Tanners Claret Shropshire Bowling League 2014

Latest results for Shrewsbury Div. 2

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PosMeole VillageScoreBattlefield BScore
1Charlie Edwards7Dave Pritchard Best Result21
2Phil Wilkinson15Roger Whitfield21
3Ian Boden21Ian Rose20
4Barry Bailey21Lynne Jennings11
5Geoff Balshaw10Pete Drury21
6Jan Wilkinson21Steve Drury17
7Sandra Crundell7Eugene Wenger Best Result21
8Mike Jones Best Result21Stacey Wenger7
9John Crundell16Dave Cadwallader21
10Scott Gibson10Nobby Johnston21
Well hosted Meole, a great spread after an enjoyable game and a long, hard season.

PosBicton ScoreReman ServicesScore
1Stuart Bennett Best Result21Margaret Lacourse11
2Kevin Coles17Les Lacourse21
3Dave Price12Dave Nicholls21
4Ken Barrow21Graham Parry14
5Rob Jones7Chris Edwards21
6Matt Statham12Sam Hill21
7Ivan Overton5Mark Hill Best Result21
8Pat Price12Bob Chatham21
9Keith Thomas21Paul Binnersley13
10Kevin Price21Nev Griffiths15
good away win for reman for bicton stuart bennett was the best again topping off a awesome season.

PosBayston Hill AScorePontesbury BScore
1Alex Evans (a)21Kevin Williams10
2Craig Bowen (a)18Martin Jones21
3Paul Richards (a)12Jason Rowson (b)21
4Lee Corfield6Brian Williams Best Result21
5Nick Hughes (a)21Ken Hayman16
6Lionel Morris21Keith Tate (b)9
7Gwyn Jones21John Ross15
8Tom Stanhope (a)21Adam Morris (b)10
9Mark Owen (a)11Kevin Jones21
10Phil Davies Best Result21Dan Jones (b)8
Great middle four. Congratulations to Pontesbury & Bayston Hill on promotion to Div 1. In the history of Bayston Hill Bowling Club this is the first team to reach the top tier of the Tanners league.

PosPrince SocialScoreFrankwellScore
1Steve Kavanagh Best Result21Ray Powell9
2Neil Lewis21Terry Brooks15
3Tony Parsons20Chris Knight21
4Andrew Austin21Alan Gwilliams18
5Rob Ashley16Pete Allen21
6Katie Barnes-smith (j)21Mark Lloyd14
7Bob Pugh21Haydon Jenkinson14
8Ian Macmillan21Richard Ewels15
9Craig Breeze13Bob Simpson Best Result21
10Chris Wilson17Chris Hose21
Solid home performance to end a fantastic season. Very proud of my team.

PosOxonScoreFord BScore
1Paul Williams Best Result21Ben Middleton (j)7
2Ken Davies21Tim Oakley9
3Lol Evans14Rosie Scotland21
4Roger Haydon21Roger Lem17
5Jack Jones20Kelly Price (j)21
6Paul Thomas Best Result21Kim Davies7
7Tony Manders21Mike Malin18
8Emmet Mckinley (j)4John Morgan Best Result21
9Andy Owens21Molly Sullivan13
10Martin Mckinley21Roger Jones13
hopefully just enough to finish above the village :-)

PosCrescent BScoreOxon VillageScore
1Phil Greaves21Phil Ashcroft14
2Daz Hunting7Alan Edwards Best Result21
3Andy Maycock21Colin Jones18
4Brian Richards21Wayne Fuller18
5Paul Turford8Mike Davies21
6Charlotte Wycherley21Jason Stevens16
7Simon Hepworth21Sue Storey17
8Mike Greaves19Paul Davies21
9Alan Hotchkiss Best Result21Nigel Williams8
10Graham Hughes12Brian Selley21
yes just enough but we,ll be back stronger next year

PosSt JuliansScoreMeole Brace BScore
1Roland Leigh21Peter Morgan-jones15
2Mark Lanning21Phil Lawrence (b)7
3Mark Parry Best Result21Steve Phillips6
4Alan Reynolds21Chris Davies14
5Russell Brown Best Result21Anthony Crundell (b)6
6Andrew Reynolds21Barry Lowe (b)14
7Paddy Grace16Neil Picken Best Result21
8Stuart Rhodes21Derek Parry12
9Paul Brown21Vernon Biggs (b)15
10Ernie Shea21Trevor Perry (b)11
Excellent home win for the Friars to secure a well deserved league title. Congratulations also goes to Pontesbury on their promotion.


PosBattlefield BScoreSt JuliansScore
1Eugene Wenger8Mark Parry Best Result21
2Dave Pritchard21Andrew Reynolds14
3Nobby Johnston19Alan Reynolds21
4Steve Drury19Russell Brown21
5Ian Rose20Mark Lanning21
6Stacey Wenger16Stuart Rhodes21
7Ray Bourne Best Result21Paddy Grace7
8Dave Southerton20Roger Burton21
9Roger Whitfield21Ernie Shea18
10Bill Davies16Paul Brown21
The Saints won all the close games (nearly) and deserved the aggregate points. Makes for a close finish for the title next week. Good effort from The Bandits, not quite there.

PosMeole Brace BScoreOxonScore
1Barry Lowe (b)16Ken Davies21
2Neil Picken11Tony Manders21
3Phil Lawrence (b)21Paul Williams19
4Anthony Crundell (b)21Roger Haydon19
5George Spain (b)3Dickie Dodd Best Result21
6Dan White9Paul Thomas21
7Peter Morgan-jones4Martin Mckinley21
8Chris Davies Best Result21Jack Jones13
9Vernon Biggs (b)21Andy Owens20
10Derek Parry12Danny Powell21

PosFord BScoreBicton Score
1Carwyn Edwards (j)3Stuart Bennett Best Result21
2Rosie Scotland8Paul Ashworth21
3Roger Lem Best Result21Ken Barrow10
4Barbara Price6Nicky Ashworth21
5Mike Malin20Becky Ashworth21
6Kim Davies12Rob Jones21
7Martin Ryan21Pat Price11
8Tim Oakley21Matt Statham14
9George Ryan9Dave Price21
10Roger Jones13Kevin Price21
benny,s the best winner again and the others dint,t do bad for bicton.

PosFrankwellScoreCrescent BScore
1Haydon Jenkinson3Stuart Greaves Best Result21
2Chris Griffiths16Craig Charles21
3Ray Powell13Brian Richards21
4Terry Brooks15Daz Hunting21
5Richard Ewels Best Result21Paul Turford12
6Chris Hose14Simon Hepworth21
7Chris Knight18Dave Maycock21
8Mark Lloyd20Mike Greaves21
9Bob Simpson11Alan Hotchkiss21
10Ollie Ewels17Graham Hughes21

PosPontesbury BScorePrince SocialScore
1Adam Morris (b)21Bob Pugh16
2John Ross21Elaine Jones15
3John Lumley (b)18Dan Wilson Best Result21
4Kevin Jones21Craig Breeze13
5Keith Tate (b)21Rhys Marshall12
6Jason Rowson (b)21Rob Ashley5
7Kevin Williams Best Result21Steve Kavanagh1
8Martin Jones21Tony Parsons13
9Dan Jones (b)21Phil Thomas10
10Brian Williams21Katie Barnes-smith (j)13

PosReman ServicesScoreMeole VillageScore
1Les Lacourse20Mike Jones21
2Graham Parry14Charlie Edwards21
3Margaret Lacourse21Barry Bailey17
4Dave Nicholls21Geoff Balshaw14
5Sue Hill12Jan Wilkinson21
6Sam Hill21John Cooper7
7Mark Hill12John Crundell21
8Bob Chatham Best Result21Dave Perks5
9Nev Griffiths10Phil Wilkinson Best Result21
10Paul Binnersley21Scott Gibson9

PosOxon VillageScoreBayston Hill AScore
1Paul Davies Best Result21Gwyn Jones8
2Wayne Fuller21David Turner14
3Alan Edwards21Alex Evans (a)17
4Phil Ashcroft13Lee Corfield21
5Colin Jones16Mark Owen (a)21
6Sue Storey21Craig Bowen (a)15
7Nigel Williams16Paul Richards (a)21
8Brian Selley19Tom Stanhope (a)21
9Jason Stevens21Lionel Morris10
10Mike Davies12Phil Davies Best Result21
Well played Bayston Hill good luck on going up


PosPrince SocialScoreMeole Brace BScore
1Tony Parsons21Barry Lowe (b)15
2Andrew Austin21Anthony Crundell (b)16
3Katie Barnes-smith (j)21Phil Lawrence (b)20
4Neil Lewis Best Result21Brian Jones4
5Ian Macmillan21George Spain (b)8
6Bob Pugh21Peter Morgan-jones17
7Rob Ashley9Dan White Best Result21
8Steve Kavanagh14Chris Davies21
9Chris Wilson18Trevor Perry (b)21
10Craig Breeze19Vernon Biggs (b)21

PosOxonScoreReman ServicesScore
1Ken Davies21Dave Nicholls11
2Lol Evans21Les Lacourse17
3Paul Herring17Margaret Lacourse21
4Paul Williams Best Result21Graham Parry8
5Jack Jones9Bob Chatham Best Result21
6Tony Manders21Ellen Parry17
7Paul Thomas21Sam Hill12
8Martin Mckinley20Nev Griffiths21
9Andy Owens21Paul Binnersley20
10Danny Powell21Mark Hill11

PosSt JuliansScoreBicton Score
1Mark Lanning21Paul Ashworth10
2Roland Leigh21Karen Bennett13
3Mark Parry21Nicky Ashworth16
4Alan Reynolds Best Result21Stuart Bennett4
5Paddy Grace13Pat Price21
6Andrew Reynolds14Becky Ashworth21
7Russell Brown21Ken Barrow13
8Stuart Rhodes20Dave Price21
9Ernie Shea19Kevin Price21
10Paul Brown9Keith Thomas Best Result21

PosMeole VillageScoreFrankwellScore
1Ian Boden20Terry Morris Best Result21
2Charlie Edwards21Chris Hose12
3Mike Jones21Ray Powell16
4Martin Stott21Pete Allen7
5Dave Perks21Haydon Jenkinson10
6Barry Bailey21Richard Ewels12
7John Cooper21Chris Griffiths14
8Geoff Balshaw Best Result21Alan Gwilliams6
9Scott Gibson21Ollie Ewels15
10John Crundell21Mark Lloyd15

PosCrescent BScoreFord BScore
1Stuart Greaves21Martin Ryan10
2Craig Charles Best Result21Ben Middleton (j)3
3Phil Greaves17Rosie Scotland21
4Andy Maycock21Kim Davies6
5Mike Greaves21Mike Malin18
6Dave Maycock9Tim Oakley Best Result21
7Simon Hepworth21Kelly Price (j)13
8Paul Turford13Roger Jones21
9Graham Hughes21Molly Sullivan6
10Alan Hotchkiss21George Ryan12

PosPontesbury BScoreOxon VillageScore
1Keith Tate (b)21Paul Davies7
2Ken Hayman17Nigel Williams Best Result21
3Jason Rowson (b)21Alan Edwards16
4Barry Challinor (b)21Phil Ashcroft13
5Dan Jones (b)21Mike Davies14
6Kevin Jones21Brian Selley17
7Kevin Williams Best Result21Wayne Fuller2
8Martin Jones21Jason Stevens3
9John Ross21Colin Jones15
10Adam Morris (b)21Sue Storey12

PosBayston Hill AScoreBattlefield BScore
1Alex Evans (a)21Lynne Jennings19
2Paul Richards (a)21Ian Rose Best Result20
3Craig Bowen (a)21Dave Pritchard19
4Gwyn Jones21Dave Southerton15
5Lee Corfield Best Result21Ray Bourne3
6David Turner21Stacey Wenger13
7Lionel Morris21Eugene Wenger17
8Tom Stanhope (a)21Pete Drury14
9Mark Owen (a)21Nobby Johnston4
10Phil Davies21Dave Cadwallader14
Well played the Bunkum boys.


PosBattlefield BScoreCrescent BScore
1Dave Pritchard21Brian Richards15
2Dave Southerton7Stuart Greaves21
3Lynne Jennings12Craig Charles21
4Stacey Wenger Best Result21Andy Maycock7
5Steve Drury5Simon Hepworth Best Result21
6John Beer21Dave Maycock12
7Pete Drury21Paul Turford19
8Ray Bourne21Mike Greaves15
9Nobby Johnston21Graham Hughes11
10Dave Cadwallader10Alan Hotchkiss21

PosFrankwellScorePontesbury BScore
1Terry Brooks19Barry Challinor (b)21
2Haydon Jenkinson9Martin Jones21
3Pete Allen8Kevin Williams21
4Bob Simpson15Jason Rowson (b)21
5Alan Gwilliams5John Ross Best Result21
6Terry Morris7Keith Tate (b)21
7Richard Ewels Best Result21Adam Morris (b)11
8Mark Lloyd12Kevin Jones21
9Ollie Ewels21John Lumley (b)12
10Chris Hose11Dan Jones (b)21

PosFord BScoreMeole VillageScore
1Roger Lem Best Result21Barry Bailey8
2Rosie Scotland21Ian Boden13
3Roger Jones21Mike Jones18
4Mal Issaac21Martin Stott15
5Ben Middleton (j)21Charlie Edwards18
6Kelly Price (j)11John Cooper21
7John Morgan21Kath Hughes9
8Tim Oakley8Dave Perks Best Result21
9Molly Sullivan20John Crundell21
10George Ryan12Scott Gibson21

PosBicton ScoreOxonScore
1Stuart Bennett16Tony Manders21
2Kevin Coles1Roger Haydon Best Result21
3Paul Ashworth21Paul Williams17
4Dave Price21Lol Evans15
5Rob Jones Best Result21Emmet Mckinley (j)6
6Matt Statham21Martin Mckinley16
7Dave Conde12Jack Jones21
8Pat Price16Paul Thomas21
9Keith Thomas21Andy Owens9
10Kevin Price20Dickie Dodd21

PosReman ServicesScoreSt JuliansScore
1Les Lacourse21Roland Leigh17
2Sue Hill16Mark Parry21
3Nev Griffiths15Mark Lanning21
4Dave Nicholls21Alan Reynolds13
5Chris Edwards21Andrew Rhodes12
6Sam Hill21Russell Brown14
7Lynne Nicholls10Andrew Reynolds Best Result21
8Bob Chatham Best Result21Paddy Grace6
9Paul Binnersley21Ernie Shea18
10Mark Hill21Paul Brown7

PosMeole Brace BScoreBayston Hill AScore
1Anthony Crundell (b) Best Result21Lee Corfield4
2Phil Lawrence (b)16Craig Bowen (a)21
3Vernon Biggs (b)21Alex Evans (a)12
4Neil Picken21David Turner16
5Steve Phillips14Paul Richards (a)21
6Dan White10Mark Owen (a)21
7Peter Morgan-jones21Pete Nicholls10
8Barry Lowe (b)21Ray Sant16
9Trevor Perry (b)8Tom Stanhope (a) Best Result21
10Derek Parry21Lionel Morris15

PosOxon VillageScorePrince SocialScore
1Wayne Fuller21Neil Tooze14
2Alan Edwards21Katie Barnes-smith (j)20
3Phil Ashcroft21Tony Parsons20
4Brian Selley21Neil Lewis12
5Dave Ashfield Best Result21Rob Ashley2
6Paul Davies19Ian Macmillan21
7Sue Storey21Elaine Jones13
8Colin Jones10Bob Pugh21
9Mike Davies5Andrew Austin Best Result21
10Jason Stevens21Craig Breeze15
some close games on a very quick green. Dave ashfield played very well


PosPrince SocialScoreOxonScore
1Andrew Austin Best Result21Lol Evans4
2Tony Parsons21Paul Herring10
3Neil Tooze21Paul Williams14
4Steve Kavanagh13Tony Manders21
5Rob Ashley12Paul Thomas Best Result21
6Katie Barnes-smith (j)21Jack Jones13
7Bob Pugh21Martin Mckinley19
8Ian Macmillan21Emmet Mckinley (j)6
9Chris Wilson21Andy Owens11
10Craig Breeze16Roger Haydon21

PosMeole VillageScoreBicton Score
1Mark Davies21Kevin Coles10
2Mike Jones21Stuart Bennett16
3Ian Boden21Paul Ashworth17
4Charlie Edwards21Ken Barrow16
5Dave Perks21Dave Price13
6John Cooper Best Result21Matt Statham3
7Martin Stott21Pat Price Best Result18
8Geoff Balshaw21Rob Jones15
9Scott Gibson21Kevin Price15
10John Crundell21Keith Thomas16

PosBayston Hill AScoreFrankwellScore
1Paul Richards (a)13Terry Brooks Best Result21
2Alex Evans (a)21Chris Knight10
3Tom Stanhope (a) Best Result21Haydon Jenkinson4
4Lee Corfield21Alan Gwilliams20
5Pete Nicholls21Ray Powell14
6David Turner21Chris Griffiths16
7Lionel Morris19Richard Ewels21
8Ray Sant21Mark Lloyd12
9Mark Owen (a)21Bob Simpson11
10Phil Davies21Chris Hose12

PosSt JuliansScoreFord BScore
1Mark Parry21Rosie Scotland8
2Roland Leigh11Roger Lem Best Result21
3Mark Lanning21Mal Issaac8
4Alan Reynolds15Martin Ryan21
5Andrew Reynolds21Kim Davies19
6Paddy Grace21Kelly Price (j)11
7Russell Brown21John Morgan12
8Andrew Rhodes21Tim Oakley9
9Paul Brown21Roger Jones16
10Stuart Rhodes Best Result21George Ryan3

PosPontesbury BScoreBattlefield BScore
1Martin Jones5Nobby Johnston Best Result21
2John Lumley (b)20Dave Pritchard21
3Kevin Williams21Ian Rose13
4Brian Williams Best Result21Dave Southerton2
5Dan Jones (b)21Dave Cadwallader6
6Barry Challinor (b)21Steve Drury13
7Ken Hayman21Pete Drury11
8Jason Rowson (b)21Roger Whitfield16
9Kevin Jones21Ray Bourne8
10Adam Morris (b)21John Beer4

PosCrescent BScoreReman ServicesScore
1Stuart Greaves21Dave Nicholls9
2Craig Charles13Chris Edwards21
3Brian Richards13Margaret Lacourse21
4Andy Maycock18Les Lacourse21
5Dave Maycock21Paul Binnersley20
6Paul Turford21Lynne Nicholls9
7Mike Greaves19Mark Hill21
8Simon Hepworth11Bob Chatham Best Result21
9Graham Hughes Best Result21Jeff Davies7
10Alan Hotchkiss17Sue Hill21
after 87 years of trying daisy won his first game for the crescent

PosOxon VillageScoreMeole Brace BScore
1Jason Stevens14Vernon Biggs (b)21
2Wayne Fuller21Barry Lowe (b)18
3Paul Davies12Anthony Crundell (b) Best Result21
4Sue Storey18Neil Picken21
5Alan Edwards21Peter Morgan-jones12
6Joyce Ashfield15Steve Phillips21
7Dave Ashfield Best Result21Phil Lawrence (b)10
8Colin Jones21Dan White17
9Mike Davies21Derek Parry14
10Brian Selley12Trevor Perry (b) Best Result21
Meole brace played the green very well


PosReman ServicesScoreOxon VillageScore
1Graham Parry21Colin Jones17
2Les Lacourse19Wayne Fuller21
3Sue Hill16Phil Ashcroft21
4Len Turford9Jason Stevens Best Result21
5Sam Hill17Alan Edwards21
6Chris Edwards21Nigel Williams17
7Ellen Parry15Sue Storey21
8Bob Chatham Best Result21Paul Davies13
9Mark Hill Best Result21Brian Selley13
10Mike Young14Mike Davies21

PosFord BScoreBayston Hill AScore
1Mal Issaac21David Turner5
2Roger Lem21Nick Hughes (a)13
3Rosie Scotland21Alex Evans (a)10
4Martin Ryan Best Result21Gwyn Jones4
5John Morgan17Lionel Morris21
6Roger Jones21Pete Nicholls17
7Kim Davies7Mark Owen (a) Best Result21
8Mike Malin17Ray Sant21
9Molly Sullivan21Lee Corfield14
10George Ryan13Phil Davies21

PosBattlefield BScorePrince SocialScore
1Lynne Jennings16Katie Barnes-smith (j)21
2Nobby Johnston21Tony Parsons12
3Dave Pritchard17Rob Ashley21
4Ian Rose17Neil Lewis21
5John Beer10Bob Pugh Best Result21
6Ray Bourne Best Result21Steve Kavanagh6
7Pete Drury21Elaine Jones8
8Stacey Wenger14Andrew Austin21
9Roger Whitfield21Chris Wilson10
10Dave Cadwallader21Craig Breeze16
Prince got off to a well-deserved flying start, but were eventually pegged back in another good-spirited game

PosBicton ScoreCrescent BScore
1Kevin Coles21Craig Charles18
2Stuart Bennett21Stuart Greaves12
3Paul Ashworth Best Result21Dave Maycock6
4Ken Barrow14Brian Richards21
5Dave Conde21Andy Maycock15
6Dave Price20Simon Hepworth21
7Ivan Overton3Mike Greaves Best Result21
8Pat Price18Paul Turford21
9Keith Thomas21Graham Hughes12
10Kevin Price20Alan Hotchkiss21

PosFrankwellScoreSt JuliansScore
1Chris Knight3Mark Parry Best Result21
2Haydon Jenkinson14Andrew Reynolds21
3Richard Ewels21Roger Burton10
4Ray Powell21Stuart Rhodes16
5Terry Brooks21Alan Reynolds19
6Bob Simpson21Mark Lanning11
7Alan Gwilliams21Russell Brown15
8Mark Lloyd21Paddy Grace19
9Chris Hose18Paul Brown21
10Ollie Ewels Best Result21Ernie Shea8
Frankwell played the green very well to shock the league leaders. Mark Parry got the Friars off to a good start with a 21-3 win but Frankwell dominated thereon, Ollie Ewels the best for the home side winning to 8.

PosMeole Brace BScorePontesbury BScore
1Aiden Hughes16Jason Rowson (b)21
2Vernon Biggs (b)18Martin Jones21
3Anthony Crundell (b)21Brian Williams11
4George Spain (b)16Kevin Williams21
5Barry Lowe (b)21Ken Hayman16
6Phil Lawrence (b)21John Ross9
7Neil Picken13Adam Morris (b) Best Result21
8Dan White19Barry Challinor (b)21
9Trevor Perry (b)13Kevin Jones Best Result21
10Derek Parry Best Result21Glyn Jones7

PosOxonScoreMeole VillageScore
1Paul Williams21Kath Hughes10
2Paul Herring21Mike Jones12
3Tony Manders21Charlie Edwards19
4Lol Evans21Dave Perks14
5Martin Mckinley Best Result21Tudor Bevan5
6Paul Thomas21John Cooper20
7Jack Jones12Martin Stott Best Result21
8Dickie Dodd21Geoff Balshaw19
9Emmet Mckinley (j)21Ian Boden6
10Roger Haydon12Scott Gibson Best Result21
Father and son take the coppers for Oxon


PosMeole Brace BScoreBattlefield BScore
1Aiden Hughes21Roger Whitfield15
2Barry Lowe (b)4Dave Pritchard Best Result21
3Anthony Crundell (b)12Ian Rose21
4Neil Picken21Eugene Wenger14
5George Spain (b)9John Beer21
6Steve Phillips12Stacey Wenger21
7Peter Morgan-jones21Pete Drury18
8Vernon Biggs (b) Best Result21Ray Bourne3
9Trevor Perry (b)19Dave Cadwallader21
10Derek Parry21Nobby Johnston11

PosOxon VillageScoreFrankwellScore
1Mike Davies14Terry Brooks21
2Jason Stevens21Chris Griffiths7
3Wayne Fuller21Chris Knight7
4Phil Ashcroft21Bob Simpson14
5Alan Edwards21Mark Lloyd15
6Dave Ashfield Best Result21Alan Gwilliams5
7Paul Davies Best Result21Ray Powell5
8Colin Jones21Richard Ewels10
9Nigel Williams10Ollie Ewels Best Result21
10Brian Selley21Chris Hose16

PosBayston Hill AScoreBicton Score
1Alex Evans (a)10Kevin Coles Best Result21
2Lee Corfield21Ken Barrow19
3Nick Hughes (a)21Dave Price6
4Paul Richards (a)21Matt Statham9
5Lionel Morris21Ivan Overton8
6Pete Nicholls21Pat Price19
7David Turner17Phil Wardle21
8Craig Bowen (a) Best Result21Rose Overton3
9Tom Stanhope (a)12Keith Thomas21
10Mark Owen (a)21Kevin Price15
Kevin Coles played well to beat Alex evans who has been on top form this season. good game played in the right spirit.

PosPrince SocialScoreFord BScore
1Andrew Austin21Roger Jones15
2Tony Parsons20Martin Ryan21
3Rob Ashley12John Morgan Best Result21
4Craig Breeze21Kim Davies10
5Katie Barnes-smith (j)21Mike Malin18
6Steve Kavanagh17Roger Lem21
7Ian Macmillan15Kelly Price (j)21
8Neil Lewis Best Result21Mal Issaac6
9Bob Pugh21Rosie Scotland11
10Chris Wilson13Molly Sullivan21

PosSt JuliansScoreMeole VillageScore
1Mark Parry16Geoff Balshaw21
2Alan Reynolds Best Result21Barry Bailey7
3Roland Leigh21Sandra Crundell11
4Mark Lanning21Kath Hughes13
5Roger Burton14Mike Jones Best Result21
6Paddy Grace21Mark Davies15
7Andrew Reynolds21Dave Perks12
8Paul Brown18John Crundell21
9Andrew Rhodes21Charlie Edwards18
10Stuart Rhodes21Martin Stott18

PosPontesbury BScoreReman ServicesScore
1Brian Williams20Les Lacourse21
2Kevin Williams21Graham Parry7
3John Lumley (b)10Dave Nicholls Best Result21
4Jason Rowson (b) Best Result21Mike Young6
5John Ross21Mark Hill16
6Ken Hayman15Bob Chatham21
7Keith Tate (b)21Chris Edwards17
8Kevin Jones21Sue Hill13
9Dan Jones (b) Best Result21Paul Binnersley6
10Martin Jones21Sam Hill11

PosCrescent BScoreOxonScore
1Stuart Greaves21Paul Herring17
2Craig Charles21Paul Williams13
3Brian Richards21Tony Manders16
4Paul Turford21Ken Davies16
5Andy Maycock20Emmet Mckinley (j)21
6Mike Greaves16Martin Mckinley21
7Dave Maycock12Paul Thomas21
8Simon Hepworth Best Result21Jack Jones7
9Graham Hughes17Roger Haydon21
10Alan Hotchkiss11Andy Owens Best Result21


PosFrankwellScoreMeole Brace BScore
1Joe Jenkinson21Barry Lowe (b)9
2Chris Knight21Vernon Biggs (b)13
3Bob Simpson11Aiden Hughes21
4Ray Powell21Brian Jones17
5Mark Lloyd21Steve Phillips18
6Richard Ewels21Dan White9
7Chris Griffiths13Peter Morgan-jones21
8Alan Gwilliams Best Result21Chris Davies7
9Haydon Jenkinson3Derek Parry Best Result21
10Chris Hose16Trevor Perry (b)21

PosMeole VillageScoreCrescent BScore
1Mark Davies18Stuart Greaves21
2Ian Boden17Charlotte Wycherley21
3Mike Jones21Andy Maycock19
4Dave Perks19Brian Richards21
5Charlie Edwards21Paul Turford19
6Barry Bailey21Dave Maycock17
7John Cooper Best Result21Mike Greaves14
8Martin Stott10Daz Hunting21
9John Crundell21Alan Hotchkiss20
10Geoff Balshaw9Simon Hepworth Best Result21

PosBattlefield BScoreOxon VillageScore
1Dave Pritchard21Wayne Fuller12
2Lynne Jennings21Phil Ashcroft17
3Ian Rose19Alan Edwards Best Result21
4Eugene Wenger21Colin Jones18
5Stacey Wenger21Dave Ashfield16
6Pete Drury Best Result21Sue Storey8
7John Beer21Mike Davies16
8Ray Bourne21Paul Davies9
9Nobby Johnston21Brian Selley13
10Dave Cadwallader21Nigel Williams9
Vice Captain Pritch leads the Bandits to a solid home win, much needed. Well played the bandits where has that form been hiding no complaints from the village we was out bowled

PosReman ServicesScoreBayston Hill AScore
1Dave Nicholls21Gwyn Jones12
2Stewart Jones13Paul Richards (a)21
3Graham Parry21Alex Evans (a)11
4Mike Young21Tom Stanhope (a)14
5Chris Edwards Best Result21Craig Bowen (a)9
6Sue Hill21David Turner17
7Bob Chatham21Nick Hughes (a)10
8Mark Hill9Mark Owen (a) Best Result21
9Sam Hill21Lee Corfield12
10Paul Binnersley14Phil Davies21

PosOxonScoreSt JuliansScore
1Tony Manders10Mark Lanning21
2Paul Williams18Andrew Rhodes21
3Roger Haydon21Roland Leigh15
4Ken Davies19Paddy Grace21
5Jack Jones Best Result21Roger Burton14
6Paul Thomas14Russell Brown21
7Martin Mckinley21Andrew Reynolds17
8Dickie Dodd5Paul Brown Best Result21
9Andy Owens9Mark Parry21
10Danny Powell21Ernie Shea16

PosBicton ScorePrince SocialScore
1Stuart Bennett Best Result21Neil Tooze10
2Dave Price17Tony Parsons Best Result21
3Rob Jones21Andrew Austin12
4Kevin Coles21Rob Ashley19
5Ivan Overton21Ian Macmillan13
6Pat Price21Katie Barnes-smith (j)13
7Matt Statham21Bob Pugh17
8Dave Conde21Elaine Jones17
9Keith Thomas20Craig Breeze21
10Kevin Price20Chris Wilson21
another great win for bicton only dropping 6 chalks stuart bennett was the best. winner 21.10 with the back two for prince both winning 21.20

PosFord BScorePontesbury BScore
1Mal Issaac13Kevin Williams21
2Roger Jones Best Result21Barry Challinor (b)2
3Martin Ryan11Kevin Jones21
4Rosie Scotland11Jason Rowson (b)21
5John Morgan21John Ross18
6Kelly Price (j)15Ken Hayman21
7Tim Oakley21Adam Morris (b)8
8Ben Middleton (j)5Keith Tate (b) Best Result21
9George Ryan21Dan Jones (b)19
10Molly Sullivan14Martin Jones21


PosOxon VillageScoreFord BScore
1Jason Stevens21Mal Issaac15
2Wayne Fuller21Rosie Scotland17
3Phil Ashcroft21Roger Jones16
4Paul Davies9Martin Ryan21
5Dave Ashfield21Kelly Price (j)12
6Andrea Pickering5Roger Lem Best Result21
7Mike Davies21Molly Sullivan14
8Colin Jones21John Morgan15
9Nigel Williams Best Result21George Ryan10
10Brian Selley21Josh Murphy19
Well done village boys for getting the green play able . Also well done ford all in to double figures on a wet heavy green

PosCrescent BScoreSt JuliansScore
1Craig Charles21Alan Reynolds17
2Charlotte Wycherley13Mark Lanning21
3Brian Richards17Andrew Rhodes21
4Mike Greaves10Mark Parry Best Result21
5Paul Turford21Paul Brown15
6Simon Hepworth21Paddy Grace20
7Andy Maycock10Andrew Reynolds Best Result21
8Daniel Perkins (j)12Russell Brown21
9Alan Hotchkiss Best Result21Stuart Rhodes6
10Graham Hughes18Roland Leigh21

PosPontesbury BScoreBicton Score
1Barry Challinor (b)21Dave Price9
2Dan Jones (b)15Stuart Bennett Best Result21
3Brian Williams21Rob Jones12
4Kevin Williams21Pat Price8
5Jason Rowson (b) Best Result21Kevin Coles3
6John Ross21Ivan Overton13
7Ken Hayman21Phil Wardle16
8Kevin Jones19Keith Thomas21
9John Lumley (b)21Kevin Price16
10Martin Jones21Ken Barrow12

PosMeole Brace BScoreReman ServicesScore
1Anthony Crundell (b)14Les Lacourse21
2Barry Lowe (b)19Dave Nicholls21
3Peter Morgan-jones21Mike Young16
4Neil Picken21Graham Parry12
5Phil Lawrence (b)7Mark Hill Best Result21
6Dan White7Chris Edwards Best Result21
7Steve Phillips9Bob Chatham21
8Vernon Biggs (b) Best Result21Sam Hill5
9Derek Parry21Paul Binnersley9
10Trevor Perry (b)21Stewart Jones15

PosPrince SocialScoreMeole VillageScore
1Andrew Austin Best Result21Mike Jones9
2Tony Parsons21Mark Davies11
3Neil Tooze21Dave Perks19
4Rob Ashley21Ian Boden18
5Steve Kavanagh21Barry Bailey20
6Ian Macmillan12John Cooper Best Result21
7Katie Barnes-smith (j)20Scott Gibson21
8Craig Breeze21Martin Stott19
9Chris Wilson21John Crundell11
10Bob Pugh21Geoff Balshaw18
Back to back wins for the big man, Steve Kavanagh! Solid home performance.

PosFrankwellScoreBattlefield BScore
1Haydon Jenkinson12Ian Rose Best Result21
2Bob Simpson21Lynne Jennings13
3Chris Knight21Dave Pritchard10
4Alan Gwilliams15Roger Whitfield21
5Ray Powell19Pete Drury21
6Mark Lloyd21Eugene Wenger20
7Joe Jenkinson Best Result21Stacey Wenger4
8Terry Brooks17John Beer21
9Chris Hose21Nobby Johnston9
10Ollie Ewels21Ray Bourne11

PosBayston Hill AScoreOxonScore
1Alex Evans (a)21Ken Davies13
2Tom Stanhope (a)12Paul Williams Best Result21
3Gwyn Jones19Roger Haydon21
4Paul Richards (a)20Paul Herring21
5Craig Bowen (a) Best Result21Terry Clorley (1)8
6Nick Hughes (a)21Paul Thomas11
7Ray Sant21Lol Evans16
8David Turner21Tony Manders18
9Mark Owen (a)21Andy Owens19
10Phil Davies21Danny Powell13


PosReman ServicesScoreFrankwellScore
1Dave Nicholls16Terry Brooks21
2Graham Parry21Bob Simpson16
3Sue Hill13Chris Knight Best Result21
4Stewart Jones21Alan Gwilliams16
5Sam Hill13Ray Powell Best Result21
6Bob Chatham21Mark Lloyd17
7Mark Hill Best Result21Richard Ewels10
8Mike Young21Chris Griffiths15
9Paul Binnersley17Haydon Jenkinson21
10Chris Edwards16Ollie Ewels21

PosCrescent BScorePrince SocialScore
1Stuart Greaves Best Result21Neil Tooze2
2Craig Charles20Tony Parsons21
3Charlotte Wycherley8Andrew Austin Best Result21
4Brian Richards21Katie Barnes-smith (j)20
5Paul Turford19Chris Wilson21
6Mike Greaves21Bob Pugh13
7Simon Hepworth15Ian Macmillan21
8Daniel Perkins (j)15Steve Kavanagh21
9Alan Hotchkiss15Craig Breeze21
10Graham Hughes21Rob Ashley10

PosFord BScoreBattlefield BScore
1Kelly Price (j)15Eugene Wenger21
2Mal Issaac21Dave Pritchard18
3Rosie Scotland21Ian Rose19
4Roger Lem Best Result21Roger Whitfield9
5Roger Jones21Stacey Wenger16
6John Morgan17Pete Drury21
7Martin Ryan21Ray Bourne16
8George Ryan13John Beer21
9Molly Sullivan21Nobby Johnston11
10Josh Murphy10Dave Cadwallader Best Result21

PosMeole VillageScoreBayston Hill AScore
1Mark Davies20Gwyn Jones21
2Martin Stott21Craig Bowen (a)15
3Ian Boden Best Result21Alex Evans (a)8
4Tudor Bevan7Paul Richards (a) Best Result21
5Barry Bailey15Nick Hughes (a)21
6John Cooper21Pete Nicholls15
7Geoff Balshaw21Ray Sant16
8Scott Gibson13Lee Corfield21
9John Crundell18Mark Owen (a)21
10Charlie Edwards18David Turner21

PosSt JuliansScoreOxon VillageScore
1Mark Parry16Wayne Fuller21
2Mark Lanning21Colin Jones10
3Roland Leigh21Phil Ashcroft14
4Paul Brown17Alan Edwards21
5Roger Burton21Joyce Ashfield11
6Andrew Reynolds17Sue Storey21
7Russell Brown17Paul Davies21
8Alan Reynolds18Nigel Williams21
9Ernie Shea9Mike Davies Best Result21
10Stuart Rhodes Best Result21Brian Selley6

PosOxonScorePontesbury BScore
1Paul Williams21Brian Williams7
2Paul Herring21Barry Challinor (b)14
3Ken Davies10Jason Rowson (b) Best Result21
4Lol Evans21John Potter6
5Martin Mckinley21Ken Hayman14
6Terry Clorley (1)21John Ross18
7Jack Jones14Adam Morris (b)21
8Paul Thomas13Kevin Jones21
9Roger Haydon15Martin Jones21
10Andy Owens Best Result21Glyn Jones5

PosBicton ScoreMeole Brace BScore
1Dave Price21Peter Morgan-jones8
2Kevin Coles21Dan White20
3Stuart Bennett21Steve Phillips11
4Ken Barrow21Phil Lawrence (b)18
5Matt Statham21Anthony Crundell (b)16
6Ivan Overton13Neil Picken Best Result21
7Rob Jones21Vernon Biggs (b)14
8Pat Price21Barry Lowe (b)20
9Keith Thomas Best Result21Trevor Perry (b)5
10Kevin Price15Derek Parry21


PosBattlefield BScoreReman ServicesScore
1Dave Pritchard Best Result21Len Turford10
2Lynne Jennings21Les Lacourse14
3Ian Rose21Stewart Jones13
4Eugene Wenger21Graham Parry17
5Steve Drury10Bob Chatham Best Result21
6Pete Drury13Mark Hill21
7Ray Bourne20Chris Edwards21
8John Beer20Sam Hill21
9Dave Cadwallader14Paul Binnersley21
10Nobby Johnston13Sue Hill21

PosOxon VillageScoreBicton Score
1Alan Edwards21Dave Price13
2Phil Ashcroft21Stuart Bennett12
3Jason Stevens20Kevin Coles21
4Wayne Fuller21Ken Barrow10
5Paul Davies Best Result21Ivan Overton5
6Joyce Ashfield18Pat Price21
7Colin Jones21Matt Statham18
8Sue Storey21Phil Wardle9
9Nigel Williams12Keith Thomas Best Result21
10Brian Selley15Kevin Price21

PosPrince SocialScoreSt JuliansScore
1Bob Pugh21Paul Brown20
2Craig Breeze7Russell Brown21
3Steve Kavanagh6Andrew Reynolds Best Result21
4Katie Barnes-smith (j) Best Result21Paddy Grace7
5Andrew Austin21Roland Leigh8
6Tony Parsons21Mark Lanning12
7Rob Ashley16Mark Parry21
8Neil Tooze21Alan Reynolds14
9Elaine Jones19Ernie Shea21
10Chris Wilson16Stuart Rhodes21

PosMeole Brace BScoreFord BScore
1Barry Lowe (b)21Mal Issaac16
2Phil Lawrence (b)21Roger Jones17
3Anthony Crundell (b)21Martin Ryan18
4Chris Davies8Roger Lem Best Result21
5Neil Picken Best Result21John Morgan9
6Steve Phillips21George Ryan16
7Vernon Biggs (b)21Rosie Scotland12
8Brian Jones21Josh Murphy14
9Derek Parry21Walk Over0
10Trevor Perry (b)21Walk Over0

PosBayston Hill AScoreCrescent BScore
1Alex Evans (a)21Craig Charles18
2Tom Stanhope (a)21Stuart Greaves16
3Craig Bowen (a) Best Result21Charlotte Wycherley11
4Lee Corfield21Brian Richards13
5Paul Richards (a)21Mike Greaves19
6Ray Sant16Andy Maycock Best Result21
7Pete Nicholls21Kevin Baratt16
8Gwyn Jones21Paul Turford17
9Nick Hughes (a)21Alan Hotchkiss15
10Mark Owen (a)21Simon Hepworth16
Great game of bowls on a warm evening.

PosPontesbury BScoreMeole VillageScore
1Martin Jones16John Crundell Best Result21
2John Ross19Barry Bailey21
3Ken Hayman18Geoff Balshaw21
4Keith Tate (b)21Martin Stott15
5Barry Challinor (b)21Dave Perks14
6Jason Rowson (b) Best Result21Mike Jones1
7John Lumley (b)21Mark Davies9
8Brian Williams21Charlie Edwards3
9Kevin Jones21John Cooper9
10Dan Jones (b)21Scott Gibson15

1Terry Brooks21Paul Herring16
2Alan Gwilliams21Angie Griffiths19
3Chris Knight21Ken Davies12
4Bob Simpson21Terry Clorley (1)12
5Ray Powell21Tony Manders20
6Pete Allen9Paul Thomas Best Result21
7Richard Ewels15Paul Williams21
8Mark Lloyd21Jack Jones13
9Chris Hose21Martin Mckinley12
10Ollie Ewels Best Result21Roger Haydon11


PosCrescent BScoreMeole Brace BScore
1Stuart Greaves21Phil Lawrence (b)10
2Mike Greaves20Vernon Biggs (b)21
3Kevin Baratt21Neil Picken15
4Brian Richards Best Result21Dan White4
5Andy Maycock21Barry Lowe (b)14
6Simon Hepworth21Peter Morgan-jones14
7Charlotte Wycherley21Steve Phillips11
8Paul Turford12Anthony Crundell (b)21
9Graham Hughes16Trevor Perry (b)21
10Alan Hotchkiss9Derek Parry Best Result21

PosOxonScoreBattlefield BScore
1Angie Griffiths21Dave Pritchard9
2Paul Williams21Eugene Wenger10
3Ken Davies21Ian Rose19
4Ron Edwards (1)13Lynne Jennings21
5Jack Jones12Pete Drury Best Result21
6Terry Clorley (1)21Steve Drury9
7Tony Manders21John Beer15
8Martin Mckinley21Stacey Wenger10
9Andy Owens Best Result21Nobby Johnston5
10Roger Haydon17Dave Cadwallader21

PosMeole VillageScoreOxon VillageScore
1Ian Boden11Alan Edwards Best Result21
2Geoff Balshaw21Sue Storey11
3Martin Stott Best Result21Nigel Williams8
4Barry Bailey21Joyce Ashfield12
5Dave Perks21Phil Ashcroft13
6Charlie Edwards12Jason Stevens21
7Mark Davies Best Result21Wayne Fuller8
8John Cooper13Colin Jones21
9John Crundell21Brian Selley14
10Scott Gibson17Mike Davies21

PosPrince SocialScoreBayston Hill AScore
1Andrew Austin19Lee Corfield21
2Tony Parsons21Tom Stanhope (a)15
3Rob Ashley11Alex Evans (a)21
4Neil Tooze21Craig Bowen (a)11
5Katie Barnes-smith (j)20Nick Hughes (a)21
6Steve Kavanagh20Ray Sant21
7Ian Macmillan8Mark Owen (a) Best Result21
8Craig Breeze Best Result21Lionel Morris10
9Bob Pugh21Gwyn Jones14
10Chris Wilson21Phil Davies11

PosBicton ScoreFrankwellScore
1Stuart Bennett21Haydon Jenkinson18
2Rob Jones20Terry Brooks21
3Dave Price6Chris Hose Best Result21
4Ken Barrow8Chris Knight21
5Pat Price17Alan Gwilliams21
6Dave Conde21Mark Lloyd17
7Matt Statham21Richard Ewels16
8Kevin Coles13Joe Jenkinson21
9Keith Thomas Best Result21Chris Griffiths9
10Kevin Price21Bob Simpson14

PosSt JuliansScorePontesbury BScore
1Mark Parry Best Result21Kevin Williams5
2Alan Reynolds21Barry Challinor (b)17
3Roland Leigh21Jason Rowson (b)12
4Mark Lanning21Brian Williams14
5Russell Brown10John Ross21
6Paddy Grace7Kevin Jones Best Result21
7Andrew Reynolds21Adam Morris (b)19
8Roger Burton10Ken Hayman21
9Ernie Shea13Dan Jones (b)21
10Stuart Rhodes21Martin Jones10

PosFord BScoreReman ServicesScore
1Roger Lem21Stewart Jones15
2Roger Jones18Dave Nicholls21
3Mal Issaac21Graham Parry18
4Rosie Scotland21Les Lacourse20
5Tim Oakley21Mike Young15
6Kim Davies5Chris Edwards21
7Mike Malin7Bob Chatham21
8John Morgan Best Result21Scott Humphries12
9George Ryan6Paul Binnersley21
10Josh Murphy2Mark Hill Best Result21


PosOxon VillageScoreOxonScore
1Jason Stevens21Tony Manders16
2Phil Ashcroft21Paul Herring18
3Wayne Fuller21Lol Evans18
4Dave Ashfield9Paul Williams Best Result21
5Colin Jones12Martin Mckinley21
6Alan Edwards21Ken Davies17
7Paul Davies20Paul Thomas21
8Sue Storey Best Result21Jack Jones15
9Nigel Williams11Danny Powell21
10Brian Selley19Roger Haydon21
good match with some good bowls. But the seniors green knowledge told in the end

PosMeole Brace BScoreMeole VillageScore
1Barry Lowe (b)8Dave Perks Best Result21
2Aiden Hughes10Ian Boden21
3Peter Morgan-jones21Kath Hughes15
4Derek Parry21Charlie Edwards13
5Neil Picken21Sandra Crundell13
6Phil Lawrence (b)15John Cooper21
7Vernon Biggs (b) Best Result21Barry Bailey10
8George Spain (b)13Geoff Balshaw21
9Anthony Crundell (b)13Scott Gibson21
10Trevor Perry (b)9John Crundell21

PosPontesbury BScoreCrescent BScore
1Dan Jones (b)21Graham Hughes11
2Martin Jones18Alan Hotchkiss21
3Adam Morris (b) Best Result21Dave Maycock1
4Kevin Jones21Andy Maycock9
5John Ross21Daniel Perkins (j)3
6Barry Challinor (b)21Paul Turford11
7Jason Rowson (b)21Brian Richards12
8Brian Williams21Kevin Baratt5
9Kevin Williams9Stuart Greaves Best Result21
10John Lumley (b)21Mike Greaves9

PosFrankwellScoreFord BScore
1Haydon Jenkinson21Roger Jones14
2Chris Hose19Roger Lem21
3Terry Brooks21Mal Issaac10
4Chris Griffiths11Martin Ryan Best Result21
5Ray Powell15Kim Davies21
6Alan Gwilliams21John Morgan13
7Richard Ewels Best Result21Rosie Scotland8
8Joe Jenkinson21Kelly Price (j)10
9Mark Lloyd11Josh Murphy Best Result21
10Bob Simpson Best Result21Molly Sullivan8

PosBayston Hill AScoreSt JuliansScore
1Alex Evans (a) Best Result21Roland Leigh4
2Tom Stanhope (a)13Mark Lanning21
3Nick Hughes (a)7Mark Parry Best Result21
4Craig Bowen (a)21Alan Reynolds20
5Paul Richards (a)21Andrew Reynolds14
6Ray Sant21Andrew Rhodes20
7Pete Nicholls12Russell Brown21
8Lee Corfield21Paddy Grace18
9Mark Owen (a)21Walk Over0
10Phil Davies21Stuart Rhodes20
poor turnout by St,Julains for refreshments after the game no one came back.

PosBattlefield BScoreBicton Score
1Dave Pritchard Best Result21Stuart Bennett6
2Ian Rose21Kevin Coles8
3Roger Whitfield21Ivan Overton9
4Eugene Wenger21Ken Barrow15
5Pete Drury21Dave Price18
6Steve Drury12Matt Statham Best Result21
7John Beer19Dave Conde21
8Stacey Wenger21Pat Price11
9Dave Cadwallader21Keith Thomas10
10Nobby Johnston21Kevin Price19
Can we play at home in the sunshine every week ?

PosReman ServicesScorePrince SocialScore
1Dave Nicholls21Neil Tooze11
2Stewart Jones21Craig Breeze8
3Les Lacourse12Tony Parsons21
4Chris Edwards13Andrew Austin21
5Sam Hill14Bob Pugh21
6Scott Humphries21Katie Barnes-smith (j)5
7Mike Young2Neil Lewis Best Result21
8Bob Chatham Best Result21Rob Ashley2
9Mark Hill21Chris Wilson15
10Paul Binnersley21Ian Macmillan10


PosReman ServicesScoreBicton Score
1Mark Hill21Dave Price10
2Dave Nicholls Best Result21Kevin Coles7
3Les Lacourse21Ken Barrow8
4Stewart Jones15Stuart Bennett21
5Mike Young Best Result21Dave Conde7
6Chris Edwards21Ivan Overton9
7Sam Hill17Matt Statham21
8Bob Chatham21Pat Price10
9Scott Humphries2Keith Thomas Best Result21
10Paul Binnersley15Kevin Price21

PosMeole Brace BScoreSt JuliansScore
1Trevor Perry (b)17Stuart Rhodes21
2Dan White12Andrew Reynolds Best Result21
3Chris Davies13Andrew Rhodes21
4Derek Parry13Alan Reynolds21
5Steve Phillips15Russell Brown21
6Phil Lawrence (b)19Mark Lanning21
7Anthony Crundell (b) Best Result21Ernie Shea6
8Vernon Biggs (b)21Roger Burton9
9George Spain (b)21Paddy Grace14
10Barry Lowe (b)21Mark Parry19

PosBattlefield BScoreMeole VillageScore
1Lynne Jennings Best Result21Barry Bailey5
2Dave Pritchard21Mike Jones11
3Ian Rose21Geoff Balshaw6
4Roger Whitfield21Dave Perks14
5Pete Drury14Mark Davies Best Result21
6Steve Drury21Charlie Edwards18
7Ray Bourne14Ian Boden Best Result21
8John Beer17Martin Stott21
9Nobby Johnston17John Crundell21
10Dave Cadwallader21Scott Gibson8
Meole came back well after being 4 down at the front. Another good-spirited match in perfect bowls weather!

PosOxon VillageScoreCrescent BScore
1Alan Edwards21Craig Charles14
2Jason Stevens21Brian Richards15
3Wayne Fuller21Stuart Greaves19
4Phil Ashcroft Best Result21Mike Greaves12
5Joyce Ashfield13Andy Maycock Best Result21
6Paul Davies18Simon Hepworth21
7Colin Jones13Charlotte Wycherley Best Result21
8Sue Storey20Paul Turford21
9Nigel Williams21Alan Hotchkiss13
10Brian Selley21Graham Hughes16
some very good bowling

PosFord BScoreOxonScore
1Roger Jones21Jack Jones10
2Martin Ryan Best Result21Ken Davies9
3Mal Issaac21Dave Jones16
4Roger Lem19Lol Evans21
5Rosie Scotland15Paul Williams21
6John Morgan18Paul Herring21
7Kelly Price (j)21Martin Mckinley19
8George Ryan5Paul Thomas Best Result21
9Josh Murphy13Roger Haydon21
10Molly Sullivan9Danny Powell21

PosFrankwellScorePrince SocialScore
1Chris Knight16Tony Parsons21
2Chris Hose21Rob Ashley13
3Ray Powell9Andrew Austin Best Result21
4Joe Jenkinson21Steve Kavanagh10
5Terry Brooks21Bob Pugh18
6Richard Ewels Best Result21Katie Barnes-smith (j)3
7Alan Gwilliams15Neil Lewis21
8Haydon Jenkinson20Ian Macmillan21
9Mark Lloyd21Craig Breeze16
10Ollie Ewels21Elaine Jones4

PosPontesbury BScoreBayston Hill AScore
1Barry Challinor (b)18Tom Stanhope (a)21
2Jason Rowson (b)14Dave Kibbler21
3Kevin Jones21Nick Hughes (a)8
4Kevin Williams Best Result21Alex Evans (a)4
5John Ross13Paul Richards (a)21
6Adam Morris (b)21Lee Corfield17
7Keith Tate (b)6Mark Owen (a) Best Result21
8Martin Jones21Pete Nicholls20
9John Lumley (b)21Ray Sant10
10Dan Jones (b)21Lionel Morris6


PosPrince SocialScorePontesbury BScore
1Craig Breeze21Adam Morris (b)19
2Katie Barnes-smith (j)21Dan Jones (b)17
3Tony Parsons Best Result21Jason Rowson (b)6
4Andrew Austin21Kevin Williams14
5Rob Ashley21Barry Challinor (b)8
6Ian Macmillan16John Ross21
7Bob Pugh19Martin Jones21
8Chris Wilson17John Lumley (b)21
9Steve Kavanagh9Ken Hayman Best Result21
10Elaine Jones21Keith Tate (b)20

PosOxonScoreMeole Brace BScore
1Roger Haydon Best Result21Vernon Biggs (b)3
2Ken Davies21Phil Lawrence (b)13
3Paul Williams21Peter Morgan-jones16
4Lol Evans18Barry Lowe (b) Best Result21
5Emmet Mckinley (j)19Anthony Crundell (b)21
6Paul Thomas21Steve Phillips16
7Jack Jones21Chris Davies20
8Martin Mckinley21Dan White10
9Danny Powell21Trevor Perry (b)14
10Andy Owens21Derek Parry16

PosBayston Hill AScoreOxon VillageScore
1Alex Evans (a)21Mike Davies8
2Tom Stanhope (a) Best Result21Wayne Fuller6
3Nick Hughes (a)21Colin Jones13
4Paul Richards (a)21Phil Ashcroft10
5Craig Bowen (a)21Joyce Ashfield11
6Lee Corfield21Sue Storey15
7Pete Nicholls20Paul Davies21
8Gwyn Jones18Alan Edwards21
9Mark Owen (a)21Brian Selley8
10Phil Davies16Nigel Williams Best Result21
great game on fast green.

PosSt JuliansScoreBattlefield BScore
1Mark Lanning21Ian Rose11
2Paddy Grace21Ray Bourne10
3Mark Parry21Dave Cadwallader15
4Roland Leigh21Roger Whitfield14
5Russell Brown Best Result21Eugene Wenger5
6Andrew Reynolds21Stacey Wenger8
7Stuart Rhodes21Steve Drury11
8Roger Burton15John Beer Best Result21
9Paul Brown21Nobby Johnston12
10Ernie Shea21Lynne Jennings13

PosBicton ScoreFord BScore
1Dave Price21Mal Issaac12
2Kevin Coles13Rosie Scotland Best Result21
3Ken Barrow21Martin Ryan17
4Stuart Bennett21Molly Sullivan17
5Matt Statham21John Morgan7
6Dave Conde21Roger Jones19
7Ivan Overton Best Result21Kim Davies4
8Pat Price21Kelly Price (j)14
9Keith Thomas21Roger Lem14
10Kevin Price21Josh Murphy11

PosMeole VillageScoreReman ServicesScore
1Mark Davies21Stewart Jones12
2Charlie Edwards14Chris Edwards21
3Mike Jones21Les Lacourse19
4Dave Perks21Graham Parry18
5Martin Stott10Mike Young21
6John Cooper21Scott Humphries19
7Scott Gibson21Sam Hill11
8John Crundell3Bob Chatham Best Result21
9Barry Bailey5Mark Hill21
10Geoff Balshaw Best Result21Paul Binnersley6

PosCrescent BScoreFrankwellScore
1Brian Richards19Chris Knight21
2Mike Greaves14Chris Hose21
3Stuart Greaves21Richard Ewels8
4Craig Charles15Joe Jenkinson21
5Simon Hepworth21Terry Brooks18
6Paul Turford21Alan Gwilliams20
7Andy Maycock17Haydon Jenkinson21
8Charlotte Wycherley6Ollie Ewels Best Result21
9Graham Hughes15Mark Lloyd21
10Alan Hotchkiss Best Result21Bob Simpson7


PosReman ServicesScoreOxonScore
1Scott Humphries21Jack Jones18
2Chris Edwards21Tony Manders8
3Stewart Jones21Ken Davies20
4Graham Parry19Paul Williams21
5Dave Nicholls11Dickie Dodd Best Result21
6Mike Young Best Result21Emmet Mckinley (j)4
7Mark Hill21Roger Haydon15
8Sam Hill17Andy Owens21
9Bob Chatham21Paul Thomas13
10Paul Binnersley21Martin Mckinley16

PosBicton ScoreSt JuliansScore
1Kevin Coles6Mark Lanning Best Result21
2Stuart Bennett21Roland Leigh15
3Ken Barrow21Ernie Shea17
4Dave Price19Mark Parry21
5Ivan Overton21Alan Reynolds15
6Pat Price12Andrew Reynolds21
7Matt Statham21Russell Brown19
8Dave Conde Best Result21Roger Burton13
9Keith Thomas Best Result21Paul Brown13
10Kevin Price16Stuart Rhodes21

PosFrankwellScoreMeole VillageScore
1Haydon Jenkinson21Ian Boden13
2Terry Brooks8Dave Perks Best Result21
3Alan Gwilliams16Mike Jones21
4Chris Knight14Mark Davies21
5Richard Ewels Best Result21Mike Whittaker9
6Ray Powell9Barry Bailey21
7Bob Simpson21John Cooper14
8Mark Lloyd20Scott Gibson21
9Joe Jenkinson16John Crundell21
10Chris Hose12Martin Stott21

PosFord BScoreCrescent BScore
1Roger Lem21Brian Richards15
2Martin Ryan17Mike Greaves21
3Kim Davies6Stuart Greaves Best Result21
4Roger Jones21Craig Charles17
5Kelly Price (j)17Andy Maycock21
6Mal Issaac18Simon Hepworth21
7Tim Oakley8Paul Turford21
8Rosie Scotland Best Result21Charlotte Wycherley14
9Molly Sullivan13Graham Hughes21
10Josh Murphy19Alan Hotchkiss21

PosBattlefield BScoreBayston Hill AScore
1Lynne Jennings Best Result21Ray Sant3
2Dave Pritchard18Alex Evans (a)21
3Ian Rose11Tom Stanhope (a) Best Result21
4Roger Whitfield21Gwyn Jones19
5Stacey Wenger21Lionel Morris11
6Eugene Wenger11Mark Owen (a) Best Result21
7Pete Drury14Paul Richards (a)21
8Ray Bourne20Pete Nicholls21
9Dave Cadwallader21Ian Jacques10
10Nobby Johnston21Phil Davies15
Hard fought but good -spirited game, in doubt until the last pair won it for the Bandits

PosMeole Brace BScorePrince SocialScore
1Barry Lowe (b)21Neil Tooze14
2Phil Lawrence (b)16Andrew Austin21
3Aiden Hughes Best Result21Rob Ashley1
4Peter Morgan-jones12Tony Parsons21
5Dan White21Ian Macmillan16
6Chris Davies17Katie Barnes-smith (j)21
7Steve Phillips21Steve Kavanagh8
8Vernon Biggs (b)8Bob Pugh Best Result21
9Anthony Crundell (b)13Chris Wilson21
10Derek Parry21Craig Breeze6

PosOxon VillageScorePontesbury BScore
1Phil Ashcroft16Kevin Williams Best Result21
2Wayne Fuller21Barry Challinor (b)18
3Alan Edwards Best Result21Adam Morris (b)8
4Jason Stevens21John Potter17
5Joyce Ashfield18Kevin Jones21
6Sue Storey Best Result21Derek Worrall8
7Nigel Williams17John Lumley (b)21
8Brian Selley21John Ross9
9Paul Davies17Dan Jones (b)21
10Mike Davies21Martin Jones10


PosMeole VillageScoreFord BScore
1Mark Davies21Roger Lem13
2Mike Jones21Tim Oakley11
3Geoff Balshaw21Roger Jones20
4Dave Perks7Mal Issaac Best Result21
5Barry Bailey Best Result21Kelly Price (j)2
6John Cooper21Rosie Scotland10
7Martin Stott21Kim Davies3
8Ian Boden21Martin Ryan9
9John Crundell21George Ryan9
10Scott Gibson16Molly Sullivan21

PosSt JuliansScoreReman ServicesScore
1Stuart Rhodes Best Result21Scott Humphries3
2Mark Parry21Mark Hill19
3Mark Lanning21Graham Parry13
4Roland Leigh21Les Lacourse6
5Brian Hall8Sue Hill Best Result21
6Paddy Grace11Chris Edwards21
7Alan Reynolds9Bob Chatham21
8Russell Brown11Sam Hill21
9Paul Brown21Stewart Jones7
10Ernie Shea21Paul Binnersley9
The Saints started well with four front winners, Stuart Rhodes best with 21-3 and Roland Leigh second with 21-6. The Services replied with four middle winners, best was Sue Hill 21-8 and Bob Chatham 21-9. Agg was 2 in favour of the Services but the back players Paul Brown and Ernie Shea sealed the win for the Saints with 21-7 and 21-9 respectively. Good close match.

PosCrescent BScoreBattlefield BScore
1Stuart Greaves21Roger Whitfield15
2Craig Charles21Lynne Jennings11
3Brian Richards18Ian Rose21
4Mike Greaves21Dave Pritchard9
5Charlotte Wycherley21Stacey Wenger15
6Simon Hepworth21Ray Bourne20
7Andy Maycock21Pete Drury17
8Paul Turford Best Result21Dave Southerton8
9Alan Hotchkiss Best Result21Nobby Johnston8
10Graham Hughes9Dave Cadwallader Best Result21

PosPrince SocialScoreOxon VillageScore
1Andrew Austin21Wayne Fuller11
2Tony Parsons21Mike Davies8
3Rob Ashley11Phil Ashcroft21
4Neil Tooze21Paul Davies20
5Steve Kavanagh18Joyce Ashfield21
6Katie Barnes-smith (j)4Alan Edwards Best Result21
7Craig Breeze Best Result21Dave Ashfield7
8Ian Macmillan20Sue Storey21
9Chris Wilson21Nigel Williams16
10Bob Pugh21Brian Selley9

PosOxonScoreBicton Score
1Lol Evans16Ken Barrow21
2Ken Davies15Stuart Bennett21
3Paul Williams21Keith Thomas8
4Tony Manders14Kevin Coles Best Result21
5Jack Jones21Matt Statham18
6Martin Mckinley Best Result21Ivan Overton6
7Emmet Mckinley (j)21Dave Conde11
8Paul Thomas21Dave Price15
9Andy Owens21Pat Price10
10Roger Haydon14Kevin Price Best Result21
10 year old Emmet McKinley wins his first senior match on a Tuesday and nearly (but not quite) brings a tear to his dads eye..... Well done Emmet

PosPontesbury BScoreFrankwellScore
1Jason Rowson (b)21Ray Powell13
2Adam Morris (b)10Terry Brooks Best Result21
3Kevin Williams Best Result21Pete Allen6
4Barry Challinor (b)11Andy Dorsett21
5Keith Tate (b)21Jack Haycocks Jnr13
6Ken Hayman21Mark Lloyd20
7Kevin Jones18Alan Gwilliams21
8John Ross19Haydon Jenkinson21
9Dan Jones (b)21Chris Knight17
10Martin Jones21Joe Jenkinson17

PosBayston Hill AScoreMeole Brace BScore
1Alex Evans (a)21Eileen Griffin5
2Tom Stanhope (a)12Derek Parry Best Result21
3Craig Bowen (a)18Barry Lowe (b)21
4Ian Jacques21Vernon Biggs (b)17
5Gwyn Jones21Jill Bishop10
6Paul Richards (a) Best Result21Dan White4
7Pete Nicholls21Neil Picken11
8Ray Sant21Chris Davies20
9Lee Corfield20Phil Lawrence (b)21
10Mark Owen (a)21Anthony Crundell (b)9
Great game and some tight bowling.


PosBicton ScoreMeole VillageScore
1Stuart Bennett14Geoff Balshaw21
2Dave Price21Martin Stott14
3Ken Barrow21Mike Jones16
4Grant Pink12Mark Davies Best Result21
5Ivan Overton17John Crundell21
6Phil Wardle Best Result21Charlie Edwards11
7Matt Statham15Barry Bailey21
8Dave Conde21John Cooper14
9Pat Price19Dave Perks21
10Kevin Price21Scott Gibson15

PosMeole Brace BScoreOxon VillageScore
1Barry Lowe (b)21Paul Davies14
2George Spain (b)10Wayne Fuller Best Result21
3Peter Morgan-jones21Phil Ashcroft17
4Phil Lawrence (b) Best Result21Ian Hodge8
5Eileen Griffin21Dave Ashfield11
6Steve Phillips20Joyce Ashfield21
7Vernon Biggs (b) Best Result21Colin Jones8
8Chris Davies17Nigel Williams21
9Anthony Crundell (b)21Mike Davies15
10Trevor Perry (b)19Brian Selley21

PosReman ServicesScoreCrescent BScore
1Stewart Jones9Stuart Greaves Best Result21
2Les Lacourse10Craig Charles21
3Mike Young21Mike Greaves14
4Graham Parry16Brian Richards21
5Margaret Lacourse11Dave Maycock21
6Sam Hill21Simon Hepworth14
7Ellen Parry13Andy Maycock21
8Bob Chatham Best Result21Charlotte Wycherley13
9Mark Hill15Graham Hughes21
10Paul Binnersley21Alan Hotchkiss20

PosBattlefield BScorePontesbury BScore
1Dave Pritchard Best Result21John Potter10
2Roger Whitfield21Barry Challinor (b)18
3Lynne Jennings20Jason Rowson (b)21
4Ian Rose20John Lumley (b)21
5Dave Southerton17Ken Hayman21
6Stacey Wenger21Adam Morris (b)17
7Pete Drury21Kevin Jones13
8John Beer17Kevin Williams21
9Dave Cadwallader7Dan Jones (b) Best Result21
10Nobby Johnston12Martin Jones21
Pontesbury bowled it very well tonight, a great team effort

PosFrankwellScoreBayston Hill AScore
1Jack Haycocks Jnr19Paul Richards (a)21
2Alan Gwilliams10Gwyn Jones Best Result21
3Joe Jenkinson21Lee Corfield18
4Chris Griffiths12Alex Evans (a)21
5Chris Knight21Lionel Morris13
6Andy Dorsett21Tom Stanhope (a)15
7Haydon Jenkinson21Mark Owen (a)20
8Mark Lloyd21Craig Bowen (a)20
9Chris Hose Best Result21Ray Sant8
10Bob Simpson12Phil Davies21

PosFord BScoreSt JuliansScore
1Mal Issaac21Alan Reynolds19
2Tim Oakley3Mark Lanning21
3Roger Lem21Mark Parry10
4Mike Malin1Stuart Rhodes Best Result21
5Ben Middleton (j)13Roger Burton21
6Kelly Price (j)14Russell Brown21
7John Morgan Best Result21Paddy Grace9
8Roger Jones14Andrew Reynolds21
9Kim Davies6Paul Brown21
10Molly Sullivan21Ernie Shea19

PosOxonScorePrince SocialScore
1Dickie Dodd17Andrew Austin21
2Lol Evans20Rob Ashley21
3Paul Herring13Neil Tooze21
4Ken Davies11Tony Parsons21
5Paul Williams Best Result21Ian Macmillan13
6Paul Thomas21Bill Todman15
7Emmet Mckinley (j)9Neil Lewis Best Result21
8Martin Mckinley21Steve Kavanagh14
9Danny Powell Best Result21Craig Breeze13
10Roger Haydon21Bob Pugh15


PosCrescent BScoreBicton Score
1Stuart Greaves21Keith Thomas6
2Craig Charles21Dave Price9
3Brian Richards21Kevin Coles11
4Andy Maycock18Karen Bennett Best Result21
5Charlotte Wycherley Best Result21Caroline Wardle3
6Mike Greaves21Phil Wardle12
7Roly Oliver21Ken Barrow7
8Paul Turford21Matt Statham20
9Alan Hotchkiss21Kevin Price12
10Simon Hepworth21Ivan Overton9
a great win by charlotte Wycherley and she makes exceedingly good cakes

PosSt JuliansScoreFrankwellScore
1Ernie Shea21Ollie Ewels20
2Stuart Rhodes21Chris Hose11
3Andrew Reynolds Best Result21Alan Gwilliams4
4Alan Reynolds21Chris Knight14
5Mark Parry21Ray Powell17
6Roland Leigh21Terry Brooks20
7Paul Brown21Richard Ewels17
8Russell Brown21Mark Lloyd17
9Paddy Grace20Bob Simpson Best Result21
10Mark Lanning21Haydon Jenkinson13

PosBayston Hill AScoreFord BScore
1Alex Evans (a)21Tim Oakley12
2Craig Bowen (a)19Roger Lem21
3Pete Nicholls8Mal Issaac Best Result21
4Paul Richards (a)11Martin Ryan21
5Gwyn Jones21Kelly Price (j)10
6Ray Sant21Mike Malin14
7Lionel Morris21Molly Sullivan10
8Nick Hughes (a)14Rosie Scotland21
9Tom Stanhope (a) Best Result21Roger Jones4
10Mark Owen (a)21Kim Davies11

PosPrince SocialScoreBattlefield BScore
1Andrew Austin21Steve Drury12
2Bill Todman11Stacey Wenger Best Result21
3Rob Ashley21John Beer9
4Neil Lewis19Roger Whitfield21
5Tony Parsons Best Result21Ian Rose3
6Ian Macmillan21Dave Pritchard18
7Chris Wilson21Nobby Johnston12
8Bob Pugh21Dave Cadwallader12
9Craig Breeze20Ray Bourne21
10Steve Kavanagh12Pete Drury21

PosPontesbury BScoreMeole Brace BScore
1Barry Challinor (b)21Barry Lowe (b)20
2Jason Rowson (b)21George Spain (b)5
3John Potter18Peter Morgan-jones21
4Kevin Williams16Phil Lawrence (b) Best Result21
5John Lumley (b)21Vernon Biggs (b)9
6Ken Hayman21Dan White4
7Keith Tate (b) Best Result21Neil Picken3
8Adam Morris (b) Best Result21Chris Davies3
9Dan Jones (b)21Trevor Perry (b)11
10Martin Jones21Anthony Crundell (b)12

PosOxon VillageScoreReman ServicesScore
1Wayne Fuller21Les Lacourse14
2Alan Edwards21Scott Humphries8
3Paul Davies21Graham Parry13
4Phil Ashcroft18Dave Nicholls21
5Jason Stevens19Bob Chatham21
6Ian Hodge17Mark Hill21
7Colin Jones11Sam Hill Best Result21
8Sue Storey21Mike Young15
9Mike Davies21Paul Binnersley19
10Brian Selley Best Result21Chris Edwards7

PosMeole VillageScoreOxonScore
1Mark Davies17Dave Jones21
2Dave Perks21Lol Evans9
3Mike Jones21Ken Davies12
4Geoff Balshaw8Paul Herring Best Result21
5Martin Stott20Tony Manders21
6John Cooper21Paul Thomas17
7John Crundell Best Result21Jack Jones4
8Barry Bailey20Paul Williams21
9Ian Boden11Danny Powell21
10Scott Gibson21Roger Haydon8


PosBicton ScoreBayston Hill AScore
1Ken Barrow11Alex Evans (a)21
2Kevin Coles21Ray Sant20
3Stuart Bennett21Nick Hughes (a)15
4Grant Pink8Paul Richards (a) Best Result21
5Dave Conde13Craig Bowen (a)21
6Karen Bennett Best Result21Pete Nicholls14
7Pat Price21Gwyn Jones20
8Ivan Overton16Lee Corfield21
9Kevin Price14Mark Owen (a)21
10Keith Thomas20Tom Stanhope (a)21
good wins for both the bennetts with karen just taking the coppers.

PosFord BScorePrince SocialScore
1Martin Ryan21Ian Macmillan18
2Mal Issaac10Andrew Austin21
3Roger Lem21Bill Todman12
4Rosie Scotland12Tony Parsons21
5Ben Middleton (j)7Craig Breeze Best Result21
6Kim Davies17Katie Barnes-smith (j)21
7Kelly Price (j)21Steve Kavanagh14
8Molly Sullivan Best Result21Rob Ashley9
9Tim Oakley15Chris Wilson21
10Roger Jones17Bob Pugh21

PosReman ServicesScorePontesbury BScore
1Graham Parry17Kevin Williams21
2Les Lacourse21Barry Challinor (b)16
3Stewart Jones7Jason Rowson (b) Best Result21
4Dave Nicholls16John Potter21
5Chris Edwards21Adam Morris (b)15
6Bob Chatham Best Result21Keith Tate (b)7
7Scott Humphries13Ken Hayman21
8Mike Young21John Ross10
9Sam Hill21Martin Jones19
10Mark Hill21Dan Jones (b)16

PosMeole VillageScoreSt JuliansScore
1Scott Gibson19Ernie Shea21
2Geoff Balshaw15Mark Parry21
3Mike Jones17Roland Leigh21
4Ian Boden13Stuart Rhodes Best Result21
5John Crundell18Paul Brown21
6Mike Whittaker13Russell Brown Best Result21
7Charlie Edwards17Mark Lanning21
8Dave Perks21Paddy Grace14
9Mark Davies21Roger Burton19
10John Cooper Best Result21Andrew Reynolds12

PosOxonScoreCrescent BScore
1Dickie Dodd14Mike Greaves21
2Lol Evans19Craig Charles21
3Ken Davies21Stuart Greaves18
4Paul Williams21Andy Maycock9
5Paul Thomas Best Result21Daniel Perkins (j)3
6Emmet Mckinley (j)15Simon Hepworth21
7Jack Jones11Charlotte Wycherley21
8Martin Mckinley21Paul Turford9
9Roger Haydon21Graham Hughes11
10Andy Owens3Alan Hotchkiss Best Result21

PosFrankwellScoreOxon VillageScore
1Alan Gwilliams18Paul Davies21
2Joe Jenkinson21Phil Ashcroft19
3Chris Knight Best Result21Wayne Fuller12
4Mark Lloyd6Alan Edwards Best Result21
5Richard Ewels14Nigel Williams21
6Haydon Jenkinson21Colin Jones19
7Terry Brooks21Ian Hodge20
8Chris Hose14Sue Storey21
9Bob Simpson11Brian Selley21
10Chris Griffiths6Mike Davies Best Result21

PosBattlefield BScoreMeole Brace BScore
1Dave Pritchard21Anthony Crundell (b) Best Result14
2Roger Whitfield21George Spain (b)5
3Lynne Jennings21Peter Evans8
4Ian Rose21Vernon Biggs (b)8
5Pete Drury Best Result21Peter Morgan-jones2
6Steve Drury21Phil Lawrence (b) Best Result14
7Ray Bourne21Steve Phillips9
8Stacey Wenger21Dan White7
9Nobby Johnston21Trevor Perry (b)10
10Dave Cadwallader21Neil Picken6
Full house for the Bandits, but where was the Meole Captain tonight - did he see it coming?


PosOxon VillageScoreBattlefield BScore
1Wayne Fuller21Dave Pritchard13
2Ian Hodge5Ian Rose Best Result21
3Phil Ashcroft Best Result21Eugene Wenger6
4Paul Davies21Roger Whitfield19
5Jason Stevens21Ray Bourne11
6Colin Jones21Steve Drury13
7Nigel Williams19John Beer21
8Sue Storey18Stacey Wenger21
9Alan Edwards20Dave Cadwallader21
10Brian Selley21Nobby Johnston9

PosSt JuliansScoreOxonScore
1Paul Brown11Roger Haydon21
2Russell Brown21Martin Mckinley8
3Roger Burton21Tony Manders15
4Paddy Grace21Paul Thomas16
5Mark Lanning21Paul Williams12
6Roland Leigh21Ken Davies17
7Mark Parry Best Result21Jack Jones5
8Andrew Reynolds21Emmet Mckinley (j)17
9Stuart Rhodes21Andy Owens10
10Ernie Shea8Dave Jones Best Result21

PosPontesbury BScoreFord BScore
1Keith Tate (b) Best Result21Molly Sullivan2
2Richard Lewis17Mal Issaac Best Result21
3Kevin Williams18Martin Ryan21
4Ken Hayman Best Result21Kim Davies2
5Adam Morris (b)21Kelly Price (j)11
6John Ross21Rosie Scotland13
7Dan Jones (b)21Roger Jones5
8Martin Jones21George Ryan4
9Jason Rowson (b)21Roger Lem10
10Barry Challinor (b)21John Morgan12

PosPrince SocialScoreBicton Score
1Andrew Austin21Kevin Coles17
2Tony Parsons Best Result21Matt Statham8
3Neil Tooze13Stuart Bennett21
4Neil Lewis21Ken Barrow10
5Katie Barnes-smith (j)21Grant Pink14
6Ian Macmillan Best Result21Pat Price8
7Rob Ashley21Ivan Overton20
8Peter Thomas (1)21Dave Conde10
9Chris Wilson21Kevin Price11
10Craig Breeze9Keith Thomas Best Result21
Solid home performance. Very proud skipper.

PosMeole Brace BScoreFrankwellScore
1Phil Lawrence (b)21Terry Brooks14
2Peter Evans14Alan Gwilliams21
3Peter Morgan-jones21Pete Allen10
4Barry Lowe (b)9Richard Ewels Best Result21
5Vernon Biggs (b) Best Result21Mark Lloyd6
6Neil Picken21Haydon Jenkinson19
7George Spain (b)18Ray Powell21
8Dan White21Chris Knight8
9Anthony Crundell (b)21Chris Hose9
10Trevor Perry (b)21Bob Simpson9

PosCrescent BScoreMeole VillageScore
1Craig Charles21Dave Perks15
2Brian Richards21Charlie Edwards10
3Andy Maycock17Mike Whittaker21
4Daniel Perkins (j)7Tudor Bevan Best Result21
5Paul Turford21John Cooper16
6Mike Greaves21Martin Stott12
7Simon Hepworth12Mark Davies21
8Roly Oliver16Scott Gibson21
9Graham Hughes17Geoff Balshaw21
10Alan Hotchkiss Best Result21John Crundell8

PosBayston Hill AScoreReman ServicesScore
1Alex Evans (a)21Graham Parry13
2Tom Stanhope (a) Best Result21Sue Hill8
3Nick Hughes (a)21Stewart Jones10
4Craig Bowen (a)21Les Lacourse9
5Lee Corfield21Bob Chatham20
6Paul Richards (a)14Sam Hill Best Result21
7Lionel Morris21Mike Young14
8Ray Sant21Mark Hill15
9Mark Owen (a)21Paul Binnersley15
10Phil Davies20Chris Edwards21


PosBattlefield BScoreFrankwellScore
1Dave Pritchard21Terry Brooks20
2Roger Whitfield Best Result21Joe Jenkinson5
3Dave Cadwallader21Ray Powell8
4Eugene Wenger15Ollie Ewels21
5Pete Drury21Chris Knight14
6Steve Drury21Mark Lloyd15
7John Beer19Richard Ewels21
8Ray Bourne21Alan Gwilliams12
9Dave Southerton7Chris Hose Best Result21
10Nobby Johnston13Bob Simpson21

PosOxonScoreBayston Hill AScore
1Roger Haydon Best Result21Gwyn Jones8
2Dave Jones21Tom Stanhope (a)13
3Ken Davies21Alex Evans (a)20
4Paul Williams21Nick Hughes (a)13
5Tony Manders17Lionel Morris21
6Paul Thomas21Lee Corfield18
7Lol Evans13Craig Bowen (a)21
8Martin Mckinley21Paul Richards (a)9
9Dickie Dodd18Phil Davies21
10Andy Owens4Mark Owen (a) Best Result21

PosMeole VillageScorePrince SocialScore
1Mark Davies9Andrew Austin Best Result21
2Martin Stott21Bill Todman15
3Mike Jones21Craig Breeze15
4Charlie Edwards21Rob Ashley12
5Dave Perks Best Result21Neil Lewis9
6John Cooper19Neil Tooze21
7John Crundell21Katie Barnes-smith (j)18
8Barry Bailey19Peter Thomas (1)21
9Geoff Balshaw21Ian Macmillan10
10Scott Gibson21Chris Wilson20

PosBicton ScorePontesbury BScore
1Dave Price17Kevin Williams21
2Kevin Coles21Richard Lewis11
3Stuart Bennett21Adam Morris (b)17
4Ken Barrow11Dan Jones (b)21
5Grant Pink5Ken Hayman Best Result21
6Ivan Overton21Ernie Glazebrook13
7Dave Conde8John Ross21
8Pat Price20Keith Tate (b)21
9Keith Thomas Best Result21Martin Jones10
10Kevin Price Best Result21Jason Rowson (b)10

PosFord BScoreOxon VillageScore
1Tim Oakley3Paul Davies Best Result21
2Roger Lem21Joyce Ashfield10
3Mal Issaac Best Result21Phil Ashcroft9
4John Morgan19Wayne Fuller21
5Kelly Price (j)18Ian Hodge21
6Ben Middleton (j)7Nigel Williams21
7Molly Sullivan18Jason Stevens21
8Barry Wallace14Sue Storey21
9Kim Davies19Brian Selley21
10Roger Jones6Alan Edwards21

PosReman ServicesScoreMeole Brace BScore
1Graham Parry21George Spain (b)11
2Stewart Jones21Barry Lowe (b)12
3Dave Nicholls21Phil Lawrence (b)9
4Les Lacourse21Anthony Crundell (b)12
5Mike Young14Peter Evans Best Result21
6Ellen Parry Best Result21Steve Phillips5
7Mark Hill21Peter Morgan-jones8
8Bob Chatham21Dan White11
9Chris Edwards21Vernon Biggs (b)6
10Paul Binnersley21Trevor Perry (b)12

PosSt JuliansScoreCrescent BScore
1Paul Brown21Graham Hughes18
2Russell Brown Best Result21Dave Morris4
3Roger Burton12Andy Maycock Best Result21
4Paddy Grace21Mike Greaves15
5Mark Lanning21Stuart Greaves19
6Roland Leigh21Paul Turford11
7Mark Parry20Craig Charles21
8Andrew Reynolds Best Result21Simon Hepworth4
9Stuart Rhodes21Alan Hotchkiss8
10Ernie Shea21Brian Richards16


PosBayston Hill AScoreMeole VillageScore
1Alex Evans (a) Best Result21Ian Boden1
2Ruth Richards5Mike Jones Best Result21
3Tom Stanhope (a)21Mark Davies13
4Nick Hughes (a)21Dave Perks19
5Lee Corfield21Scott Gibson15
6Craig Bowen (a)19John Cooper21
7Paul Richards (a)21Martin Stott14
8Lionel Morris21Barry Bailey11
9Ray Sant5John Crundell Best Result21
10Mark Owen (a)21Geoff Balshaw18

PosFrankwellScoreReman ServicesScore
1Chris Griffiths10Graham Parry21
2Haydon Jenkinson10Stewart Jones21
3Terry Brooks21Les Lacourse12
4Chris Hose14Chris Edwards21
5Alan Gwilliams21Mike Young18
6Mark Lloyd21Margaret Lacourse11
7Chris Knight9Bob Chatham Best Result21
8Richard Ewels18Dave Nicholls21
9Ollie Ewels15Mark Hill21
10Bob Simpson Best Result21Sue Hill10

PosBattlefield BScoreFord BScore
1Dave Pritchard Best Result21Kim Davies9
2Dave Southerton10Rosie Scotland Best Result21
3Eugene Wenger15Tim Oakley21
4Lynne Jennings21Mal Issaac12
5Ray Bourne21John Morgan16
6Pete Drury21Martin Ryan17
7Stacey Wenger21Molly Sullivan12
8John Beer21Kelly Price (j)19
9Nobby Johnston13Josh Murphy21
10Roger Whitfield21Roger Jones14
Great to see young players coming through and enjoying bowls

PosOxon VillageScoreSt JuliansScore
1Phil Ashcroft11Mark Parry21
2Joyce Ashfield9Mark Lanning Best Result21
3Mike Davies17Roland Leigh21
4Wayne Fuller14Ernie Shea21
5Paul Davies21Russell Brown20
6Sue Storey Best Result21Andrew Reynolds13
7Colin Jones Best Result21Roger Burton13
8Jason Stevens21Paddy Grace20
9Alan Edwards16Stuart Rhodes21
10Brian Selley21Paul Brown18
St Julians Played the green very well & in Good spirit & a laugh with the village team

PosPontesbury BScoreOxonScore
1Barry Challinor (b)21Ken Davies16
2Richard Lewis21Paul Williams18
3Kevin Williams18Dickie Dodd21
4Dan Jones (b) Best Result21Jack Jones0
5John Ross12Martin Mckinley Best Result21
6Ken Hayman19Lol Evans21
7Keith Tate (b)21Tony Manders5
8Adam Morris (b)21Paul Thomas20
9Martin Jones21Roger Haydon3
10Jason Rowson (b)16Danny Powell21

PosPrince SocialScoreCrescent BScore
1Chris Wilson21Graham Hughes18
2Craig Breeze21Brian Richards17
3Rob Ashley11Alan Hotchkiss Best Result21
4Bill Todman21Paul Turford10
5Bob Pugh21Mike Greaves10
6Andrew Austin19Stuart Greaves21
7Ian Macmillan13Craig Charles21
8Katie Barnes-smith (j)21Charlotte Wycherley11
9Steve Kavanagh12Simon Hepworth21
10Tony Parsons Best Result21Andy Maycock7

PosMeole Brace BScoreBicton Score
1Chris Davies11Keith Thomas21
2Eileen Griffin11Ken Barrow21
3Barry Lowe (b)13Stuart Bennett21
4George Spain (b)17Kevin Coles21
5Peter Morgan-jones Best Result21Matt Statham13
6Anthony Crundell (b)21Dave Price18
7Phil Lawrence (b)10Ivan Overton Best Result21
8Trevor Perry (b)19Grant Pink21
9Peter Evans21Pat Price18
10Vernon Biggs (b)18Kevin Price21


PosFord BScoreMeole Brace BScore
1Kim Davies21Anthony Crundell (b)19
2Mal Issaac21Phil Lawrence (b)14
3Kelly Price (j)7Barry Lowe (b) Best Result21
4Rosie Scotland21George Spain (b)17
5Tim Oakley21Steve Phillips14
6John Morgan8Neil Picken21
7Martin Ryan21Dan White20
8George Ryan7Peter Evans Best Result21
9Josh Murphy21Vernon Biggs (b)16
10Roger Jones Best Result21Trevor Perry (b)13

1Jack Jones19Chris Hose21
2Dickie Dodd21Ray Powell7
3Paul Williams21Mark Lloyd14
4Ken Davies Best Result21Terry Morris0
5Paul Thomas21Chris Griffiths13
6Martin Mckinley21Haydon Jenkinson15
7Mike Bradder (1)12Alan Gwilliams Best Result21
8Tony Manders21Richard Ewels14
9Roger Haydon21Bob Simpson8
10Danny Powell21Ollie Ewels16

PosBicton ScoreOxon VillageScore
1Kevin Coles21Wayne Fuller7
2Keith Thomas Best Result21Phil Ashcroft5
3Ken Barrow21Joyce Ashfield11
4Stuart Bennett21Paul Davies16
5Dave Price21Ian Hodge9
6Matt Statham17Sue Storey21
7Ivan Overton7Jason Stevens Best Result21
8Pat Price Best Result21Colin Jones5
9Grant Pink20Alan Edwards21
10Kevin Price20Brian Selley21
another good win for stuart bennett on his return to reserve bowls.

PosSt JuliansScorePrince SocialScore
1Stuart Rhodes Best Result21Bob Pugh3
2Paul Brown21Chris Wilson18
3Russell Brown21Katie Barnes-smith (j)10
4Mark Lanning21Bill Todman12
5Roland Leigh21Rob Ashley17
6Paddy Grace21Ian Macmillan13
7Mark Parry21Craig Breeze13
8Andrew Reynolds19Neil Lewis21
9Ernie Shea21Neil Tooze11
10Alan Reynolds7Andrew Austin Best Result21

PosCrescent BScoreBayston Hill AScore
1Stuart Greaves Best Result21Tony O Hanlon7
2Craig Charles Best Result21Nick Hughes (a)7
3Andy Maycock18Alex Evans (a)21
4Dave Maycock21Gwyn Jones20
5Daniel Perkins (j)8Tom Stanhope (a) Best Result21
6Simon Hepworth21Paul Richards (a)16
7Mike Greaves21Craig Bowen (a)20
8Charlotte Wycherley21Lionel Morris16
9Alan Hotchkiss21Mark Owen (a)16
10Graham Hughes15Phil Davies21

PosMeole VillageScorePontesbury BScore
1Barry Bailey19John Potter21
2Mike Jones19Kevin Williams21
3Dave Perks14Richard Lewis21
4Mark Davies12Barry Challinor (b)21
5Charlie Edwards19Ken Hayman21
6John Crundell11Keith Tate (b)21
7John Cooper21John Ross16
8Martin Stott Best Result21Ernie Glazebrook9
9Scott Gibson9Jason Rowson (b) Best Result21
10Ian Boden21Adam Morris (b)19

PosReman ServicesScoreBattlefield BScore
1Stewart Jones20Dave Pritchard21
2Dave Nicholls Best Result21Eugene Wenger1
3Graham Parry21Dave Southerton8
4Les Lacourse20Roger Whitfield21
5Scott Humphries21Pete Drury9
6Mike Young18Ray Bourne Best Result21
7Bob Chatham21John Beer8
8Sam Hill21Stacey Wenger12
9Mark Hill18Nobby Johnston Best Result21
10Paul Binnersley21Dave Cadwallader18


PosFrankwellScoreBicton Score
1Haydon Jenkinson3Kevin Coles Best Result21
2Pete Allen3Keith Thomas Best Result21
3Terry Morris13Ken Barrow21
4Ray Powell6Stuart Bennett21
5Alan Gwilliams13Dave Price21
6Chris Hose Best Result21Matt Statham19
7Richard Ewels19Ivan Overton21
8Mark Lloyd9Grant Pink21
9Chris Griffiths11Pat Price21
10Bob Simpson19Kevin Price21
reverse fixture due to no flood lights so played at bicton

PosReman ServicesScoreFord BScore
1Mark Hill21Kim Davies8
2Graham Parry21Kelly Price (j)8
3Dave Nicholls20Mal Issaac21
4Stewart Jones19Martin Ryan Best Result21
5Bob Chatham21John Morgan7
6Mike Young21Rosie Scotland15
7Les Lacourse21Tim Oakley20
8Scott Humphries21George Ryan12
9Chris Edwards Best Result21Josh Murphy5
10Paul Binnersley21Roger Jones20

PosMeole Brace BScoreCrescent BScore
1Eileen Griffin16Craig Charles21
2George Spain (b)21Andy Maycock14
3Barry Lowe (b) Best Result21Brian Richards12
4Peter Morgan-jones11Stuart Greaves Best Result21
5Steve Phillips16Mike Greaves21
6Dan White13Charlotte Wycherley21
7Peter Evans21Simon Hepworth14
8Jill Bishop21Paul Turford19
9Trevor Perry (b)21Alan Hotchkiss17
10Anthony Crundell (b)21Graham Hughes16

PosPontesbury BScoreSt JuliansScore
1Barry Challinor (b)21Roland Leigh8
2John Potter20Mark Lanning21
3Kevin Williams21Alan Reynolds9
4John Lumley (b)21Paul Brown8
5Keith Tate (b) Best Result21Russell Brown7
6Ernie Glazebrook21Andrew Reynolds15
7Ken Hayman21Paddy Grace19
8John Ross21Roger Burton20
9Jason Rowson (b)17Stuart Rhodes21
10Adam Morris (b)12Mark Parry Best Result21

PosBayston Hill AScorePrince SocialScore
1Alex Evans (a)21Neil Lewis16
2Nick Hughes (a)16Andrew Austin21
3Tom Stanhope (a)21Neil Tooze17
4Paul Richards (a)21Rob Ashley11
5Craig Bowen (a) Best Result21Steve Kavanagh6
6Ray Sant14Craig Breeze21
7Gwyn Jones21Katie Barnes-smith (j)9
8Lee Corfield12Ian Macmillan Best Result21
9Mark Owen (a)21Bob Pugh13
10Phil Davies21Chris Wilson18

PosOxon VillageScoreMeole VillageScore
1Mike Davies21Mark Davies17
2Paul Davies Best Result21Barry Bailey12
3Wayne Fuller21John Cooper14
4Joyce Ashfield21Mike Jones20
5Phil Ashcroft21John Crundell14
6Alan Edwards21Dave Perks16
7Sue Storey Best Result21Geoff Balshaw12
8Ian Hodge16Charlie Edwards Best Result21
9Colin Jones21Martin Stott19
10Brian Selley21Ian Boden18

PosBattlefield BScoreOxonScore
1Roger Whitfield21Clive Brown7
2Ian Rose19Ken Davies21
3Dave Cadwallader21Lol Evans15
4Dave Pritchard21Jack Jones13
5Stacey Wenger Best Result21Michelle Jones3
6Ray Bourne21Dave Jones20
7John Beer7Tony Manders Best Result21
8Pete Drury21Paul Williams11
9Nobby Johnston21Danny Powell13
10Lynne Jennings15Andy Owens21


PosMeole VillageScoreMeole Brace BScore
1Mark Davies21Anthony Crundell (b)13
2Dave Perks18Barry Lowe (b)21
3Barry Bailey6George Spain (b) Best Result21
4Mike Jones21Eileen Griffin14
5Geoff Balshaw21Peter Morgan-jones16
6John Cooper18Neil Picken21
7Charlie Edwards Best Result21Dan White8
8John Crundell21Steve Phillips13
9Martin Stott21Phil Lawrence (b)11
10Scott Gibson15Trevor Perry (b)21

PosBicton ScoreBattlefield BScore
1Stuart Bennett21Dave Cadwallader8
2Kevin Coles19Roger Whitfield21
3Keith Thomas16Ian Rose21
4Ken Barrow Best Result21Dave Pritchard5
5Ivan Overton21John Beer11
6Grant Pink21Ray Bourne20
7Matt Statham11Stacey Wenger Best Result21
8Phil Wardle18Pete Drury21
9Kevin Price20Nobby Johnston21
10Pat Price21Lynne Jennings16

PosFord BScoreFrankwellScore
1Mal Issaac21Haydon Jenkinson15
2Martin Ryan Best Result21Alan Gwilliams6
3Kelly Price (j)12Terry Brooks21
4Kim Davies21Ray Powell13
5Rosie Scotland17Chris Knight21
6Molly Sullivan6Richard Ewels Best Result21
7Roger Lem17Chris Hose21
8John Morgan21Chris Griffiths14
9Roger Jones21Bob Simpson11
10Josh Murphy13Ollie Ewels21

PosSt JuliansScoreBayston Hill AScore
1Mark Parry21Phil Davies14
2Andrew Rhodes21Lee Corfield16
3Paul Brown21Ray Sant13
4Paddy Grace21Craig Bowen (a)17
5Russell Brown21Paul Richards (a)14
6Andrew Reynolds21Mark Owen (a)16
7Ernie Shea21Gwyn Jones16
8Roger Burton21Tom Stanhope (a)15
9Alan Reynolds10Nick Hughes (a) Best Result21
10Mark Lanning Best Result21Alex Evans (a)12

PosOxonScoreOxon VillageScore
1Dave Jones21Ian Hodge5
2Roger Haydon21Phil Ashcroft18
3Lol Evans21Wayne Fuller17
4Paul Williams18Paul Davies21
5Paul Thomas21Colin Jones19
6Ken Davies21Dave Ashfield14
7Martin Mckinley Best Result21Joyce Ashfield4
8Jack Jones4Sue Storey Best Result21
9Dickie Dodd14Brian Selley21
10Danny Powell21Alan Edwards16

PosPrince SocialScoreReman ServicesScore
1Neil Tooze19Graham Parry21
2Andrew Austin21Les Lacourse11
3Rob Ashley Best Result21Stewart Jones10
4Bill Todman14Dave Nicholls21
5Ian Macmillan8Scott Humphries Best Result21
6Steve Kavanagh16Chris Edwards21
7Katie Barnes-smith (j)9Bob Chatham21
8Craig Breeze21Mike Young13
9Chris Wilson21Mark Hill13
10Bob Pugh17Paul Binnersley21

PosCrescent BScorePontesbury BScore
1Stuart Greaves21John Potter9
2Craig Charles Best Result21Barry Challinor (b)7
3Brian Richards21John Lumley (b)9
4Andy Maycock20Jason Rowson (b)21
5Paul Turford21John Ross13
6Simon Hepworth21Derek Worrall14
7Dave Maycock9Keith Tate (b) Best Result21
8Mike Greaves15Adam Morris (b)21
9Alan Hotchkiss Best Result21Martin Jones7
10Graham Hughes21Kevin Williams20