Oldbury and District Bowling League 2017

Over 60 League

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The Final week's Fixtures/Results
WAggPtsHome TeamAway TeamPtsAggWPP
Mon 4th Sep Division 1
61268Dudley DellVCentral Edgbaston0630 
51227Wernley AVGreets Green A1931 
41206Gate Colley GateVGreen Man2792 
51177Crad Heath Libs AVRoyal Oak A1861 
41106George And VLangley A2902 
31035Romsley AVCoombswood A3943 
Mon 4th Sep Division 2
41186Black HorseVHamstead2922 
51187M&B Portland Rd AVW C W M C1741 
41176Romsley CVOld Cross A2842 
51097W B F S CVSedgley Ex1971 
31053PheasantVSomers A61133 
31035Royal Oak BVWarley3933 
Mon 4th Sep Division 3
61268Victoria PkVDartmouth Links A0590 
31155Netherton ConsVCrad Heath Libs B3903 
41146Greets Green BVCoombswood C2972 
41116Hilly HouseVBell Inn2722 
4986Coseley TavVSomers C2872 
3933Langley BVGeorge B6973 
Mon 4th Sep Division 4
51187Coombswood BVRomsley B1811 
31135Baggeridge AVHighfield Pk A3963 
21093Somers BVWernley B61094 
4986Dartmouth Links BVM&B Portland Rd B2932 
1981Old Cross BVWoodman Saltwells81195 
2922Highfield Pk BVBaggeridge B71004 
Wed 6th Sep Division 3
Coseley TavVSomers C 
Greets Green BVCoombswood C 
Hilly HouseVBell Inn 
Langley BVGeorge B 
Netherton ConsVCrad Heath Libs B 
Victoria PkVDartmouth Links A