Wolverhampton Seniors Bowling League 2018

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Current Week's Fixtures/Results
WonAggPtsHome TeamAway TeamPtsAggWonPost-
Wed 22nd Aug Division 1
Codsall AVEssington A 
ECCVWoodfield C 
Penn AVAmery 
Willenhall Nordley AVBilston 
Wed 22nd Aug Division 2
Coseley A CVExpress and Star A 
Coseley Tavern AVSwindon A 
Fordhouses AVCodsall B 
Springvale AVCoseley Tavern B 
Wombourne AVWillenhall Nordley B 
Wed 22nd Aug Division 3
Ashmore Park AVWoodfield B 
Breakaways HarrisionsVAshmore Park B 
Sedgley Ex ServiceVPenn B 
Swindon BVPennfields Oak 
Wed 22nd Aug Division 4
ChubbsafesVSpringvale C 
Essington BVYale 
Pennfields BVWest Park A 
Sedgley WM ClubVWombourne C 
Wednesfield Cons AVFordhouses B 
Wed 22nd Aug Division 5
44 ClubVWillenhall Trinity C 
Express and Star BVWillenhall Trinity B 
Fordhouses DVHarrisons 
Short Heath LibsVGoodyear A 
Wed 22nd Aug Division 6
Bradmore AVWednesfield SOR B 
Essington CVExpress and Star C 
Express & Star DVBradmore B 
Pennfields CVGoodyear B 
Wednesfield SOR AVPennfields D 
Wed 29th Aug Division 1
BilstonVWoodfield A 
Penn AVCodsall A 
Woodfield CVWillenhall Nordley A 
Wed 29th Aug Division 2
Coseley Tavern BVCoseley A C 
Springvale AVCoseley Tavern A 
Swindon AVFordhouses A 
Willenhall Nordley BVExpress and Star A 
Wed 29th Aug Division 3
Ashmore Park BVSedgley Ex Service 
Breakaways HarrisionsVAshmore Park A 
Pennfields OakVPenn B 
Woodfield BVSpringvale B 
Wed 29th Aug Division 4
Essington BVSedgley WM Club 
Fordhouses BVSpringvale C 
West Park AVWednesfield Cons A 
Wombourne CVPennfields B 
Wed 29th Aug Division 5
Express and Star BV44 Club 
Goodyear AVWoodfield D 
Willenhall Trinity BVFordhouses D 
Willenhall Trinity CVShort Heath Libs 
Wed 29th Aug Division 6
Bradmore BVEssington C 
Express & Star DVBradmore A 
Goodyear BVWednesfield SOR A 
Pennfields DVExpress and Star C 
Wednesfield SOR BVPennfields C 
Thu 30th Aug Division 2
Codsall BVWombourne A