Tanners Claret Shropshire Bowling League 2014

Latest results for Shropshire Div. 4

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PosGreenfields SocialScoreMinsterleyScore
1Nigel Harris21Sylvia Povey14
2Ian Kilburn (1)21Tracy Eggby-jones (1)6
3Kerry Preece (1)21Mike Caddick (1)7
4Dave Pritchard (a)21Sarah Wortley (1)8
5Andy Gale21Kerry Burliston (1)15
6John Brown (a)21Sam Cox6
7Pete Mackay Best Result21Dennis Owen4
8Kieran Thomas (1)21Liam Cox10
9Kevin Williams (a)21Jane Hoofe14
10Mike Badnell (1)21Kirk Penrose (1)8
11Rob Jones (a)21John Hoofe8
12John Watkins21Paul Jones (1) Best Result20
Fantastic final flourish from the fielders. Good game played in great spirit throughout. Roll on next season....... :)

PosBicton VillageScoreFrankwellScore
1Clive Brown11James Ashton (1)21
2Roy Washbrook16Chris Dorsett (1)21
3George Bland21Simon Hayman17
4Wendy Price (1)19Brian Bennett (1)21
5Margaret Ratcliffe13Chris Hose21
6Diane Washbrook (1)6Angharad Jones Best Result21
7Dave Sands20Richard Ewels21
8Paul A Evans8Steve Haycocks (1)21
9Pat Neale (1) Best Result21Mel Yates11
10Pat Oliver (1)18Mike Haycocks (1)21
11Sue Pearson21Ollie Ewels13
12Shaun Phillips6Jesse James (1) Best Result21

PosOxon VillageScoreBagleyScore
1Chris Jones (1)21Marg Barnes (1)11
2Colin Jones18Colin Clayton (a) Best Result21
3Alan Edwards21John Lovett (1)12
4Andrea Pickering19Bob Bishop (a)21
5Dave Ashfield21Deryk Cumming12
6Sue Storey21Jenny Newton20
7Chris Murray (1)21Neville Poole10
8Paul Murray (1)21Wendy Wainwright9
9Tina Armstrong (1)21David Scutts (a)20
10Paul Davies21Andy Barnes (1)17
11Matt Dundass (1)19Ron Wainwright (1)21
12Brian Selley Best Result21Dave Paterson2

PosSevernsideScoreWorthen & BrocktonScore
1Sheila Berne19Phil Hamer21
2Spencer Jones (1)11Roy Washbourne21
3Felicity Kershaw21Mary Woolley (1)9
4David Eaton (1)21Linda Webster8
5Doreen Jones6Trevor Williams Best Result21
6Brian Hall6Sue Worley (1) Best Result21
7Sue Eaton (1)19Joyce Graves21
8Eileen Farr14Liam Paige21
9John Fannin6Ralph Graves Best Result21
10Pat Hart14Tim Worley (1)21
11Neil Radford (1)21Matthew Davies19
12Les Lewis Best Result21Colin Rigby7

PosWem USCScoreSt OswaldsScore
1Craig Ashley Best Result21Anthony Swannick7
2Carl Pawlowski14Merv Weaver Best Result21
3Mo Corley21Glenys Jones19
4Barrie Thomas21Roy Jones17
5Colleen Harding21Pam Milner8
6Terry Piggot21Emrys Jones19
7Graham Arrowsmith20Bill Lewis21
8Jake Bailey21Bronwyn Jones18
9Mal Bartley21Karl Adams8
10Harry Thomas21Phil James13
11Christopher Lee21Steve Turner9
12George Williams21Mel Jones11
well done to frankwell for just pipping us for champions


1Brian Bennett (1)21Cynthia Hedley (1)19
2Steve Haycocks (1)21Spencer Jones (1)13
3Chris Dorsett (1)21John Holmwood16
4Simon Hayman Best Result21Sheila Berne5
5James Ashton (1)21Ken Hinds16
6Richard Ewels21Pat Hart16
7Chris Hose21Felicity Kershaw8
8Jack Haycocks Jnr21John Fannin11
9Mike Haycocks (1)21Sue Eaton (1)6
10Jesse James (1)21David Eaton (1)17
11Ollie Ewels21Neil Radford (1)9
12Andy Dorsett13Les Lewis Best Result21
Well done Frankwell for playing the green so well. A great evenings bowling enjoyed by everyone taking part.

PosBagleyScoreBicton VillageScore
1John Lovett (1)21Margaret Ratcliffe19
2Bob Bishop (a)21Wendy Price (1)12
3Colin Clayton (a)21Roy Washbrook16
4Marg Barnes (1)21Dave Sands11
5Wendy Wainwright21Diane Washbrook (1)19
6Deryk Cumming21Paul A Evans12
7Neville Poole21Mary Jones (1)17
8Joe Bates16Shaun Phillips Best Result21
9Dave Paterson18Sue Pearson21
10Andy Barnes (1) Best Result21Linda Barrow (1)5
11Darren Williams21Pat Oliver (1)20
12Andy Sutherland21Pat Neale (1)15

PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreWem USCScore
1Leanne Biggs (1)7Jake Bailey Best Result21
2Matthew Davies10Tracy Wraight21
3Liam Paige15Mo Corley21
4Mary Woolley (1)16Barrie Thomas21
5Sue Worley (1)8Carl Pawlowski21
6Linda Webster13Colleen Harding21
7Joyce Graves8George Williams21
8Karl Webster15Terry Piggot21
9Tim Worley (1)16Mal Bartley21
10Colin Rigby21Harry Thomas20
11Phil Hamer21Craig Ashley18
12Ralph Graves Best Result21Graham Arrowsmith14

PosSt OswaldsScoreGreenfields SocialScore
1Mark Jones Best Result21Dave Pritchard (a)6
2Cheryl Weaver21Kerry Preece (1)12
3Glenys Jones21Jo Wellard (1)7
4Merv Weaver21Nigel Harris20
5Phil James11Ian Kilburn (1)21
6Roy Jones21John Brown (a)15
7Emrys Jones21John Watkins13
8Bill Lewis21Pete Mackay16
9Pete Adams14Andy Gale21
10Karl Adams21Kevin Williams (a)11
11Chris Lloyd21Rob Jones (a)16
12Steve Turner8Mike Badnell (1) Best Result21

PosMinsterleyScoreOxon VillageScore
1Liam Cox21Wayne Fuller13
2Sarah Wortley (1)21Colin Jones10
3Tracy Eggby-jones (1)21Norman Barkley (1)14
4Terry Watkin21Chris Jones (1)5
5Dennis Owen8Andrea Pickering Best Result21
6Kerry Burliston (1)11Paul Murray (1)21
7Mike Caddick (1)14Dave Ashfield21
8Sylvia Povey16Chris Murray (1)21
9Kirk Penrose (1)14Alan Edwards21
10Jane Hoofe16Brian Selley21
11John Hoofe9Tina Armstrong (1)21
12Kevin Farr Best Result21Sue Storey2


PosGreenfields SocialScoreFrankwellScore
1Kerry Preece (1)21Brian Bennett (1)18
2John Watkins21Bob Simpson8
3Nigel Harris14Chris Dorsett (1)21
4Ian Kilburn (1)21James Ashton (1)7
5Dave Pritchard (a)21Mark Lloyd11
6John Brown (a) Best Result21Richard Ewels6
7Doug Bennett (1)6Steve Haycocks (1) Best Result21
8Pete Mackay19Chris Hose21
9Mike Badnell (1)21Andy Dorsett7
10Kevin Williams (a)9Angharad Jones21
11Jo Wellard (1)16Ollie Ewels21
12Rob Jones (a)11Jesse James (1)21
Good game! Frankwell captain. You left your book at Greenfields club. Its behind the bar for you :-D

PosOxon VillageScoreBicton VillageScore
1Paul Murray (1)18Roy Washbrook21
2Chris Jones (1)21George Bland15
3Norman Barkley (1)21Ann Potts14
4Wayne Fuller20Wendy Price (1)21
5Andrea Pickering21Paul A Evans11
6Dave Ashfield Best Result21Vera Davies5
7Chris Murray (1)17Diane Washbrook (1) Best Result21
8Sue Storey21Dave Brown12
9Tina Armstrong (1)21Margaret Ratcliffe6
10Colin Jones21Pat Neale (1)8
11Alan Edwards20Pat Oliver (1)21
12Paul Davies21Shaun Phillips17

PosWem USCScoreMinsterleyScore
1Carl Pawlowski Best Result21Tracy Eggby-jones (1)7
2Mo Corley21Sarah Wortley (1)16
3Craig Ashley21John Hoofe9
4Jake Bailey21Kerry Burliston (1)14
5Mal Bartley21Kirk Penrose (1)8
6Colleen Harding21Terry Watkin12
7Terry Piggot21Audrey Cox11
8Barrie Thomas21Liam Cox10
9George Williams Best Result21Mike Caddick (1)7
10Tracy Wraight21Paul Jones (1)17
11Graham Arrowsmith17Jane Hoofe21
12Harry Thomas5Kevin Farr Best Result21

1Sheila Berne18Andy Sutherland21
2Spencer Jones (1) Best Result21Joe Bates9
3Cynthia Hedley (1)17John Lovett (1)21
4John Pickering8Colin Clayton (a)21
5Eileen Farr21Wendy Wainwright14
6Felicity Kershaw10Neville Poole21
7Sue Eaton (1)21Marg Barnes (1)16
8David Eaton (1)18Deryk Cumming21
9Les Lewis21Andy Barnes (1)17
10Pat Hart10Bob Bishop (a)21
11John Fannin3Ron Wainwright (1) Best Result21
12Neil Radford (1)11Dave Paterson21

PosSt OswaldsScoreWorthen & BrocktonScore
1Merv Weaver21Colin Rigby6
2Bronwyn Jones21Leanne Biggs (1)9
3Cheryl Weaver Best Result21Tim Worley (1)3
4Bill Lewis Best Result21Roy Washbourne3
5Roy Jones12Phil Rowson Best Result21
6Glenys Jones21Linda Webster8
7Pete Adams21Joyce Graves5
8Emrys Jones21Mary Woolley (1)9
9Mel Jones21Sue Worley (1)11
10Karl Adams21Ralph Graves10
11Chris Lloyd21Liam Paige6
12Steve Turner19Dan Simmonds21


PosBagleyScoreGreenfields SocialScore
1Bob Bishop (a) Best Result21Mike Badnell (1)4
2Marg Barnes (1)21Nigel Harris18
3John Lovett (1)21Kerry Preece (1)10
4Sue Pugh11John Brown (a) Best Result21
5Wendy Wainwright11John Watkins Best Result21
6Dave Paterson21Pete Mackay16
7Neville Poole12Doug Bennett (1)21
8Martin Atkinson (1)14Ian Kilburn (1)21
9Andy Sutherland21Ben Vasey9
10Ron Wainwright (1)21Dave Pritchard (a)18
11Andy Barnes (1)21Kevin Williams (a)14
12Darren Williams21Rob Jones (a)10

PosFrankwellScoreWorthen & BrocktonScore
1Chris Hose9Phil Hamer Best Result21
2Brian Bennett (1)21Mary Woolley (1)15
3James Ashton (1) Best Result21Colin Rigby4
4Chris Dorsett (1)21Linda Webster12
5Steve Haycocks (1)14Sue Worley (1)21
6Jack Haycocks Jnr16Liam Paige21
7Richard Ewels21Tim Worley (1)12
8Dave Jones21Karl Webster8
9Jesse James (1)21Dan Simmonds14
10Mike Haycocks (1)21Roger Smith5
11Angharad Jones21Sharon Main (1)6
12Andy Dorsett21Martyn Main (1)6

PosMinsterleyScoreSt OswaldsScore
1Mike Caddick (1) Best Result21Glenys Jones5
2Terry Watkin21Bill Lewis9
3Liam Cox13Cheryl Weaver21
4Tony Ogorman14Merv Weaver21
5Audrey Cox17Roy Jones21
6Sylvia Povey5Mel Jones Best Result21
7Dennis Owen6Anthony Swannick21
8Kevin Farr12Emrys Jones21
9Kirk Penrose (1)21Pete Adams19
10Jane Hoofe21Karl Adams17
11John Hoofe19Chris Lloyd21
12Walk Over0Steve Turner21

PosOxon VillageScoreSevernsideScore
1Chris Jones (1)21Felicity Kershaw18
2Norman Barkley (1)19Eileen Farr Best Result21
3Paul Murray (1)21John Pickering17
4Mike Davies21Sheila Berne18
5Wayne Fuller21Julie Perry6
6Andrea Pickering21Gill Moore13
7Dave Ashfield21Brian Hall10
8Chris Murray (1)21George Perry7
9Tina Armstrong (1) Best Result21John Fannin3
10Colin Jones21Neil Radford (1)12
11Brian Selley21Pat Hart15
12Paul Davies21Les Lewis16

PosBicton VillageScoreWem USCScore
1Paul Idris Evans21Scott Thomas19
2Roy Washbrook16Colleen Harding21
3Diane Washbrook (1)10Barrie Thomas21
4George Bland15Carl Pawlowski21
5Dave Brown13Graham Arrowsmith21
6Dave Sands8Craig Ashley21
7Paul A Evans17Terry Piggot21
8Wendy Price (1)21Ken Johnson16
9Linda Barrow (1)6George Williams Best Result21
10Pat Neale (1)12Christopher Lee21
11Pat Oliver (1)21Harry Thomas17
12Shaun Phillips Best Result21Mal Bartley9


PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreOxon VillageScore
1Martyn Main (1)18Wayne Fuller21
2Sue Worley (1)20Dave Ashfield21
3Phil Hamer Best Result21Chris Jones (1)10
4Colin Rigby13Paul Murray (1)21
5Linda Webster5Andrea Pickering Best Result21
6Mary Woolley (1)14Tina Armstrong (1)21
7Leanne Biggs (1)18Sue Storey21
8Liam Paige Best Result21Chris Murray (1)10
9Roy Washbourne8Paul Davies21
10Matthew Davies11Brian Selley21
11Tim Worley (1)19Colin Jones21
12Dan Simmonds17Alan Edwards21


PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreMinsterleyScore
1Martyn Main (1)20Tracy Eggby-jones (1)21
2Sue Worley (1)19Terry Watkin21
3Phil Hamer Best Result21Liam Cox4
4Sharon Main (1)17Sam Cox21
5Liam Paige21John Hoofe8
6Joyce Graves21Dennis Owen9
7Leanne Biggs (1)21Sylvia Povey15
8Ralph Graves21Audrey Cox11
9Matthew Davies11Kirk Penrose (1)21
10Colin Rigby14Jane Hoofe21
11Tim Worley (1)7Paul Jones (1) Best Result21
12Dan Simmonds20Kevin Farr21
A spicy affair, fantastic game between Dan Simmons and Kev Farr at the back.

PosSevernsideScoreBicton VillageScore
1Gill Moore8Paul Idris Evans21
2Sue Eaton (1)8Roy Washbrook21
3Felicity Kershaw21Mary Jones (1)15
4Sheila Berne Best Result21Clive Brown5
5Doreen Jones21Margaret Ratcliffe18
6Eileen Farr21Linda Barrow (1)16
7Brian Hall6Dave Brown21
8David Eaton (1)21Diane Washbrook (1)11
9John Pickering6Pat Oliver (1)21
10John Fannin4Pat Neale (1) Best Result21
11Les Lewis21Paul A Evans11
12George Powell (1)21Shaun Phillips19

PosSt OswaldsScoreBagleyScore
1Anthony Swannick21Martin Atkinson (1)7
2Mark Jones14Colin Clayton (a) Best Result21
3Glenys Jones19John Lovett (1)21
4Merv Weaver21Marg Barnes (1)9
5Patrick Bennett15Darren Williams21
6Bronwyn Jones21Sue Pugh7
7Emrys Jones21Wendy Wainwright14
8Mel Jones19Dave Paterson21
9Bill Lewis18Andy Barnes (1)21
10Karl Adams Best Result21Ron Wainwright (1)1
11Chris Lloyd16Andy Sutherland21
12Steve Turner20Bob Bishop (a)21

PosWem USCScoreFrankwellScore
1Stuart Bailey21Brian Bennett (1)9
2Mo Corley21Angharad Jones17
3Barrie Thomas21Haydon Jenkinson5
4Harry Thomas21Jesse James (1)17
5Colleen Harding21Chris Dorsett (1)14
6Terry Piggot21Mike Haycocks (1)12
7Mike Fielder Best Result21Steve Haycocks (1)2
8Ian Dowley21Richard Ewels6
9Carl Pawlowski21Mark Lloyd16
10Graham Arrowsmith21Mel Yates17
11Mal Bartley17Ollie Ewels21
12Jake Bailey16Andy Dorsett Best Result21

PosGreenfields SocialScoreOxon VillageScore
1Mike Badnell (1)20Chris Jones (1)21
2Ian Kilburn (1)21Wayne Fuller15
3Kerry Preece (1)21Paul Murray (1)13
4Nigel Harris21Paul Davies10
5Pete Mackay Best Result21Norman Barkley (1)8
6Jo Wellard (1)21Colin Jones13
7Kieran Thomas (1)14Andrea Pickering21
8Andy Gale13Dave Ashfield Best Result21
9Rob Jones (a)13Matt Dundass (1) Best Result21
10John Brown (a)13Alan Edwards Best Result21
11John Watkins21Brian Selley17
12Kevin Williams (a)21Sue Storey11


PosSevernsideScoreGreenfields SocialScore
1Spencer Jones (1)21John Brown (a)8
2Cynthia Hedley (1)18Mike Badnell (1)21
3Sheila Berne16Nigel Harris21
4David Eaton (1)7Ian Kilburn (1)21
5Felicity Kershaw20Pete Mackay21
6Brian Hall16Kieran Thomas (1)21
7Sue Eaton (1)20Andy Gale21
8George Perry6Jo Wellard (1)21
9Ken Hinds3John Watkins Best Result21
10John Pickering20Rob Jones (a)21
11Pat Hart10Kevin Williams (a)21
12Les Lewis Best Result21Doug Bennett (1)7

PosBagleyScoreWem USCScore
1Marg Barnes (1)21Ian Dowley8
2John Lovett (1)21Josh Bailey15
3Andy Sutherland Best Result21Carl Pawlowski7
4Colin Clayton (a)21Ken Johnson9
5Sue Pugh Best Result21Graham Arrowsmith7
6Wendy Wainwright11Craig Ashley Best Result21
7Dave Paterson17Mal Bartley21
8Neville Poole Best Result21Barry Lovell7
9Martin Atkinson (1)17Tracy Wraight21
10Bob Bishop (a)21Jake Bailey9
11Andy Barnes (1)14Christopher Lee21
12Darren Williams21Harry Thomas20

PosFrankwellScoreSt OswaldsScore
1James Ashton (1)17Merv Weaver21
2Dave Jones20Bronwyn Jones21
3Chris Knight21Roy Jones11
4Mike Haycocks (1)21Anthony Swannick4
5Brian Bennett (1)21Patrick Bennett13
6Richard Ewels21Mel Jones17
7Mark Lloyd14Glenys Jones Best Result21
8Terry Brooks21Cheryl Weaver7
9Chris Hose21Karl Adams18
10Andy Dorsett21Pete Adams11
11Ollie Ewels21Steve Turner2
12Jesse James (1) Best Result21Emrys Jones0
Immaculate performance from the undefeated Jesse James.

PosBicton VillageScoreMinsterleyScore
1Wendy Price (1)7Tracy Eggby-jones (1)21
2Roy Washbrook21Liam Cox9
3George Bland Best Result21Sam Cox7
4Mary Jones (1)21Terry Watkin18
5Stan Connors21Sylvia Povey15
6Diane Washbrook (1)3Audrey Cox Best Result21
7Linda Barrow (1)15Jane Hoofe21
8Pat Neale (1)21Mike Caddick (1)9
9Pat Oliver (1)9Kevin Farr21
10Paul A Evans13Kirk Penrose (1)21
11Sue Pearson18John Hoofe21
12Shaun Phillips19Paul Jones (1)21

PosOxon VillageScoreWorthen & BrocktonScore
1Paul Davies Best Result21Sue Worley (1)6
2Wayne Fuller21Linda Webster9
3Paul Murray (1)21Mary Woolley (1)13
4Chris Jones (1)21Phil Hamer13
5Dave Ashfield21Ralph Graves15
6Sue Storey9Liam Paige Best Result21
7Tina Armstrong (1)21Colin Rigby12
8Chris Murray (1)15Leanne Biggs (1)21
9Colin Jones21Roy Washbourne16
10Alan Edwards21Matthew Davies8
11Matt Dundass (1) Best Result21Tim Worley (1)6
12Brian Selley21Dan Simmonds15


1Audrey Cox21Angharad Jones16
2Liam Cox12Chris Dorsett (1)21
3Paul Jones (1)9Brian Bennett (1)21
4Tracy Eggby-jones (1)17James Ashton (1)21
5Sam Cox21Mark Lloyd8
6Mike Caddick (1)13Haydon Jenkinson21
7Dennis Owen6Dave Jones21
8Sylvia Povey8Richard Ewels21
9John Hoofe5Andy Dorsett Best Result21
10Jane Hoofe19Mel Yates21
11Kevin Farr Best Result21Mike Haycocks (1)3
12Kirk Penrose (1)7Jesse James (1)21

PosWem USCScoreSevernsideScore
1Colleen Harding Best Result21John Fannin1
2Mal Bartley21Ken Hinds3
3Craig Ashley21Neil Radford (1)4
4Ian Dowley21George Powell (1)5
5Barrie Thomas21Caroline Barton7
6Mo Corley21Eileen Farr8
7Carl Pawlowski21Sheila Berne16
8Terry Piggot21Brian Hall Best Result17
9Tracy Wraight21Les Lewis10
10Jake Bailey21Pat Hart16
11Graham Arrowsmith21John Pickering12
12Ken Johnson21John Holmwood16
very wet conditions not as easy as result suggests

PosSt OswaldsScoreOxon VillageScore
1Mel Jones16Paul Davies21
2Roy Jones21Chris Jones (1)18
3Bill Lewis21Wayne Fuller7
4Merv Weaver Best Result21Andrea Pickering5
5Cheryl Weaver21Chris Murray (1)18
6Glenys Jones21Paul Murray (1)15
7Karl Adams21Dave Ashfield16
8Bronwyn Jones21Sue Storey17
9Anthony Swannick19Matt Dundass (1)21
10Emrys Jones14Colin Jones21
11Chris Lloyd14Brian Selley21
12Steve Turner13Alan Edwards Best Result21

PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreBagleyScore
1Ralph Graves10Bob Bishop (a)21
2Joyce Graves21Darren Williams17
3Linda Webster8Colin Clayton (a)21
4Mary Woolley (1)5John Lovett (1) Best Result21
5Liam Paige Best Result21Sue Pugh5
6Sue Worley (1)13Neville Poole21
7Tim Worley (1)21Wendy Wainwright10
8Phil Hamer21Marg Barnes (1)20
9Leanne Biggs (1)18Andy Sutherland21
10Matthew Davies11Dave Paterson21
11Colin Rigby18Ron Wainwright (1)21
12Dan Simmonds21Andy Barnes (1)10

PosGreenfields SocialScoreBicton VillageScore
1Kerry Preece (1)21Clive Brown18
2Mike Badnell (1)21Stan Connors20
3Nigel Harris21Wendy Price (1)20
4Ian Kilburn (1)21Roy Washbrook10
5Pete Mackay21George Bland12
6John Brown (a)21Diane Washbrook (1)13
7Kevin Williams (a)18Pat Oliver (1)21
8Doug Bennett (1)20Paul A Evans21
9Rob Jones (a)11Shaun Phillips Best Result21
10John Watkins21Linda Barrow (1)9
11Andy Gale21Mary Jones (1)19
12Jo Wellard (1) Best Result21Pat Neale (1)3


PosSevernsideScoreSt OswaldsScore
1Spencer Jones (1)15Glenys Jones21
2Sheila Berne21Mel Jones16
3Joan Gregg4Merv Weaver Best Result21
4Felicity Kershaw19Anthony Swannick21
5David Eaton (1)13Patrick Bennett21
6Sue Eaton (1)10Cheryl Weaver21
7Eileen Farr16Bronwyn Jones21
8Cynthia Hedley (1)12Emrys Jones21
9Ken Hinds Best Result21Roy Jones14
10John Fannin6Karl Adams21
11Pat Hart7Chris Lloyd21
12Neil Radford (1)17Steve Turner21

PosGreenfields SocialScoreWem USCScore
1Jo Wellard (1)15Carl Pawlowski21
2Kerry Preece (1)21Ken Johnson13
3Nigel Harris21Barry Lovell17
4Dave Pritchard (a)6Graham Arrowsmith Best Result21
5Ray Griffiths15Terry Piggot21
6Kevin Williams (a)18Barrie Thomas21
7John Watkins21Colleen Harding19
8Pete Mackay21Mo Corley20
9Mike Badnell (1)21Mal Bartley15
10Andy Gale19George Williams21
11Ted Wellard Best Result21Christopher Lee12
12Rob Jones (a)21Harry Thomas18
Great march played in great spirit all through. Last game finished at 10:45 and 4 games lasting over 75 mins. And a superb ending to the last game!

PosOxon VillageScoreFrankwellScore
1Paul Murray (1) Best Result21Brian Bennett (1)6
2Chris Jones (1)21Chris Hose11
3Norman Barkley (1)6James Ashton (1)21
4Wayne Fuller21Chris Dorsett (1)18
5Sue Storey21Jack Haycocks Jnr11
6Chris Murray (1)21Mark Lloyd20
7Andrea Pickering21Bob Simpson14
8Paul Davies21Richard Ewels9
9Tina Armstrong (1)1Andy Dorsett Best Result21
10Brian Selley21Steve Haycocks (1)10
11Colin Jones17Ollie Ewels21
12Matt Dundass (1)21Angharad Jones10

1John Lovett (1)17Sam Cox21
2Bob Bishop (a)21Terry Watkin8
3Colin Clayton (a)20Tracy Eggby-jones (1)21
4Darren Williams21Liam Cox13
5Martin Atkinson (1)21Mike Caddick (1)10
6Marg Barnes (1) Best Result21Dennis Owen3
7Sue Pugh21John Hoofe9
8Wendy Wainwright17Audrey Cox21
9Ron Wainwright (1)17Jane Hoofe21
10Dave Paterson21Kirk Penrose (1)15
11Andy Barnes (1)14Kevin Farr Best Result21
12Andy Sutherland21Paul Jones (1)12

PosBicton VillageScoreWorthen & BrocktonScore
1Roy Washbrook21Phil Hamer13
2Clive Brown21Matthew Davies7
3George Bland Best Result21Sue Worley (1)4
4Wendy Price (1)21Mary Woolley (1)15
5Diane Washbrook (1)11Liam Paige Best Result21
6Pat Oliver (1)21Ralph Graves5
7Paul A Evans21Linda Webster13
8Mary Jones (1)21Sharon Main (1)7
9Pat Neale (1)21Martyn Main (1)17
10Sue Pearson17Tim Worley (1)21
11Stan Connors21Colin Rigby17
12Shaun Phillips21Dan Simmonds8


PosSt OswaldsScoreBicton VillageScore
1Mel Jones20Mary Jones (1) Best Result21
2Glenys Jones21Roy Washbrook12
3Merv Weaver21George Bland12
4Pete Adams21Wendy Price (1)15
5Bronwyn Jones21Diane Washbrook (1)5
6Anthony Swannick21Linda Barrow (1)7
7Roy Jones21Dave Sands4
8Emrys Jones21Paul A Evans16
9Bill Lewis21Pat Neale (1)11
10Karl Adams21Margaret Ratcliffe9
11Chris Lloyd21Steve Cleveley7
12Steve Turner Best Result21Shaun Phillips2

PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreGreenfields SocialScore
1Liam Paige13Ian Kilburn (1)21
2Leanne Biggs (1)7Kerry Preece (1)21
3Derek Richards8Jo Wellard (1)21
4Dan Simmonds16Mike Badnell (1)21
5Mary Woolley (1)20Andy Gale21
6Mike Fisher20Doug Bennett (1)21
7Roy Washbourne11Pete Mackay21
8Phil Hamer21Dave Pritchard (a)13
9Sharon Main (1)17Rob Jones (a)21
10Martyn Main (1)5John Brown (a) Best Result21
11Matthew Davies Best Result21Nathan Thomas10
12Colin Rigby11John Watkins21

1Terry Watkin21George Perry12
2Sarah Wortley (1) Best Result21Spencer Jones (1)3
3Liam Cox21Gill Moore14
4Kerry Burliston (1)7David Eaton (1) Best Result21
5Dennis Owen9Felicity Kershaw21
6Sylvia Povey21Sue Eaton (1)9
7Mike Caddick (1)21Eileen Farr9
8Audrey Cox21John Pickering13
9John Hoofe21Ken Hinds16
10Jane Hoofe14Chris Dormer21
11Kevin Farr21Neil Radford (1)11
12Kirk Penrose (1)21John Fannin7

PosWem USCScoreOxon VillageScore
1Graham Arrowsmith15Alan Edwards21
2Barry Lovell7Tina Armstrong (1) Best Result21
3Christopher Lee19Brian Selley21
4Colleen Harding20Wayne Fuller21
5Jake Bailey Best Result21Sue Storey5
6Terry Piggot21Andrea Pickering8
7Ken Johnson21Dave Ashfield8
8Mark Williams21Matt Dundass (1)15
9Tracy Wraight21Nigel Williams17
10Mal Bartley21Paul Murray (1)17
11Mo Corley21Chris Jones (1)7
12Carl Pawlowski21Paul Davies20

1Brian Bennett (1)21Dave Paterson6
2Chris Dorsett (1)21John Lovett (1)10
3Simon Hayman21Colin Clayton (a)14
4Angharad Jones21Kevin Heath (1)18
5Richard Ewels Best Result21Sue Pugh3
6Mark Lloyd21Marg Barnes (1)11
7Dave Jones21Darren Williams17
8Jack Haycocks Jnr5Joe Bates Best Result21
9Steve Haycocks (1)21Bob Bishop (a)17
10Mel Yates21Andy Barnes (1)20
11Ollie Ewels21Ron Wainwright (1)16
12Andy Dorsett21Andy Sutherland14


PosBagleyScoreOxon VillageScore
1Colin Clayton (a)20Dave Ashfield21
2Bob Bishop (a)21Norman Barkley (1)18
3John Lovett (1)17Chris Jones (1)21
4Marg Barnes (1)21Phil Ashcroft9
5Neville Poole11Sue Storey21
6Darren Williams21Andrea Pickering12
7Martin Atkinson (1)17Tina Armstrong (1)21
8Sue Pugh21Chris Murray (1)11
9Kevin Heath (1)21Brian Selley18
10Dave Paterson10Paul Davies Best Result21
11Andy Barnes (1)21Alan Edwards19
12Andy Sutherland Best Result21Paul Murray (1)3

PosSt OswaldsScoreWem USCScore
1Roy Jones18Carl Pawlowski21
2Mel Jones13Colleen Harding21
3Glenys Jones21Mo Corley11
4Merv Weaver21Barrie Thomas9
5Anthony Swannick7George Williams Best Result21
6Bronwyn Jones21Graham Arrowsmith15
7Emrys Jones10Terry Piggot21
8Patrick Bennett21Jake Bailey7
9Phil James16Mal Bartley21
10Pete Adams11Stuart Bailey21
11Karl Adams21Harry Thomas5
12Steve Turner Best Result21Christopher Lee2

PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreSevernsideScore
1Martyn Main (1) Best Result21Sheila Berne8
2Liam Paige21Neil Radford (1)17
3Mary Woolley (1)15Spencer Jones (1)21
4Sharon Main (1)19David Eaton (1)21
5Phil Hamer21Felicity Kershaw14
6Tim Worley (1)21Sue Eaton (1)13
7Joyce Graves9John Pickering Best Result21
8Ralph Graves21Julie Clarke17
9Leanne Biggs (1)21John Fannin9
10Matthew Davies18Ken Hinds21
11Colin Rigby18Les Lewis21
12Dan Simmonds21Pat Hart14

PosMinsterleyScoreGreenfields SocialScore
1Terry Watkin21Nigel Harris11
2Jane Hoofe19Kerry Preece (1)21
3Tracy Eggby-jones (1)21Dave Pritchard (a)14
4Kevin Farr9Ian Kilburn (1)21
5Kerry Burliston (1)12Kieran Thomas (1)21
6Mike Caddick (1)21Tony Sandford18
7Liam Cox8Pete Mackay Best Result21
8Sarah Wortley (1)21John Brown (a)20
9John Hoofe21Jo Wellard (1)20
10Mike Hampson21Kevin Williams (a)15
11Paul Jones (1) Best Result21Andy Gale7
12Kirk Penrose (1)21Rob Jones (a)17

PosFrankwellScoreBicton VillageScore
1Chris Dorsett (1) Best Result21Diane Washbrook (1)2
2Brian Bennett (1)19Roy Washbrook Best Result21
3James Ashton (1)21Pat Oliver (1)17
4Chris Hose21George Bland10
5Richard Ewels21Margaret Ratcliffe11
6Jack Haycocks Jnr19Wendy Price (1) Best Result21
7Dave Jones21Linda Barrow (1)9
8Ollie Ewels21Mary Jones (1)4
9Angharad Jones21Pat Neale (1)16
10Andy Dorsett21Stan Connors6
11Mike Haycocks (1)21Paul A Evans11
12Steve Haycocks (1)21Shaun Phillips7


PosWem USCScoreWorthen & BrocktonScore
1Jake Bailey21Ralph Graves6
2Mo Corley21Colin Rigby10
3Ken Johnson21Mike Fisher4
4Terry Piggot21Dan Simmonds10
5Mal Bartley21Tim Worley (1)14
6George Williams21Matthew Davies2
7Tracy Wraight Best Result21Linda Webster1
8Callum Jenkins19Roger Smith Best Result21
9Colleen Harding21Phil Hamer15
10Christopher Lee21Mary Woolley (1)18
11Barrie Thomas21Martyn Main (1)3
12Harry Thomas21Sue Worley (1)7

PosOxon VillageScoreMinsterleyScore
1Dave Ashfield21Audrey Cox14
2Chris Jones (1)11Sarah Wortley (1) Best Result21
3Sue Storey21Tracy Eggby-jones (1)18
4Paul Murray (1)21Kevin Farr20
5Andrea Pickering21Geoffrey James6
6Tina Armstrong (1)21Liam Cox14
7Chris Murray (1)21Sam Cox19
8Colin Jones Best Result21Dennis Owen4
9Matt Dundass (1)14John Hoofe21
10Alan Edwards21Kirk Penrose (1)17
11Brian Selley21Paul Jones (1)18
12Paul Davies Best Result21Jane Hoofe4

1David Eaton (1)6Brian Bennett (1)21
2Pat Hart12Steve Haycocks (1)21
3Sheila Berne16Mike Haycocks (1)21
4John Pickering19Dave Jones21
5Eileen Farr7James Ashton (1)21
6Sue Eaton (1)3Richard Ewels Best Result21
7Kath Powell9Jack Haycocks Jnr21
8Felicity Kershaw16Chris Dorsett (1)21
9George Powell (1) Best Result21Angharad Jones18
10Ken Hinds16Ollie Ewels21
11Chris Dormer5Jesse James (1)21
12Les Lewis11Mel Yates21
Match played at frankwell

PosGreenfields SocialScoreSt OswaldsScore
1Ray Griffiths Best Result21Roy Jones11
2Nigel Harris17Glenys Jones21
3John Brown (a)21Bill Lewis15
4John Watkins21Merv Weaver17
5Dave Pritchard (a)21Patrick Bennett13
6Kieran Thomas (1)21Bronwyn Jones15
7Pete Mackay21Emrys Jones16
8Tony Sandford18Mel Jones21
9Doug Bennett (1)21Steve Turner13
10Kevin Williams (a)14Pete Adams Best Result21
11Rob Jones (a)21Anthony Swannick13
12Mike Badnell (1)19Karl Adams21

PosBicton VillageScoreBagleyScore
1Clive Brown11John Lovett (1)21
2Pat Oliver (1)21Sue Pugh17
3Roy Washbrook7Bob Bishop (a)21
4Margaret Ratcliffe5Colin Clayton (a)21
5Vera Davies Best Result21Wendy Wainwright11
6Wendy Price (1)5Ron Wainwright (1)21
7Paul A Evans10Marg Barnes (1)21
8Diane Washbrook (1)8Joe Bates21
9Pat Neale (1) Best Result21Dave Paterson11
10Linda Barrow (1)4Kevin Heath (1) Best Result21
11Dave Brown9Andy Sutherland21
12Stan Connors21Neville Poole20


1Colin Clayton (a)21David Eaton (1)7
2Kevin Heath (1)21Cynthia Hedley (1)14
3Marg Barnes (1)21Sheila Berne7
4John Lovett (1) Best Result21Spencer Jones (1)4
5Ron Wainwright (1)21Sue Eaton (1)6
6Martin Atkinson (1)21John Pickering13
7Paul Peatroy (a)21Joan Gregg13
8Jackie Sung21Felicity Kershaw15
9Dave Paterson21Les Lewis19
10Wendy Wainwright21Pat Hart12
11Andy Sutherland21John Fannin12
12Andy Barnes (1)14Ken Hinds Best Result21

PosMinsterleyScoreWem USCScore
1Kirk Penrose (1)15Tracy Wraight21
2Kerry Burliston (1)17Jake Bailey21
3Sam Cox8Carl Pawlowski Best Result21
4Liam Cox10Ken Johnson21
5Ian Humphreys12George Williams21
6Terry Watkin15Mal Bartley21
7Sarah Wortley (1)17Barrie Thomas21
8Jane Hoofe15Colleen Harding21
9Dennis Owen12Terry Piggot21
10John Hoofe11Callum Jenkins21
11Kevin Farr Best Result21Harry Thomas11
12Audrey Cox21Mo Corley13

PosBicton VillageScoreOxon VillageScore
1Pat Oliver (1)19Chris Jones (1)21
2Wendy Price (1)16Dave Ashfield21
3Linda Barrow (1)6Sue Storey21
4Clive Brown18Wayne Fuller21
5Pat Neale (1)18Paul Murray (1)21
6George Bland5Chris Murray (1) Best Result21
7Roy Washbrook Best Result21Andrea Pickering19
8Diane Washbrook (1)17Tina Armstrong (1)21
9Sue Pearson19Matt Dundass (1)21
10Stan Connors20Brian Selley21
11Dave Brown20Colin Jones21
12Shaun Phillips11Paul Davies21

PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreSt OswaldsScore
1Linda Webster13Bronwyn Jones21
2Mary Woolley (1)4Glenys Jones Best Result21
3Martyn Main (1)9Merv Weaver21
4Sue Worley (1)16Bill Lewis21
5Liam Paige Best Result21Anthony Swannick6
6Matthew Davies20Mel Jones21
7Phil Hamer21Roy Jones9
8Janice Trevillion11Pete Adams21
9Kevin Simmonds10Karl Adams21
10Tim Worley (1)21Emrys Jones14
11Colin Rigby21Chris Lloyd9
12Roger Smith21Steve Turner16

PosFrankwellScoreGreenfields SocialScore
1Chris Dorsett (1)17Ian Kilburn (1)21
2Brian Bennett (1)21Nigel Harris10
3Steve Haycocks (1)21Mike Badnell (1)15
4Terry Brooks13Kerry Preece (1)21
5Jack Haycocks Jnr Best Result21John Brown (a)7
6James Ashton (1)20Pete Mackay21
7Dave Jones7John Watkins Best Result21
8Chris Hose21Jo Wellard (1)10
9Angharad Jones21Rob Jones (a)20
10Andy Dorsett21Andy Gale10
11Mike Haycocks (1)21Kevin Williams (a)16
12Jesse James (1)21Kieran Thomas (1)15


PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreFrankwellScore
1Phil Hamer21Alan Gwilliams13
2Joyce Graves3Brian Bennett (1) Best Result21
3Martyn Main (1)21Dave Jones17
4Tim Worley (1)11Angharad Jones21
5Ralph Graves21Jack Haycocks Jnr17
6Liam Paige21Haydon Jenkinson18
7Linda Webster14Steve Haycocks (1)21
8Colin Rigby15Jesse James (1)21
9Roger Smith11Andy Dorsett21
10Sue Worley (1)10Mike Haycocks (1)21
11Dan Simmonds Best Result21Chris Dorsett (1)5
12Mary Woolley (1)21Walk Over0

PosSevernsideScoreOxon VillageScore
1Spencer Jones (1) Best Result21Paul Murray (1)14
2Robert Phillips5Chris Jones (1) Best Result21
3Sheila Berne14Mike Davies21
4David Eaton (1)10Phil Ashcroft21
5John Pickering15Andrea Pickering21
6Sue Eaton (1)11Norman Barkley (1)21
7John Fannin10Chris Murray (1)21
8Pat Hart20Dave Ashfield21
9Neil Radford (1)16Brian Selley21
10Ken Hinds20Matt Dundass (1)21
11Les Lewis21Wayne Fuller19
12George Powell (1) Best Result21Paul Davies14

PosWem USCScoreBicton VillageScore
1George Williams21Mary Jones (1)12
2Harry Thomas12Pat Oliver (1) Best Result21
3Jake Bailey21Linda Barrow (1)9
4Carl Pawlowski21Wendy Price (1)14
5Barrie Thomas21Roy Washbrook8
6Mo Corley21George Bland17
7Colleen Harding Best Result21Clive Brown5
8Terry Piggot21Diane Washbrook (1)8
9Callum Jenkins21Walk Over0
10Ian Dowley13Shaun Phillips21
11Ken Johnson21Pat Neale (1)17
12Tracy Wraight21Sue Pearson17

PosSt OswaldsScoreMinsterleyScore
1Bronwyn Jones19Sarah Wortley (1) Best Result21
2Merv Weaver21Liam Cox11
3Glenys Jones21Kevin Farr5
4Karl Adams21Sam Cox13
5Mel Jones21Kerry Burliston (1)16
6Roy Jones21Audrey Cox17
7Anthony Swannick21Ian Humphreys13
8Emrys Jones Best Result21Dennis Owen4
9Bill Lewis21Kirk Penrose (1)9
10Pete Adams21Tracy Eggby-jones (1)20
11Chris Lloyd21Paul Jones (1)12
12Steve Turner20Terry Watkin21

PosGreenfields SocialScoreBagleyScore
1Nigel Harris21John Lovett (1)11
2Kerry Preece (1)21Colin Clayton (a)13
3John Brown (a)21Andy Sutherland11
4Ian Kilburn (1)21Marg Barnes (1)17
5Kieran Thomas (1)21Reg Sayer16
6Doug Bennett (1)5Ron Wainwright (1) Best Result21
7John Watkins21Wendy Wainwright6
8Pete Mackay21Neville Poole20
9Mike Badnell (1)21Joe Bates9
10Andy Gale21Andy Barnes (1)18
11Kevin Williams (a)21Dave Paterson13
12Rob Jones (a) Best Result21Aaron Sutherland3


PosFrankwellScoreWem USCScore
1Chris Dorsett (1)12Colleen Harding21
2Steve Haycocks (1)16Barrie Thomas21
3Simon Hayman21Mal Bartley8
4Brian Bennett (1)20Terry Piggot21
5Andy Dorsett21Jake Bailey15
6James Ashton (1)21Mo Corley14
7Dave Jones9Tracy Wraight Best Result21
8Richard Ewels14Ian Dowley21
9Angharad Jones21Callum Jenkins16
10Ollie Ewels21George Williams15
11Mike Haycocks (1) Best Result21Andrew Dorricott3
12Jesse James (1)21Harry Thomas13

PosBagleyScoreSt OswaldsScore
1Martin Atkinson (1)17Merv Weaver21
2Bob Bishop (a) Best Result21Roy Jones4
3John Lovett (1)21Glenys Jones13
4Colin Clayton (a)21Bronwyn Jones12
5Sue Pugh21Mel Jones16
6Marg Barnes (1)21Anthony Swannick6
7Neville Poole11Emrys Jones Best Result21
8Deryk Cumming17Bill Lewis21
9Dave Paterson21Chris Lloyd20
10Andy Sutherland21Pete Adams14
11Andy Barnes (1)21Karl Adams17
12Joe Bates11Steve Turner Best Result21

PosMinsterleyScoreWorthen & BrocktonScore
1Kevin Farr21Liam Paige13
2Sam Cox Best Result21Mary Woolley (1)8
3Tracy Eggby-jones (1)18Martyn Main (1)21
4Terry Watkin21Tim Worley (1)12
5Liam Cox21Linda Webster10
6Mike Caddick (1)21Ralph Graves10
7Derek Richardson8Phil Hamer Best Result21
8Ian Humphreys13Sue Worley (1)21
9Jane Hoofe21Colin Rigby16
10Kirk Penrose (1)21Dan Simmonds17
11Paul Jones (1)21Roger Smith16
12John Hoofe21Leanne Biggs (1)18

PosOxon VillageScoreGreenfields SocialScore
1Chris Jones (1)21Kerry Preece (1)12
2Wayne Fuller19Mike Badnell (1)21
3Paul Davies21Nigel Harris11
4Norman Barkley (1)7Kevin Williams (a)21
5Chris Murray (1)15Tony Sandford21
6Paul Murray (1)14Ian Kilburn (1)21
7Sue Storey Best Result21John Brown (a)10
8Tina Armstrong (1)3Pete Mackay Best Result21
9Alan Edwards21Ricky Gale11
10Colin Jones7Rob Jones (a)21
11Matt Dundass (1)21Andy Gale20
12Brian Selley21Doug Bennett (1)17

PosBicton VillageScoreSevernsideScore
1Roy Washbrook17Sheila Berne21
2Wendy Price (1) Best Result21John Pickering15
3George Bland21David Eaton (1)19
4Mary Jones (1)21Felicity Kershaw18
5Dave Sands11Joan Gregg Best Result21
6Linda Barrow (1) Best Result21Sue Eaton (1)15
7Paul A Evans21Gill Moore19
8Diane Washbrook (1)12Pat Hart21
9Pat Neale (1)21Ken Hinds16
10Dave Brown14Les Lewis21
11Pat Oliver (1)16Chris Dormer21
12Shaun Phillips14George Powell (1)21


PosMinsterleyScoreBicton VillageScore
1Kevin Farr21Paul A Evans17
2Sam Cox19Roy Washbrook21
3Mike Hampson21Pat Oliver (1)8
4Tracy Eggby-jones (1)21Dave Brown9
5Kerry Burliston (1)15Margaret Ratcliffe21
6Jane Hoofe15George Bland21
7Mike Caddick (1)21Pat Neale (1)13
8Liam Cox21Diane Washbrook (1)11
9John Hoofe Best Result21Linda Barrow (1)2
10Terry Watkin13Shaun Phillips Best Result21
11Paul Jones (1)21Mary Jones (1)4
12Kirk Penrose (1)21Paul Idris Evans9

PosGreenfields SocialScoreSevernsideScore
1Mike Badnell (1)21Spencer Jones (1)10
2Ian Kilburn (1)21Cynthia Hedley (1)8
3Nigel Harris Best Result21David Eaton (1)4
4Kieran Thomas (1)21Sheila Berne7
5Pete Mackay21Joan Gregg8
6John Brown (a)21Sue Eaton (1)13
7Kevin Williams (a)16Felicity Kershaw21
8Dave Pritchard (a)9John Pickering21
9Jo Wellard (1)6Ken Hinds Best Result21
10Dennis Hubbard (a)21Neil Radford (1)17
11Andy Gale21Cliff Elkins6
12Rob Jones (a)21Pat Hart12

PosWem USCScoreBagleyScore
1Mal Bartley10Andy Barnes (1)21
2Christopher Lee20Kevin Heath (1)21
3Callum Jenkins8Bob Bishop (a) Best Result21
4Colleen Harding18Marg Barnes (1)21
5Jake Bailey21Sue Pugh7
6Ian Dowley21Colin Clayton (a)16
7Mo Corley21John Lovett (1)18
8Harry Thomas21Andy Sutherland17
9Tracy Wraight Best Result21Dave Paterson4
10Ken Johnson21Darren Williams10
11Barrie Thomas21Neville Poole15
12George Williams21Deryk Cumming10

PosSt OswaldsScoreFrankwellScore
1Mel Jones21Dave Jones15
2Emrys Jones5James Ashton (1)21
3Merv Weaver21Steve Haycocks (1)10
4Steve Turner15Chris Dorsett (1)21
5Cheryl Weaver21Mike Flanigan18
6Glenys Jones21Jack Haycocks Jnr14
7Bronwyn Jones15Angharad Jones21
8Roy Jones17Richard Ewels21
9Anthony Swannick16Mel Yates21
10Pete Adams4Jesse James (1) Best Result21
11Karl Adams21Andy Dorsett17
12Chris Lloyd Best Result21Mike Haycocks (1)9


PosOxon VillageScoreSt OswaldsScore
1Chris Jones (1)6Merv Weaver Best Result21
2Wayne Fuller21Patrick Bennett10
3Paul Murray (1)21Glenys Jones10
4Norman Barkley (1)21Scott Tudor12
5Paul Davies Best Result21Roy Jones6
6Andrea Pickering18Pete Adams21
7Tina Armstrong (1)21Anthony Swannick15
8Sue Storey13Emrys Jones21
9Colin Jones15Karl Adams21
10Matt Dundass (1)21Bill Lewis11
11Jason Stevens21Chris Lloyd10
12Alan Edwards21Steve Turner16

PosBicton VillageScoreGreenfields SocialScore
1Pat Oliver (1) Best Result21Dave Pritchard (a)7
2Roy Washbrook8Ian Kilburn (1) Best Result21
3Dave Brown13Nigel Harris21
4Linda Barrow (1)11Kerry Preece (1)21
5Paul A Evans8Pete Mackay Best Result21
6Mary Jones (1)15Doug Bennett (1)21
7Pat Neale (1)21Kieran Thomas (1)17
8Margaret Ratcliffe14Mike Badnell (1)21
9Diane Washbrook (1)10Rob Jones (a)21
10Stan Connors20Jo Wellard (1)21
11Sue Pearson21Kevin Williams (a)12
12Shaun Phillips19Andy Gale21

PosBagleyScoreWorthen & BrocktonScore
1Kevin Heath (1) Best Result21Sue Worley (1)9
2Colin Clayton (a)21Roy Washbourne10
3Marg Barnes (1)18Martyn Main (1)21
4Darren Williams21Tim Worley (1)14
5Sue Pugh21Linda Webster18
6Neville Poole21Sharon Main (1)17
7Deryk Cumming21Mary Woolley (1)14
8Martin Atkinson (1)17Liam Paige Best Result21
9Andy Sutherland20Colin Rigby21
10Joe Bates21Roger Smith19
11Andy Barnes (1)18Ralph Graves21
12Bob Bishop (a)21Leanne Biggs (1)12

1Chris Dorsett (1)21Terry Watkin8
2Brian Bennett (1) Best Result21Liam Cox4
3Andy Dorsett12Kevin Farr21
4Steve Haycocks (1)21Tracy Eggby-jones (1)12
5Jack Haycocks Jnr21Kerry Burliston (1)9
6Terry Brooks5Sam Cox Best Result21
7Ollie Ewels21Sarah Wortley (1)10
8Dave Jones21Mike Caddick (1)18
9Angharad Jones21Paul Jones (1)16
10Richard Ewels21Mike Hampson9
11Jesse James (1)21John Hoofe10
12Mike Haycocks (1)21Kirk Penrose (1)10

PosSevernsideScoreWem USCScore
1John Holmwood11Ken Johnson21
2Sheila Berne10Ian Dowley21
3Joan Gregg14Barrie Thomas21
4Felicity Kershaw16Carl Pawlowski21
5Doreen Jones11Jake Bailey21
6Pat Hart21Callum Jenkins15
7Neil Radford (1)21Mo Corley18
8Cynthia Hedley (1)21Harry Thomas15
9Ken Hinds9Tracy Wraight21
10George Powell (1) Best Result21Barry Lovell5
11Les Lewis21Mal Bartley14
12John Fannin2Christopher Lee Best Result21


PosSt OswaldsScoreSevernsideScore
1Glenys Jones Best Result21David Eaton (1)5
2Bronwyn Jones11Sheila Berne Best Result21
3Phil James21Cynthia Hedley (1)19
4Merv Weaver21Spencer Jones (1)9
5Scott Tudor21Caroline Barton6
6Dai Lewis21Sue Eaton (1)8
7Roy Jones21Neil Radford (1)7
8Mel Jones14Joan Gregg21
9Emrys Jones21Les Lewis13
10Anthony Swannick21Ken Hinds18
11Karl Adams21John Fannin6
12Chris Lloyd21Pat Hart9

PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreBicton VillageScore
1Sue Worley (1)11Wendy Price (1) Best Result21
2Roy Washbourne21Roy Washbrook13
3Martyn Main (1)21Paul Idris Evans18
4Ralph Graves20Clive Brown21
5Joyce Graves13Diane Washbrook (1)21
6Liam Paige21Paul A Evans13
7Linda Webster12Margaret Ratcliffe21
8Mary Woolley (1)17Pat Neale (1)21
9Tim Worley (1)21Shaun Phillips20
10Leanne Biggs (1)21John Sudlow13
11Colin Rigby Best Result21Linda Barrow (1)3
12Roger Smith21Pat Oliver (1)4

PosWem USCScoreGreenfields SocialScore
1Mal Bartley15Andy Gale21
2Callum Jenkins21Kerry Preece (1)18
3Jake Bailey21Ricky Gale7
4Mo Corley7Ian Kilburn (1) Best Result21
5Christopher Lee21Rob Jones (a)20
6Carl Pawlowski21Mike Badnell (1)9
7Ian Dowley Best Result21Dave Pritchard (a)5
8Barrie Thomas21Pete Mackay16
9Tracy Wraight21Kevin Williams (a)14
10Barry Lovell21Doug Bennett (1)16
11Harry Thomas21Jo Wellard (1)6
12Ken Johnson21John Brown (a)13

PosFrankwellScoreOxon VillageScore
1Brian Bennett (1)21Paul Murray (1)4
2Dave Jones12Paul Davies21
3Simon Hayman15Wayne Fuller21
4Chris Dorsett (1)21Chris Jones (1)12
5Terry Brooks21Tina Armstrong (1)10
6Chris Hose21Sue Storey20
7Jesse James (1) Best Result21Andrea Pickering2
8Andy Dorsett21Norman Barkley (1)12
9Angharad Jones21Jason Stevens16
10Steve Haycocks (1)13Brian Selley21
11Ollie Ewels21Alan Edwards20
12Mel Yates10Matt Dundass (1) Best Result21

1Ian Humphreys2Bob Bishop (a) Best Result21
2Tracy Eggby-jones (1) Best Result21Andy Barnes (1)10
3Mike Hampson12Colin Clayton (a)21
4Kevin Farr Best Result21John Lovett (1)10
5Dennis Owen12Deryk Cumming21
6Sam Cox21Neville Poole13
7Liam Cox8Ron Wainwright (1)21
8Jane Hoofe15Sue Pugh21
9Paul Jones (1)21Darren Williams16
10Mike Caddick (1)2Andy Sutherland Best Result21
11John Hoofe12Marg Barnes (1)21
12Kirk Penrose (1)18Dave Paterson21


1Spencer Jones (1)17Mike Hampson21
2Neil Radford (1)13Sarah Wortley (1)21
3Sheila Berne20Kevin Farr21
4Joan Gregg12Tracy Eggby-jones (1)21
5Doreen Jones5Terry Watkin21
6Caroline Barton20Jane Hoofe21
7George Perry2Sam Cox Best Result21
8Cynthia Hedley (1)20Liam Cox21
9Gill Moore8Kirk Penrose (1)21
10Ken Hinds21Paul Jones (1)20
11Les Lewis Best Result21Mike Caddick (1)9
12George Powell (1)21John Hoofe19

PosGreenfields SocialScoreWorthen & BrocktonScore
1John Brown (a)21Sue Worley (1)20
2Pete Mackay21Linda Webster10
3Andy Gale18Roy Washbourne21
4Ian Kilburn (1)21Mary Woolley (1)7
5Mike Badnell (1)21Leanne Biggs (1)9
6Kieran Thomas (1)17Ralph Graves21
7Doug Bennett (1) Best Result21Sharon Main (1)1
8Tony Sandford21Joyce Graves13
9Kevin Williams (a)21Tim Worley (1)11
10Dave Pritchard (a)20Liam Paige21
11Jo Wellard (1)21Martyn Main (1)16
12Ricky Gale16Colin Rigby Best Result21
steady start by the social DB21-1 IK21-7 good individual performances by W&B players

1Martin Atkinson (1)9Dave Jones Best Result21
2John Lovett (1)10Chris Dorsett (1)21
3Colin Clayton (a) Best Result21Andy Dorsett13
4Marg Barnes (1)14Brian Bennett (1)21
5Ron Wainwright (1)12James Ashton (1)21
6Sue Pugh21Richard Ewels16
7Deryk Cumming20Jack Haycocks Jnr21
8Darren Williams19Simon Hayman21
9Andy Sutherland19Angharad Jones21
10Bob Bishop (a)21Steve Haycocks (1)18
11Dave Paterson16Ollie Ewels21
12Wendy Wainwright11Jesse James (1)21

PosBicton VillageScoreSt OswaldsScore
1Pat Oliver (1)21Mel Jones12
2Dave Brown16Glenys Jones21
3Wendy Price (1)12Merv Weaver21
4George Bland21Roy Jones8
5Paul A Evans10Anthony Swannick21
6Pat Neale (1)9Emrys Jones21
7Linda Barrow (1)7Karl Adams Best Result21
8Margaret Ratcliffe16Pete Adams21
9Mary Jones (1)19Steve Turner21
10Stan Connors14Bill Lewis21
11Sue Pearson Best Result21Scott Tudor7
12Shaun Phillips21Chris Lloyd15

PosOxon VillageScoreWem USCScore
1Paul Murray (1)21Barrie Thomas20
2Sue Storey3Carl Pawlowski Best Result21
3Paul Davies21Ian Dowley15
4Chris Jones (1)21Ken Johnson14
5Andrea Pickering21Josh Bailey19
6Norman Barkley (1) Best Result21Callum Jenkins3
7Tina Armstrong (1)21Barry Lovell17
8Wayne Fuller17Mo Corley21
9Matt Dundass (1)9Tracy Wraight21
10Brian Selley21Christopher Lee14
11Alan Edwards20Harry Thomas21
12Jason Stevens21Mal Bartley12