Shrewsbury League

Latest results for Shrewsbury Div. 2

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PosSt JuliansScorePrince Hotel BScore
1Cliff Dickinson Best Result21Neil Lewis1
2Stuart Rhodes21Tom Stanhope10
3Andrew Reynolds21Bob Pugh19
4Unlisted Player21Kerry Lea15
5Roland Leigh21Neil Ashley13
6George Powell17Peter Thomas21
7Martin Peleszok15Rhys Marshall21
8Alan Tudor15Jenna Marshall21
9Mark Lanning15Ian Macmillan21
10John Burton8Chris Wilson Best Result21


PosPrince Hotel BScorePOWBC AScore
1Tom Stanhope21Ivor Sargent16
2Neil Lewis21Chris Slawson12
3Neil Ashley Best Result21James Mansell10
4Tony Parsons21Michael Cooper16
5Ian Macmillan21Tom Gregory13
6Rhys Marshall21Dan Guest15
7Jenna Marshall21Callum Gwilliams15
8Craig Breeze9Tom Moseley Best Result21
9Bob Pugh21Mike Binnersley11
10Chris Wilson19Stan Briscoe21

PosAlbert RoadScoreBagley AScore
1Phil Davies14John Griffiths21
2Tom Groome Best Result21Laurence Earl6
3Dave Nicholls21John Lovett (6ta)18
4Bryan Bates9John Farmer (6ta) Best Result21
5Linda Gale12Gary Morgan (6ta)21
6Reg Reece21Mark Spencer18
7Mark Hill19Stuart Reynolds21
8Terry Jones20Darren Williams (6ta)21
9Chris Partridge15Andy Sutherland (6ta)21
10Paul Binnersley21Walk Over0

PosCorbet ArmsScoreMonkmoor AScore
1Mike Wood Best Result21Ali Brown8
2Dave Hyde21Mick Fiest11
3Darren Rhoades21Andy Cooke (6ta)16
4Eric Pitchford21Stuart Dodd (6ta)18
5Steve Edwards21Steve Bramall (6ta)13
6John Lumsden21Daniel Brookfield12
7Paul Caswell8Dean Pritchard (6ta) Best Result21
8Marion Stevens20Colin Hayes21
9Arthur Morris21Ricky Cooke (6ta)14
10Graham Lewis21Richard Saunders13
Monkmoor- good set of lads/ladies pity about the green your trying to play bowls on. Corbet- good game played with a great spirit some good bowls played

PosShelton VillageScoreBattlefield BScore
1Phil Ashcroft21Dave Pritchard20
2Mike Davies21Ian Rose18
3Alan Edwards21Bob Bishop19
4Paul Murray10Andy Bourne Best Result21
5Mal Isaac17Pete Drury21
6Brian Selley21Ray Bourne19
7Roger Lem21Harold Banks18
8Chris Murray21Alan Cadwallader18
9Paul Davies21Simon Thomas11
10Paul Bishop Best Result21Dave Cadwallader4
A lot of close game's the result could of been different

PosMeole Brace VScoreSt JuliansScore
1Phil Wilkinson (6tv)12Mark Lanning Best Result21
2Mark Davies (6tv)18Roland Leigh21
3Martin Stott (6tv)21George Powell18
4Tudor Bevan21Ernie Shea12
5Geoff Balshaw21Martin Peleszok13
6Mike Jones (6tv)21Andrew Reynolds12
7Scott Gibson21Paddy Grace8
8Jan Wilkinson21Peter Flude6
9John Crundell (6tv)14Stuart Rhodes21
10Bob Cliffe Best Result21Cliff Dickinson5


PosBagley AScoreShelton VillageScore
1Mike Lovett (6ta)16Alan Edwards21
2Mark Spencer21Mike Davies12
3John Farmer (6ta)21Phil Ashcroft14
4Stuart Reynolds Best Result21Paul Murray4
5Dave Paterson19Mal Isaac21
6John Griffiths17Brian Selley21
7Darren Williams (6ta)21Roger Lem20
8Andy Sutherland (6ta)21Sue Storey11
9John Lovett (6ta)17Paul Davies21
10Gary Morgan (6ta)7Paul Bishop Best Result21

PosUnison ScoreCorbet ArmsScore
1Simon Reynolds21Mike Wood17
2Alan Everall Best Result21Eric Pitchford6
3Matthew Parry (j)21Darren Rhoades8
4Dave Renwick19Peter Sherry21
5Mike A Hughes14Paul Caswell Best Result21
6John Pritchard Best Result21Dave Evans6
7Bob Parry17John Lumsden21
8Vi Wynne19Steve Edwards21
9Cameron Griffin (j)21Graham Lewis11
10Pete Oliver17Arthur Morris21

PosMonkmoor AScoreMeole Brace VScore
1Stuart Dodd (6ta)21Mark Davies (6tv)11
2Andy Cooke (6ta)15Mike Jones (6tv)21
3Mick Fiest11Martin Stott (6tv)21
4Ali Brown6Phil Wilkinson (6tv) Best Result21
5Daniel Brookfield21Tudor Bevan13
6Colin Hayes20Jan Wilkinson21
7Dean Pritchard (6ta) Best Result21Dave Perks6
8Steve Bramall (6ta)21Scott Gibson20
9Ricky Cooke (6ta)21Bob Cliffe19
10Richard Saunders12John Crundell (6tv)21
Monkmoor comments: a pleasure to play against a friendly and courteous team Mole comments:good game on a very tricky/but good surface

PosBattlefield BScorePrince Hotel BScore
1Andy Bourne Best Result21Molly Harris7
2Bob Bishop21Rob Ashley9
3Dave Pritchard21Steve Kavanagh10
4Ian Rose21Elaine Jones13
5Harold Banks18Tom Stanhope21
6Ray Bourne21Neil Ashley19
7Lynne Jennings9Ian Macmillan Best Result21
8Pete Drury21Peter Thomas18
9Roger Whitfield14Bob Pugh21
10Dave Cadwallader21Chris Wilson8

PosPOWBC AScoreAlbert RoadScore
1Mike Binnersley21Dave Nicholls12
2James Mansell Best Result21Linda Gale6
3Chris Slawson21Bryan Bates20
4Alex Nicholls21Phil Davies17
5Tom Gregory6Reg Reece Best Result21
6Dan Guest21Sue Hill10
7Ryan Hutchings21Mark Hill15
8Michael Cooper16Graham Hughes21
9Ivor Sargent21Chris Partridge7
10Stan Briscoe13Paul Binnersley21


PosAlbert RoadScoreBattlefield BScore
1Terry Jones13Andy Bourne Best Result21
2Bryan Bates Best Result21Dave Pritchard8
3Phil Davies15Roger Whitfield21
4Dave Nicholls19Bob Bishop21
5Linda Gale13Lynne Jennings Best Result21
6Reg Reece21Harold Banks14
7Mark Hill16Simon Thomas21
8Graham Hughes15Ray Bourne21
9Paul Binnersley Best Result21Dave Southerton8
10Sue Hill13Dave Cadwallader Best Result21

PosPrince Hotel BScoreMonkmoor AScore
1Neil Ashley21Ali Brown14
2Neil Lewis Best Result21Mick Fiest8
3Tony Parsons20Andy Cooke (6ta)21
4Kerry Lea21Stuart Dodd (6ta)15
5Ian Macmillan21Steve Bramall (6ta)20
6Peter Thomas21Ricky Cooke (6ta)16
7Craig Breeze15Colin Hayes Best Result21
8Rhys Marshall21Dean Pritchard (6ta)9
9Bob Pugh20Richard Saunders21
10Chris Wilson21Walk Over0

PosShelton VillageScoreSt JuliansScore
1Mike Davies21Ian Jones18
2Chris Murray17George Powell21
3Paul Murray9Roland Leigh21
4Alan Edwards20Mark Lanning21
5Sue Storey7Paddy Grace Best Result21
6Mal Isaac18Neil Radford21
7Roger Lem17Cliff Dickinson21
8Brian Selley Best Result21John Burton14
9Paul Davies20Ernie Shea21
10Paul Bishop21Stuart Rhodes19

PosMeole Brace VScoreUnison Score
1Phil Wilkinson (6tv)21Mike A Hughes13
2Mark Davies (6tv)21Alan Everall12
3Martin Stott (6tv) Best Result21Simon Reynolds8
4Geoff Balshaw11Phil Tyler Best Result21
5Dave Perks21John Pritchard12
6Bob Chatham (6tv)21Vi Wynne13
7Jan Wilkinson21Les Jones20
8Scott Gibson21Pete Oliver15
9Bob Cliffe21Cameron Griffin (j)14
10John Crundell (6tv) Best Result21Stephen Morris8


PosUnison ScorePrince Hotel BScore
1Simon Reynolds21Tony Parsons11
2Dave Renwick21Neil Ashley19
3Stephen Morris6Neil Lewis Best Result21
4Les Jones21Kerry Lea14
5John Pritchard Best Result21Ian Macmillan10
6Vi Wynne7Jenna Marshall21
7Alan Everall21Rhys Marshall11
8Pete Oliver17Bob Pugh21
9Cameron Griffin (j)20Chris Wilson21
10Mike A Hughes10Tom Stanhope21

PosCorbet ArmsScoreShelton VillageScore
1Mike Wood21Matt Dundass18
2Dave Hyde21Paul Murray16
3Eric Pitchford16Mike Davies Best Result21
4Peter Sherry21Alan Edwards12
5Darren Rhoades Best Result21Chris Murray10
6John Lumsden21Roger Lem13
7Paul Caswell21Sue Storey19
8Steve Edwards21Mal Isaac13
9Arthur Morris21Brian Selley18
10Graham Lewis21Paul Davies17

PosMonkmoor AScorePOWBC AScore
1Mick Fiest21Callum Gwilliams16
2Andy Cooke (6ta)20James Mansell21
3Ali Brown18Chris Slawson21
4Matthew Griffiths20Michael Cooper21
5Stuart Dodd (6ta) Best Result21Tom Gregory11
6Steve Bramall (6ta)14Ivor Sargent21
7Dean Pritchard (6ta)9Tom Moseley Best Result21
8Colin Hayes21Ryan Hutchings19
9Richard Saunders20Darren Jones21
10Ricky Cooke (6ta)21Stan Briscoe12
Game's played in a good spirit well try and change the Indian opening times for the next game

PosSt JuliansScoreAlbert RoadScore
1Roland Leigh Best Result21Tom Groome8
2Mark Lanning21Dave Nicholls10
3George Powell21Linda Gale9
4Cliff Dickinson21Bryan Bates20
5John Burton7Mark Hill Best Result21
6Andrew Reynolds21Graham Hughes9
7Martin Peleszok16Sue Hill21
8Paddy Grace12Reg Reece21
9Ernie Shea21Chris Partridge20
10Stuart Rhodes21Paul Binnersley14

PosBattlefield BScoreBagley AScore
1Bob Bishop Best Result21John Farmer (6ta)4
2Dave Pritchard21Mark Spencer13
3Ian Rose14Mike Lovett (6ta) Best Result21
4Andy Bourne21Darren Williams (6ta)10
5Ray Bourne20John Lovett (6ta)21
6Harold Banks21Andy Sutherland (6ta)17
7Alan Cadwallader21John Griffiths20
8Pete Drury21Gary Morgan (6ta)18
9Roger Whitfield21Stuart Reynolds10
10Dave Cadwallader21Walk Over0


PosShelton VillageScoreMonkmoor AScore
1Mike Davies21Matthew Griffiths13
2Alan Edwards21Ali Brown6
3Paul Murray Best Result21Mick Fiest2
4Phil Ashcroft21Stuart Dodd (6ta)12
5Sue Storey21Steve Bramall (6ta)17
6Mal Isaac21Colin Hayes7
7Roger Lem5Dean Pritchard (6ta) Best Result21
8Brian Selley21Andy Cooke (6ta)20
9Paul Davies21Ricky Cooke (6ta)15
10Paul Bishop21Richard Saunders13


PosAlbert RoadScoreMonkmoor AScore
1Terry Jones6Mick Fiest Best Result21
2Bryan Bates21Stuart Dodd (6ta)11
3Phil Davies21Ali Brown18
4Linda Gale14Matthew Griffiths21
5Tom Groome10Steve Bramall (6ta)21
6Reg Reece21Daniel Brookfield11
7Mark Hill21Andy Cooke (6ta)18
8Graham Hughes10Colin Hayes21
9Paul Binnersley21Richard Saunders12
10Chris Partridge Best Result21Clive Griffiths4

PosMeole Brace VScoreCorbet ArmsScore
1Mark Davies (6tv)21Eric Pitchford17
2Mike Jones (6tv)11Steve Edwards21
3Phil Wilkinson (6tv)21Darren Rhoades16
4Geoff Balshaw10Peter Sherry21
5Jan Wilkinson Best Result21John Lumsden6
6Tudor Bevan13Dave Evans21
7Martin Stott (6tv)8Mike Wood Best Result21
8Bob Chatham (6tv)21Paul Caswell17
9John Crundell (6tv)15Graham Lewis21
10Bob Cliffe12Arthur Morris21

PosBagley AScoreSt JuliansScore
1Mark Spencer5George Powell Best Result21
2John Farmer (6ta)21Mark Lanning14
3Dave Paterson17Cliff Dickinson21
4Mike Lovett (6ta)21Roland Leigh17
5John Griffiths21Martin Peleszok18
6Paul Peatroy21Andrew Rhodes13
7Darren Williams (6ta)10John Burton21
8Andy Sutherland (6ta)21Paddy Grace20
9Stuart Reynolds Best Result21Ernie Shea9
10John Lovett (6ta)14Stuart Rhodes21

PosPOWBC AScoreBattlefield BScore
1Mike Binnersley21Dave Pritchard15
2Chris Slawson12Bob Bishop21
3James Mansell Best Result21Andy Bourne5
4Dan Guest21Ray Bourne11
5Tom Moseley18Alan Cadwallader21
6Ryan Hutchings21Harold Banks9
7Alex Nicholls6Ian Rose Best Result21
8Tom Gregory8Pete Drury21
9Ivor Sargent18Dave Cadwallader21
10Stan Briscoe21Roger Whitfield11

PosShelton VillageScoreUnison Score
1Alan Edwards21Dave Renwick12
2Paul Murray17Stephen Morris21
3Matt Dundass Best Result21Mike A Hughes8
4Phil Ashcroft9Simon Reynolds Best Result21
5Mal Isaac21Les Jones20
6Roger Lem Best Result21John Pritchard8
7Paul Bishop21Vi Wynne11
8Sue Storey20Alan Everall21
9Paul Davies21Pete Oliver17
10Brian Selley21Cameron Griffin (j)20
Some good bowling on difficult conditions


PosPrince Hotel BScoreMeole Brace VScore
1Tony Parsons21Phil Wilkinson (6tv)7
2Tom Stanhope Best Result21John Cooper3
3Kerry Lea15Geoff Balshaw21
4Neil Ashley21Mark Davies (6tv)12
5Ian Macmillan21Mike Jones (6tv)15
6Rhys Marshall21Jan Wilkinson20
7Jenna Marshall21Dave Perks14
8Craig Breeze12Bob Chatham (6tv) Best Result21
9Elaine Jones21Martin Stott (6tv)15
10Chris Wilson21Bob Cliffe20


PosUnison ScoreBagley AScore
1Matthew Parry (j)21Dave Paterson10
2Simon Reynolds10Mark Spencer21
3Dave Renwick21John Farmer (6ta)19
4Mike A Hughes17Mike Lovett (6ta)21
5Bill Moseley21Stuart Reynolds15
6Bob Parry21Darren Williams (6ta)10
7Alan Everall4Paul Peatroy Best Result21
8John Pritchard11John Griffiths21
9Pete Oliver Best Result21John Lovett (6ta)5
10Stephen Morris21Andy Sutherland (6ta)17

PosCorbet ArmsScorePrince Hotel BScore
1Steve Edwards21Kerry Lea13
2Dave Hyde21Tony Parsons17
3Peter Sherry21Neil Ashley13
4Mike Wood Best Result21Neil Lewis5
5Marion Stevens21Craig Breeze17
6Paul Caswell21Tom Stanhope19
7Darren Rhoades21Jenna Marshall9
8John Lumsden21Rhys Marshall10
9Graham Lewis21Bob Pugh7
10Arthur Morris15Chris Wilson Best Result21

PosMonkmoor AScoreBattlefield BScore
1Stuart Dodd (6ta)20Bob Bishop21
2Andy Cooke (6ta)21Andy Bourne18
3Ali Brown21Dave Pritchard10
4Mick Fiest21Ian Rose10
5Dean Pritchard (6ta)21Ray Bourne14
6Steve Bramall (6ta)21Lynne Jennings16
7Daniel Brookfield21Steve Drury15
8Colin Hayes18Harold Banks Best Result21
9Richard Saunders Best Result21Pete Drury8
10Ricky Cooke (6ta)18Dave Cadwallader Best Result21
Games played in a good spirit on a difficult green

PosMeole Brace VScoreShelton VillageScore
1Phil Wilkinson (6tv)21Alan Edwards9
2Martin Stott (6tv)21Paul Murray9
3John Cooper17Phil Ashcroft21
4Geoff Balshaw Best Result21Mike Davies4
5Jan Wilkinson21Mal Isaac8
6Mark Davies (6tv)21Sue Storey19
7Dave Perks12Roger Lem Best Result21
8Mike Jones (6tv)21Matt Dundass10
9Bob Chatham (6tv)16Brian Selley21
10Bob Cliffe21Paul Bishop12
Game played in good spirit.

PosSt JuliansScorePOWBC AScore
1Roland Leigh17James Mansell21
2Mark Lanning21Tom Gregory14
3George Powell21Chris Slawson13
4Cliff Dickinson21Dan Guest16
5Ian Jones21Stan Briscoe11
6Paddy Grace21Ivor Sargent16
7Martin Peleszok16Michael Cooper Best Result21
8John Burton21Tom Moseley19
9Ernie Shea21Mike Binnersley11
10Stuart Rhodes Best Result21Ryan Hutchings2


PosBagley AScoreCorbet ArmsScore
1Stuart Reynolds15Mike Wood21
2Laurence Earl1Steve Edwards Best Result21
3John Lovett (6ta)20Dave Hyde21
4John Farmer (6ta)17Eric Pitchford21
5Andy Sutherland (6ta)9Peter Sherry21
6Gary Morgan (6ta)21Darren Rhoades19
7Darren Williams (6ta)18Arthur Morris21
8Paul Peatroy16Paul Caswell21
9Marg Barnes Best Result21Richard Owen8
10Jenny Newton8Graham Lewis21

PosAlbert RoadScoreUnison Score
1Dave Nicholls Best Result21Matthew Parry (j)6
2Phil Davies21Simon Reynolds10
3Margaret Lacourse13Vi Wynne Best Result21
4Bryan Bates21Dave Renwick9
5Linda Gale13John Pritchard Best Result21
6Mark Hill21Alan Everall15
7Reg Reece15Bob Parry21
8Graham Hughes21Bill Moseley14
9Paul Binnersley21Stephen Morris9
10Sue Hill21Cameron Griffin (j)19


PosBattlefield BScoreSt JuliansScore
1Bob Bishop Best Result21Roland Leigh5
2Andy Bourne21Mark Lanning16
3Pete Drury21George Powell6
4Ian Rose21Ernie Shea13
5Harold Banks21Peter Leigh9
6Ray Bourne21Andrew Rhodes11
7Alan Cadwallader17John Burton21
8Lynne Jennings21Paddy Grace15
9Roger Whitfield15Cliff Dickinson21
10Dave Cadwallader12Stuart Rhodes Best Result21


PosSt JuliansScoreCorbet ArmsScore
1Roland Leigh20Brian Mobberley21
2Mark Lanning21Eric Pitchford9
3Cliff Dickinson21Peter Sherry16
4George Powell Best Result21Darren Rhoades7
5John Burton7Arthur Morris Best Result21
6Paddy Grace9John Lumsden21
7Ian Jones21Steve Edwards13
8Andrew Reynolds10Paul Caswell21
9Ernie Shea17Richard Owen21
10Stuart Rhodes21Graham Lewis8

PosShelton VillageScorePrince Hotel BScore
1Ted Rogers10Neil Lewis21
2Phil Ashcroft21Elaine Jones12
3Paul Murray21Ian Macmillan17
4Alan Edwards18Tom Stanhope21
5Mal Isaac8Jenna Marshall Best Result21
6Mike Davies21Chris Wilson16
7Sue Storey21Molly Harris13
8Roger Lem21Rhys Marshall12
9Brian Selley21Neil Ashley17
10Paul Bishop Best Result21Bob Pugh10

PosBagley AScoreMonkmoor AScore
1Gary Morgan (6ta)21Mick Fiest20
2Mike Lovett (6ta)16Stuart Dodd (6ta)21
3John Farmer (6ta)21Andy Cooke (6ta)17
4Dave Paterson21Ali Brown19
5Stuart Reynolds Best Result21Steve Bramall (6ta)3
6Paul Peatroy10Colin Hayes Best Result21
7John Griffiths19Daniel Brookfield21
8Darren Williams (6ta)21Dean Pritchard (6ta)10
9John Lovett (6ta)21Richard Saunders11
10Andy Sutherland (6ta)21Ricky Cooke (6ta)13

PosAlbert RoadScoreMeole Brace VScore
1Mark Hill21Martin Stott (6tv)7
2Bryan Bates Best Result21Tudor Bevan5
3Margaret Lacourse21Mark Davies (6tv)19
4Phil Davies21John Cooper13
5Linda Gale21Scott Gibson15
6Terry Jones15John Crundell (6tv) Best Result21
7Graham Hughes21Mike Jones (6tv)6
8Nev Griffiths21Dave Perks6
9Sue Hill21Bob Cliffe12
10Paul Binnersley17Bob Chatham (6tv)21

PosPOWBC AScoreUnison Score
1Alex Nicholls7Dave Renwick Best Result21
2Tom Gregory12Matthew Parry (j)21
3James Mansell19Simon Reynolds21
4Chris Slawson21Alan Everall19
5Dan Guest Best Result21John Pritchard9
6Michael Cooper11Bob Parry21
7Mike Binnersley18Bill Moseley21
8Tom Moseley14Vi Wynne21
9Stan Briscoe21Stephen Morris13
10Ryan Hutchings9Cameron Griffin (j)21


PosCorbet ArmsScorePOWBC AScore
1Darren Rhoades5Tom Moseley Best Result21
2Eric Pitchford21Tom Gregory13
3Dave Hyde21James Mansell17
4Peter Sherry21Chris Slawson15
5Mike Wood15Dan Guest21
6John Lumsden Best Result21Alex Nicholls6
7Paul Caswell21Callum Gwilliams11
8Steve Edwards21Michael Cooper8
9Arthur Morris21Mike Binnersley18
10Graham Lewis21Stan Briscoe16

PosMonkmoor AScoreSt JuliansScore
1Stuart Dodd (6ta)21Cliff Dickinson18
2Andy Cooke (6ta)21Roland Leigh18
3Ali Brown21George Powell15
4Mick Fiest14Mark Lanning21
5Matthew Griffiths1Ian Jones Best Result21
6Steve Bramall (6ta)21Andrew Reynolds10
7Daniel Brookfield Best Result21Paddy Grace6
8Colin Hayes21Martin Peleszok12
9Richard Saunders20Ernie Shea21
10Ricky Cooke (6ta)5Stuart Rhodes21

PosMeole Brace VScoreBagley AScore
1Phil Wilkinson (6tv)21Stuart Reynolds16
2Martin Stott (6tv)21Mike Lovett (6ta)10
3Mark Davies (6tv)21John Lovett (6ta)17
4Mike Jones (6tv)19John Farmer (6ta)21
5Scott Gibson14Paul Peatroy Best Result21
6John Cooper21Darren Williams (6ta)9
7Jan Wilkinson21John Griffiths9
8John Crundell (6tv)21Sandra Griffiths12
9Bob Chatham (6tv) Best Result21Andy Sutherland (6ta)7
10Bob Cliffe21Gary Morgan (6ta)9

PosPrince Hotel BScoreAlbert RoadScore
1Neil Ashley5Dave Nicholls Best Result21
2Kerry Lea21Phil Davies12
3Tony Parsons21Linda Gale5
4Tom Stanhope21Bryan Bates18
5Neil Lewis12Mark Hill21
6Ian Macmillan9Reg Reece21
7Rhys Marshall21Terry Jones6
8Jenna Marshall21Paul Binnersley18
9Bob Pugh Best Result21Tom Groome2
10Chris Wilson13Chris Partridge21

PosUnison ScoreBattlefield BScore
1Simon Reynolds18Andy Bourne21
2Dave Renwick21Ian Rose10
3Matthew Parry (j)21Bob Bishop12
4Alan Everall21Dave Pritchard12
5Mike A Hughes7Harold Banks Best Result21
6Bill Moseley Best Result21Dave Southerton8
7Bob Parry21Steve Drury12
8John Pritchard21Ray Bourne13
9Cameron Griffin (j) Best Result21Roger Whitfield8
10Pete Oliver21Nobby Johnston20


PosPOWBC AScoreMeole Brace VScore
1Alex Nicholls21Phil Wilkinson (6tv)19
2Chris Slawson Best Result21Scott Gibson8
3Dan Guest11Bob Chatham (6tv) Best Result21
4James Mansell21John Crundell (6tv)15
5Ivor Sargent Best Result21Geoff Balshaw8
6Michael Cooper21John Cooper13
7Mike Binnersley21Tudor Bevan17
8Tom Moseley19Jan Wilkinson21
9Stan Briscoe21Dave Perks12
10Ryan Hutchings19Bob Cliffe21

PosAlbert RoadScoreShelton VillageScore
1Sue Hill20Phil Ashcroft21
2Dave Nicholls21Mike Davies6
3Tom Groome7Paul Murray Best Result21
4Bryan Bates Best Result21Roger Lem1
5Graham Hughes21Sue Storey12
6Mark Hill21Mal Isaac14
7Phil Davies21Matt Dundass17
8Reg Reece15Brian Selley21
9Paul Binnersley21Paul Davies14
10Chris Partridge17Alan Edwards21

PosBagley AScorePrince Hotel BScore
1Paul Peatroy18Tony Parsons21
2John Farmer (6ta) Best Result21Kerry Lea9
3Stuart Reynolds21Neil Lewis12
4Dave Paterson18Neil Ashley21
5Darren Williams (6ta)15Rhys Marshall21
6John Griffiths21Ian Macmillan16
7Laurence Earl15Jenna Marshall21
8John Lovett (6ta)21Tom Stanhope18
9Gary Morgan (6ta)11Chris Wilson Best Result21
10Andy Sutherland (6ta)21Craig Breeze15

PosSt JuliansScoreUnison Score
1Roland Leigh21Alan Everall20
2Mark Lanning21Mike A Hughes9
3George Powell21Dave Renwick10
4Cliff Dickinson21Simon Reynolds19
5Ian Jones21Bill Moseley11
6John Burton14John Pritchard Best Result21
7Andrew Reynolds21Vi Wynne11
8Martin Peleszok16Bob Parry21
9Ernie Shea21Stephen Morris19
10Stuart Rhodes Best Result21Pete Oliver6

PosBattlefield BScoreCorbet ArmsScore
1Bob Bishop21Brian Mobberley15
2Ian Rose21Darren Rhoades16
3Dave Pritchard21Eric Pitchford17
4Roger Whitfield21Brian Amey14
5Ray Bourne21Mike Wood18
6Andy Bourne21Steve Edwards14
7Lynne Jennings18Paul Caswell21
8Alan Cadwallader13John Lumsden Best Result21
9Nobby Johnston Best Result21Richard Owen7
10Dave Cadwallader21Arthur Morris12


PosCorbet ArmsScoreAlbert RoadScore
1Darren Rhoades13Dave Nicholls21
2Dave Hyde21Terry Jones12
3Eric Pitchford Best Result21Graham Hughes8
4Peter Sherry Best Result21Bryan Bates8
5John Lumsden21Paul Binnersley19
6Paul Caswell8Mark Hill Best Result21
7Mike Wood21Linda Gale14
8Steve Edwards21Phil Davies16
9Graham Lewis21Chris Partridge12
10Arthur Morris21Sue Hill13

PosMeole Brace VScoreBattlefield BScore
1John Cooper16Bob Bishop Best Result21
2Mark Davies (6tv)21Roger Whitfield15
3Martin Stott (6tv)21Ian Rose16
4Phil Wilkinson (6tv)21Dave Pritchard14
5Jan Wilkinson21Pete Drury16
6Geoff Balshaw21Dave Southerton12
7Scott Gibson21Andy Bourne17
8John Crundell (6tv)21Ray Bourne9
9Bob Chatham (6tv)21Dave Cadwallader20
10Bob Cliffe Best Result21Nobby Johnston6

PosPrince Hotel BScoreSt JuliansScore
1Neil Ashley17Cliff Dickinson21
2Neil Lewis21Mark Parry13
3Kerry Lea21Roland Leigh19
4Tom Stanhope15Mark Lanning21
5Peter Thomas21Martin Peleszok10
6Rhys Marshall21John Burton16
7Sid Bould6Andrew Reynolds Best Result21
8Jenna Marshall Best Result21Ian Jones4
9Chris Wilson18Ernie Shea21
10Bob Pugh12Stuart Rhodes21

PosUnison ScoreMonkmoor AScore
1Simon Reynolds21Mick Fiest17
2Dave Renwick Best Result21Richard Saunders9
3Mike A Hughes21Ali Brown20
4Alan Everall21Andy Cooke (6ta)16
5Bill Moseley15Dean Pritchard (6ta)21
6Vi Wynne21Steve Bramall (6ta)16
7John Pritchard9Daniel Brookfield21
8Cameron Griffin (j)6Colin Hayes Best Result21
9Pete Oliver21Ricky Cooke (6ta)18
10Stephen Morris21Stuart Dodd (6ta)20

PosShelton VillageScorePOWBC AScore
1Phil Ashcroft16Alex Nicholls21
2Matt Dundass16Chris Slawson21
3Alan Edwards Best Result21Tom Gregory6
4Paul Murray21James Mansell15
5Mal Isaac21Callum Gwilliams10
6Mike Davies21Michael Cooper11
7Sue Storey15Dan Guest Best Result21
8Brian Selley21Stan Briscoe8
9Paul Bishop21Ivor Sargent7
10Paul Davies21Mike Binnersley19


PosMonkmoor AScoreCorbet ArmsScore
1Mick Fiest20John Lumsden21
2Ali Brown14Darren Rhoades Best Result21
3Andy Cooke (6ta)21Peter Sherry7
4Richard Saunders14Eric Pitchford Best Result21
5Micky Bramall18Steve Edwards21
6Daniel Brookfield Best Result21Paul Caswell3
7Steve Bramall (6ta)17Arthur Morris21
8Dean Pritchard (6ta)21Mike Wood17
9Colin Hayes21Graham Lewis15
10Stuart Dodd (6ta)21Richard Owen13

PosSt JuliansScoreMeole Brace VScore
1Roland Leigh21John Cooper16
2Mark Lanning Best Result21Phil Wilkinson (6tv)14
3John Burton21Mark Davies (6tv)16
4Paddy Grace5Mike Jones (6tv) Best Result21
5Ben Turner9Jan Wilkinson21
6Martin Peleszok10Bob Chatham (6tv)21
7George Powell15Geoff Balshaw21
8Ian Jones21Scott Gibson15
9Cliff Dickinson21John Crundell (6tv)17
10Stuart Rhodes21Bob Cliffe18

PosBattlefield BScoreShelton VillageScore
1Dave Pritchard Best Result21Phil Ashcroft9
2Andy Bourne21Matt Dundass14
3Pete Drury21Mike Davies20
4Bob Bishop21Alan Edwards14
5Lynne Jennings13Mal Isaac21
6Harold Banks21Paul Murray17
7Ray Bourne16Brian Selley21
8Alan Cadwallader16Sue Storey21
9Roger Whitfield8Paul Bishop Best Result21
10Dave Cadwallader20Paul Davies21

PosBagley AScoreAlbert RoadScore
1Mike Lovett (6ta)19Terry Jones21
2John Farmer (6ta)21Dave Nicholls12
3Louise Rooke21Linda Gale9
4Mark Spencer13Bryan Bates Best Result21
5Darren Williams (6ta)16Reg Reece21
6Stuart Reynolds21Phil Davies8
7Gary Morgan (6ta)18Sue Hill21
8Paul Peatroy21Graham Hughes8
9John Lovett (6ta)21Mark Hill18
10Andy Sutherland (6ta) Best Result21Paul Binnersley3

PosPOWBC AScorePrince Hotel BScore
1Alex Nicholls21Kerry Lea15
2James Mansell21Neil Lewis10
3Chris Slawson21Tony Parsons18
4Tom Gregory17Neil Ashley21
5Mike Binnersley Best Result21Sid Bould4
6Dan Guest14Tom Stanhope Best Result21
7Ivor Sargent21Jenna Marshall11
8Michael Cooper21Ian Macmillan20
9Ryan Hutchings14Bob Pugh Best Result21
10Stan Briscoe17Chris Wilson21


PosAlbert RoadScorePOWBC AScore
1Tom Groome16James Mansell21
2Bryan Bates21Chris Slawson7
3Phil Davies17Tom Gregory21
4Linda Gale21Alex Nicholls9
5Mark Hill21Tom Moseley15
6Terry Jones20Callum Gwilliams21
7Margaret Lacourse21Tom Davies14
8Chris Partridge9Mike Binnersley Best Result21
9Sue Hill Best Result21Stan Briscoe6
10Paul Binnersley21Ryan Hutchings8

PosCorbet ArmsScoreUnison Score
1Eric Pitchford21Dave Renwick19
2Peter Sherry21Simon Reynolds9
3Paul Caswell14Matthew Parry (j)21
4Dave Hyde21Alan Everall14
5Steve Edwards18John Pritchard21
6Darren Rhoades Best Result21Bill Moseley8
7John Lumsden21Mike A Hughes11
8Mike Wood21Cameron Griffin (j)16
9Arthur Morris21Pete Oliver16
10Graham Lewis12Stephen Morris Best Result21

PosShelton VillageScoreBagley AScore
1Phil Ashcroft Best Result21Dave Paterson6
2Mike Davies21John Lovett (6ta)8
3Alan Edwards21Mark Spencer9
4Paul Murray21Mike Lovett (6ta)18
5Mal Isaac21John Griffiths18
6Matt Dundass15Stuart Reynolds Best Result21
7Paul Bishop Best Result21Gary Morgan (6ta)6
8Sue Storey21Andy Sutherland (6ta)16
9Brian Selley21Darren Williams (6ta)11
10Paul Davies Best Result21Paul Peatroy6

PosMeole Brace VScoreMonkmoor AScore
1Mike Jones (6tv)18Andy Cooke (6ta)21
2John Cooper21Ali Brown20
3Dave Perks21Richard Saunders17
4Phil Wilkinson (6tv)21Mick Fiest17
5Jan Wilkinson18Dean Pritchard (6ta)21
6Bob Chatham (6tv)12Colin Hayes Best Result21
7Geoff Balshaw21Daniel Brookfield18
8Scott Gibson21Steve Bramall (6ta)18
9John Crundell (6tv)21Stuart Dodd (6ta)19
10Bob Cliffe Best Result21Ricky Cooke (6ta)13
Really close game.....

PosPrince Hotel BScoreBattlefield BScore
1Neil Lewis21Pete Drury13
2Neil Ashley Best Result21Ian Rose6
3Tom Stanhope21Dave Pritchard13
4Tony Parsons18Bob Bishop21
5Jenna Marshall21Harold Banks11
6Ian Macmillan21Lynne Jennings18
7Craig Breeze21Steve Drury11
8Ricky Davies11Ray Bourne Best Result21
9Rhys Marshall21Dave Cadwallader19
10Chris Wilson21Nobby Johnston10


PosBattlefield BScoreAlbert RoadScore
1Andy Bourne Best Result21Tom Groome1
2Bob Bishop21Phil Davies7
3Dave Pritchard21Terry Jones13
4Ian Rose21Dave Nicholls19
5Simon Thomas21Linda Gale9
6Pete Drury21Graham Hughes7
7Alan Cadwallader15Paul Binnersley Best Result21
8Harold Banks21Bryan Bates17
9Dave Cadwallader21Mark Hill6
10Nobby Johnston21Jeff Davies14

PosSt JuliansScoreShelton VillageScore
1Roland Leigh21Phil Ashcroft15
2George Powell21Mike Davies19
3Ian Jones21Alan Edwards15
4Mark Lanning21Paul Murray11
5Andrew Rhodes Best Result21Mal Isaac10
6Cliff Dickinson21Ted Rogers15
7Paddy Grace13Brian Selley21
8Martin Peleszok18Sue Storey21
9Stuart Rhodes8Paul Davies Best Result21
10Ernie Shea9Paul Bishop21

PosBagley AScorePOWBC AScore
1Mike Lovett (6ta) Best Result21Dan Guest5
2Andy Sutherland (6ta)10Chris Slawson21
3John Farmer (6ta)21Gill Moore8
4Stuart Reynolds21Tom Gregory17
5John Griffiths8Mike Binnersley Best Result21
6Darren Williams (6ta)21Alex Nicholls9
7Louise Rooke12James Mansell21
8Dave Paterson19Callum Gwilliams21
9Gary Morgan (6ta)20Stan Briscoe21
10John Lovett (6ta)10Ryan Hutchings21

PosUnison ScoreMeole Brace VScore
1Simon Reynolds21Mark Davies (6tv)9
2Dave Renwick Best Result21Tudor Bevan5
3Bill Moseley21John Cooper16
4Alan Everall21Phil Wilkinson (6tv)14
5Vi Wynne19Bob Chatham (6tv)21
6Susan Oliver9Scott Gibson Best Result21
7John Pritchard18Dave Perks21
8Pete Oliver21Mike Jones (6tv)17
9Cameron Griffin (j)21John Crundell (6tv)20
10Stephen Morris21Geoff Balshaw13

PosMonkmoor AScorePrince Hotel BScore
1Stuart Dodd (6ta)14Tony Parsons21
2Richard Saunders21Tom Stanhope15
3Andy Cooke (6ta)14Neil Ashley21
4Mick Fiest11Neil Lewis21
5Daniel Brookfield17Ian Macmillan21
6Dean Pritchard (6ta)6Rhys Marshall Best Result21
7Steve Bramall (6ta)21Jenna Marshall15
8Colin Hayes Best Result21Craig Breeze9
9Ali Brown10Chris Wilson21
10Ricky Cooke (6ta)16Bob Pugh21


PosShelton VillageScoreMeole Brace VScore
1Phil Ashcroft21Geoff Balshaw13
2Mike Davies21Dave Perks16
3Ted Rogers18Mike Jones (6tv)21
4Paul Murray15Phil Wilkinson (6tv) Best Result21
5Mal Isaac21Tudor Bevan16
6Matt Dundass20Bob Chatham (6tv)21
7Alan Edwards21Mark Davies (6tv)17
8Brian Selley Best Result21Jan Wilkinson8
9Paul Davies21John Crundell (6tv)15
10Paul Bishop21Scott Gibson11

PosPOWBC AScoreMonkmoor AScore
1Alex Nicholls21Ricky Cooke (6ta)12
2Ryan Hutchings Best Result21Daniel Brookfield9
3Chris Slawson21Dean Pritchard (6ta)14
4Tom Gregory20Andy Cooke (6ta)21
5Gill Moore12Mick Fiest21
6Tom Moseley Best Result21Matthew Griffiths9
7Callum Gwilliams16Steve Bramall (6ta)21
8Dan Guest19Richard Saunders21
9Mike Binnersley14Ali Brown21
10Stan Briscoe11Stuart Dodd (6ta) Best Result21


PosBagley AScoreBattlefield BScore
1Mike Lovett (6ta)21Roger Whitfield11
2Mark Spencer21Bob Bishop14
3Dave Paterson20Ian Rose21
4Aaron Sutherland21Dave Pritchard18
5Darren Williams (6ta)13Andy Bourne Best Result21
6Stuart Reynolds Best Result21Lynne Jennings3
7Louise Rooke21Ray Bourne4
8John Griffiths21Alan Cadwallader16
9Andy Sutherland (6ta)16Nobby Johnston21
10John Lovett (6ta)21Dave Cadwallader15

PosAlbert RoadScoreSt JuliansScore
1Dave Nicholls21Mark Lanning10
2Bryan Bates Best Result21George Powell2
3Les Lacourse15Ian Jones21
4Phil Davies21Roland Leigh8
5Tom Groome11John Burton21
6John Grenville11Peter Flude21
7Terry Jones21Andrew Rhodes13
8Chris Partridge21Martin Peleszok4
9Paul Binnersley9Cliff Dickinson Best Result21
10Nev Griffiths21Ernie Shea18

PosPrince Hotel BScoreUnison Score
1Neil Ashley Best Result21Vi Wynne2
2Neil Lewis21Matthew Parry (j)17
3Tony Parsons21Bill Moseley17
4Kerry Lea19Simon Reynolds21
5Ian Macmillan20Bob Parry21
6Tom Stanhope21Les Jones12
7Rhys Marshall21John Pritchard6
8Craig Breeze19Susan Oliver21
9Bob Pugh21Pete Oliver13
10Chris Wilson7Cameron Griffin (j) Best Result21

PosShelton VillageScoreCorbet ArmsScore
1Phil Ashcroft21Peter Sherry15
2Mike Davies21Arthur Morris11
3Alan Edwards21Eric Pitchford11
4Paul Murray16John Lumsden21
5Sue Storey8Steve Edwards Best Result21
6Brian Selley16Darren Rhoades21
7Mal Isaac21Paul Caswell20
8Matt Dundass16Mike Wood21
9Paul Bishop Best Result21Richard Owen3
10Paul Davies21Graham Lewis19


PosBattlefield BScorePOWBC AScore
1Roger Whitfield21Mike Binnersley15
2Dave Pritchard21Chris Slawson14
3Andy Bourne21Alex Nicholls14
4Pete Drury21Tom Davies19
5Ray Bourne Best Result21Callum Gwilliams11
6Harold Banks14James Mansell21
7Lynne Jennings21Gill Moore19
8Alan Cadwallader21Tom Moseley14
9Simon Thomas3Ryan Hutchings Best Result21
10Dave Cadwallader Best Result21Stan Briscoe11

PosMonkmoor AScoreAlbert RoadScore
1Daniel Brookfield Best Result21Les Lacourse11
2Andy Cooke (6ta)21Sue Hill13
3Stuart Dodd (6ta)21Bryan Bates19
4Dean Pritchard (6ta)19Dave Nicholls21
5Mick Fiest11Graham Hughes21
6Matthew Griffiths16Reg Reece21
7Steve Bramall (6ta)21Phil Davies20
8Ali Brown21Paul Binnersley20
9Richard Saunders6Mark Hill Best Result21
10Ricky Cooke (6ta)19Chris Partridge21

PosCorbet ArmsScoreMeole Brace VScore
1Steve Edwards2Bob Chatham (6tv) Best Result21
2Eric Pitchford18Dave Perks21
3Dave Hyde21John Cooper10
4Peter Sherry Best Result21Mike Jones (6tv)7
5Arthur Morris21Jan Wilkinson10
6Mike Wood21Tudor Bevan11
7Paul Caswell21Martin Stott (6tv)9
8John Lumsden21Scott Gibson9
9Graham Lewis21Phil Wilkinson (6tv)15
10Darren Rhoades17John Crundell (6tv)21

PosUnison ScoreShelton VillageScore
1Dave Renwick17Roger Lem21
2Simon Reynolds Best Result21Mike Davies5
3Matthew Parry (j)21Paul Murray19
4Bill Moseley21Matt Dundass11
5Alan Everall21Sue Storey9
6Bob Parry21Chris Murray11
7Mike A Hughes19Alan Edwards21
8Pete Oliver20Brian Selley21
9Cameron Griffin (j)8Paul Bishop Best Result21
10Stephen Morris18Paul Davies21

PosSt JuliansScoreBagley AScore
1Roland Leigh18John Farmer (6ta)21
2Mark Lanning21John Lovett (6ta)12
3Ian Jones19Mike Lovett (6ta)21
4John Burton19Mark Spencer21
5Cliff Dickinson21Andy Sutherland (6ta)13
6Andrew Reynolds21John Griffiths13
7Martin Peleszok21Stuart Reynolds20
8Paddy Grace16Darren Williams (6ta) Best Result21
9Ernie Shea Best Result21Dave Paterson5
10Stuart Rhodes21Walk Over0


PosMeole Brace VScorePrince Hotel BScore
1Phil Wilkinson (6tv) Best Result21Tony Parsons10
2John Cooper21Neil Lewis11
3Mark Davies (6tv)11Neil Ashley21
4Martin Stott (6tv)21Kerry Lea14
5Geoff Balshaw6Rhys Marshall Best Result21
6Mike Jones (6tv)21Ian Macmillan15
7Jan Wilkinson21Craig Breeze18
8Dave Perks21Tom Stanhope13
9Scott Gibson21Bob Pugh13
10John Crundell (6tv)21Chris Wilson17
Gane played in good spirit.


PosPrince Hotel BScoreCorbet ArmsScore
1Neil Ashley21Peter Sherry16
2Kerry Lea Best Result21Mike Wood9
3Neil Lewis21Steve Edwards11
4Tony Parsons21Eric Pitchford19
5Ian Macmillan21Marion Stevens16
6Craig Breeze21Arthur Morris15
7Tom Stanhope21John Lumsden11
8Rob Ashley13Paul Caswell Best Result21
9Bob Pugh16Graham Lewis21
10Chris Wilson Best Result21Dave Hyde9


PosBagley AScoreUnison Score
1Mike Lovett (6ta)4Bill Moseley Best Result21
2John Lovett (6ta)15Simon Reynolds21
3John Farmer (6ta)5Alan Everall21
4Mark Spencer16Dave Renwick21
5Andy Sutherland (6ta) Best Result21Bob Parry10
6Stuart Reynolds19Vi Wynne21
7John Griffiths19Pete Oliver21
8Darren Williams (6ta)21Mike A Hughes13
9Gary Morgan (6ta)21Cameron Griffin (j)19
10Paul Peatroy21Stephen Morris19

PosPOWBC AScoreSt JuliansScore
1Ryan Hutchings21Ernie Shea14
2Tom Moseley Best Result21Peter Flude3
3James Mansell4Stuart Rhodes Best Result21
4Chris Slawson17Andrew Reynolds21
5Gill Moore16Cynthia Hedley21
6Mike Binnersley14Cliff Dickinson21
7Callum Gwilliams9John Burton21
8Alex Nicholls21Paddy Grace14
9Tom Davies21Roland Leigh19
10Tom Gregory21Mark Lanning13
Unlisted player named as Callum Williams

PosBattlefield BScoreMonkmoor AScore
1Bob Bishop21Matthew Griffiths10
2Roger Whitfield21Ali Brown8
3Lynne Jennings15Stuart Dodd (6ta)21
4Ian Rose14Andy Cooke (6ta) Best Result21
5Simon Thomas Best Result21Steve Bramall (6ta)5
6Harold Banks21Ricky Cooke (6ta)13
7Andy Bourne20Dean Pritchard (6ta)21
8Ray Bourne17Colin Hayes21
9Dave Cadwallader21Richard Saunders6
10Nobby Johnston21Mick Fiest6


PosSt JuliansScoreBattlefield BScore
1Ian Jones21Pete Drury19
2Mark Lanning21Roger Whitfield19
3John Burton8Bob Bishop Best Result21
4Roland Leigh17Andy Bourne21
5Andrew Reynolds9Ray Bourne21
6Cliff Dickinson Best Result21Lynne Jennings7
7Martin Peleszok10Harold Banks21
8Peter Flude16Alan Cadwallader21
9Ernie Shea9Nobby Johnston21
10Stuart Rhodes21Dave Cadwallader19

PosUnison ScoreAlbert RoadScore
1Dave Renwick21Graham Hughes7
2Simon Reynolds21Les Lacourse12
3Cameron Griffin (j)21Sue Hill11
4Bill Moseley7Bryan Bates Best Result21
5Alan Everall Best Result21Reg Reece2
6Les Jones21Linda Gale13
7Vi Wynne14Phil Davies21
8Mike A Hughes11Dave Nicholls21
9Stephen Morris18Nev Griffiths21
10Pete Oliver17Mark Hill21

PosMonkmoor AScoreShelton VillageScore
1Stuart Dodd (6ta)21Phil Ashcroft14
2Dean Pritchard (6ta)15Roger Lem21
3Mick Fiest10Paul Murray21
4Richard Saunders21Mike Davies20
5Andy Cooke (6ta)21Brian Selley13
6Daniel Brookfield7Alan Edwards21
7Colin Hayes21Sue Storey20
8Steve Bramall (6ta) Best Result21Matt Dundass11
9Ali Brown1Paul Bishop Best Result21
10Ricky Cooke (6ta)21Paul Davies17

PosCorbet ArmsScoreBagley AScore
1Peter Sherry17Andy Sutherland (6ta)21
2Eric Pitchford21Stuart Reynolds12
3John Lumsden21Mark Spencer16
4Dave Hyde21John Lovett (6ta)12
5Steve Edwards Best Result21Laurence Earl0
6Paul Caswell21Darren Williams (6ta)4
7Darren Rhoades21Paul Peatroy18
8Dave Evans11Mike Lovett (6ta) Best Result21
9Graham Lewis21John Griffiths11
10Arthur Morris21Walk Over0