13Aaron Sutherland Best Result21
6Tom Gregory Best Result21Neil Scutts (6ta)6
7Ryan Hutchings21David Scutts9
8Ivor Sargent21Gary Morgan (6ta)14
9Josh Davies15Andy Sutherland (6ta)21
10Stan Briscoe16John Lovett (6ta)21

PosMeole Brace BScoreMonkmoor Score
1Tony Crundell (6tb) Best Result21Andy Cooke6
2Neil Pickin (6tb)13Mick Fiest21
3Barry Lowe (6tb)21Dean Pritchard16
4George Spain (6tb)21Micky Bramall18
5Mal Cowley21Ricky Cooke11
6Vernon Biggs (6tb)10Stuart Dodd Best Result21
7Chris Davies (6tb)21Matthew Griffiths15
8Dan White21Daniel Brookfield16
9Chris Elliott16Ali Brown21
10Paul Majski14Steve Bramall21

PosCastlefields CScorePOWBC BScore
1Neil Thomas Best Result21John Ford6
2Steve Walker Best Result21John Evans6
3Peter Ashley21Geoff Tipton15
4Dave Pugh1Alan Potts Best Result21
5Phil Mcewan21Harry Richardson17
6Paul Jarvis10John Ramsay21
7Craig Walker18Glyn Harvey21
8George Marston Best Result21Bryan Price6
9Steve Lewis17John Groom21
10Ally Roberts21Brian Austin17

PosCorbet ArmsScoreBicton BScore
1John Lumsden21Kevin Sudlow10
2Peter Sherry21Paul A Evans11
3Eric Pitchford21Dave Brown8
4Mike Wood21Paul Idris Evans16
5Steve Edwards21Norman Brown6
6Eddie Roderick21Julie Williams18
7Graham Lewis Best Result21Shaun Phillips4
8Nick Marshall21Roger Oldacre12
9Gill Blakeley9Roy Washbrook Best Result21
10Paul Caswell21Keith Sudlow18

PosOsbc AScoreCrescent BScore
1Martin Francis21Paul Turford14
2Bert Pover21Kevin Barratt19
3Tony Poole21Simon Hepworth13
4Trish Jones15Daz Hunting21
5Karl Weaver21Andy Maycock18
6Bill Francis Best Result21Daniel Perkins6
7Keith Lewis9Mike Greaves Best Result21
8Tim Robbins21Brian Richards19
9Walk Over0Alan Hotchkiss21
10Walk Over0Dan Harris21
Apologies to the Crescent players who missed out on a game due to 2 of our players being ill. Game played in good spirit on another cold night.


PosBagley AScoreMeole Brace BScore
1John Lovett (6ta)21Peter Morgan-jones18
2Neil Scutts (6ta)6Barry Lowe (6tb) Best Result21
3John Farmer Best Result21Mal Cowley10
4Mark Spencer21Chris Davies (6tb)12
5Andy Sutherland (6ta)21George Spain (6tb)19
6Gary Morgan (6ta)21Vernon Biggs (6tb)17
7David Scutts21Tony Crundell (6tb)14
8Aaron Sutherland21Dan White16
9Walk Over0Steve Phillips21
10Walk Over0Brian Jones21

PosPOWBC BScoreOsbc AScore
1John Ford11Keith Lewis Best Result21
2John Evans21John Allen17
3Geoff Tipton Best Result21Derek Griffiths7
4Bryan Price16Bill Francis21
5John Groom14Bert Pover21
6Glyn Harvey21Linda Gale15
7Brian Austin20Steve Preece21
8Alan Potts21Paul Wills17
9Alan Dean21Trish Jones10
10John Ramsay19Karl Weaver21

PosCrescent BScoreMonkmoor Score
1Kevin Barratt18Mick Fiest21
2Andy Maycock21Matthew Griffiths11
3Mike Greaves21Stuart Dodd11
4Daniel Perkins18Ali Brown21
5Brian Richards21Andy Cooke12
6Daz Hunting Best Result21Richard Saunders8
7Paul Turford6Dean Pritchard Best Result21
8Simon Hepworth21Steve Bramall14
9Alan Hotchkiss21Ricky Cooke15
10Dan Harris11Daniel Brookfield21

PosElephant & CastleScorePOWBC AScore
1Richard Leah21Keith Davies9
2Mark Gray15Josh Davies21
3Matt Gardner9Tom Moseley21
4Jo Facer-leah19Chris Slawson21
5Harry Jones21Joe Hotchkiss13
6Brian Leah21Tom Davies7
7Richard Gears21Ryan Hutchings18
8Gary Francis5Tom Gregory Best Result21
9Derek Shingler13Stan Briscoe21
10Graham Humphreys Best Result21Mike Binnersley2

PosCastlefields CScoreCorbet ArmsScore
1David Burroughs19Peter Sherry21
2Rob Grocott19Eric Pitchford21
3Paul Jarvis21Gill Blakeley19
4Steve Lewis16Dave Hyde21
5George Marston21Eddie Roderick19
6Phil Mcewan13Paul Caswell21
7Ally Roberts20John Lumsden21
8Neil Thomas Best Result21Nick Marshall14
9Craig Walker15Graham Lewis21
10Steve Walker12Steve Edwards Best Result21


PosMeole Brace BScoreBicton BScore
1Barry Lowe (6tb)21John Sudlow10
2Mal Cowley Best Result21Billy Jones6
3Brian Jones16Paul Idris Evans21
4George Spain (6tb)16Julie Williams21
5Neil Pickin (6tb)19Pat Oliver21
6Steve Phillips20Norman Brown21
7Dan White21Roger Oldacre20
8Peter Morgan-jones16Dave Brown21
9Tony Crundell (6tb)11Shaun Phillips21
10Vernon Biggs (6tb)10Keith Sudlow Best Result21

PosPOWBC AScoreCrescent BScore
1Ryan Hutchings21Paul Turford9
2Tom Moseley Best Result21Kevin Barratt5
3Tom Gregory11Brian Richards Best Result21
4Chris Slawson21Andy Maycock7
5Tom Davies13Mike Greaves21
6Keith Davies21Dave Rowe14
7Josh Davies14Daz Hunting21
8Mike Binnersley21Daniel Perkins16
9Stan Briscoe19Alan Hotchkiss21
10George Dourish21Simon Hepworth12
Very enjoyable first game of the season. Good crack with the neighbours.

PosCorbet ArmsScorePOWBC BScore
1Dave Hyde Best Result21Geoff Tipton5
2Mike Wood21Bryan Price6
3Nick Marshall10John Ford Best Result21
4Peter Sherry21John Evans19
5Steve Edwards18Glyn Harvey21
6Gill Blakeley21Alan Potts17
7Mary Woodcock21Harry Richardson11
8Eric Pitchford Best Result21John Ramsay5
9John Lumsden21Alan Dean19
10Graham Lewis21Brian Austin14

PosElephant & CastleScoreOsbc AScore
1Richard Leah Best Result21Robert Furlong7
2Mark Gray8Bill Francis Best Result21
3Mal Wilde21Terry Evans15
4Richard Gears20John Allen21
5Bryan Williams18Keith Lewis21
6Jo Facer-leah14Paul Wills21
7Gary Francis12Linda Gale21
8Derek Shingler19Dave Morgan21
9Tony Sherratt21Tim Robbins8
10Graham Humphreys21Karl Weaver13

PosMonkmoor ScoreCastlefields CScore
1Andy Cooke21Peter Ashley10
2Matthew Griffiths21Liam Page10
3Mick Fiest21David Burroughs20
4Stuart Dodd21Steve Lewis18
5Steve Bramall21Phil Mcewan15
6Micky Bramall14Mark Walker Best Result21
7Ali Brown21Steve Walker19
8Dean Pritchard Best Result21Rob Grocott8
9Richard Saunders17Craig Walker21
10Ricky Cooke21Ally Roberts15