The Dudley & District Bowling League 2017

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The Final week's Fixtures/Results
WonAggPtsHome TeamAway TeamPtsAggWon
Wed 13th Sep Seniors 1
51237Royal Oak AVSomers A1931
41206Kingswinford Cons AVLangley A21002
51117George AVWernley A1701
31005Woodman SaltwellsVGate Cg3863
2992Coombs Wood AVCradley Heath Libs A71064
2962GlasscuttersVRomsley A71034
Wed 13th Sep Seniors 2
31205Cradley Heath Libs BVWest Brom Fsc3873
41166Wombourne C (AM)VDudley Dell B2922
41106Hilly HouseVLaurels21082
31075Old Cross AVCoombs Wood B3913
31015Dudley Dell AVCradley Sports A3843
31003Romsley BVPheasant61063
Wed 13th Sep Seniors 3
51257Dartmouth Central (2pm)VRoyal Oak B1731
51197Greets GreenVDudley Dell C1741
41176Lye & Wollescote AVGeorge B2862
31095Victoria ParkVMary Stevens Park A3993
21082Netherton Cons VCradley Heath Libs C AM71104
3953Mary Stevens Park BVDudley Sports A61033
Wed 13th Sep Seniors 4
41206Somers BVMary Stevens Park C (AM)2782
31145Dudley Sports BVRomsley C (AM)31093
51137Swindon C (AM)VHighfield A1751
41126Cradley Sports BVBaggeridge A2772
31085Langley BVSomers C (AM)3933
3915Wernley BVWoodman Mp3863
Wed 13th Sep Seniors 5
41166Baggeridge BVOld Cross B2882
41166Highfield BVCoombs Wood C (AM)2832
31125Mary Stevens Park D (AM)VSwindon D (AM)31023
41106Dudley Sports D (AM)VKingswinford Cons B21032
41086Kingswinford Cons C (AM)VLye & Wollescote B2992
41026Black HorseVDudley Sports C (AM)2752