Shropshire League

Latest results for Shropshire Div. 2

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PosShelton VillageScoreOswestry ChurchScore
1Alan Edwards6Roger Candlin Best Result21
2Chris Murray11Glenys Jones21
3Wayne Fuller13Dave Smith21
4Paul Murray15Paul Smith21
5Ian Williams21Emrys Jones10
6Roger Lem17John Hughes21
7Sue Storey21Adrian Jones6
8Andrea Pickering13Ron Crook21
9Brian Selley18Steve Lewis21
10Fred Micklewright21Pete Adams15
11Paul Davies Best Result21Steve Turner4
12Paul Bishop21John Roberts20

PosPrince Hotel BScorePontesbury BScore
1Tony Parsons20John Lumley21
2Neil Ashley21Cliff Evans17
3Neil Lewis21Kevin Williams (6tc)14
4Jamie Morgan16Neil Hyde (6tb)21
5Rhys Marshall21Barry Challinor8
6Peter Thomas21Nina Green14
7Bob Pugh19Charlie Hotchkiss21
8Kelvin Holder (6ta)21Sue Potter13
9Tom Stanhope21Martin Jones16
10Christie Hughes Best Result21Adam Morris (6tc)7
11Elaine Jones11Martin Green Best Result21
12Chris Wilson16Clive Luther21

PosHadnallScoreMeole Brace VScore
1Kerry Dance Best Result21Martin Stott (6tv)4
2Will Childs19Peter Phillips21
3Chris Elsbury21Phil Wilkinson (6tv)12
4Gerry Fitzpatrick21Melvyn Ashley14
5Andy Marshall21Eric Webb5
6Peter Sargant21Mike Jones (6tv)8
7Ian Bowser19Bob Chatham (6tv)21
8Lucy Lyttle12Alan Lloyd21
9James Weaver21Tony Williams11
10John Ford15Bob Cliffe21
11Graham Snelson9Geoff Balshaw Best Result21
12Mike Thomas21John Crundell (6tv)18

1Bill Moseley15Tony Williams (6ta)21
2Dave Renwick19Greg Jones (6fa/6ta)21
3Matthew Parry (j)21Derek Hill (6fa)18
4Brian Meredith17Steve Peach21
5Clive Jordan Best Result21Lewis Gardiner2
6Bob Parry21Kieran Croft17
7John Pritchard8Graham Jones (6fa/6ta) Best Result21
8Martin Jones21Dan Price11
9Vi Wynne21David Webb14
10Les Jones21Neil Jones (6ta)12
11Phil Tyler21Stuart Dorsett10
12Pete Oliver21John Dorsett (6fa/6ta)13
The front four was tightly contested and saw Abbey take an early 3-1 lead. Unison's Captain began to fear the worst but was delighted to see his remaining players in fine form to win 7 of the last 8 games to turn the match on its head.

PosBurwayScoreBicton AScore
1Liam Dovey19Richard Carr (6fa/ta)21
2Steve Burmingham21Andy Gale (6fa)15
3Vivian Cooper14Gary Middleton (6fa/6ta)21
4Harry Parsonage19Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta)21
5Anthony Rogers21Becky Brown13
6Simon Parsonage21Matt Statham15
7Camilla Parsonage21Rob Jones17
8Tom Moseley13Craig Jones (6fa) Best Result21
9Cheryl Lloyd20Julie Pearce21
10Barry Rogers21Karen Bennett17
11Jack Bufton21Andy Wilson12
12Steve Dovey Best Result21Tony Dawson10

PosCraven ArmsScoreFrankwellScore
1Terry Lucas10Chris Hose Best Result21
2Tony Cowdale Best Result21Mark Lloyd7
3Peter Murray18Ollie Ewels21
4Bert Morris21Steve Haycocks16
5Ian Bishop17Brian Bennett21
6Eileen Huffer18Richard Ewels21
7Laurie Jones21Haydon Jenkinson11
8Iris Singleton21Chris Dorsett18
9Tony Pryce21Mike Haycocks15
10Alice Baker16Jesse James21
11Nev Huffer17Simon Hayman21
12Colin Blent21Andrew Runham19


PosMeole Brace VScoreUnisonScore
1Martin Stott (6tv)21Brian Meredith14
2Eric Webb14Simon Reynolds Best Result21
3Dave (itchy) Pritchard19Matthew Parry (j)21
4Peter Phillips21Bob Parry8
5Charlie Wilde (6ta)19Phil Tyler21
6Melvyn Ashley21Martin Jones19
7Jan Wilkinson21Les Jones17
8Bob Cliffe21Stephen Morris18
9John Crundell (6tv) Best Result21Clive Jordan6
10Bob Chatham (6tv)21Dave Renwick18
11Phil Wilkinson (6tv)21Cameron Griffin (j)11
12Tony Williams21Pete Oliver12

PosPontesbury BScoreBurwayScore
1Cliff Evans21Liam Dovey8
2Neil Hyde (6tb)18Anthony Rogers21
3Kevin Williams (6tc)21Steve Burmingham17
4Barry Lawrence18Vivian Cooper21
5Charlie Hotchkiss21Harry Parsonage6
6Kieran Jones17Camilla Parsonage21
7Nina Green14Tom Moseley Best Result21
8Sue Potter18Simon Parsonage21
9Brian Williams (6tb) Best Result21Terry Angell1
10Adam Morris (6tc)21George Cooper16
11Martin Jones21Steve Dovey14
12Martin Green21Barry Rogers8

PosOswestry ChurchScoreHadnallScore
1Glenys Jones21Ian Bowser9
2Karl Adams21Darren Fitzpatrick9
3Ron Crook21Kerry Dance13
4Brian Oakley21Gerry Fitzpatrick13
5Dave Evans21Peter Sargant18
6John Hughes14Will Childs Best Result21
7Emrys Jones21Dave Maddams13
8Chris Lloyd21John Ford16
9Paul Smith Best Result21James Weaver6
10Pete Adams21Bob Sharpe9
11Steve Lewis21Chris Elsbury8
12Steve Turner21Mike Thomas16

PosAbbeyScoreCraven ArmsScore
1Tony Williams (6ta)17Bert Morris21
2Greg Jones (6fa/6ta)21Ken Willis20
3Derek Hill (6fa)16Peter Murray21
4Adam Sneade18Terry Lucas21
5Graham Jones (6fa/6ta)21Eileen Huffer12
6Kieran Croft21Nev Huffer14
7Dave Clayton21Laurie Jones13
8Lewis Gardiner14Ian Bishop Best Result21
9David Webb17Colin Blent21
10Stuart Dorsett Best Result21Iris Singleton3
11John Dorsett (6fa/6ta)21Alice Baker8
12Neil Jones (6ta)21Tony Cowdale19

PosBicton AScoreShelton VillageScore
1Gary Middleton (6fa/6ta) Best Result21Chris Murray6
2Andy Gale (6fa)21Wayne Fuller15
3Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta)21Paul Murray8
4Matt Statham21Andrea Pickering19
5Ken Barrow6Sue Storey21
6Rob Jones21Alan Edwards7
7Craig Jones (6fa)21Ian Williams12
8Tony Kirkham5Roger Lem Best Result21
9Julie Pearce21Fred Micklewright13
10Karen Bennett21Paul Bishop9
11Andy Wilson18Paul Davies21
12Andy Jones (6fa/ta)21Brian Selley18
Good match, good atmosphere. Game of the night KB winning against PB. Alan Edwards went home with the teddy bear.

PosFrankwellScorePrince Hotel BScore
1Bob Simpson21Tony Parsons5
2Mal Mitchell21Neil Ashley17
3Dilwyn Edwards21Kerry Lea14
4Mike Flanagan21Andy Walker (6ta)13
5Ollie Ewels21Rhys Marshall16
6Andrew Runham Best Result21Kelvin Holder (6ta)3
7Richard Ewels21Peter Thomas12
8Brian Bennett21Bob Pugh18
9Mike Haycocks21Christie Hughes11
10Simon Hayman21Tom Stanhope17
11Jesse James8Neil Lewis Best Result21
12Chris Hose21Chris Wilson19


PosCraven ArmsScoreBicton AScore
1Terry Lucas17Gary Middleton (6fa/6ta)21
2Iris Singleton8Andy Gale (6fa)21
3Bert Morris21Richard Carr (6fa/ta)13
4Tony Cowdale7Paul Ashworth (6fa/ta) Best Result21
5Ian Bishop21Becky Brown17
6Laurie Jones18Julie Pearce21
7Eileen Huffer21Rob Jones19
8Nev Huffer19Craig Jones (6fa)21
9Peter Murray17Karen Bennett21
10William Hough Best Result21Tony Kirkham6
11John Oakley14Andy Wilson21
12Colin Blent21Andy Jones (6fa/ta)15

1Liam Dovey13Will Childs21
2Steve Burmingham21Kerry Dance20
3Vivian Cooper21Gerry Fitzpatrick11
4Anthony Rogers21Ian Bowser13
5Harry Parsonage20Darren Fitzpatrick21
6Camilla Parsonage20Chris Elsbury21
7Simon Parsonage Best Result21Tim Childs8
8Tom Moseley18John Ford21
9Steve Dovey Best Result21Bob Sharpe8
10George Cooper21Mike Pemberton11
11Terry Angell20Graham Snelson21
12Cheryl Lloyd8Mike Thomas Best Result21

1Matthew Parry (j)21Mal Mitchell9
2Simon Reynolds21Chris Dorsett10
3Brian Meredith17Steve Haycocks21
4Bob Parry8Dilwyn Edwards Best Result21
5Bill Moseley16Mike Flanagan21
6Phil Tyler Best Result21Mel Yates4
7Martin Jones21Brian Bennett7
8Clive Jordan21Mark Lloyd14
9Cameron Griffin (j)21Simon Hayman20
10Dave Renwick21Ollie Ewels11
11Les Jones16Mike Haycocks21
12Pete Oliver21Andy Doster7
This turned out to be a very good win for Unison on a holding green that probably suited Frankwell. However, four decent single figure home cards gave Unison a very healthy aggregate win. Simon Reynolds recovered from 0-8 to concede only two further chalk

PosAbbeyScorePontesbury BScore
1Dan Price19Mike Hampson (6tc)21
2Greg Jones (6fa/6ta)21Alan Potter (6tb)7
3Derek Hill (6fa)11Neil Hyde (6tb)21
4Steve Peach Best Result21Cliff Evans6
5Graham Jones (6fa/6ta)21Nina Green10
6Dave Clayton21Charlie Hotchkiss15
7Joe Hotchkiss13Terry Jones21
8Lewis Gardiner16Sue Potter21
9David Webb7Martin Jones Best Result21
10Kieran Croft10Adam Morris (6tc)21
11John Dorsett (6fa/6ta)13Martin Green21
12Neil Jones (6ta)13Stuart Morris21

PosShelton VillageScoreMeole Brace VScore
1Wayne Fuller17Mike Jones (6tv)21
2Chris Murray12Phil Wilkinson (6tv)21
3Paul Murray12Mark Davies (6tv)21
4Mike Davies8Dave (itchy) Pritchard21
5Andrea Pickering14Bob Chatham (6tv)21
6Ian Williams21Jan Wilkinson16
7Sue Storey13Eric Webb21
8Mick Murray7Martin Stott (6tv) Best Result21
9Fred Micklewright18Tony Williams21
10Brian Selley Best Result21Geoff Balshaw1
11Paul Davies21John Crundell (6tv)12
12Paul Bishop21Bob Cliffe11

PosPrince Hotel BScoreOswestry ChurchScore
1Tony Parsons21Roy Jones12
2Kerry Lea12Ron Crook21
3Neil Ashley21Glenys Jones13
4Andy Walker (6ta)16John Hughes21
5Peter Thomas Best Result21Adrian Jones7
6Kelvin Holder (6ta)21Roger Candlin20
7Rhys Marshall21Emrys Jones12
8Jenna Marshall19Chris Lloyd21
9Bob Pugh4Steve Lewis Best Result21
10Tom Stanhope21Dave Smith17
11Christie Hughes12John Roberts21
12Chris Wilson21Steve Turner20


PosPontesbury BScoreCraven ArmsScore
1Mike Hampson (6tc)21Ken Willis4
2Stuart Morris5Nathan Baker Best Result21
3Cliff Evans21Eileen Huffer5
4Brian Williams (6tb)18Bernard Southern21
5Charlie Hotchkiss18Tony Pryce21
6Terry Jones21Nev Huffer5
7Kieran Jones10Laurie Jones21
8Kelly Price21Ian Bishop14
9Clive Luther9William Hough21
10Martin Green Best Result21John Oakley3
11Martin Jones21Colin Blent14
12Adam Morris (6tc)21Tony Cowdale18

PosOswestry ChurchScoreUnisonScore
1John Hughes21John Pritchard14
2Dave Smith21Simon Reynolds13
3Ron Crook21Bob Parry10
4Steve Turner8Matthew Parry (j) Best Result21
5Roy Jones21Bill Moseley20
6Roger Candlin21Clive Jordan19
7John Roberts Best Result21Brian Meredith4
8Glenys Jones17Dave Renwick21
9Chris Lloyd8Stephen Morris Best Result21
10Paul Smith21Les Jones12
11Emrys Jones21Martin Jones14
12Steve Lewis21Pete Oliver12

PosHadnallScoreShelton VillageScore
1Kerry Dance21Andrea Pickering6
2Peter Sargant21Chris Murray10
3Chris Elsbury Best Result21Mick Murray2
4Gerry Fitzpatrick21Wayne Fuller16
5John Ford9Ian Williams21
6Bob Sharpe7Paul Murray Best Result21
7Graham Snelson20Sue Storey21
8James Weaver19Alan Edwards21
9Mike Pemberton19Brian Selley21
10Will Childs12Fred Micklewright21
11Darren Fitzpatrick17Paul Bishop21
12Mike Thomas21Paul Davies6
The Close games went Shelton way or the score could of been very different

PosBicton AScorePrince Hotel BScore
1Gary Middleton (6fa/6ta)21Tony Parsons19
2Richard Carr (6fa/ta)7Neil Lewis Best Result21
3Andy Gale (6fa) Best Result21Kerry Lea5
4Matt Statham21Andy Walker (6ta)11
5Becky Brown20Bob Pugh21
6Craig Jones (6fa)21Jenna Marshall14
7Rob Jones21Rhys Marshall20
8Ken Barrow Best Result21Peter Thomas5
9Tony Kirkham8Christie Hughes21
10Kevin Price14Tom Stanhope21
11Julie Pearce21Elaine Jones18
12Tony Dawson12Chris Wilson21
Constant rain throughout the day made for a heavy green although running well.Suited Bicton even with regular players away on holiday.Rain held off for the duration of the match.

1Mal Mitchell21Derek Hill (6fa)19
2Steve Haycocks19Greg Jones (6fa/6ta)21
3Simon Hayman21Stuart Dorsett15
4Dilwyn Edwards15David Webb21
5Richard Ewels21Matthew Obrien19
6Chris Dorsett19Graham Jones (6fa/6ta)21
7Brian Bennett9Tony Williams (6ta) Best Result21
8Mark Lloyd18Lewis Gardiner21
9Andy Doster21John Dorsett (6fa/6ta)20
10Mike Haycocks Best Result21Kieran Croft7
11Mel Yates15Neil Jones (6ta)21
12Ollie Ewels21Tim Norman13


PosPrince Hotel BScoreMeole Brace VScore
1Tony Parsons21Mark Davies (6tv)12
2Neil Ashley21Eric Webb10
3Andy Walker (6ta) Best Result21Alan Lloyd4
4Sid Bould21Phil Wilkinson (6tv)16
5Bob Pugh21Melvyn Ashley5
6Rhys Marshall12Dave (itchy) Pritchard Best Result21
7Peter Thomas17Jan Wilkinson21
8Jenna Marshall19Bob Chatham (6tv)21
9Neil Lewis21Peter Phillips19
10Elaine Jones20John Crundell (6tv)21
11Tom Stanhope21Bob Cliffe7
12Chris Wilson21Tony Williams14


PosFrankwellScorePontesbury BScore
1Mike Haycocks21Brian Williams (6tb)12
2Steve Haycocks21Stuart Morris6
3Dilwyn Edwards21Martin Green7
4Bob Simpson17Cliff Evans21
5Richard Ewels Best Result21Nina Green5
6Brian Bennett21Kelly Price8
7Mel Yates21Kieran Jones15
8Chris Dorsett21Charlie Hotchkiss19
9Jesse James21Martin Jones10
10Mal Mitchell21Clive Luther16
11Ollie Ewels15Mike Hampson (6tc) Best Result21
12Andy Doster21Adam Morris (6tc)17

PosAbbeyScoreBicton AScore
1Derek Hill (6fa)20Richard Carr (6fa/ta)21
2Lewis Gardiner16Gary Middleton (6fa/6ta) Best Result21
3Dan Price Best Result21Rob Jones10
4Greg Jones (6fa/6ta)21Andy Gale (6fa)13
5Steve Peach Best Result21Julie Pearce10
6Graham Jones (6fa/6ta)21Craig Jones (6fa)13
7David Webb21Ken Barrow17
8Joe Hotchkiss21Becky Brown19
9John Dorsett (6fa/6ta)21Andy Jones (6fa/ta)15
10Kieran Croft21Tony Kirkham14
11Stuart Dorsett18Karen Bennett21
12Neil Jones (6ta) Best Result21Andy Wilson10

1Simon Reynolds21Gerry Fitzpatrick13
2Dave Renwick21Peter Sargant14
3Matthew Parry (j)21Darren Fitzpatrick16
4Brian Meredith21Mike Pemberton19
5Clive Jordan Best Result21John Ford12
6Bob Parry21James Weaver15
7Bill Moseley21Ian Bowser14
8Phil Tyler9Kerry Dance Best Result21
9Pete Oliver21Graham Snelson20
10Martin Jones20Chris Elsbury21
11Les Jones21Ernie Garrett15
12Stephen Morris21Will Childs17
Great effort from Brian Meredith to run out from 13-19. Likewise Kerry Dance who from 10-9 scored 11 consecutive chalks without reply from her opponent.

PosCraven ArmsScoreOswestry ChurchScore
1Mark Gittens20Ron Crook21
2Tony Cowdale21Glenys Jones9
3Laurie Jones21Paul Smith18
4Nathan Baker21Adrian Jones8
5Ian Bishop Best Result21Roy Jones1
6Eileen Huffer11Pete Adams Best Result21
7Phil Baker21Emrys Jones3
8Nev Huffer21Roger Candlin20
9Peter Murray13Dave Smith21
10Tony Pryce21John Roberts19
11John Oakley21Chris Lloyd20
12Colin Blent21Steve Turner18

PosShelton VillageScoreBurwayScore
1Andrea Pickering18Anthony Rogers21
2Wayne Fuller13Vivian Cooper21
3Mick Murray16Liam Dovey21
4Paul Murray21Tom Moseley12
5Alan Edwards18Steve Dovey21
6Chris Murray11Steve Burmingham Best Result21
7Sue Storey16George Cooper21
8Ian Williams Best Result21Barry Rogers7
9Fred Micklewright21Terry Angell9
10Brian Selley21Harry Parsonage18
11Paul Davies21Camilla Parsonage20
12Paul Bishop21Simon Parsonage12
Burway young ones played the Green very well


PosMeole Brace VScoreAbbeyScore
1Dave (itchy) Pritchard20Greg Jones (6fa/6ta)21
2Eric Webb12Tony Williams (6ta) Best Result21
3Phil Wilkinson (6tv)20Steve Peach21
4Peter Phillips19Scott Newland21
5Mark Davies (6tv)21David Webb9
6Jan Wilkinson13Derek Hill (6fa)21
7Geoff Balshaw15Dan Price21
8Alan Lloyd18Graham Jones (6fa/6ta)21
9John Crundell (6tv)21Kieran Croft18
10Mike Jones (6tv)21Stuart Dorsett11
11Bob Chatham (6tv)18John Dorsett (6fa/6ta)21
12Tony Williams Best Result21Neil Jones (6ta)8

PosShelton VillageScoreCraven ArmsScore
1Wayne Fuller21Ken Willis16
2Andrea Pickering21Peter Murray11
3Phil Ashcroft16Janice Roberts21
4Paul Murray16Tony Cowdale21
5Sue Storey9Ian Bishop Best Result21
6Chris Murray14Phil Baker21
7Alan Edwards Best Result21Mary Jones6
8Ian Williams21Nathan Baker12
9Fred Micklewright20Tony Pryce21
10Brian Selley21Laurie Jones15
11Paul Davies21John Oakley7
12Paul Bishop21Colin Blent18

PosOswestry ChurchScoreFrankwellScore
1Roger Candlin19Steve Haycocks21
2Ron Crook21James Ashton18
3Adrian Jones21Mike Flanagan16
4Glenys Jones21Mal Mitchell20
5Dave Smith21Brian Bennett13
6Pete Adams21Mark Lloyd20
7Paul Smith12Chris Dorsett21
8Emrys Jones11Mel Yates Best Result21
9Roy Jones Best Result21Andy Dorsett12
10John Roberts14Simon Hayman21
11Steve Lewis16Ollie Ewels21
12Steve Turner21Mike Haycocks16

PosHadnallScorePrince Hotel BScore
1John Thomas21Tony Parsons8
2Will Childs21Sid Bould12
3Kerry Dance21Andy Walker (6ta)11
4Peter Sargant21Kerry Lea14
5Ian Bowser15Kelvin Holder (6ta)21
6John Ford21Neil Ashley20
7Gerry Fitzpatrick9Jamie Morgan Best Result21
8James Weaver Best Result21Jenna Marshall6
9Mike Pemberton21Bob Pugh10
10Bob Sharpe17Chris Wilson21
11Darren Fitzpatrick21Tom Stanhope7
12Chris Elsbury21Neil Lewis10

PosBicton AScorePontesbury BScore
1Gary Middleton (6fa/6ta) Best Result21Kevin Williams (6tc)3
2Richard Carr (6fa/ta)19Cliff Evans21
3Nicky Ashworth20Emlyn Jones (6tb)21
4Andy Gale (6fa)21Charlie Hotchkiss7
5Rob Jones15Mike Hampson (6tc) Best Result21
6Becky Brown21Kieran Jones6
7Ken Barrow21Terry Jones19
8Craig Jones (6fa)20Martin Green21
9Kevin Price21Martin Jones14
10Julie Pearce21Stuart Morris15
11Andy Wilson20Adam Morris (6tc)21
12Andy Jones (6fa/ta)21Clive Luther16

1Anthony Rogers21Simon Reynolds4
2Liam Dovey21Brian Meredith16
3Vivian Cooper21Matthew Parry (j)10
4Steve Burmingham21Bill Moseley14
5Steve Dovey21Susan Oliver10
6George Cooper19Bob Parry21
7Cheryl Lloyd11Clive Jordan Best Result21
8Terry Angell20Pete Oliver21
9Simon Parsonage21Les Jones7
10Camilla Parsonage11Phil Tyler Best Result21
11Harry Parsonage Best Result21Martin Jones3
12Barry Rogers20Stephen Morris21


PosAbbeyScoreOswestry ChurchScore
1Greg Jones (6fa/6ta)21Paul Smith8
2Graham Jones (6fa/6ta)17John Hughes21
3Derek Hill (6fa)21Glenys Jones12
4Adam Sneade19Ron Crook21
5Joe Hotchkiss21Roy Jones5
6Dan Price Best Result21Adrian Jones4
7Lewis Gardiner8Roger Candlin Best Result21
8Kieran Croft12Emrys Jones21
9David Webb16Steve Turner21
10John Dorsett (6fa/6ta)21John Roberts17
11Stuart Dorsett18Pete Adams21
12Neil Jones (6ta)21Dave Smith16

PosUnisonScoreShelton VillageScore
1Brian Meredith Best Result21Roger Lem6
2Simon Reynolds14Paul Murray21
3Matthew Parry (j)21Alan Edwards16
4Dave Renwick21Wayne Fuller10
5Bill Moseley10Chris Murray21
6Martin Jones7Ian Williams Best Result21
7Bob Parry21Sue Storey10
8Stephen Morris21Andrea Pickering7
9Clive Jordan21Paul Davies13
10Phil Tyler17Brian Selley21
11Les Jones21Fred Micklewright15
12Cameron Griffin (j)17Paul Bishop21
Much needed win for Unison after last week's home catastrophe. The result could easily have been so different as eight of the visiting team had already played on the Unison green just three nights earlier..

PosPontesbury BScoreMeole Brace VScore
1Alan Potter (6tb)21Martin Stott (6tv)10
2Emlyn Jones (6tb)21Mike Jones (6tv)12
3Kevin Williams (6tc)18Eric Webb21
4Cliff Evans21Dave (itchy) Pritchard16
5Sue Potter Best Result21Melvyn Ashley9
6Terry Jones21Peter Phillips11
7Stuart Morris12Alan Lloyd21
8Mike Hampson (6tc)21Jan Wilkinson19
9Clive Luther17Bob Chatham (6tv)21
10Martin Green21Tony Williams13
11Adam Morris (6tc)12Phil Wilkinson (6tv)21
12Martin Jones11John Crundell (6tv) Best Result21

PosCraven ArmsScoreHadnallScore
1Bernard Southern9Mike Pemberton21
2Bert Morris21Will Childs10
3Terry Lucas21Ian Bowser18
4Nev Huffer7John Thomas Best Result21
5Ian Bishop Best Result21James Weaver8
6Eileen Huffer16Peter Sargant21
7Tony Cowdale15Chris Elsbury21
8Laurie Jones21Mike Thomas19
9Tony Pryce21Gerry Fitzpatrick18
10Peter Murray15John Ford21
11John Oakley21Graham Snelson11
12Colin Blent21Ernie Garrett15

PosFrankwellScoreBicton AScore
1Chris Dorsett21Trevor Bowers12
2Steve Haycocks21Andy Wilson17
3Chris Knight15Gary Middleton (6fa/6ta)21
4Mal Mitchell21Andy Gale (6fa)18
5Brian Bennett18Rob Jones21
6Mel Yates14Julie Pearce Best Result21
7Dilwyn Edwards16Becky Brown21
8Richard Ewels21Ken Barrow13
9Simon Hayman Best Result21Karen Bennett6
10Mike Haycocks21Andy Jones (6fa/ta)15
11Ollie Ewels21Craig Jones (6fa)13
12Jesse James21Tony Dawson8

PosPrince Hotel BScoreBurwayScore
1Andy Walker (6ta)20Steve Burmingham21
2Neil Ashley19Vivian Cooper21
3Kerry Lea21Steve Dovey15
4Tony Parsons18Anthony Rogers21
5Jamie Morgan21Tom Moseley8
6Rhys Marshall21Terry Angell14
7Bob Pugh21Jordan Woodfield8
8Kelvin Holder (6ta) Best Result21Val Jones7
9Tom Stanhope17Camilla Parsonage21
10Chris Wilson21Barry Rogers16
11Christie Hughes10Simon Parsonage Best Result21
12Neil Lewis Best Result21Harry Parsonage7


PosHadnallScorePontesbury BScore
1Kerry Dance21Cliff Evans11
2Peter Sargant Best Result21Alan Potter (6tb)4
3Will Childs21Emlyn Jones (6tb)16
4Darren Fitzpatrick Best Result21Kevin Williams (6tc)4
5Graham Snelson21Mike Hampson (6tc)19
6Andy Marshall21Terry Jones19
7John Ford21Charlie Hotchkiss20
8James Weaver21Sue Potter15
9Ernie Garrett17Martin Jones21
10Bob Sharpe14Adam Morris (6tc) Best Result21
11Mike Thomas Best Result21Kieran Jones4
12Chris Elsbury21Clive Luther8

PosUnisonScorePrince Hotel BScore
1Brian Meredith16Andy Walker (6ta)21
2Dave Renwick13Tony Parsons21
3Simon Reynolds21Kerry Lea14
4Bill Moseley19Neil Ashley21
5Matthew Parry (j)20Kelvin Holder (6ta)21
6Clive Jordan12Rhys Marshall21
7Martin Jones8Bob Pugh Best Result21
8Phil Tyler Best Result21Jamie Morgan4
9Cameron Griffin (j)12Christie Hughes21
10Pete Oliver12Neil Lewis21
11Les Jones21Elaine Jones9
12Stephen Morris14Chris Wilson21
Prince bowled well and retained control of the match throughout by winning three games in the front, middle and back. Things could have been even worse for Unison but for Simon Reynolds turning his game round from 5-13 down to win 21-14.

PosOswestry ChurchScoreBicton AScore
1John Roberts21Tony Dawson17
2Roy Jones16Gary Middleton (6fa/6ta)21
3John Hughes19Andy Gale (6fa)21
4Ron Crook21Rob Jones15
5Roger Candlin Best Result21Craig Jones (6fa)7
6Adrian Jones15Richard Carr (6fa/ta)21
7Emrys Jones21Trevor Bowers11
8Paul Smith20Becky Brown21
9Pete Adams21Julie Pearce18
10Will Lewis8Karen Bennett Best Result21
11Steve Turner21Ken Barrow15
12Steve Lewis21Andy Wilson16

PosShelton VillageScoreAbbeyScore
1Mike Davies20Derek Hill (6fa)21
2Wayne Fuller19Greg Jones (6fa/6ta)21
3Paul Murray16Graham Jones (6fa/6ta) Best Result21
4Andrea Pickering21Dan Price15
5Sue Storey Best Result21Seb Yapp7
6Ian Williams21Dean Suter18
7Chris Murray18Joe Hotchkiss21
8Alan Edwards21David Webb12
9Brian Selley16Neil Jones (6ta) Best Result21
10Fred Micklewright21Stuart Dorsett15
11Paul Bishop21Dave Clayton11
12Paul Davies21John Dorsett (6fa/6ta)11

PosMeole Brace VScoreFrankwellScore
1Peter Phillips21Chris Hose11
2Eric Webb21Mike Flanagan20
3Martin Stott (6tv)21Steve Haycocks16
4Mark Davies (6tv)21Mal Mitchell16
5Jan Wilkinson3Brian Bennett Best Result21
6Geoff Balshaw Best Result21Mel Yates10
7Dave (itchy) Pritchard21Richard Ewels13
8Alan Lloyd21Chris Dorsett13
9Melvyn Ashley18Simon Hayman21
10John Crundell (6tv)21Andy Doster18
11Phil Wilkinson (6tv)21Jesse James20
12Tony Williams18Mike Haycocks21

PosBurwayScoreCraven ArmsScore
1Anthony Rogers Best Result21Bernard Southern9
2Steve Dovey21Terry Lucas17
3Vivian Cooper12Bert Morris21
4Harry Parsonage16Peter Murray21
5Barry Rogers6Ian Bishop Best Result21
6Steve Burmingham21Nev Huffer17
7Camilla Parsonage21Tony Cowdale14
8Cheryl Lloyd16Eileen Huffer21
9John Woodfield6Tony Pryce Best Result21
10George Cooper21Iris Singleton16
11Tom Moseley14Laurie Jones21
12Terry Angell7Colin Blent21


1Mal Mitchell21Cheryl Lloyd11
2Chris Hose21Steve Burmingham13
3Simon Hayman13Vivian Cooper21
4Mike Flanagan21Steve Dovey15
5Chris Dorsett10Liam Dovey Best Result21
6Brian Bennett21Camilla Parsonage18
7Dilwyn Edwards Best Result21John Woodfield7
8Steve Haycocks19Barry Rogers21
9Andy Doster21Terry Angell11
10Jesse James21Harry Parsonage20
11Mike Haycocks21George Cooper11
12Mel Yates15Tom Moseley21
Good match,some very good games played in a good spirit

PosCraven ArmsScoreMeole Brace VScore
1Terry Lucas21Alan Lloyd8
2Bernard Southern21Mark Davies (6tv)19
3Bert Morris21Dave (itchy) Pritchard11
4Tony Cowdale21Eric Webb14
5Ian Bishop Best Result21Geoff Balshaw6
6Iris Singleton21Mike Jones (6tv)12
7Eileen Huffer21Peter Phillips15
8Tony Pryce21Martin Stott (6tv)8
9Peter Murray21Charlie Wilde (6ta)10
10Laurie Jones21Melvyn Ashley9
11Nev Huffer17Tony Williams Best Result21
12Colin Blent21John Crundell (6tv)12

PosPontesbury BScoreOswestry ChurchScore
1Kevin Williams (6tc)21Adrian Jones8
2Martin Jones Best Result21Will Lewis5
3Cliff Evans21Emrys Jones8
4Alan Potter (6tb)18Ron Crook21
5Mike Hampson (6tc)21Roy Jones13
6Charlie Hotchkiss17Roger Candlin21
7Terry Jones21Paul Smith16
8Sue Potter18John Hughes21
9Kieran Jones18Pete Adams21
10Adam Morris (6tc)21Steve Turner19
11Martin Green10Steve Lewis Best Result21
12Clive Luther21John Roberts10

PosPrince Hotel BScoreShelton VillageScore
1Neil Ashley21Wayne Fuller13
2Tony Parsons21Roger Lem13
3Kerry Lea Best Result21Chris Murray4
4Andy Walker (6ta)16Paul Murray21
5Rhys Marshall21Alan Edwards12
6Jamie Morgan21Sue Storey14
7Kelvin Holder (6ta)21Fred Micklewright13
8Bob Pugh21Ian Williams19
9Christie Hughes21Brian Selley17
10Neil Lewis21Andrea Pickering18
11Chris Wilson19Paul Bishop21
12Elaine Jones5Paul Davies Best Result21

1Steve Peach21Will Childs7
2Dan Price21Ian Bowser7
3Greg Jones (6fa/6ta)21Peter Sargant13
4Derek Hill (6fa)12John Ford21
5Dave Clayton5Darren Fitzpatrick Best Result21
6Lewis Gardiner10Kerry Dance21
7Joe Hotchkiss21James Weaver18
8Graham Jones (6fa/6ta)21Chris Elsbury16
9Stuart Dorsett21Ernie Garrett10
10John Dorsett (6fa/6ta) Best Result21Mike Pemberton3
11Neil Jones (6ta)21Mike Thomas19
12David Webb11Bob Sharpe21

PosBicton AScoreUnisonScore
1Gary Middleton (6fa/6ta)21Simon Reynolds18
2Richard Carr (6fa/ta)21Pete Oliver20
3Matt Statham21Brian Meredith18
4Andy Gale (6fa)21Cameron Griffin (j)20
5Craig Jones (6fa)18Clive Jordan21
6Julie Pearce16Bob Parry21
7Rob Jones21Martin Jones18
8Ken Barrow Best Result21Matthew Parry (j)16
9Karen Bennett16Dave Renwick21
10Tony Kirkham13Les Jones Best Result21
11Andy Wilson21Phil Tyler17
12Andy Jones (6fa/ta)20Stephen Morris21