Tanners Claret Shropshire Bowling League 2014

Latest results for Shropshire Div. 3

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PosHadnallScoreMeole VillageScore
1John Thomas9Alex Nisbet (1) Best Result21
2Peter Sargeant21Phil Wilkinson13
3Ian Bowser10Geoff Balshaw21
4Tony Coles Best Result21John Maddox (1)6
5James Weaver12Alan Lloyd (1)21
6Lynn Bebb21Charlie Edwards19
7Bob Sharp21Chris Elliott (1)11
8Colin Horobin19Barry Bailey21
9Gerry Fitzpatrick21Jan Wilkinson14
10Brian Bebb17Mike Jones21
11Mike Pemberton19Martin Stott21
12Ernie Garrett21Peter Phillips (1)17

PosSevernside St JuliansScoreOxonScore
1Mark Lanning Best Result21Angie Griffiths3
2Ian Jones (1)17Paul Williams21
3Paddy Grace18Tony Manders21
4Russell Brown14Ron Edwards (1)21
5Alan Tudor (1)7Martin Mckinley Best Result21
6Peter Leigh (1)20Danny Powell21
7Mark Parry21Paul Thomas18
8Chris Kershaw (1)21Terry Clorley (1)20
9Roland Leigh10Andy Owens21
10Paul Brown21Matt Morris (1)13
11Stuart Rhodes15Dickie Dodd21
12Ernie Shea21Ted Manders (1)19
The visitors played the green very well and got a good start with three winners off the front, the rest of the match was shared with some close games on both sides. Best for the Saints were Mark Lanning 21-3 and Paul Brown 21-13. Best for Oxon were Martin mcKinley 21-7 and Andy Owens 21-10. A good competitive game to finish the Season played in a good friendly spirit.

PosWhittingtonScorePrince SocialScore
1Graham Humphreys21Jamie Morgan (1)12
2Merv Davies16Tony Parsons21
3Julian Turner Best Result21Debbie Bould (1)6
4Ben Hampson19Sid Bould (1)21
5Jacqui Whitley21Neil Lewis15
6Andy Cawthay Best Result21Bob Pugh6
7Dougie Briscoe14Neil Tooze21
8John Harrison21Andrew Austin11
9Helen Humphreys10Chris Wilson Best Result21
10Mel Morris21Peter Thomas (1)12
11Brian Whitley21Craig Breeze16
12Aled Davies20Christie Hughes (1)21
A good evenings bowling at Whittington Julian turner an dandy cawthray best for the home team 21.6 chris Wilson winning money for the prince 21.10

PosCorbet ArmsScoreBictonScore
1Brian Mobberley (1)21Tony Dawson (1)11
2Mike Wood21Nicky Ashworth8
3Terry Evans (1)20Trevor Bowers (1)21
4Marion Stevens14Richard Carr (1)21
5Sylvia Burton (1)9Rob Jones Best Result21
6Mary Woodcock20Dave Price21
7Gill Blakeley21Pat Price20
8Lesley Linney (1)21Becky Ashworth14
9Brian Burton (1)14Matt Statham21
10Paul Caswell21Andy Wilson (1)6
11Eddie Roderick11Paul Ashworth21
12Dave Hyde (1) Best Result21Stuart Bennett5
An enjoyable game of bowls, team played well brilliant cards from Dave Hyde, Paul Caswell and Mike Wood,


1Stuart Bennett21Kerry Dance10
2Richard Carr (1)21Peter Sargeant12
3Nicky Ashworth Best Result21Ian Bowser5
4Ken Barrow21James Weaver Best Result20
5Tony Dawson (1)21Colin Horobin16
6Trevor Bowers (1)21Bob Sharp19
7Becky Ashworth21Tony Coles Best Result20
8Rob Jones21Lynn Bebb8
9Andy Wilson (1)21Ernie Garrett8
10Keith Thomas21Gerry Fitzpatrick11
11Karen Bennett21Mike Pemberton13
12Paul Ashworth Best Result21Brian Bebb5
a great result for bicton a big thumbs up nicky and paul ashworth winning 21.5

PosMeole VillageScoreWhittingtonScore
1Alex Nisbet (1)18Ben Hampson21
2John Maddox (1)21Merv Davies13
3Mike Jones15Julian Turner21
4Mark Davies20Graham Humphreys21
5Jan Wilkinson2John Hughes Best Result21
6Geoff Balshaw21Andy Cawthay15
7Chris Elliott (1)21John Harrison18
8Alan Lloyd (1) Best Result21Jacqui Whitley12
9Martin Stott Best Result21Brian Whitley12
10Peter Phillips (1)20Dougie Briscoe21
11Phil Wilkinson19Mel Morris21
12Tony Williams (1)21Aled Davies18

PosOxonScoreCorbet ArmsScore
1Ron Edwards (1)21Terry Evans (1)18
2Paul Williams14Brian Mobberley (1)21
3Matt Morris (1)21Sylvia Burton (1)9
4Paul Herring9Mike Wood Best Result21
5Emmet Mckinley (j)21Mary Woodcock16
6Paul Thomas18Gill Blakeley21
7Terry Clorley (1)21Brian Burton (1)20
8Ted Manders (1)21Lesley Linney (1)18
9Andy Owens20Dave Hyde (1)21
10Tony Manders Best Result21Eddie Roderick4
11Danny Powell21Paul Caswell14
12Martin Mckinley21Marion Stevens7

PosPrince SocialScoreBishops CastleScore
1Neil Lewis Best Result21Ian Corfield10
2Andrew Austin21Terry Bufton15
3Sid Bould (1)21Ron Ellis13
4Neil Tooze12Doug Morris Best Result21
5Craig Breeze21Colin Reynolds11
6Jamie Morgan (1)21Wayne Pugh15
7Peter Thomas (1)21Tony Graham20
8Martin Edwards (1)12Josh Dickin Best Result21
9Christie Hughes (1)16Andrew Evans21
10Dan Wilson20Bill Meek21
11Bob Pugh Best Result21Paul Wheeler10
12Chris Wilson12Mark Evans Best Result21


PosWhittingtonScoreBishops CastleScore
1Andy Cawthay21Mark Evans16
2Dougie Briscoe21Bill Meek7
3Aled Davies21Mark Griffiths3
4Merv Davies21Paul Wheeler5
5Ben Hampson21Doug Morris17
6John Harrison21Ian Corfield9
7John Hughes Best Result21Barry Jones2
8Graham Humphreys21Andrew Evans14
9Helen Humphreys14Colin Reynolds Best Result21
10Mel Morris21Terry Bufton12
11Julian Turner21Wayne Pugh7
12Jacqui Whitley21Tony Graham16
A very strong home performance from Whittington John Hughes taking the money 21-2 Alec Davies 21-3 merv Davies 21-5 the pick of whittingtons winners Colin Reynolds 21-14 got the castles point .

PosCorbet ArmsScoreMeole VillageScore
1Brian Mobberley (1)21Mark Davies18
2Mike Wood Best Result21Mike Jones5
3Lesley Linney (1)21Alex Nisbet (1)9
4Marion Stevens21John Maddox (1)13
5Terry Evans (1)21Jan Wilkinson10
6Gill Blakeley21Charlie Edwards12
7Mary Woodcock21Geoff Balshaw10
8Carol Jones4Alan Lloyd (1) Best Result21
9Paul Caswell21Tony Williams (1)10
10Sylvia Burton (1)15Martin Stott21
11Eddie Roderick21Phil Wilkinson20
12Dave Hyde (1)21Chris Elliott (1)7
Another very good home win for the Corbet Arms, Mike Wood being the best winner 21-5,Dave Hyde 21-7 and Lesley Linney 21-9 can we avoid the drop, we hope so.

1Nicky Ashworth17Paul Williams21
2Richard Carr (1) Best Result21Paul Herring4
3Trevor Bowers (1)21Brian Christmas (1)14
4Dave Price21Lol Evans14
5Beth Cleverley (1)4Paul Thomas Best Result21
6Alan Hargrove (1)13Danny Powell21
7Becky Ashworth20Terry Clorley (1)21
8Matt Statham7Martin Mckinley21
9Andy Wilson (1)12Matt Morris (1)21
10Keith Thomas21Ted Manders (1)20
11Paul Ashworth21Tony Manders13
12Kevin Price21Mike Bradder (1)13
sorry its late

PosSevernside St JuliansScorePrince SocialScore
1Ian Jones (1)21Tony Parsons17
2Russell Brown21Andrew Austin17
3Mark Lanning21Debbie Bould (1)8
4Alan Reynolds21Sid Bould (1)11
5Alan Tudor (1)10Peter Thomas (1) Best Result21
6Peter Leigh (1)17Neil Tooze21
7Paddy Grace21Martin Edwards (1)20
8Chris Kershaw (1)21Jamie Morgan (1)12
9Mark Parry21Christie Hughes (1)9
10Roland Leigh Best Result21Ian Macmillan6
11Ernie Shea21Dan Wilson9
12Stuart Rhodes21Bob Pugh11
A good home win to help lift the Friars from the dreaded drop zone. Four winners off the front , two in the middle and four at the back secured the much needed points. Best for the home team were Roland Leigh 21-6 and Mark Lanning 21-8. The two winners for the Social were Peter Thomas 21-10 and Neil Tooze 21-17. A good match played in a good spirit.


PosPrince SocialScoreWhittingtonScore
1Andrew Austin21Dougie Briscoe6
2Sid Bould (1)8Julian Turner21
3Phil Thomas12Graham Humphreys21
4Neil Tooze Best Result21Merv Davies3
5Dan Wilson21Nora Brunt17
6Ian Macmillan7Helen Humphreys21
7Jamie Morgan (1)17Joan Holland21
8Peter Thomas (1)2Mel Morris Best Result21
9Christie Hughes (1)21E.d. Williams4
10Neil Lewis20Aled Davies21
11Bob Pugh21Andy Cawthay12
12Chris Wilson21Mike Brunt11


PosPrince SocialScoreHadnallScore
1Andrew Austin21Mike Pemberton12
2Debbie Bould (1)21Ian Bowser8
3Sid Bould (1)21Ernie Garrett16
4Neil Tooze21Colin Horobin7
5Neil Lewis Best Result21Lynn Bebb6
6Bob Pugh13Peter Sargeant Best Result21
7Jamie Morgan (1) Best Result21Kerry Dance6
8Peter Thomas (1)21Tony Coles16
9Christie Hughes (1)21Graham Snelson12
10Martin Edwards (1)21John Thomas8
11Craig Breeze21Brian Bebb20
12Chris Wilson21James Weaver14

PosBishops CastleScoreCorbet ArmsScore
1Barry Jones21Brian Mobberley (1)16
2Paul Wheeler11Marion Stevens Best Result21
3Mark Griffiths12Mike Wood21
4Ron Ellis21Terry Evans (1)9
5Bill Meek21Sylvia Burton (1)11
6Tony Graham21Mary Woodcock17
7Colin Reynolds Best Result21Carol Jones7
8Josh Dickin21Gill Blakeley15
9Terry Bufton11Dave Hyde (1) Best Result21
10Wayne Pugh21Brian Burton (1)11
11Doug Morris21Paul Caswell10
12Ian Corfield21Eddie Roderick10

PosMeole VillageScoreBictonScore
1John Maddox (1)19Richard Carr (1)21
2Dave Perks21Becky Ashworth15
3Jan Wilkinson21Ken Barrow11
4Mike Jones21Stuart Bennett14
5Charlie Edwards11Trevor Bowers (1) Best Result21
6Geoff Balshaw Best Result21Beth Cleverley (1)5
7Alex Nisbet (1)21Nicky Ashworth14
8Peter Phillips (1)21Keith Thomas12
9Martin Stott21Andy Wilson (1)12
10Phil Wilkinson21Karen Bennett13
11Alan Lloyd (1)21Matt Statham10
12Tony Williams (1)11Paul Ashworth Best Result21

PosWhittingtonScoreSevernside St JuliansScore
1Dougie Briscoe21Roland Leigh8
2Andy Cawthay16Ernie Shea21
3Mel Morris21Peter Leigh (1)12
4Helen Humphreys17Paddy Grace21
5John Hughes21Russell Brown14
6Ben Hampson Best Result21Ian Jones (1)5
7Mike Brunt12Stuart Rhodes Best Result21
8Aled Davies19Chris Kershaw (1)21
9Graham Humphreys21Mark Lanning8
10Merv Davies20Alan Tudor (1)21
11Julian Turner21Keith Potter (1)9
12John Harrison21Mark Parry15
A good solid home performance from Whittington with the best cards coming from the front four winners. St. Julians fought back in the middle with two winners and at the back with three winners. Best for Whittington was Ben Hampson with 21-5 and Graham Humphreys and Dougie Briscoe with equal 21-8s. Best for the Saints were Stuart Rhodes with 21-12 and Ernie Shea with 21-16 but special mention to Alan Tudor and Chris Kershaw who fought back and dug in to grind out two excellent wins. A good match played in a very enjoyable spirit.


PosBictonScorePrince SocialScore
1Stuart Bennett11Sid Bould (1) Best Result21
2Nicky Ashworth17Phil Thomas21
3Richard Carr (1)17Andrew Austin21
4Ken Barrow21Debbie Bould (1)16
5Rob Jones19Jamie Morgan (1)21
6Becky Ashworth21Neil Tooze20
7Trevor Bowers (1)21Peter Thomas (1)17
8Matt Statham21Elaine Jones9
9Karen Bennett21Ian Macmillan14
10Andy Wilson (1)21Bob Pugh17
11Paul Ashworth Best Result21Christie Hughes (1)7
12Keith Thomas21Martin Edwards (1)8

PosOxonScoreMeole VillageScore
1Matt Morris (1)21John Maddox (1)12
2Ron Edwards (1)21Alex Nisbet (1)20
3Paul Williams21Mark Davies10
4Ken Davies20Mike Jones21
5Brian Christmas (1)21Geoff Balshaw20
6Terry Clorley (1)13Alan Lloyd (1) Best Result21
7Paul Thomas21Jan Wilkinson17
8Ted Manders (1) Best Result21Charlie Edwards8
9Andy Owens17Tony Williams (1)21
10Tony Manders21Martin Stott19
11Dickie Dodd18Phil Wilkinson21
12Martin Mckinley21Peter Phillips (1)10
Ted reliable Manders takes the coppers again for Oxon

PosSevernside St JuliansScoreBishops CastleScore
1Ian Jones (1)21Paul Wheeler12
2Russell Brown Best Result21Tony Graham7
3Mark Lanning18Andrew Evans21
4Paddy Grace21Josh Dickin20
5Keith Potter (1)10Mark Evans Best Result21
6Roger Burton12Barry Jones21
7Alan Tudor (1)21Colin Reynolds19
8Peter Leigh (1)18Bill Meek21
9Roland Leigh21Terry Bufton18
10Chris Kershaw (1)15Wayne Pugh21
11Ernie Shea21Ian Corfield17
12Stuart Rhodes21Doug Morris10

1Kerry Dance21John Hughes7
2Peter Sargeant21Richard Beaman10
3Tony Coles21Graham Humphreys12
4Ian Bowser21Dougie Briscoe19
5Kaye Weaver14John Harrison21
6James Weaver21Helen Humphreys12
7Lynn Bebb7Ben Hampson21
8Colin Horobin21Joan Holland20
9John Thomas6Aled Davies Best Result21
10Mike Pemberton Best Result21Andy Cawthay5
11Brian Bebb21Mike Brunt8
12Ernie Garrett16Mel Morris21


PosBishops CastleScoreMeole VillageScore
1Mark Evans21John Maddox (1)10
2Josh Dickin17Charlie Edwards21
3Paul Wheeler16Alex Nisbet (1) Best Result21
4Andrew Evans21Mike Jones6
5Barry Jones21Jan Wilkinson17
6Tony Graham21Chris Elliott (1)13
7Bill Meek21Geoff Balshaw11
8Terry Bufton19Peter Phillips (1)21
9Ian Corfield Best Result21Mark Davies5
10Mark Griffiths19Tony Williams (1)21
11Doug Morris20Phil Wilkinson21
12Wayne Pugh21Martin Stott10

PosPrince SocialScoreCorbet ArmsScore
1Andrew Austin21Mike Wood12
2Sid Bould (1)21Brian Mobberley (1)7
3Debbie Bould (1)21Marion Stevens14
4Tony Parsons20Terry Evans (1)21
5Neil Tooze21Gill Blakeley14
6Jamie Morgan (1)21Carol Jones7
7Peter Thomas (1)21Mary Woodcock12
8Bob Pugh21Sylvia Burton (1)8
9Christie Hughes (1) Best Result21Lesley Linney (1)5
10Martin Edwards (1)5Dave Hyde (1) Best Result21
11Neil Lewis21Eddie Roderick11
12Chris Wilson21Paul Caswell10

1John Harrison21Terry Clorley (1)8
2Mike Brunt21Mike Bradder (1)18
3Dougie Briscoe15Ted Manders (1) Best Result21
4John Hughes21Ron Edwards (1)16
5Julian Turner17Lol Evans21
6Graham Humphreys21Brian Christmas (1)11
7Aled Davies Best Result21Dickie Dodd5
8Brian Whitley21Tony Manders12
9Merv Davies21Ken Davies17
10Jacqui Whitley21Paul Williams15
11Mel Morris21Andy Owens8
12Ben Hampson21Paul Thomas15
Good win to keep Whittington in touch at the top aled Davies the best to 5 with Ted manders winning sweep for oxon

PosSevernside St JuliansScoreHadnallScore
1Ian Jones (1)21Kerry Dance8
2Paddy Grace21Ian Bowser11
3Russell Brown21Tony Coles11
4Mark Lanning21Peter Sargeant11
5Roger Burton21Lynn Bebb9
6Peter Leigh (1) Best Result21Bryan Thomas4
7Chris Kershaw (1)21Steve Dance15
8Mark Parry21Bob Sharp Best Result18
9Roland Leigh21Ernie Garrett6
10Andrew Rhodes21Brian Bebb14
11Ernie Shea21Mike Pemberton15
12Stuart Rhodes21Colin Horobin16
A good home win for Severnside St. Julians to lift their spirits. Best for the Friars were brothers Peter and Roland Leigh with 21-4 and 21-6 respectively. Hadnall played well but the green suited the home players best.


1Stuart Bennett Best Result21John Hughes10
2Ken Barrow9Julian Turner Best Result21
3Nicky Ashworth21Graham Humphreys19
4Trevor Bowers (1)21Merv Davies15
5Matt Statham14Jacqui Whitley21
6Rob Jones9Ben Hampson Best Result21
7Tony Dawson (1)16Dougie Briscoe21
8Alan Hargrove (1)13John Harrison21
9Karen Bennett19Mike Brunt21
10Kevin Price18Aled Davies21
11Andy Wilson (1)21Brian Whitley18
12Keith Thomas21Mel Morris16
good win for stuart bennett in the wet for bicton winning 21/10 then whittington showed they class to win the match 9/5

PosHadnallScoreBishops CastleScore
1Peter Sargeant Best Result21Andrew Evans5
2Tony Coles21Barry Jones10
3Gerry Fitzpatrick21Ron Ellis14
4Ian Bowser5Paul Wheeler Best Result21
5Bryan Thomas21Jonathon Butler17
6James Weaver21Josh Dickin15
7Lynn Bebb7Mark Evans21
8John Thomas19Bill Meek21
9Colin Horobin19Doug Morris21
10Mike Pemberton9Wayne Pugh21
11Brian Bebb13Mark Griffiths21
12Ernie Garrett14Ian Corfield21

PosOxonScorePrince SocialScore
1Paul Herring15Tony Parsons21
2Ted Manders (1)17Debbie Bould (1)21
3Roger Haydon10Neil Tooze Best Result21
4Ron Edwards (1) Best Result21Peter Thomas (1)3
5Paul Williams13Andrew Austin21
6Paul Thomas21Jamie Morgan (1)12
7Brian Christmas (1)21Martin Edwards (1)13
8Terry Clorley (1)21Phil Thomas20
9Andy Owens21Chris Wilson18
10Dickie Dodd21Ian Macmillan14
11Mike Bradder (1)18Christie Hughes (1)21
12Danny Powell21Bob Pugh18

PosCorbet ArmsScoreSevernside St JuliansScore
1Marion Stevens21Keith Potter (1)13
2Mike Wood21Paddy Grace12
3Paul Caswell21Mark Lanning18
4Terry Evans (1)21Ian Jones (1)18
5Carol Jones19Andrew Rhodes21
6Gill Blakeley11Russell Brown21
7Sylvia Burton (1)17Peter Leigh (1)21
8Mary Woodcock21Alan Tudor (1)20
9Lesley Linney (1)21Mark Parry13
10Brian Burton (1)0Stuart Rhodes Best Result21
11Eddie Roderick21Roland Leigh19
12Dave Hyde (1) Best Result21Chris Kershaw (1)11


PosBishops CastleScoreOxonScore
1Mark Evans21Tony Manders8
2Josh Dickin21Ron Edwards (1)18
3Ron Ellis21Brian Christmas (1)5
4Andrew Evans Best Result21Paul Thomas4
5Jonathon Butler21Paul Williams10
6Barry Jones21Ted Manders (1)12
7Maurice Phillips5Terry Clorley (1) Best Result21
8Colin Reynolds8Martin Mckinley21
9Bill Meek19Mike Bradder (1)21
10Terry Bufton15Danny Powell21
11Doug Morris21Andy Owens7
12Wayne Pugh21Matt Morris (1)5

PosSevernside St JuliansScoreBictonScore
1Keith Potter (1)20Stuart Bennett21
2Mark Lanning Best Result21Tony Dawson (1)14
3Roland Leigh13Ken Barrow21
4Mark Parry15Richard Carr (1)21
5Chris Hagon (1)17Becky Ashworth21
6Alan Tudor (1)21Rob Jones18
7Peter Leigh (1)17Trevor Bowers (1)21
8Russell Brown16Matt Statham21
9Paul Brown7Keith Thomas21
10Ernie Shea21Karen Bennett18
11Chris Kershaw (1)6Paul Ashworth Best Result21
12Stuart Rhodes20Andy Wilson (1)21
Good away win for the visitors they played the green very well. The Friars were on the backfoot from going 3-1 down on the front four and never really recovered, they won one more in the middle and one at the back. Best cards for Bicton were Paul Ashworth 21-6 and Keith Thomas 21-7. Best for the Friars was Mark Lanning 21-14 and Alan Tudor and Ernie Shea both with 21-18.

PosPrince SocialScoreMeole VillageScore
1Neil Lewis21Alex Nisbet (1)7
2Tony Parsons21Mark Davies19
3Sid Bould (1)21Peter Phillips (1)20
4Debbie Bould (1)16John Maddox (1)21
5Craig Breeze21Chris Elliott (1)14
6Peter Thomas (1)14Alan Lloyd (1)21
7Jamie Morgan (1)21Mike Jones9
8Neil Tooze21John Crundell15
9Martin Edwards (1)10Geoff Balshaw Best Result21
10Christie Hughes (1) Best Result21Charlie Edwards6
11Chris Wilson21Martin Stott17
12Bob Pugh21Tony Williams (1)12

PosHadnallScoreCorbet ArmsScore
1Kerry Dance21Mike Wood17
2Peter Sargeant Best Result21Brian Burton (1)1
3Tony Coles21Terry Evans (1) Best Result20
4Gerry Fitzpatrick21Marion Stevens13
5Graham Snelson21Mary Woodcock7
6Jackie Price21Gill Blakeley9
7Phil Price Best Result21Carol Jones1
8Bob Sharp21Sylvia Burton (1)9
9John Thomas21Lesley Linney (1)2
10Ernie Garrett21Paul Caswell17
11Colin Horobin21Dave Hyde (1)15
12James Weaver21Eddie Roderick11


PosBictonScoreBishops CastleScore
1Richard Carr (1) Best Result21Ron Ellis4
2Nicky Ashworth13Andrew Evans21
3Ken Barrow4Paul Wheeler Best Result21
4Trevor Bowers (1)21Barry Jones12
5Matt Statham21Josh Dickin13
6Becky Ashworth17Mark Evans21
7Alan Hargrove (1)17Jonathon Butler21
8Keith Thomas21Mark Griffiths19
9Karen Bennett21Terry Bufton9
10Paul Ashworth21Doug Morris19
11Andy Wilson (1)21Wayne Pugh20
12Rob Jones21Ian Corfield6

PosMeole VillageScoreSevernside St JuliansScore
1John Maddox (1)18Paddy Grace Best Result21
2Mark Davies21Ian Jones (1)12
3Peter Phillips (1)21Mark Lanning15
4Alex Nisbet (1)21Keith Potter (1)19
5Alan Lloyd (1) Best Result21Chris Hagon (1)6
6Chris Elliott (1)21Peter Leigh (1)18
7Charlie Edwards21Ernie Shea20
8Barry Bailey21Alan Tudor (1)16
9Martin Stott21Roland Leigh17
10John Crundell21Mark Parry16
11Geoff Balshaw21Chris Kershaw (1)20
12Tony Williams (1)21Stuart Rhodes15

PosCorbet ArmsScoreWhittingtonScore
1Mike Gater21Ben Hampson13
2Marion Stevens21John Hughes12
3Mike Wood21Brian Whitley17
4Terry Evans (1)19Julian Turner21
5Gill Blakeley14John Harrison21
6Mary Woodcock9Jacqui Whitley21
7Sylvia Burton (1)6Graham Humphreys Best Result21
8Carol Jones7Mel Morris21
9Brian Burton (1)20Mike Brunt21
10Eddie Roderick Best Result21Helen Humphreys7
11Dave Hyde (1) Best Result21Andy Cawthay7
12Paul Caswell21Dave Turner11

1Paul Herring21Phil Price15
2Ron Edwards (1)21Gerry Fitzpatrick19
3Paul Williams21Tony Coles12
4Brian Christmas (1)11Kerry Dance21
5Paul Thomas10James Weaver21
6Terry Clorley (1)21Lynn Bebb12
7Dave Jones21Kaye Weaver7
8Ted Manders (1)21Graham Snelson13
9Tony Manders21Bob Sharp13
10Andy Owens6Colin Horobin Best Result21
11Danny Powell Best Result21John Thomas6
12Martin Mckinley21Brian Bebb20


PosOxonScoreSevernside St JuliansScore
1Ken Davies Best Result21Ian Jones (1)8
2Ron Edwards (1)21Mark Lanning10
3Paul Williams21Paddy Grace20
4Matt Morris (1)21Alan Reynolds14
5Terry Clorley (1)11Chris Hagon (1)21
6Paul Thomas21Russell Brown18
7Lol Evans21Alan Tudor (1)19
8Martin Mckinley21Chris Kershaw (1)13
9Ted Manders (1)16Mark Parry21
10Mike Bradder (1)21Stuart Rhodes18
11Dickie Dodd21Ernie Shea15
12Danny Powell7Roland Leigh Best Result21

PosBictonScoreCorbet ArmsScore
1Richard Carr (1)16Marion Stevens21
2Nicky Ashworth21Brian Mobberley (1)13
3Tony Dawson (1)18Dave Hyde (1)21
4Matt Statham21Mike Wood13
5Beth Cleverley (1)6Lesley Linney (1) Best Result21
6Becky Ashworth21Gill Blakeley18
7Alan Hargrove (1)21Sylvia Burton (1)20
8Trevor Bowers (1)21Terry Evans (1)15
9Karen Bennett21Brian Burton (1)8
10Paul Ashworth Best Result21Graham Lewis2
11Andy Wilson (1)21Eddie Roderick10
12Keith Thomas21Paul Caswell9

PosMeole VillageScoreHadnallScore
1Martin Stott21Ian Bowser6
2Mike Jones21Tony Coles8
3Alex Nisbet (1)21Kerry Dance13
4Chris Elliott (1)15Peter Sargeant Best Result21
5Barry Bailey21Bob Sharp12
6Jan Wilkinson21Gerry Fitzpatrick14
7Geoff Balshaw Best Result21Lynn Bebb4
8Alan Lloyd (1)21John Thomas20
9John Maddox (1)21Brian Bebb20
10Peter Phillips (1)21Colin Horobin10
11Tony Williams (1) Best Result21Ernie Garrett4
12Phil Wilkinson17Mike Pemberton21


PosWhittingtonScoreMeole VillageScore
1Andy Cawthay21Tony Williams (1)9
2Brian Charles21Mike Jones8
3Aled Davies21Phil Wilkinson10
4Merv Davies21Alex Nisbet (1)20
5Ben Hampson Best Result21Jan Wilkinson3
6John Harrison21Alan Lloyd (1)14
7Joan Holland12Peter Phillips (1) Best Result21
8John Hughes21Chris Elliott (1)13
9Graham Humphreys18John Maddox (1)21
10Helen Humphreys21Martin Stott11
11Mel Morris21Barry Bailey14
12Julian Turner21Mark Davies10
Good home result for unbeaten whittington pick of the night was Ben Hampson continuing his good form with a 21-3 win Peter Phillips best for me ole 21-12

1Kerry Dance21Richard Carr (1)14
2Peter Sargeant21Nicky Ashworth9
3Ian Bowser21Ken Barrow16
4James Weaver21Stuart Bennett12
5John Thomas21Becky Ashworth8
6Graham Snelson Best Result21Beth Cleverley (1)7
7Lynn Bebb8Matt Statham Best Result21
8Bob Sharp21Tony Dawson (1)20
9Colin Horobin19Paul Ashworth21
10Mike Pemberton21Keith Thomas18
11Ernie Garrett15Karen Bennett21
12Brian Bebb21Andy Wilson (1)16

PosCorbet ArmsScoreOxonScore
1Mike Wood21Mike Bradder (1)11
2Mike Gater21Paul Thomas18
3Marion Stevens21Ron Edwards (1)17
4Brian Mobberley (1)21Paul Williams13
5Carol Jones12Danny Powell Best Result21
6Terry Evans (1)21Terry Clorley (1)17
7Gill Blakeley21Dickie Dodd16
8Sylvia Burton (1)19Martin Mckinley21
9Brian Burton (1)14Matt Morris (1)21
10Paul Caswell Best Result21Ted Manders (1)8
11Eddie Roderick21Tony Manders16
12Dave Hyde (1)21Andy Owens15

PosBishops CastleScorePrince SocialScore
1Mark Evans Best Result21Debbie Bould (1)4
2Andrew Evans21Tony Parsons11
3Ron Ellis21Sid Bould (1)14
4Josh Dickin21Andrew Austin20
5Bill Meek21Bob Pugh16
6Tony Graham21Jamie Morgan (1)17
7Paul Wheeler21Peter Thomas (1)13
8Ian Corfield21Neil Lewis14
9Mark Griffiths21Martin Edwards (1)14
10Terry Bufton14Chris Wilson Best Result21
11Doug Morris21Christie Hughes (1)11
12Wayne Pugh21Neil Tooze17


PosBishops CastleScoreWhittingtonScore
1Josh Dickin15Merv Davies21
2Ron Ellis21E.d. Williams11
3Andrew Evans21Eiryls Williams9
4Bill Meek6John Hughes Best Result21
5Barry Jones11John Harrison21
6Mark Evans19Julian Turner21
7Paul Wheeler21Mel Morris15
8Colin Reynolds8Ben Hampson21
9Tony Graham Best Result21Joan Holland8
10Mark Griffiths21Helen Humphreys10
11Doug Morris10Aled Davies21
12Wayne Pugh12Andy Cawthay21

PosPrince SocialScoreSevernside St JuliansScore
1Tony Parsons21Keith Potter (1)11
2Neil Lewis21Paddy Grace6
3Andrew Austin21Ian Jones (1)19
4Debbie Bould (1) Best Result21Mark Lanning4
5Sid Bould (1)21Chris Hagon (1)16
6Phil Thomas21Alan Tudor (1) Best Result20
7Jamie Morgan (1)21Peter Leigh (1)16
8Peter Thomas (1)21Russell Brown10
9Christie Hughes (1)21Chris Kershaw (1)14
10Neil Tooze21Roland Leigh Best Result20
11Bob Pugh21Stuart Rhodes12
12Chris Wilson21Ernie Shea14

1Paul Williams21Ken Barrow12
2Mike Bradder (1)17Richard Carr (1)21
3Ken Davies21Stuart Bennett7
4Ron Edwards (1)20Nicky Ashworth21
5Terry Clorley (1)21Trevor Bowers (1)18
6Brian Christmas (1)21Tony Dawson (1)15
7Paul Thomas Best Result21Beth Cleverley (1)5
8Paul Herring19Becky Ashworth21
9Ted Manders (1)21Karen Bennett20
10Tony Manders21Keith Thomas12
11Martin Mckinley21Andy Wilson (1)17
12Danny Powell13Paul Ashworth Best Result21

PosMeole VillageScoreCorbet ArmsScore
1Mark Davies21Brian Mobberley (1)14
2Alex Nisbet (1)21Marion Stevens8
3Peter Phillips (1)21Sylvia Burton (1)9
4John Maddox (1)20Mike Wood21
5Alan Lloyd (1) Best Result21Mary Woodcock1
6Jan Wilkinson21Carol Jones12
7Mike Jones18Gill Blakeley21
8Chris Elliott (1)21Lesley Linney (1)14
9Phil Wilkinson11Dave Hyde (1) Best Result21
10Martin Stott21Brian Burton (1)18
11Geoff Balshaw13Paul Caswell21
12Tony Williams (1)21Eddie Roderick18


PosBictonScoreMeole VillageScore
1Matt Statham21Alan Lloyd (1)8
2Richard Carr (1)21Mike Jones8
3Ken Barrow21John Maddox (1)10
4Nicky Ashworth21Alex Nisbet (1)9
5Tony Dawson (1)8Mark Davies Best Result21
6Beth Cleverley (1)8Jan Wilkinson Best Result21
7Karen Bennett Best Result21Chris Elliott (1)6
8Trevor Bowers (1)21Barry Bailey18
9Keith Thomas21Peter Phillips (1)13
10Andy Wilson (1)21Martin Stott19
11Paul Ashworth21Geoff Balshaw7
12Alan Hargrove (1)14Phil Wilkinson21

PosCorbet ArmsScoreBishops CastleScore
1Brian Mobberley (1)12Bill Meek21
2Mike Wood21Barry Jones15
3Marion Stevens21Colin Reynolds19
4Terry Evans (1)19Paul Wheeler21
5Mary Woodcock12Andrew Evans21
6Carol Jones8Mark Evans Best Result21
7Gill Blakeley21Tony Graham11
8Sylvia Burton (1)21Ron Ellis20
9Eddie Roderick16Doug Morris21
10Brian Burton (1)18Josh Dickin21
11Paul Caswell21Wayne Pugh11
12Dave Hyde (1) Best Result21Terry Bufton9

PosSevernside St JuliansScoreWhittingtonScore
1Russell Brown13Eiryls Williams21
2Paddy Grace21Mike Brunt13
3Mark Lanning21Ben Hampson17
4Ian Jones (1)21Helen Humphreys11
5Roland Leigh21Mel Morris19
6Peter Leigh (1)12Julian Turner21
7Mark Parry21E.d. Williams15
8Keith Potter (1)13Merv Davies21
9Stuart Rhodes Best Result21Joan Holland9
10Ernie Shea9Aled Davies Best Result21
11Alan Tudor (1)10Graham Humphreys21
12Chris Hagon (1)15John Harrison21
Whittington played the green very well, 4 winners in the middle secured the game. Stuart Rhodes best for the Saints with 21-9 and Ian Jones 21-11. Best for the visitors was Aled Davies 21-9 and Graham Humphreys 21-10.

PosHadnallScorePrince SocialScore
1Kerry Dance21Tony Parsons15
2Peter Sargeant21Debbie Bould (1)18
3Tony Coles15Sid Bould (1)21
4Gerry Fitzpatrick20Peter Thomas (1)21
5James Weaver13Neil Lewis21
6Lynn Bebb17Bob Pugh21
7John Thomas19Jamie Morgan (1)21
8Bob Sharp7Christie Hughes (1) Best Result21
9Colin Horobin21Andrew Austin10
10Mike Pemberton Best Result21Neil Tooze9
11Ernie Garrett21Martin Edwards (1)15
12Brian Bebb16Chris Wilson21


1Julian Turner21Ian Bowser8
2John Hughes21Peter Sargeant10
3Merv Davies21Kerry Dance15
4John Harrison21Gerry Fitzpatrick19
5Brian Charles21Lynn Bebb6
6Andy Cawthay21Bob Sharp11
7Richard Beaman21Tony Coles18
8Ben Hampson21James Weaver8
9Dave Turner4Ernie Garrett Best Result21
10Aled Davies21Mike Pemberton13
11Mike Brunt21Brian Bebb9
12Mel Morris Best Result21Colin Horobin5
Good home performance by Whittington Mel morris 21_5 taking the sweep closely followed by Brian Charles 21_6 hadnells best was Ernie garret with a good 21_4 win

PosMeole VillageScoreOxonScore
1Alex Nisbet (1)21Mike Bradder (1)10
2John Maddox (1)10Paul Herring Best Result21
3Geoff Balshaw21Terry Clorley (1)16
4Jan Wilkinson21Brian Christmas (1)13
5Mark Davies21Ken Davies19
6Mike Jones21Ron Edwards (1)19
7Alan Lloyd (1)21Paul Williams11
8Barry Bailey21Paul Thomas14
9Peter Phillips (1)21Ted Manders (1)19
10Phil Wilkinson21Danny Powell13
11Martin Stott21Tony Manders20
12Tony Williams (1) Best Result21Andy Owens8

PosBishops CastleScoreSevernside St JuliansScore
1Ron Ellis21Ian Jones (1)15
2Paul Wheeler21Keith Potter (1)10
3Barry Jones21Mark Lanning20
4Colin Reynolds20Paddy Grace21
5Mark Evans Best Result21Peter Leigh (1)5
6Josh Dickin21Chris Hagon (1)7
7Andrew Evans21Russell Brown6
8Tony Graham21Alan Tudor (1)11
9Terry Bufton21Roland Leigh14
10Ian Corfield19Ernie Shea21
11Mark Griffiths12Stuart Rhodes Best Result21
12Wayne Pugh21Chris Kershaw (1)11
A solid home performance by the Castle sealed a good home win with three single figure winners in the middle, Mark Evans 21-5, Andrew Evans 21-6 and Josh Dicken 21-7. St. Julians had a few close results but the best was Stuart Rhodes 21-12. Ernie Shea won 21-19 and Paddy Grace was the other winner 21-20.

PosPrince SocialScoreBictonScore
1Debbie Bould (1)21Ken Barrow11
2Sid Bould (1)21Richard Carr (1)15
3Andrew Austin21Stuart Bennett18
4Tony Parsons Best Result21Nicky Ashworth7
5Neil Tooze21Karen Bennett18
6Jamie Morgan (1)16Trevor Bowers (1)21
7Craig Breeze11Matt Statham Best Result21
8Peter Thomas (1)21Becky Ashworth12
9Christie Hughes (1)21Alan Hargrove (1)9
10Martin Edwards (1)12Keith Thomas21
11Bob Pugh21Andy Wilson (1)17
12Chris Wilson12Paul Ashworth21


1Brian Christmas (1)6John Hughes Best Result21
2Ron Edwards (1)21Jacqui Whitley14
3Paul Williams17Julian Turner21
4Mike Bradder (1)20Merv Davies21
5Ted Manders (1)14John Harrison21
6Paul Thomas17Brian Whitley21
7Terry Clorley (1)21Mike Brunt20
8Paul Herring19Andy Cawthay21
9Martin Mckinley11Aled Davies21
10Tony Manders21Mel Morris11
11Danny Powell Best Result21Phil Pierpoint2
12Matt Morris (1)21Dave Turner19

PosCorbet ArmsScorePrince SocialScore
1Brian Mobberley (1)14Andrew Austin Best Result21
2Mike Wood21Phil Thomas13
3Mike Gater21Tony Parsons19
4Terry Evans (1)17Neil Lewis21
5Sylvia Burton (1)21Sid Bould (1)20
6Mary Woodcock21Peter Thomas (1)14
7Gill Blakeley16Jamie Morgan (1)21
8Marion Stevens19Debbie Bould (1)21
9Brian Burton (1)17Bob Pugh21
10Paul Caswell19Chris Wilson21
11Dave Hyde (1) Best Result21Craig Breeze4
12Graham Lewis21Christie Hughes (1)16

PosHadnallScoreSevernside St JuliansScore
1Kerry Dance21Mark Parry18
2Peter Sargeant21Ian Jones (1)16
3Ian Bowser6Mark Lanning21
4Margaret Thomas4Russell Brown Best Result21
5Gerry Fitzpatrick21Alan Tudor (1)13
6Catherine Coles19Keith Potter (1)21
7James Weaver21Paddy Grace20
8John Thomas Best Result21Chris Hagon (1)4
9Tony Coles21Ernie Shea14
10Colin Horobin21Roland Leigh13
11Mike Pemberton21Chris Kershaw (1)20
12Ernie Garrett6Stuart Rhodes21
A very wet night saw St. Julians come within a whisker of getting a creditable away result but lost by 1 point. Best for the visitors were Russ Brown 21-4,Mark Lanning and Stuart Rhodes 21-6. Hadnall kept their nerve at the back with Mike Pemberton sealing the win with 21-20. Best for Hadnall were John Thomas 21-4, Colin Horobin and Gerry Fitzpatrick both winning 21-13. A good game despite the weather with an exciting finish.

PosMeole VillageScoreBishops CastleScore
1Mark Davies10Colin Reynolds21
2Peter Phillips (1)20Ron Ellis21
3Mike Jones13Tony Graham21
4John Maddox (1)21Doug Morris15
5Geoff Balshaw8Mark Evans21
6Alan Lloyd (1) Best Result21Bill Meek6
7Alex Nisbet (1)16Andrew Evans21
8Jan Wilkinson19Josh Dickin21
9Chris Elliott (1)6Wayne Pugh Best Result21
10John Crundell21Terry Bufton14
11Phil Wilkinson21Ian Corfield17
12Tony Williams (1)21Mark Griffiths19


PosPrince SocialScoreOxonScore
1Jamie Morgan (1)18Paul Williams21
2Neil Lewis Best Result21Brian Christmas (1)2
3Sid Bould (1)21Ron Edwards (1)7
4Tony Parsons21Mike Bradder (1)10
5Neil Tooze21Terry Clorley (1)10
6Phil Thomas14Paul Thomas21
7Ian Macmillan21Martin Mckinley20
8Peter Thomas (1)21Dave Jones14
9Christie Hughes (1)15Tony Manders21
10Craig Breeze15Paul Herring21
11Andrew Austin11Danny Powell Best Result21
12Chris Wilson21Matt Morris (1)8

1Graham Humphreys21Richard Carr (1)14
2John Harrison17Nicky Ashworth21
3Julian Turner Best Result21Stuart Bennett6
4Ben Hampson21Ken Barrow7
5Merv Davies16Tony Dawson (1)21
6Jacqui Whitley21Becky Ashworth14
7Helen Humphreys21Beth Cleverley (1)11
8Andy Cawthay13Matt Statham21
9Mike Brunt21Keith Thomas20
10Aled Davies21Alan Hargrove (1)16
11Brian Whitley11Andy Wilson (1) Best Result21
12Mel Morris18Paul Ashworth21
Hard fought victory for Whittington skipper julian turner taking the sweep 21.6 closely followed by ben Hampson 21.7 Andy Wilson best for bicton 21.11

PosBishops CastleScoreHadnallScore
1Paul Wheeler7Peter Sargeant Best Result21
2Doug Morris19Kerry Dance21
3Colin Reynolds17Ian Bowser21
4Barry Jones21Gerry Fitzpatrick10
5Mark Evans Best Result21Lynn Bebb6
6Andrew Evans21Colin Horobin11
7Bill Meek21Kaye Weaver10
8Josh Dickin21Tony Coles14
9Terry Bufton21Brian Bebb9
10Ian Corfield21James Weaver13
11Mark Griffiths21Ernie Garrett10
12Wayne Pugh21Mike Pemberton11

PosSevernside St JuliansScoreCorbet ArmsScore
1Paddy Grace12Carol Jones Best Result21
2Stuart Rhodes21Brian Mobberley (1)10
3Peter Leigh (1)21Brian Burton (1)13
4Chris Hagon (1)21Sylvia Burton (1)19
5Ian Jones (1)21Marion Stevens8
6Keith Potter (1)14Mike Wood21
7Mark Lanning21Terry Evans (1)13
8Alan Tudor (1)21Graham Davies17
9Roland Leigh21Eddie Roderick20
10Ernie Shea16Graham Lewis21
11Chris Kershaw (1)21Paul Caswell20
12Mark Parry Best Result21Dave Hyde (1)6
A Good win for the home team, Mark Parry and Ian Jones taking the coppers. Best for the visitors were Carol Jones and Mike Wood.


PosCorbet ArmsScoreHadnallScore
1Mike Wood20Peter Sargeant21
2Brian Burton (1)7Kerry Dance Best Result21
3Marion Stevens21Gerry Fitzpatrick19
4Brian Mobberley (1)21Tony Coles14
5Terry Evans (1)21Lynn Bebb20
6Sylvia Burton (1)14John Thomas21
7Carol Jones11Kaye Weaver21
8Lesley Linney (1)15James Weaver21
9Eddie Roderick15Brian Bebb21
10Graham Davies15Ernie Garrett21
11Dave Hyde (1)21Mike Pemberton6
12Graham Lewis Best Result21Bob Sharp3

PosMeole VillageScorePrince SocialScore
1Alex Nisbet (1)8Andrew Austin Best Result21
2Alan Lloyd (1)21Tony Parsons20
3Chris Elliott (1)21Peter Thomas (1)20
4John Maddox (1)21Sid Bould (1)9
5Mark Davies13Neil Tooze21
6Jan Wilkinson19Jamie Morgan (1)21
7Charlie Edwards13Neil Lewis21
8Geoff Balshaw21Ian Macmillan19
9Martin Stott21Christie Hughes (1)20
10Peter Phillips (1)21Martin Edwards (1)15
11Tony Williams (1) Best Result21Craig Breeze3
12Phil Wilkinson21Chris Wilson5

PosOxonScoreBishops CastleScore
1Ron Edwards (1)21Doug Morris15
2Paul Williams Best Result21Barry Jones4
3Mike Bradder (1)21Paul Wheeler20
4Dickie Dodd21Ron Ellis6
5Paul Thomas15Josh Dickin21
6Dave Jones21Andrew Evans16
7Ted Manders (1)9Mark Evans21
8Terry Clorley (1)21Bill Meek12
9Tony Manders17Terry Bufton21
10Martin Mckinley4Mark Griffiths Best Result21
11Danny Powell21Wayne Pugh7
12Andy Owens16Ian Corfield21

PosBictonScoreSevernside St JuliansScore
1Richard Carr (1)20Russell Brown21
2Ken Barrow Best Result21Keith Potter (1)8
3Nicky Ashworth21Ian Jones (1)16
4Karen Bennett17Mark Lanning21
5Beth Cleverley (1)12Alan Tudor (1) Best Result21
6Becky Ashworth17Peter Leigh (1)21
7Tony Dawson (1)21Paddy Grace15
8Trevor Bowers (1)21Chris Hagon (1)12
9Stuart Bennett16Mark Parry21
10Alan Hargrove (1)20Stuart Rhodes21
11Andy Wilson (1)21Ernie Shea10
12Keith Thomas21Roland Leigh14


PosWhittingtonScoreCorbet ArmsScore
1Julian Turner21Mike Wood11
2Graham Humphreys21Terry Evans (1)6
3Jacqui Whitley21Carol Jones19
4Mike Brunt21Brian Mobberley (1)8
5John Harrison21Sylvia Burton (1)9
6Ben Hampson21Marion Stevens11
7Helen Humphreys17Lesley Linney (1) Best Result21
8Andy Cawthay21Graham Davies13
9Mel Morris Best Result21Graham Lewis1
10Merv Davies21Eddie Roderick11
11Brian Whitley20Dave Hyde (1)21
12Aled Davies21Brian Burton (1)6

PosBishops CastleScoreBictonScore
1Paul Wheeler21Trevor Bowers (1)7
2Ron Ellis18Ken Barrow21
3Colin Reynolds21Karen Bennett14
4Barry Jones21Richard Carr (1)15
5Andrew Evans Best Result21Beth Cleverley (1)4
6Josh Dickin21Alan Hargrove (1)20
7Mark Evans21Nicky Ashworth9
8Bill Meek21Becky Ashworth11
9Terry Bufton21Tony Dawson (1)5
10Ian Corfield13Stuart Bennett Best Result21
11Wayne Pugh21Keith Thomas19
12Mark Griffiths21Andy Wilson (1)16

PosSevernside St JuliansScoreMeole VillageScore
1Russell Brown21Peter Phillips (1)16
2Paddy Grace21Mike Jones19
3Chris Hagon (1)6Alan Lloyd (1) Best Result21
4Ian Jones (1)21Mark Davies14
5Mark Lanning21Alex Nisbet (1)16
6Roland Leigh21Geoff Balshaw12
7Peter Leigh (1)21Chris Elliott (1)16
8Mark Parry21Phil Wilkinson10
9Keith Potter (1)13John Maddox (1)21
10Stuart Rhodes Best Result21Tony Williams (1)8
11Ernie Shea12Charlie Edwards21
12Alan Tudor (1)21Barry Bailey11

1Kerry Dance21Paul Thomas11
2Peter Sargeant21Paul Herring16
3Tony Coles Best Result21Mike Bradder (1)6
4James Weaver21Ron Edwards (1)15
5Bob Sharp Best Result21Terry Clorley (1)6
6John Thomas21Danny Powell17
7Lynn Bebb8Paul Williams21
8Colin Horobin7Martin Mckinley Best Result21
9Ernie Garrett10Dickie Dodd21
10Mike Pemberton21Tony Manders11
11Gerry Fitzpatrick11Matt Morris (1)21
12Brian Bebb21Ted Manders (1)10