Lichfield 50+ Bowling League 2018

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Current Week's Fixtures/Results
WonAggPtsHome TeamAway TeamPtsAggWonPost-
Thu 19th Jul Division 1
71609Ashmole AVHawkins Sports A11141 
71599WindmillVChadsmoor Progressive11171 
51507Hagley AVHammerwich A31173 
31103Chase Terrace AVLea Hall A71345 
Thu 19th Jul Division 2
71679Lichfield AVAshmole B1821 
61528Rugby Club AVLittleton A21102 
71489Hednesford exServiceVMuseum A11031 
51397The RagVRidware31373 
41334WhittingtonVRugeley Progressive B61354 
Thu 19th Jul Division 3
71609Bridgetown AVCrown Green A1861 
51537Cannock Hatherton VDuke Of York B31263 
51407Hammerwich BVLea Hall C31053 
21362Lea Hall BVRugby Club B81466 
Thu 19th Jul Division 4
61588Museum BVChase Terrace B21282 
61538Rugeley Progressive AVBridgetown B2922 
51317Crown Green BVHagley B31053 
41184Duke of York AVLichfield B61204 
Thu 26th Jul Division 1
Chadsmoor ProgressiveVChase Terrace A 
Hagley AVAshmole A 
Hammerwich AVHawkins Sport B 
Hawkins Sports AVWindmill 
Thu 26th Jul Division 2
Ashmole BVWhittington 
Littleton AVLichfield A 
RidwareVHednesford exService 
Rugeley Progressive BVMuseum A 
The RagVRugby Club A 
Thu 26th Jul Division 3
Cannock Hatherton VBridgetown A 
Crown Green AVLea Hall B 
Duke Of York BVLittleton B 
Rugby Club BVHammerwich B 
Thu 26th Jul Division 4
Bridgetown BVDuke of York A 
Chase Terrace BVCrown Green B 
Lichfield BVHagley B 
Museum BVArmitage with Handsacre