Tanners Claret Shropshire Bowling League 2017

Latest results for Shropshire Div. 3

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PosWem USCScoreWorthen & BrocktonScore
1Harry Thomas21Kevin Simmons8
2Terry Piggott21Jan Holding9
3Mo Corley Best Result21Dave Perry7
4Colleen Harding21Phil Hamer11
5Ken Johnson17Ken Holding Best Result21
6Jason Bebb21Mary Woolley12
7Phil Bryan21Sue Worley17
8Lucy Middleton21Linda Webster19
9Robert Pawlowski18Tim Worley21
10Phil Evans21Matthew Davies17
11Ant Williams17Phil Rowson Best Result21
12Ian Tinsley21Adam Elmore15

PosBurwayScoreAbbey BScore
1Anthony Rogers21Luke Suter13
2Emily Moseley21Callum Gwillam18
3Steve Dovey21Tom Hughes7
4George Cooper17Gary Jones21
5Marcus Adams Best Result21Steve Mackett6
6Tom Moseley21Steve Lambert11
7Steph Hollick21Adam James7
8Camilla Parsonage21Dan Price7
9Steve Burmingham21Ben Atter14
10Harry Parsonage Best Result21Neil Crane6
11Jack Bufton21David Webb7
12Barry Rogers10Oliver Crane Best Result21

1Clive Harrington17John Lovett (6ta)21
2Ken Davies21Marg Barnes10
3Lol Evans21John Farmer (6ta)13
4Dave Wood21Darren Williams14
5Emmet Mckinley (j)21Gary Morgan (6ta)12
6Paul Thomas21Stuart Reynolds13
7Rob Mitton Best Result21Louise Rooke4
8Jack Jones18John Griffiths21
9John Morris10Andy Sutherland (6ta) Best Result21
10Danny Powell21Dave Paterson11
11Tony Manders14Paul Peatroy (6ta)21
12Martin Mckinley21Andy Barnes20

PosChurch ClubScoreHadnallScore
1Ron Crook21Peter Sargant12
2Glenys Jones20Kerry Dance21
3Steve Williams21Ian Bowser16
4Merv Weaver12Gerry Fitzpatrick21
5Emrys Jones21John Ford13
6Adrian Jones16Graham Snelson21
7Pete Adams17Tim Childs21
8Paul Smith Best Result21Will Childs8
9John Roberts11Andy Marshall Best Result21
10Steve Turner21Chris Elsbury9
11Brian Canlett21Ernie Garrett17
12Steve Lewis21Mike Pemberton9

PosAlbert Road BCScoreBicton BScore
1Margaret Lacourse10Pat Oliver Best Result21
2Len Turford14Wendy Price21
3Bryan Bates21Pat Neale8
4Martin Ryan21Mike Bradder17
5Sue Hill21Diane Washbrook5
6Reg Reece Best Result21Ken Darlington2
7Graham Hughes15Roy Washbrook21
8Terry Jones21Mary Jones14
9Mark Hill14Shaun Phillips21
10John Judson21Pat Price17
11Paul Binnersley21Dave Price19
12Bryan Jenkins21Ken Barrow9


1Jon Lyttle Best Result21Cheryl Lloyd1
2Kerry Dance21Steph Hollick4
3Peter Sargant21George Cooper7
4Will Childs15Harry Parsonage21
5Gerry Fitzpatrick15Steve Dovey21
6Tim Childs12Emily Moseley21
7John Ford21Camilla Parsonage11
8Graham Snelson21Liam Dovey17
9Mike Pemberton21Barry Rogers15
10James Weaver10Steve Burmingham Best Result21
11Ernie Garrett21Tom Moseley8
12Chris Elsbury21Vivian Cooper18

PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreOxonScore
1Phil Hamer21Lol Evans20
2Lawson Simmons (j) Best Result21Tony Manders10
3Dave Perry8Clive Harrington21
4Jan Holding14Dave Wood21
5Linda Webster3Rob Mitton Best Result21
6Sue Worley19Emmet Mckinley (j)21
7Ken Holding12Martin Mckinley21
8Kevin Simmons21Paul Thomas16
9Matthew Davies20Dickie Dodd21
10Colin Rigby15Matt Morris21
11Adam Elmore21Andy Owens19
12Tim Worley21Danny Powell18

PosBicton BScoreChurch ClubScore
1Wendy Price8Glenys Jones21
2Pat Neale7Roger Candlin21
3Mary Jones18Adrian Jones21
4Sue Pearson17Steve Lewis21
5Roy Washbrook12Brian Canlett21
6Diane Washbrook6Dave Smith Best Result21
7Ken Darlington19Emrys Jones21
8Billy Jones12John Roberts21
9Karen Bennett21Steve Turner16
10Roger Oldacre21Paul Smith18
11Pat Oliver9Ron Crook21
12Shaun Phillips Best Result21Pete Adams15

PosAbbey BScoreSevernside St JuliansScore
1Tom Hughes10Paddy Grace Best Result21
2Gary Jones17Chris Kershaw21
3Steve Peach Best Result21George Powell9
4Scott Newland21Mark Lanning14
5Steve Mackett10Alan Tudor Best Result21
6Carl Jones15Keith Potter21
7Nathan Thomas15Ian Jones21
8Steve Lambert21Ben Turner18
9Luke Suter11Mark Parry21
10David Webb20Ernie Shea21
11Kieran Walker21Stuart Rhodes16
12Dean Suter18Roland Leigh21

PosBagleyScoreAlbert Road BCScore
1Darren Williams16Martin Ryan21
2Stuart Reynolds Best Result21Jeff Davies4
3Marg Barnes11Bryan Bates21
4Gary Morgan (6ta)6Chris Edwards Best Result21
5John Farmer (6ta)21Reg Reece10
6Louise Rooke21Graham Hughes20
7John Lovett (6ta)21Sam Hill15
8Andy Barnes21Mark Hill18
9Mal Ibbotson16Sue Hill21
10Dave Paterson21Nev Griffiths10
11Paul Peatroy (6ta)21Bryan Jenkins20
12Andy Sutherland (6ta)16Russell Turner21


1Dave Wood Best Result21Ian Bowser10
2Ted Rogers7Gerry Fitzpatrick21
3Tony Manders21Tim Childs17
4Clive Harrington19Kerry Dance21
5Martin Mckinley21Will Childs12
6Emmet Mckinley (j)21Peter Sargant11
7Paul Thomas21John Ford17
8Rob Mitton21Graham Snelson11
9Dickie Dodd21Mike Pemberton13
10Danny Powell21Darren Fitzpatrick16
11Matt Morris10Chris Elsbury21
12Andy Owens6Ernie Garrett Best Result21

PosChurch ClubScoreAbbey BScore
1Roger Candlin21Gary Jones17
2Ron Crook21Neil Crane6
3John Roberts Best Result21Seb Yapp3
4Emrys Jones20Steve Lambert21
5Brian Canlett21David Webb6
6Pete Adams11Joe Hotchkiss21
7Paul Smith19Dan Price21
8Adrian Jones9Steve Peach Best Result21
9Steve Lewis21Carl Jones6
10Steve Turner10Andy George21
11Dave Smith21Brett Coombes12
12Glenys Jones21Walk Over0

PosAlbert Road BCScoreBurwayScore
1Len Turford3Anthony Rogers Best Result21
2Bryan Bates21Steve Dovey12
3Dave Nicholls21Steve Burmingham18
4Margaret Lacourse16Vivian Cooper21
5Sue Hill21Cheryl Lloyd18
6Graham Hughes21Emily Moseley14
7Reg Reece Best Result21Steph Hollick7
8John Grenville21Tom Moseley13
9Chris Partridge14Mark Rogers21
10Russell Turner21Terry Angell15
11Nev Griffiths19Liam Dovey21
12Mark Hill21George Cooper14

PosSevernside St JuliansScoreWorthen & BrocktonScore
1Keith Potter Best Result21Dave Perry6
2Paddy Grace21Jan Holding13
3Ian Jones21Ken Holding9
4Chris Kershaw21Colin Rigby14
5George Powell21Mary Woolley10
6Alan Tudor21Lauren Simmons (j)11
7Ben Turner21Matthew Davies10
8Neil Radford8Kevin Simmons Best Result21
9Peter Leigh15Steve Preece21
10Roland Leigh21Adam Elmore12
11Ernie Shea21Phil Rowson12
12Stuart Rhodes21Phil Hamer8

PosWem USCScoreBicton BScore
1Colleen Harding21Norman Barkley20
2Barrie Thomas7Wendy Price Best Result21
3Mo Corley Best Result21Mary Jones7
4Terry Piggott21Mike Bradder13
5Ken Johnson21Ken Darlington11
6Robert Pawlowski21Roy Washbrook17
7Paul Bryan21Diane Washbrook19
8Lucy Middleton20Barbara Barkley21
9Harry Thomas21Shaun Phillips14
10Ian Tinsley21Roger Oldacre10
11Ant Williams21Pat Oliver9
12Phil Bryan21Billy Jones9


PosOxonScoreWem USCScore
1Dickie Dodd12Barrie Thomas Best Result21
2Pete Ellis19Harry Thomas21
3Roger Haydon16Colleen Harding21
4Ken Davies14Terry Piggott21
5Emmet Mckinley (j)21Nathan Pawlowski6
6Dave Wood21Paul Bryan7
7Martin Mckinley Best Result21Jason Bebb5
8Rob Mitton21Ken Johnson9
9Tony Manders21Phil Bryan14
10Matt Morris21Ian Tinsley10
11Danny Powell21Lucy Middleton6
12Andy Owens21Ant Williams6


PosBagleyScoreSevernside St JuliansScore
1Darren Williams21Mark Lanning9
2Gary Morgan (6ta)21Paddy Grace10
3Marg Barnes Best Result21George Powell7
4Paul Peatroy (6ta)21Ernie Shea14
5John Farmer (6ta)21Ian Jones17
6Louise Rooke21Neil Radford9
7Andy Sutherland (6ta)21Roland Leigh15
8Andy Barnes21Mark Parry16
9Stuart Reynolds21Chris Kershaw18
10John Lovett (6ta)21Keith Potter18
11Reg Sayer16Alan Tudor21
12Dave Paterson6Stuart Rhodes Best Result21

PosBicton BScoreOxonScore
1Pat Neale21Pete Nicholls19
2Wendy Price21Clive Brown11
3Mike Bradder13Tony Manders21
4Paul Idris Evans21Ken Davies12
5Barbara Barkley9Martin Mckinley21
6Mary Jones21John Morris15
7Roy Washbrook10Clive Harrington21
8Ken Darlington9Rob Mitton21
9Diane Washbrook10Dickie Dodd21
10Pat Oliver Best Result21Andy Owens6
11Norman Barkley16Matt Morris21
12Shaun Phillips7Danny Powell Best Result21

PosBurwayScoreChurch ClubScore
1Jack Bufton17Pete Adams21
2Liam Dovey21Roy Jones13
3Steve Burmingham19Adrian Jones21
4Anthony Rogers Best Result21Bill Lewis4
5Steph Hollick21Emrys Jones17
6Emily Moseley21Chris Lloyd9
7Tom Moseley21Roger Candlin14
8Terry Angell21Steve Turner17
9Eric Williams14Brian Canlett Best Result21
10Steve Dovey Best Result21Glenys Jones4
11Tony Partridge21Dave Smith13
12Mike Weston18Ron Crook21

PosAbbey BScoreWem USCScore
1Dean Suter5Terry Piggott21
2Scott Newland Best Result21Colleen Harding6
3Neil Crane21Ken Johnson18
4Adam James3Phil Bryan Best Result21
5Steve Mackett20Lucy Middleton21
6Steve Lambert20Harry Thomas21
7Steve Peach21Mo Corley17
8Luke Suter8Ant Williams21
9Joe Hotchkiss13Barrie Thomas21
10Tom Hughes21Paul Bryan14
11Ben Atter21Phil Evans17
12David Webb20Ian Tinsley21

PosHadnallScoreAlbert Road BCScore
1Peter Sargant21Martin Ryan4
2Tim Childs Best Result21Terry Jones2
3Gerry Fitzpatrick21Mark Hill19
4Darren Fitzpatrick21Bryan Bates16
5John Ford19Reg Reece21
6Andy Marshall21Graham Hughes7
7Chris Hagyard4Sam Hill Best Result21
8Ian Bowser21Sue Hill15
9Will Childs21Nev Griffiths19
10Ernie Garrett21Chris Partridge16
11Mike Pemberton21Bryan Jenkins10
12Chris Elsbury21John Grenville8


PosBagleyScoreWorthen & BrocktonScore
1Stuart Reynolds21Ken Holding15
2Marg Barnes21Mary Woolley16
3Mark Spencer (6ta)21Matthew Davies13
4Darren Williams21Tim Worley9
5Louise Rooke Best Result21Jan Holding4
6John Farmer (6ta) Best Result21Colin Rigby4
7John Lovett (6ta)21Sue Worley8
8Andy Sutherland (6ta)21Phil Hamer15
9Paul Peatroy (6ta)21Phil Rowson12
10Dave Paterson9Adam Elmore21
11David Scutts3Steve Preece Best Result21
12Reg Sayer16Kevin Simmons21

1Ted Rogers21George Cooper8
2Clive Harrington21Vivian Cooper15
3Tony Manders21Cheryl Lloyd18
4Dave Wood11Anthony Rogers21
5Emmet Mckinley (j)21Steve Burmingham17
6Paul Thomas21Jack Bufton8
7Pete Nicholls19Camilla Parsonage21
8Rob Mitton21Liam Dovey12
9Martin Mckinley21Emily Moseley14
10Dickie Dodd21Steph Hollick16
11Matt Morris9Terry Angell Best Result21
12Danny Powell Best Result21Harry Parsonage7

PosWem USCScoreHadnallScore
1Barrie Thomas21Tim Childs13
2Mo Corley21Ian Bowser13
3Harry Thomas15Will Childs21
4Colleen Harding21Gerry Fitzpatrick14
5Terry Piggott18Kerry Dance21
6Lucy Middleton6Peter Sargant21
7Ken Johnson1Jon Lyttle Best Result21
8Robert Pawlowski17John Ford21
9Ian Tinsley17Chris Elsbury21
10Phil Bryan Best Result21James Weaver11
11Phil Evans19Mike Pemberton21
12Ant Williams21Graham Snelson17

PosSevernside St JuliansScoreBicton BScore
1Ian Jones16George Bland21
2Mark Lanning21Wendy Price17
3Keith Potter21Mike Bradder19
4Chris Kershaw21Barbara Barkley10
5Neil Radford7Roy Washbrook Best Result21
6Ben Turner16Pat Neale21
7Alan Tudor21Diane Washbrook14
8Peter Leigh21Ken Darlington8
9Mark Parry21Billy Jones10
10Roland Leigh Best Result21Pat Oliver6
11Ernie Shea15Ken Barrow21
12Stuart Rhodes21Norman Barkley13

PosAlbert Road BCScoreChurch ClubScore
1John Grenville19Steve Turner21
2Martin Ryan21Bill Lewis16
3Bryan Bates21Ron Crook11
4Chris Edwards13Emrys Jones21
5Mark Hill21Glenys Jones16
6Sam Hill21Paul Smith13
7Reg Reece21Roy Jones11
8Graham Hughes Best Result21Brian Canlett9
9Russell Turner21Dave Smith14
10Bryan Jenkins3John Roberts Best Result21
11Nev Griffiths21Adrian Jones18
12Dave Turner5Pete Adams21


PosAbbey BScoreBagleyScore
1Gary Jones6Gary Morgan (6ta) Best Result21
2Steve Mackett13Reg Sayer21
3David Webb15Dave Paterson21
4Steve Peach16John Farmer (6ta)21
5Steve Lambert17Louise Rooke21
6Neil Crane18Andy Sutherland (6ta)21
7Dan Price21Stuart Reynolds20
8Scott Newland Best Result21John Lovett (6ta)7
9Ben Atter21Sandra Griffiths11
10Joe Hotchkiss21Jenny Newton8
11Luke Suter21David Scutts15
12Oliver Crane21Paul Peatroy (6ta)14

PosBurwayScoreSevernside St JuliansScore
1Camilla Parsonage12Mark Lanning Best Result21
2Vivian Cooper21George Powell6
3Harry Parsonage15Ian Jones21
4Cheryl Lloyd21Keith Potter6
5Steve Dovey21Peter Leigh8
6Steve Burmingham Best Result21Sarah Radford3
7George Cooper21Alan Tudor14
8Eric Williams21Roland Leigh14
9Tom Moseley15Neil Radford21
10Emily Moseley21Mark Parry17
11Terry Angell21Stuart Rhodes19
12Anthony Rogers12Ernie Shea Best Result21

PosHadnallScoreWorthen & BrocktonScore
1Will Childs21Matthew Davies3
2Peter Sargant21Kevin Simmons6
3Kerry Dance21Steve Preece12
4John Ford21Jan Holding8
5Gerry Fitzpatrick21Ken Holding Best Result16
6James Weaver21Colin Rigby9
7Ian Bowser21Sue Worley14
8Tim Childs Best Result21Mary Woolley2
9Graham Snelson21Tim Worley6
10Ernie Garrett21Phil Hamer9
11Darren Fitzpatrick21Phil Rowson4
12Chris Elsbury21Adam Elmore8

PosAlbert Road BCScoreOxonScore
1Phil Davies17Tony Manders21
2Bryan Bates21Ken Davies9
3Bryan Jenkins21Pete Nicholls11
4John Grenville14Paul Thomas21
5Mark Hill21Emmet Mckinley (j)13
6Reg Reece21Jack Jones16
7Graham Hughes Best Result21John Morris6
8Terry Jones10Clive Harrington21
9Martin Ryan21Matt Morris12
10Russell Turner21Dickie Dodd10
11Nev Griffiths21Danny Powell14
12Paul Binnersley9Martin Mckinley Best Result21

PosChurch ClubScoreWem USCScore
1Roger Candlin21Terry Piggott9
2Glenys Jones19Barrie Thomas Best Result21
3Dave Smith21Colleen Harding11
4Ron Crook Best Result21Ian Tinsley2
5Roy Jones21Robert Pawlowski12
6Bill Lewis21Phil Bryan19
7Adrian Jones21Ken Johnson7
8Paul Smith21Lucy Middleton5
9Pete Adams21Jason Bebb10
10Emrys Jones20Ant Williams21
11Brian Canlett21Harry Thomas9
12John Roberts21Phil Evans10


PosSevernside St JuliansScoreHadnallScore
1Keith Potter18Kerry Dance21
2Mark Lanning21Peter Sargant13
3Martin Peleszok9Will Childs Best Result21
4Ian Jones21Gerry Fitzpatrick14
5Sarah Radford12James Weaver21
6Ben Turner11Chris Elsbury21
7Alan Tudor17John Ford21
8Peter Leigh21Bob Sharpe15
9Roland Leigh21Ernie Garrett13
10Stuart Rhodes Best Result21Mike Pemberton3
11Neil Radford10Graham Snelson21
12Ernie Shea21Ian Bowser9


PosSevernside St JuliansScoreAlbert Road BCScore
1Keith Potter11Russell Turner21
2Ian Jones19John Grenville21
3Andrew Reynolds21Martin Ryan17
4Mark Lanning17Bryan Bates21
5Ben Turner6Phil Davies Best Result21
6Terry Sambrook10Graham Hughes21
7Peter Leigh18Reg Reece21
8Alan Tudor21Chris Edwards17
9Mark Parry Best Result21Sam Hill8
10Roland Leigh19Nev Griffiths21
11Stuart Rhodes21Dave Turner17
12Ernie Shea11Bryan Jenkins21

PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreAbbey BScore
1Matthew Davies21Carl Jones7
2Ken Holding6Steve Peach Best Result21
3Linda Webster21Luke Blumfield14
4Mary Woolley21Steve Lambert13
5Ian Hutchison21Adam James17
6Jan Holding18Tom Hughes21
7Sue Worley8Dan Price21
8Tim Worley13Scott Newland21
9Phil Hamer Best Result21Gary Jones2
10Adam Elmore8Luke Suter21
11Phil Rowson21Walk Over0
12Colin Rigby21Walk Over0

PosWem USCScoreBurwayScore
1Mo Corley Best Result21Eric Williams4
2Colleen Harding21George Cooper13
3Carl Pawlowski21Steve Burmingham19
4Barrie Thomas21Vivian Cooper19
5Ken Johnson21Steph Hollick7
6Phil Bryan21Camilla Parsonage16
7Lucy Middleton13Jack Bufton21
8Robert Pawlowski21Liam Dovey13
9Phil Evans21Terry Angell10
10Ant Williams21Cheryl Lloyd6
11Harry Thomas7Steve Dovey Best Result21
12Ian Tinsley13Anthony Rogers21

PosOxonScoreChurch ClubScore
1Clive Harrington21Glenys Jones16
2Ken Davies14Dave Smith Best Result21
3Dave Wood19Ron Crook21
4Roger Haydon21Roy Jones9
5Paul Thomas18Pete Adams21
6Emmet Mckinley (j)14Roger Candlin Best Result21
7Rob Mitton21Paul Smith20
8Pete Nicholls Best Result21Bill Lewis8
9Matt Morris21Adrian Jones20
10Tony Manders21Emrys Jones14
11Dickie Dodd21Brian Canlett11
12Martin Mckinley15John Roberts21

PosBagleyScoreBicton BScore
1Darren Williams21Mary Jones4
2Reg Sayer21Val Roberts9
3Mark Spencer (6ta)21Mike Bradder6
4Marg Barnes Best Result21Barbara Barkley2
5Louise Rooke21Ken Darlington13
6John Farmer (6ta)21Sandra Darlington3
7John Lovett (6ta)21Roy Washbrook11
8Andy Sutherland (6ta)21Ken Barrow19
9Paul Peatroy (6ta)21Norman Barkley12
10Stuart Reynolds21Pat Neale11
11David Scutts11Pat Oliver Best Result21
12Andy Barnes21Diane Washbrook11


1Kerry Dance21John Lovett (6ta)17
2Will Childs Best Result21Darren Williams4
3Peter Sargant16Mark Spencer (6ta)21
4Gerry Fitzpatrick20Stuart Reynolds21
5Bob Sharpe21John Farmer (6ta)8
6John Ford21Louise Rooke20
7Ian Bowser21Andy Barnes12
8Tim Childs15Marg Barnes Best Result21
9Graham Snelson21Jenny Newton9
10Mike Pemberton21Dave Paterson14
11Ernie Garrett21Andy Sutherland (6ta)17
12Chris Elsbury21David Scutts6
A very wet middle four but after a stoppage due to green conditions the game was thankfully played to a conclusion.

PosBicton BScoreAbbey BScore
1Mike Bradder18Gary Jones21
2Mary Jones7Scott Newland Best Result21
3Veronica Bland10Steve Peach21
4Barbara Barkley9Tom Hughes21
5Pat Neale21Adam James20
6Wendy Price Best Result21Steve Mackett11
7Roy Washbrook18Luke Suter21
8Diane Washbrook7Dan Price Best Result21
9Pat Oliver19David Webb21
10Dave Price16Oliver Crane21
11Ken Darlington17Ben Atter21
12Ken Barrow21Dean Suter20
Heavy rain stopped game on friday.Played out remainder on wednesday 16th.Dry conditions helped our middle and back bowlers.

PosBurwayScoreWorthen & BrocktonScore
1Cheryl Lloyd21Jan Holding4
2Camilla Parsonage21Matthew Davies13
3Vivian Cooper21Tim Worley13
4Eric Williams21Ken Holding14
5Jack Bufton Best Result21Mary Woolley3
6Steve Dovey21Sue Worley4
7Tom Moseley13Kevin Simmons Best Result21
8Emily Moseley21Linda Webster6
9Steve Burmingham21Colin Rigby12
10Anthony Rogers21Adam Elmore20
11George Cooper14Phil Rowson21
12Terry Angell20Phil Hamer21

PosChurch ClubScoreSevernside St JuliansScore
1Steve Lewis21Neil Radford5
2Roy Jones7Chris Kershaw Best Result21
3John Roberts21Keith Potter11
4Ron Crook21Ian Jones12
5Adrian Jones Best Result21Sarah Radford3
6Roger Candlin21Alan Tudor5
7Paul Smith21Russell Brown9
8Emrys Jones21Ben Turner6
9Brian Canlett21Paul Brown11
10Pete Adams21Stuart Rhodes18
11Dave Smith12Ernie Shea21
12Bill Lewis21Roland Leigh17


PosBagleyScoreChurch ClubScore
1Darren Williams Best Result21Roy Jones14
2Stuart Reynolds Best Result21Ron Crook14
3Paul Peatroy (6ta)21Paul Smith15
4Reg Sayer20Bill Lewis21
5John Lovett (6ta)11Dave Smith Best Result21
6Andy Sutherland (6ta)15John Roberts21
7John Farmer (6ta)17Pete Adams21
8Marg Barnes14Emrys Jones21
9Andy Barnes21Roger Candlin16
10Dave Paterson21Brian Canlett18
11Mike Lovett16Glenys Jones21
12David Scutts21Adrian Jones15
A great game between two very good teams


PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreBicton BScore
1Dave Perry15Ken Darlington21
2Tim Worley21Mary Jones10
3Matthew Davies Best Result21Barbara Barkley7
4Jan Holding10Mike Bradder21
5Kevin Simmons Best Result21Sandra Darlington7
6Linda Webster9Wendy Price21
7Ken Holding12Roy Washbrook21
8Sue Worley18Diane Washbrook21
9Colin Rigby15Dave Price21
10Adam Elmore8Pat Oliver Best Result21
11Phil Rowson21Norman Barkley19
12Phil Hamer21Ken Barrow14

PosWem USCScoreAlbert Road BCScore
1Colleen Harding21Martin Ryan4
2Harry Thomas Best Result21John Grenville3
3Terry Piggott5Bryan Bates Best Result21
4Mo Corley19Mark Hill21
5Barrie Thomas9Reg Reece21
6Lucy Middleton10Chris Edwards21
7Ken Johnson18Graham Hughes21
8Ant Williams17Russell Turner21
9Robert Pawlowski21Terry Jones18
10Ian Tinsley21Nev Griffiths5
11Phil Bryan21Sam Hill16
12Phil Evans15Dave Turner21

PosAbbey BScoreOxonScore
1David Webb21Danny Powell16
2Luke Suter16Martin Mckinley21
3Oliver Crane21Jack Jones8
4Neil Crane Best Result21Clive Brown4
5Tom Hughes10Dave Wood21
6Kieran Walker21Tony Manders8
7Dan Price21Roger Haydon8
8Gary Jones21Dickie Dodd15
9Steve Mackett4Paul Thomas Best Result21
10Steve Peach21Lol Evans13
11Dean Suter21Andy Owens14
12Callum Gwillam21Emmet Mckinley (j)20


PosHadnallScoreBicton BScore
1Peter Sargant21George Bland14
2James Weaver21Barbara Barkley15
3John Ford21Pat Neale9
4Jon Lyttle21Ken Darlington6
5Gerry Fitzpatrick Best Result21Veronica Bland5
6Tim Childs21Sandra Darlington13
7Ian Bowser10Roy Washbrook Best Result21
8Will Childs16Mike Bradder21
9Bob Sharpe21Wendy Price19
10Ernie Garrett21Ken Barrow11
11Kerry Dance21Diane Washbrook15
12Chris Elsbury21Norman Barkley7

PosAlbert Road BCScoreAbbey BScore
1Margaret Lacourse21Gary Jones15
2Bryan Bates Best Result21Joe Hotchkiss2
3Martin Ryan21Adam James16
4Mark Hill21Tom Hughes12
5John Grenville21Steve Mackett7
6Graham Hughes19Steve Peach Best Result21
7Sam Hill20Dan Price21
8Russell Turner21Nathan Thomas17
9Nev Griffiths21Neil Crane10
10Chris Partridge20Oliver Crane21
11Phil Davies20Luke Suter21
12Dave Turner21David Webb19

PosWem USCScoreSevernside St JuliansScore
1Colleen Harding21Keith Potter15
2Barrie Thomas21Mark Parry17
3Mo Corley21Mark Lanning11
4Phil Bryan21Ian Jones9
5Terry Piggott17George Powell21
6Paul Bryan5Peter Leigh Best Result21
7Jason Bebb11Alan Tudor21
8Nathan Pawlowski11Paul Brown21
9Robert Pawlowski21Terry Sambrook19
10Ian Tinsley9Ernie Shea21
11Harry Thomas Best Result21Roland Leigh8
12Ant Williams21Stuart Rhodes18

1Camilla Parsonage21John Farmer (6ta)16
2George Cooper21Reg Sayer9
3Steve Dovey21Stuart Reynolds16
4Steve Burmingham17Paul Peatroy (6ta)21
5Anthony Rogers Best Result21Andy Sutherland (6ta)7
6Cheryl Lloyd21Alan Welsh12
7Jack Bufton20Dave Paterson21
8Vivian Cooper21John Lovett (6ta)12
9Eric Williams21Sandra Griffiths14
10Harry Parsonage21Louise Rooke10
11Steph Hollick16Darren Williams21
12Liam Dovey15David Scutts Best Result21

PosChurch ClubScoreWorthen & BrocktonScore
1Glenys Jones21Roy Washbourne12
2Pete Adams21Tim Worley9
3John Roberts21Jan Holding9
4Bill Lewis21Kevin Simmons10
5Ron Crook21Mary Woolley4
6Roger Candlin21Kate Washbourne14
7Paul Smith21Linda Webster7
8Adrian Jones21Ken Holding4
9Steve Lewis Best Result21Matthew Davies3
10Dave Smith21Adam Elmore18
11Emrys Jones21Colin Rigby14
12Brian Canlett21Phil Hamer Best Result19


PosBagleyScoreWem USCScore
1Darren Williams21Colleen Harding16
2John Lovett (6ta)21Mo Corley20
3Louise Rooke15Terry Piggott Best Result21
4Mark Spencer (6ta)19Robert Pawlowski21
5Reg Sayer21Lucy Middleton20
6John Farmer (6ta)21Harry Thomas11
7Marg Barnes Best Result21Paul Bryan8
8David Scutts21Jason Bebb9
9Stuart Reynolds21Barrie Thomas17
10Dave Paterson15Ian Tinsley Best Result21
11Paul Peatroy (6ta)21Phil Bryan15
12Andy Sutherland (6ta)21Ant Williams15

PosSevernside St JuliansScoreOxonScore
1Ian Jones19Dave Wood21
2Mark Lanning21Clive Harrington8
3Keith Potter8Ken Davies Best Result21
4George Powell14Tony Manders21
5Paul Brown21Pete Nicholls19
6Alan Tudor14Paul Thomas21
7Peter Leigh20Emmet Mckinley (j)21
8Terry Sambrook13Rob Mitton21
9Mark Parry19Martin Mckinley21
10Roland Leigh16Matt Morris21
11Stuart Rhodes Best Result21Paul Williams5
12Ernie Shea21Danny Powell18

PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreAlbert Road BCScore
1Colin Rigby10Phil Davies21
2Matthew Davies5Bryan Bates Best Result21
3Jan Holding21Martin Ryan19
4Dave Perry8Mark Hill21
5Sue Worley21Graham Hughes17
6Linda Webster17Sue Hill21
7Mary Woolley Best Result21John Grenville6
8Ken Holding12Margaret Lacourse21
9Adam Elmore21Reg Reece16
10Phil Rowson20Russell Turner21
11Phil Hamer21Nev Griffiths12
12Tim Worley15Sam Hill21

PosBicton BScoreBurwayScore
1Mary Jones17Cheryl Lloyd21
2George Bland16Camilla Parsonage21
3Mike Bradder13Steve Dovey21
4Barbara Barkley7Anthony Rogers Best Result21
5Sandra Darlington10Jack Bufton21
6Diane Washbrook7Vivian Cooper Best Result21
7Roy Washbrook20Steve Burmingham21
8Ken Darlington16Jack Parsonage21
9Sue Pearson Best Result21George Cooper18
10Pat Oliver18Terry Angell21
11Norman Barkley7Tom Moseley Best Result21
12Shaun Phillips11Emily Moseley21

PosAbbey BScoreHadnallScore
1Gary Jones15Graham Snelson21
2Dan Price Best Result21Jon Lyttle12
3Scott Newland20Peter Sargant21
4Nathan Thomas11Kerry Dance Best Result21
5Joe Hotchkiss21Gerry Fitzpatrick14
6Brett Coombes15John Ford21
7Tom Hughes21Ian Bowser15
8Oliver Crane21Chris Elsbury13
9David Webb21Ernie Garrett19
10Adam James13Will Childs21
11Ben Atter21James Weaver16
12Luke Suter21Mike Pemberton15


PosAbbey BScoreAlbert Road BCScore
1Ben Atter21John Griffiths19
2Gary Jones17Mark Hill21
3Neil Crane20Reg Reece21
4Oliver Crane17Sam Hill21
5Brett Coombes7Graham Hughes Best Result21
6Luke Suter17Nev Griffiths21
7Dean Suter Best Result21John Grenville4
8Dave Clayton21Bryan Bates8
9Steve Lambert21Paul Binnersley16
10Steve Mackett9Chris Edwards21
11Adam James21Phil Davies17
12Joe Hotchkiss21Martin Ryan15

1Darren Williams21Steve Dovey20
2Andy Barnes16Jack Bufton21
3Marg Barnes21Steve Burmingham15
4Paul Peatroy (6ta)15Liam Dovey21
5Reg Sayer21Camilla Parsonage15
6John Lovett (6ta)21Steph Hollick17
7Andy Sutherland (6ta) Best Result21Tom Moseley6
8John Farmer (6ta)21George Cooper19
9Stuart Reynolds13Cheryl Lloyd21
10Dave Paterson21Terry Angell12
11Louise Rooke21Harry Parsonage18
12David Scutts12Vivian Cooper Best Result21

PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreChurch ClubScore
1Sandra Welham7Steve Turner Best Result21
2Colin Rigby15Ron Crook21
3Jan Holding17Bill Lewis21
4Sue Worley17Pete Adams21
5Kevin Simmons13Paul Smith21
6Linda Webster8Roger Candlin21
7Dave Perry13Glenys Jones21
8Ken Holding18Emrys Jones21
9Adam Elmore20Dave Smith21
10Phil Rowson Best Result21John Roberts7
11Phil Hamer21Adrian Jones12
12Tim Worley19Brian Canlett21

PosSevernside St JuliansScoreWem USCScore
1Ian Jones21Carl Pawlowski9
2Mark Parry19Terry Piggott Best Result21
3Mark Lanning21Mo Corley12
4Andrew Reynolds19Barrie Thomas Best Result21
5George Powell21Karl Oliver19
6Alan Tudor21Darren Peake18
7Keith Potter Best Result21Paul Bryan8
8Peter Leigh20Lucy Middleton21
9Chris Kershaw21Ian Tinsley13
10Roland Leigh21Jason Bebb15
11Ernie Shea21Robert Pawlowski20
12Stuart Rhodes21Harry Thomas20

PosBicton BScoreHadnallScore
1Veronica Bland19Jon Lyttle21
2Wendy Price8Gerry Fitzpatrick21
3Ken Darlington16Kerry Dance21
4Barbara Barkley5Peter Sargant Best Result21
5Pat Neale9John Ford21
6Sandra Darlington12Bob Sharpe21
7Roy Washbrook Best Result21Tim Childs6
8Diane Washbrook17Ian Bowser21
9Norman Barkley19Ernie Garrett21
10Pat Oliver21James Weaver17
11Ken Barrow21Mike Pemberton17
12Kevin Price14Chris Elsbury21


PosHadnallScoreAbbey BScore
1Kerry Dance21Neil Crane11
2Jon Lyttle Best Result21Andy George3
3Gerry Fitzpatrick21Dave Clayton15
4John Ford21Tom Hughes15
5Tim Childs21Gary Jones18
6Graham Snelson18Dan Price21
7Chris Hagyard5Scott Newland Best Result21
8Ian Bowser21Adam James12
9Mike Pemberton21Steve Lambert8
10Ernie Garrett21David Webb4
11James Weaver21Luke Suter16
12Chris Elsbury21Ben Atter4

PosAlbert Road BCScoreWorthen & BrocktonScore
1Martin Ryan15Matthew Davies21
2Bryan Bates21Dave Perry8
3John Grenville21Jan Holding17
4Terry Jones21Kevin Simmons14
5Reg Reece Best Result21Tim Worley5
6Margaret Lacourse Best Result21Sue Worley5
7Graham Hughes21Mary Woolley10
8Mark Hill21Ken Holding13
9Sue Hill11Phil Rowson Best Result21
10Nev Griffiths21Adam Elmore6
11Dave Turner21Colin Rigby15
12Phil Davies18Phil Hamer21

PosWem USCScoreBagleyScore
1Tracey Harding20Darren Williams21
2Mo Corley21Gary Morgan (6ta)8
3Terry Piggott Best Result21Stuart Reynolds2
4Barrie Thomas21Sandra Griffiths10
5Paul Bryan12Reg Sayer21
6Lucy Middleton14Marg Barnes21
7Mark Williams3John Farmer (6ta) Best Result21
8Colleen Harding21John Lovett (6ta)13
9Ian Tinsley21Andy Barnes13
10Harry Thomas21Andy Sutherland (6ta)10
11Phil Evans21Jenny Newton18
12Ant Williams17Paul Peatroy (6ta)21

PosBurwayScoreBicton BScore
1Harry Parsonage21George Bland8
2Camilla Parsonage21Wendy Price8
3Anthony Rogers21Sandra Darlington1
4George Cooper21Roy Washbrook16
5Vivian Cooper21Pat Neale11
6Steve Dovey21Mary Jones9
7Steve Burmingham21Diane Washbrook9
8Cheryl Lloyd20Dave Price Best Result21
9Jack Bufton21Sue Pearson11
10Terry Angell Best Result21Ken Darlington0
11Tom Moseley21Pat Oliver16
12Liam Dovey21Ken Barrow7

PosOxonScoreSevernside St JuliansScore
1Ken Davies13Mark Lanning21
2Pete Nicholls21George Powell15
3Tony Manders12Mark Parry21
4Roger Haydon21Ian Jones19
5Matt Morris21Keith Potter15
6Paul Thomas21Alan Tudor9
7Rob Mitton21Paul Brown15
8Emmet Mckinley (j)21Peter Leigh8
9Dickie Dodd Best Result21Roland Leigh5
10Martin Mckinley21Ernie Shea7
11Danny Powell21Chris Kershaw12
12John Morris2Stuart Rhodes Best Result21


PosAbbey BScoreBurwayScore
1David Webb18Harry Parsonage21
2Luke Suter15Tom Moseley21
3Gary Jones16Vivian Cooper21
4Dan Price14Anthony Rogers21
5Scott Newland Best Result21Jack Bufton1
6Oliver Crane18Liam Dovey21
7Ben Atter17Cheryl Lloyd21
8Adam James21George Cooper19
9Micky Bramall10Steve Dovey21
10Steve Mackett3Camilla Parsonage Best Result21
11Neil Crane6Terry Angell21
12Steve Lambert14Steve Burmingham21

1Marg Barnes Best Result21Tony Manders5
2Stuart Reynolds21Dave Wood16
3Dave Paterson21Paul Thomas19
4Rob Jones17Ken Davies21
5Darren Williams14Pete Nicholls21
6Sandra Griffiths7Emmet Mckinley (j) Best Result21
7David Scutts18Rob Mitton21
8Jenny Newton21Martin Mckinley15
9Andy Sutherland (6ta)15Paul Williams21
10Paul Peatroy (6ta)13Matt Morris21
11Andy Barnes21Dickie Dodd9
12John Lovett (6ta)13Danny Powell21

PosBicton BScoreAlbert Road BCScore
1George Bland5Bryan Bates21
2Veronica Bland3Mark Hill21
3Barbara Barkley21Terry Jones18
4Wendy Price21Margaret Lacourse14
5Pat Neale21John Grenville16
6Sandra Darlington7Graham Hughes21
7Roy Washbrook9Chris Edwards21
8Diane Washbrook9Sam Hill21
9Roger Oldacre21Paul Binnersley19
10Ken Darlington2Nev Griffiths Best Result21
11Pat Oliver Best Result21Dave Turner7
12Norman Barkley18Russell Turner21

PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreWem USCScore
1Matthew Davies10Colleen Harding Best Result21
2Roy Washbourne20Harry Thomas21
3Adam Elmore10Mo Corley Best Result21
4Jan Holding21Barrie Thomas20
5Ian Hutchison21Terry Piggott16
6Sue Worley21Lucy Middleton11
7Kate Washbourne Best Result21Robert Pawlowski5
8Ken Holding20Nathan Pawlowski21
9Phil Rowson18Ian Tinsley21
10Colin Rigby19Ant Williams21
11Tim Worley20Phil Bryan21
12Trevor Williams20Jason Bebb21

PosHadnallScoreChurch ClubScore
1Gerry Fitzpatrick11Ron Crook Best Result21
2Ian Bowser21Bill Lewis13
3Darren Fitzpatrick21Glenys Jones13
4Kerry Dance Best Result21Roy Jones3
5Tim Childs21John Roberts19
6John Ford21Pete Adams19
7Chris Hagyard21Emrys Jones14
8Will Childs21Paul Smith5
9Graham Snelson21Adrian Jones15
10Mike Pemberton21Brian Canlett10
11Ernie Garrett21Steve Turner9
12Chris Elsbury21Roger Candlin14


PosAlbert Road BCScoreBagleyScore
1Bryan Bates Best Result21Mark Spencer (6ta)3
2Mark Hill21Paul Peatroy (6ta)12
3Martin Ryan21Andy Sutherland (6ta)11
4Terry Jones16John Lovett (6ta)21
5Graham Hughes15John Farmer (6ta) Best Result21
6John Grenville17Jenny Newton21
7Chris Edwards21Louise Rooke13
8Sam Hill19Marg Barnes21
9Phil Davies21Alan Welsh9
10Russell Turner21Stuart Reynolds11
11Dave Turner21Darren Williams20
12Nev Griffiths21Dave Paterson13

1Liam Dovey21Ian Bowser11
2Steve Dovey21Graham Snelson11
3Harry Parsonage Best Result21Peter Sargant4
4Vivian Cooper21Will Childs13
5Emily Moseley5Kerry Dance Best Result21
6George Cooper21Bob Sharpe20
7Cheryl Lloyd20James Weaver21
8Steve Burmingham20Ernie Garrett21
9Steph Hollick9Chris Elsbury21
10Terry Angell21Mike Pemberton16
11Camilla Parsonage21John Ford17
12Anthony Rogers Best Result21Gerry Fitzpatrick4

PosOxonScoreWorthen & BrocktonScore
1Pete Nicholls21Dave Perry11
2Clive Harrington21Roy Washbourne6
3Paul Williams21Phil Hamer12
4Ken Davies21Jan Holding15
5Dave Wood10Ken Holding Best Result21
6Emmet Mckinley (j)15Sue Worley21
7Rob Mitton21Kate Washbourne7
8Paul Thomas21Mary Woolley14
9Matt Morris21Tim Worley7
10Dickie Dodd21Phil Rowson12
11Martin Mckinley Best Result21Matthew Davies4
12Danny Powell21Colin Rigby13

PosChurch ClubScoreBicton BScore
1Ron Crook21Paul Idris Evans8
2Roy Jones21Dave Sands10
3Glenys Jones21Pat Neale7
4Roger Candlin21Roger Oldacre19
5Emrys Jones21Billy Jones16
6Jason Mckusker8Mary Jones Best Result21
7Paul Smith21Roly Oliver17
8Brian Canlett Best Result21Sandra Darlington6
9Adrian Jones21Wendy Price15
10Steve Lewis21Pat Oliver20
11John Roberts21Ken Darlington17
12Dave Smith21Norman Barkley12

PosSevernside St JuliansScoreAbbey BScore
1Ian Jones21Gary Jones10
2Mark Parry21Martin Davison14
3Mark Lanning21Scott Newland19
4Peter Leigh21Micky Bramall13
5Ben Turner10Ben Atter Best Result21
6Cynthia Hedley21Adam James19
7Keith Potter18Dan Price21
8Cliff Redshaw Best Result21Nathan Thomas5
9Chris Kershaw19Dean Suter21
10Roland Leigh21Neil Crane18
11Stuart Rhodes21Luke Suter9
12Ernie Shea21David Webb9


1Will Childs19Paul Thomas21
2John Ford21Ken Davies11
3Gerry Fitzpatrick21Ted Manders10
4Peter Sargant21Clive Harrington6
5Graham Snelson21Rob Mitton19
6Ian Bowser21Martin Mckinley20
7Tim Childs17Emmet Mckinley (j) Best Result21
8Bob Sharpe21Pete Nicholls18
9Mike Pemberton17Danny Powell Best Result21
10James Weaver21Clive Brown6
11Ernie Garrett21Dickie Dodd18
12Chris Elsbury Best Result21John Morris2

PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreSevernside St JuliansScore
1Matthew Davies21Keith Potter9
2Sue Worley4Mark Parry Best Result21
3Ken Holding4Mark Lanning Best Result21
4Phil Hamer21Ian Jones9
5Ian Hutchison15Peter Leigh21
6Joan Shaw8Cliff Redshaw21
7Jan Holding21Ben Turner20
8Dave Perry12Alan Tudor21
9Adam Elmore Best Result21Roland Leigh5
10Phil Rowson21Chris Kershaw16
11Colin Rigby21Ernie Shea8
12Tim Worley17Stuart Rhodes21

PosBicton BScoreWem USCScore
1Wendy Price6Colleen Harding Best Result21
2Mary Jones14Mo Corley21
3Mike Bradder12Barrie Thomas21
4Sandra Darlington6Robert Pawlowski Best Result21
5Pat Neale16Jason Bebb21
6Diane Washbrook17Nathan Pawlowski21
7Roy Washbrook16Tracey Harding21
8Ken Darlington13Terry Piggott21
9George Bland20Ian Tinsley21
10Pat Oliver21Ant Williams7
11Norman Barkley17Phil Bryan21
12Shaun Phillips Best Result21Harry Thomas4

PosBurwayScoreAlbert Road BCScore
1Liam Dovey21Martin Ryan11
2Steve Dovey21Mark Hill9
3Harry Parsonage Best Result21Terry Jones8
4Vivian Cooper21Phil Davies20
5Steph Hollick13Chris Edwards21
6Cheryl Lloyd17Reg Reece21
7Jack Bufton21Bryan Bates19
8Emily Moseley Best Result21Graham Hughes8
9Tom Moseley15Nev Griffiths21
10Terry Angell8Dave Turner Best Result21
11Camilla Parsonage21Sam Hill16
12Anthony Rogers21Russell Turner15

PosAbbey BScoreChurch ClubScore
1Micky Bramall21Roy Jones13
2Dan Price17Glenys Jones21
3Nathan Thomas17Ron Crook21
4Gary Jones Best Result21Adrian Jones12
5Scott Newland21Emrys Jones20
6Steve Lambert19John Roberts21
7Steve Mackett7Paul Smith21
8Brett Coombes6Steve Lewis Best Result21
9Seb Yapp9Roger Candlin21
10Tom Hughes21Steve Turner15
11David Webb19Brian Canlett21
12Luke Suter Best Result21Pete Adams12


PosWem USCScoreAbbey BScore
1Barrie Thomas Best Result21Nathan Thomas7
2Colleen Harding17Scott Newland21
3Terry Piggott21Oliver Crane15
4Mo Corley21Micky Bramall18
5Carl Pawlowski21Adam James8
6Ian Tinsley21Steve Mackett9
7Nathan Pawlowski21Ben Atter11
8Jason Bebb21Luke Suter20
9Robert Pawlowski21John Davies15
10Harry Thomas2Dean Suter Best Result21
11Phil Bryan21Neil Crane13
12Ant Williams21David Webb16

PosOxonScoreBicton BScore
1Paul Thomas Best Result21Veronica Bland4
2Clive Harrington21Mary Jones6
3Tony Manders13Pat Oliver21
4Pete Nicholls21Mike Bradder11
5Emmet Mckinley (j)21Sandra Darlington13
6Martin Mckinley21Pat Neale15
7Rob Mitton21Wendy Price8
8Ken Davies21Roy Washbrook15
9Dickie Dodd21Ken Darlington18
10Danny Powell21Ken Barrow7
11Matt Morris21Shaun Phillips8
12John Morris7Diane Washbrook Best Result21

PosSevernside St JuliansScoreBagleyScore
1Ian Jones5Dave Paterson Best Result21
2Mark Parry21John Farmer (6ta)12
3Mark Lanning Best Result21Sandra Griffiths8
4Andrew Reynolds13David Scutts21
5Cynthia Hedley17Darren Williams21
6Ben Turner12Reg Sayer21
7Alan Tudor12Louise Rooke21
8Cliff Redshaw21Marg Barnes20
9Chris Kershaw16John Lovett (6ta)21
10Roland Leigh21Andy Barnes12
11Ernie Shea21Andy Sutherland (6ta)9
12Stuart Rhodes21Paul Peatroy (6ta)17

PosAlbert Road BCScoreHadnallScore
1Reg Reece18Darren Fitzpatrick21
2Mark Hill8Gerry Fitzpatrick Best Result21
3Terry Jones19Ian Bowser21
4Bryan Bates Best Result21Tim Childs4
5Chris Edwards20Peter Sargant21
6Graham Hughes21Ernie Garrett12
7John Grenville14James Weaver21
8Paul Binnersley21Chris Elsbury11
9Phil Davies21Will Childs16
10Sue Hill13Bob Sharpe21
11Dave Turner16John Ford21
12Nev Griffiths17Mike Pemberton21

PosChurch ClubScoreBurwayScore
1Steve Lewis21Terry Angell17
2Glenys Jones21Vivian Cooper14
3Roy Jones21Steph Hollick17
4Dave Smith21Steve Burmingham16
5Emrys Jones21Jack Bufton18
6Roger Candlin19Camilla Parsonage21
7John Roberts21Tom Moseley19
8Adrian Jones12George Cooper Best Result21
9Pete Adams Best Result21Cheryl Lloyd3
10Paul Smith17Anthony Rogers21
11Brian Canlett16Steve Dovey21
12Steve Turner21Harry Parsonage17


PosBurwayScoreWem USCScore
1Vivian Cooper21John Bushill19
2Liam Dovey15Colleen Harding21
3Barry Rogers21Barrie Thomas17
4Cheryl Rogers10Mo Corley Best Result21
5Steph Hollick21Ant Williams18
6Steve Burmingham21Jason Bebb10
7George Cooper21Terry Piggott19
8Mark Bull21Phil Bryan12
9Terry Angell21Robert Pawlowski20
10Jack Bufton21Martin Bebb3
11Steve Dovey Best Result21Ian Tinsley2
12Anthony Rogers21Harry Thomas3


PosChurch ClubScoreAlbert Road BCScore
1Adrian Jones21Graham Hughes12
2Glenys Jones21Martin Ryan8
3Ron Crook Best Result21Terry Jones1
4Roy Jones21Bryan Bates17
5Emrys Jones17Chris Edwards21
6Paul Smith15Mark Hill21
7Roger Candlin20Reg Reece21
8Brian Canlett21Sam Hill16
9Phil James18Russell Turner21
10Dave Smith13Nev Griffiths21
11Steve Lewis21Phil Davies16
12Steve Turner11Dave Turner Best Result21

PosHadnallScoreWem USCScore
1Nigel Reynolds6Colleen Harding Best Result21
2Darren Fitzpatrick21Barrie Thomas12
3Gerry Fitzpatrick18Gary Wall21
4Peter Sargant21Mo Corley16
5Tim Childs21Terry Piggott16
6John Ford Best Result21Robert Pawlowski9
7Ian Bowser21Nathan Pawlowski13
8Chris Hagyard13Harry Thomas21
9Mike Pemberton21Ian Tinsley15
10Ernie Garrett21Ant Williams17
11James Weaver19Phil Bryan21
12Chris Elsbury20Jason Bebb21

PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreBagleyScore
1Sandra Welham6Sandra Griffiths21
2Phil Hamer Best Result21Reg Sayer9
3Matthew Davies20Darren Williams21
4Dave Perry14Marg Barnes21
5Sue Worley7David Scutts21
6Linda Webster11John Farmer (6ta)21
7Mary Woolley10Stuart Reynolds21
8Ken Holding21Alan Welsh10
9Adam Elmore5Andy Barnes Best Result21
10Steve Preece9Andy Sutherland (6ta)21
11Phil Rowson21John Lovett (6ta)11
12Colin Rigby18Paul Peatroy (6ta)21

PosBicton BScoreSevernside St JuliansScore
1Pat Oliver Best Result21Mark Parry12
2Paul A Evans13George Powell21
3Mary Jones0Andrew Reynolds Best Result21
4Mike Bradder18Mark Lanning21
5Pat Neale15Ian Jones21
6Sandra Darlington21Ben Turner16
7Wendy Price21Cynthia Hedley15
8Diane Washbrook11Cliff Redshaw21
9Roy Washbrook0Stuart Rhodes Best Result21
10Dave Sands21Walk Over0
11Veronica Bland12Chris Kershaw21
12Ken Darlington13Ernie Shea21

1Steve Burmingham8Clive Harrington21
2George Cooper19Martin Mckinley21
3Steve Dovey13Pete Nicholls21
4Liam Dovey21Dave Wood11
5Jack Bufton7Paul Thomas Best Result21
6Vivian Cooper Best Result21Ken Davies4
7Steph Hollick21Emmet Mckinley (j)17
8Harry Parsonage21Rob Mitton19
9Camilla Parsonage21Paul Williams20
10Terry Angell21John Morris7
11Anthony Rogers21Danny Powell15
12Tom Moseley21Clive Brown18


PosBagleyScoreAbbey BScore
1Deryk Cumming19Dean Suter21
2Sandra Griffiths16Nathan Thomas21
3John Farmer (6ta)21Steve Lambert15
4David Scutts14Micky Bramall21
5John Lovett (6ta)21David Webb12
6Reg Sayer Best Result21Steve Mackett8
7Marg Barnes20Gary Jones21
8Andy Barnes18Neil Crane21
9Andy Sutherland (6ta) Best Result21Ben Atter8
10Dave Paterson19Luke Suter21
11Stuart Reynolds11Dan Price Best Result21
12Darren Williams21Scott Newland18

PosOxonScoreAlbert Road BCScore
1Paul Williams21Martin Ryan16
2Clive Harrington15Reg Reece21
3Dave Wood13Bryan Bates21
4Ken Davies21Mark Hill16
5Paul Thomas13Chris Edwards21
6Emmet Mckinley (j) Best Result21John Grenville3
7Pete Nicholls13Sam Hill21
8Rob Mitton16Graham Hughes21
9Matt Morris21Phil Davies8
10Dickie Dodd11Nev Griffiths Best Result21
11Martin Mckinley21Dave Turner13
12Danny Powell21Russell Turner18

PosWem USCScoreChurch ClubScore
1Gary Wall Best Result21Roy Jones5
2Colleen Harding15Ron Crook21
3Tracey Harding21Glenys Jones15
4Dave Clark21Steve Turner15
5Robert Pawlowski16Paul Smith21
6Barrie Thomas21John Roberts10
7Terry Piggott21Pete Adams9
8Ian Tinsley18Roger Candlin21
9Harry Thomas16Brian Canlett21
10Jason Bebb9Phil James Best Result21
11Phil Bryan20Bill Lewis21
12Ant Williams21Emrys Jones10

PosSevernside St JuliansScoreBurwayScore
1Ian Jones19Camilla Parsonage21
2Mark Lanning19Harry Parsonage21
3George Powell21Steve Dovey9
4Mark Parry14Anthony Rogers21
5Cynthia Hedley21Vivian Cooper10
6Ben Turner4Wendy Davies Best Result21
7Alan Tudor16Steph Hollick21
8Peter Leigh Best Result21Emily Moseley6
9Chris Kershaw21Tom Moseley10
10Roland Leigh21Jack Bufton19
11Ernie Shea20Terry Angell21
12Stuart Rhodes21Steve Burmingham8

PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreHadnallScore
1Jan Holding11Darren Fitzpatrick21
2Phil Hamer21Peter Sargant18
3Matthew Davies21Gerry Fitzpatrick14
4Ken Holding8Kerry Dance21
5Ben Worley5John Ford Best Result21
6Linda Webster6Ian Bowser21
7Dave Perry21Nigel Reynolds9
8Mary Woolley18Chris Hagyard21
9Phil Rowson Best Result21James Weaver6
10Steve Preece5Bob Sharpe Best Result21
11Tim Worley18Ernie Garrett21
12Adam Elmore18Chris Elsbury21


PosChurch ClubScoreOxonScore
1Phil James21Ken Davies14
2Ron Crook21Paul Thomas12
3Glenys Jones16Clive Harrington21
4John Roberts21Clive Brown7
5Roger Candlin11Pete Nicholls Best Result21
6Emrys Jones21Emmet Mckinley (j)19
7Pete Adams21John Morris5
8Bill Lewis Best Result21Rob Mitton3
9Paul Smith21Matt Morris9
10Dave Smith20Tony Manders21
11Adrian Jones15Danny Powell21
12Brian Canlett21Martin Mckinley14

PosAbbey BScoreWorthen & BrocktonScore
1Nathan Thomas Best Result21Dave Perry9
2Oliver Crane21Jan Holding13
3Scott Newland21Sue Worley19
4Gary Jones Best Result21Joan Shaw9
5Seb Yapp19Mary Woolley21
6Steve Lambert12Linda Webster Best Result21
7Ben Atter21Ken Holding18
8Callum Gwillam21Ian Hutchison14
9David Webb21Adam Elmore16
10Neil Crane14Phil Hamer21
11Luke Suter16Phil Rowson21
12Dean Suter21Tim Worley17

PosAlbert Road BCScoreSevernside St JuliansScore
1Nev Griffiths21Roland Leigh8
2Dave Turner21Chris Kershaw14
3Graham Hughes Best Result21Ian Jones4
4Phil Davies21Stuart Rhodes11
5Mark Hill21Mark Lanning11
6Sue Hill14Alan Tudor Best Result21
7Margaret Lacourse21Mark Parry18
8Reg Reece21Keith Potter8
9John Grenville19Cliff Redshaw21
10Terry Jones21Ben Turner15
11Chris Edwards21Peter Leigh14
12Russell Turner17Ernie Shea21

PosBicton BScoreBagleyScore
1Wendy Price Best Result21Sandra Griffiths7
2Pat Oliver21Darren Williams14
3Pat Neale12John Farmer (6ta)21
4Mary Jones21Reg Sayer20
5Roy Washbrook14Marg Barnes21
6Veronica Bland8Stuart Reynolds21
7Sandra Darlington21David Scutts17
8Diane Washbrook21Louise Rooke15
9Ken Darlington7Dave Paterson Best Result21
10Shaun Phillips21Andy Barnes18
11Mike Bradder11John Lovett (6ta)21
12Norman Barkley16Andy Sutherland (6ta)21


PosSevernside St JuliansScoreChurch ClubScore
1Ian Jones21Roy Jones11
2Paddy Grace10Glenys Jones Best Result21
3Mark Parry21Bill Lewis12
4Keith Potter Best Result21Ron Crook8
5Cynthia Hedley21Pete Adams13
6Ben Turner13Emrys Jones21
7Alan Tudor11Roger Candlin21
8Terry Sambrook17Paul Smith21
9Cliff Redshaw14John Roberts21
10Chris Kershaw21Steve Lewis17
11Stuart Rhodes21Steve Turner9
12Ernie Shea21Brian Canlett13

PosWorthen & BrocktonScoreBurwayScore
1Phil Hamer6Vivian Cooper21
2Jan Holding14Cheryl Rogers21
3Dave Perry8Steph Hollick21
4Joan Shaw5Harry Parsonage Best Result21
5Linda Webster Best Result21Steve Burmingham19
6Mary Woolley5George Cooper Best Result21
7Ken Holding9Steve Dovey21
8Ben Worley12Emily Moseley21
9Matthew Davies6Anthony Rogers21
10Colin Rigby15Tom Moseley21
11Tim Worley10Camilla Parsonage21
12Adam Elmore10Terry Angell21

PosWem USCScoreOxonScore
1Colleen Harding21Paul Williams6
2Mo Corley21Clive Harrington8
3Jason Bebb21Dave Wood20
4Tracey Harding15Ken Davies21
5Gail Garside4Paul Thomas Best Result21
6Terry Piggott21Rob Mitton10
7Phil Bryan21Martin Mckinley16
8Harry Thomas Best Result21Pete Nicholls5
9Ian Tinsley8Dickie Dodd21
10Nathan Pawlowski15Emmet Mckinley (j)21
11Mark Williams5Matt Morris21
12Ant Williams16Danny Powell21

PosAbbey BScoreBicton BScore
1Gary Jones21Mary Jones5
2Carl Jones21Pat Oliver18
3Luke Suter21Veronica Bland7
4Scott Newland21George Bland9
5Seb Yapp15Diane Washbrook Best Result21
6Micky Bramall21Sandra Darlington10
7Steve Lambert Best Result21Wendy Wainwright3
8Ben Atter21Barbara Barkley11
9Oliver Crane21Norman Barkley15
10Neil Crane21Ron Wainwright12
11David Webb21Ken Darlington5
12Dean Suter21Roy Washbrook15

1Darren Williams19Gerry Fitzpatrick21
2Reg Sayer13Graham Snelson21
3Mark Spencer (6ta)19John Ford21
4Marg Barnes18Peter Sargant21
5Louise Rooke21Chris Hagyard12
6John Farmer (6ta) Best Result21John Stephenson1
7Stuart Reynolds21Tim Childs15
8Paul Peatroy (6ta)21Will Childs20
9David Scutts21Mike Pemberton17
10Dave Paterson8Kerry Dance21
11Andy Sutherland (6ta)13Chris Elsbury21
12John Lovett (6ta)1James Weaver Best Result21


PosChurch ClubScoreBagleyScore
1Emrys Jones21Darren Williams14
2Roy Jones19Mark Spencer (6ta)21
3Ron Crook21John Farmer (6ta)14
4Pete Adams21Reg Sayer10
5Paul Smith Best Result21Louise Rooke6
6Roger Candlin21Gary Morgan (6ta)13
7Phil James21Stuart Reynolds14
8John Roberts21Marg Barnes17
9Brian Canlett21Andy Sutherland (6ta)14
10Dave Smith21Andy Barnes12
11Chris Lloyd16John Lovett (6ta) Best Result21
12Adrian Jones21Walk Over0

PosHadnallScoreSevernside St JuliansScore
1Graham Snelson18Ian Jones Best Result21
2Kerry Dance21Paddy Grace9
3Peter Sargant21Mark Parry13
4Gerry Fitzpatrick Best Result21Keith Potter4
5Chris Hagyard21Cynthia Hedley14
6Mike Pemberton21Ben Turner5
7John Stephenson21Mike Self10
8Tim Childs21Terry Sambrook14
9Will Childs21Cliff Redshaw11
10John Ford21Chris Kershaw5
11James Weaver21Ernie Shea13
12Chris Elsbury21Stuart Rhodes16

PosAlbert Road BCScoreWem USCScore
1Reg Reece21Terry Piggott12
2John Grenville14Gail Garside21
3Martin Ryan21Colleen Harding18
4Les Lacourse10Harry Thomas21
5Mark Hill21Mo Corley17
6Sue Hill21Tracey Harding12
7Terry Jones8Dave Clark Best Result21
8Chris Edwards12Robert Pawlowski21
9Russell Turner14Ant Williams21
10Phil Davies17Jason Bebb21
11Dave Turner Best Result21Ian Tinsley9
12Nev Griffiths15Phil Bryan21

PosBicton BScoreWorthen & BrocktonScore
1Pat Oliver21Adam Elmore8
2Veronica Bland12Sue Worley Best Result21
3George Bland21Phil Hamer13
4Paul A Evans21Jan Holding18
5Sandra Darlington Best Result21Ben Worley5
6Diane Washbrook21Mary Woolley14
7Pat Neale16Dave Perry21
8Wendy Price21Ken Holding7
9Ken Darlington14Roy Washbourne21
10Roy Washbrook21Matthew Davies15
11Norman Barkley21Colin Rigby14
12Mary Jones21Tim Worley20

PosOxonScoreAbbey BScore
1Paul Williams21Steve Lambert15
2Roger Haydon21Dean Suter4
3Clive Harrington15Scott Newland21
4Ted Rogers17Luke Suter21
5Pete Nicholls Best Result21Seb Yapp1
6Emmet Mckinley (j)21Callum Gwillam8
7Paul Thomas21Ben Atter5
8Martin Mckinley21Carl Jones11
9Dave Wood14Neil Crane Best Result21
10Dickie Dodd21David Webb2
11Matt Morris17Nigel Thomas21
12Danny Powell21Oliver Crane3