Nuneaton Ladies Bowling League 2018

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Current Week's Fixtures/Results
WonAggPtsHome TeamAway TeamPtsAggWonPost-
Tue 19th Jun Division A
2822Dunlop BVStockingford A71214 
Bedworth Ex-Service AVDunlop A 
Thu 21st Jun Division A
61268Attleboro BVABC A0900 
41176Coventry CollieryVNewdigate A2912 
Griff & Coton BVAtherstone Grove A 
Thu 21st Jun Division B
51177Wagon Load of Lime AVWeddington A1751 
31155Haunchwood BVWindmill A3963 
41024BBC CVCoundon51072 
2972Stockingford BVGriff & Coton D71024 
Attleboro CVGriff & Coton A 
Thu 21st Jun Division C
51167Griff & Coton CVNewdigate B1711 
31115Windmill BVBedworth Ex-Service B3743 
1581Phoenix FoxesVAtherstone Cons B81095 
Weddington DiamondsVBBC B 
Tue 26th Jun Division A
Dunlop BVCoventry Colliery 
Tue 26th Jun Division C
Bedworth Ex-Service BVAtherstone Cons B 
Thu 28th Jun Division A
Attleboro BVBedworth Ex-Service A 
Haunchwood AVDunlop A 
Newdigate AVABC A 
Stockingford AVAtherstone Grove A 
Thu 28th Jun Division B
Atherstone Cons AVBBC C 
Griff & Coton AVGriff & Coton D 
Stockingford BVHaunchwood B 
Wagon Load of Lime AVAttleboro C 
Weddington AVCoundon 
Thu 28th Jun Division C
Atherstone Grove BVWeddington Diamonds 
BBC BVNewdigate B 
Griff & Coton CVPhoenix Foxes