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Summit Garage Bowling Lea 2017

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2017 Fixtures for Feeder A
Mon 10th Apr
Heath HayesVWindmill
Royal OakVBroomfield
The GeorgeVMoseley CC
Three MagpiesVGreat Barr
Wrockwardine WoodVShort Heath Libs
Mon 24th Apr
BroomfieldVRoyal Oak
Great BarrVThree Magpies
Moseley CCVThe George
Short Heath LibsVWrockwardine Wood
WindmillVHeath Hayes
Mon 8th May
Heath HayesVBroomfield
Moseley CCVWindmill
Royal OakVGreat Barr
Short Heath LibsVThe George
Three MagpiesVWrockwardine Wood
Mon 15th May
BroomfieldVHeath Hayes
Great BarrVRoyal Oak
The GeorgeVShort Heath Libs
WindmillVMoseley CC
Wrockwardine WoodVThree Magpies
Mon 22nd May
Heath HayesVThe George
Royal OakVMoseley CC
Short Heath LibsVBroomfield
Three MagpiesVWindmill
Wrockwardine WoodVGreat Barr
Mon 5th Jun
BroomfieldVShort Heath Libs
Great BarrVWrockwardine Wood
Moseley CCVRoyal Oak
The GeorgeVHeath Hayes
WindmillVThree Magpies
Mon 12th Jun
Heath HayesVMoseley CC
Royal OakVWindmill
Short Heath LibsVGreat Barr
Three MagpiesVThe George
Wrockwardine WoodVBroomfield
Mon 19th Jun
BroomfieldVWrockwardine Wood
Great BarrVShort Heath Libs
Moseley CCVHeath Hayes
The GeorgeVThree Magpies
WindmillVRoyal Oak
Mon 26th Jun
Great BarrVThe George
Royal OakVHeath Hayes
Short Heath LibsVWindmill
Three MagpiesVBroomfield
Wrockwardine WoodVMoseley CC
Mon 3rd Jul
The GeorgeVGreat Barr
Heath HayesVRoyal Oak
WindmillVShort Heath Libs
BroomfieldVThree Magpies
Moseley CCVWrockwardine Wood
Mon 10th Jul
Great BarrVBroomfield
Short Heath LibsVHeath Hayes
Three MagpiesVMoseley CC
Royal OakVThe George
Wrockwardine WoodVWindmill
Mon 17th Jul
BroomfieldVGreat Barr
The GeorgeVRoyal Oak
Heath HayesVShort Heath Libs
Moseley CCVThree Magpies
WindmillVWrockwardine Wood
Mon 24th Jul
Three MagpiesVRoyal Oak
BroomfieldVThe George
Great BarrVWindmill
Mon 31st Jul
The GeorgeVBroomfield
WindmillVGreat Barr
Moseley CCVShort Heath Libs
Royal OakVThree Magpies
Heath HayesVWrockwardine Wood
Mon 7th Aug
Three MagpiesVHeath Hayes
Great BarrVMoseley CC
Short Heath LibsVRoyal Oak
Wrockwardine WoodVThe George
Mon 14th Aug
Moseley CCVGreat Barr
Royal OakVShort Heath Libs
Heath HayesVThree Magpies
The GeorgeVWrockwardine Wood
Mon 21st Aug
Moseley CCVBroomfield
Heath HayesVGreat Barr
Three MagpiesVShort Heath Libs
The GeorgeVWindmill
Royal OakVWrockwardine Wood
Wed 30th Aug
Wrockwardine WoodVHeath Hayes
Mon 4th Sep
Great BarrVHeath Hayes
BroomfieldVMoseley CC
Wrockwardine WoodVRoyal Oak
WindmillVThe George
Short Heath LibsVThree Magpies
Wed 6th Sep
Short Heath LibsVMoseley CC